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2013-05-05 - May Release

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Coo, you learn something new every day. Poor indigo, I'll miss you! (Except that I can still put it in my lineages if I want to: Indigo 1 Indigo 2.) tongue.gif



ETA: One of the reasons I'm really looking forward to the 7/7 release is because I'm hoping that there'll be more dragon colours I can use to finish that lineage. Cave needs more orange dragons STAT! wink.gif

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(Hugs Wayha)


Come sit on my couch and eat Oreos. We shall pass this time together!



-munches happily-


Thank you biggrin.gif


I am really excited about the release though! I'm hoping for another Wyvern and more Pygmies smile.gif

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Everyone should be notified by now, please look for TJ's new topic at the start of the event.

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