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Write on your scroll

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As long as we get a report feature for truly offensive stuff I don't see any problem with people going crazy with this feature. It's not like it'll affect anybody if someone decides to stick Bohemian Rhapsody in the middle of their scroll. xd.png

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I support this biggrin.gif

At one point I really wanted to use my frozen hatchlings as dividers but I soon changed my mind because they're really not meant for that and with custom sorting and having growing things sorted at the top the frozen dividers were useless anyhow so I would really love to have something like this implemented ☺



I just hope people won't abuse with titles after every 2 dragons and writing song lyrics or well... useless informations all around their scrolls ninja.gif

NOT something I'd use - but if people did scribble all over it would be just one more reason to avoid visiting a scroll smile.gif (Actually I imagine it would need javascript, so I could shut it all out xd.png)

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Would be redundant of tags and/or tabs get implemented. But if those aren't going to be implemented for the next decade, sure.

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