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The Kinetic Pack

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Through the years the Kinetic pack has developed a curious hierarchy as well as unique social system. One could say that the pack consisted of many small packs more commonly known as families. Four main families have developed: Bones, Aroe, Hiurt and Amazon. Each family has their own standing within the system of rank and the lead pair of each family sits on the Zenith council.


The Zenith Council is the mechanism that makes the pack tick. It is the part of the pack that discusses accommodation for winter and other large decisions involving the pack, they oversee marriages within the pack and make sure peace is kept. They are the insurance that history will not repeat itself.


Before the families, before the Zenith council and the complicated social ethics were put into place the Kinetic pack was a pack of uncivilized barbarians, each kept to themselves and very rarely did the pack hunt (or do anything for that matter) as one. There were constant wars between sides of the factions that had popped up. As Nordon Valley plunged into drought the younger members of the pack turned from the old barbarian ways and began to set up the new laws. The older wolves were too stubborn to change their ways and yet another war broke out over the new ways. As the older wolves died out the true Kinetic pack was formed. Since then almost one hundred generations have passed.


V1.N O R D O N V A L L E Y

Nordon valley, the lush and life-filled place that the Kinetic pack call home. It is the beginning of spring and along with the arrival of the larger prey the new arrivals in the pack have caused some excitement. So much excitement that the pack have failed to pay attention to the surroundings, worsening thunderstorms and more are beginning to take control of the valley. Is this just a phase or is the valley changing?... for the worse.



Please use the form provided to create your character.


Your character's last names must be that of their parent's families. For example if mother was born in Aroe and Father in Hiurt then the surname would be the Aroe Hiurt {pack they are part of}. The families only need to be stated once, so if the wolf is part of Aroe it would be Hiurt Aroe.


Your character may have no accessories.


No power playing (controlling other characters) or God modding (been indestructible).


You need permission from the other character’s owner before you can breed or kill him/her.


In all breeding instances you must fade to black.


You may only have puppies if you apply.


You start roleplaying the pups as soon as the mother wolf feels it is a good time to introduce them to the pack.


Markings must be those of the wolves down below.



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Nordon Valley




The Den of Healing

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The den of healing is the home of Aroe wolves, it is fully equipped for all the things that healing consists of. The river runs right over the den and so it is kept cool at all times, at the back of the den a small stream enters and runs through the den along the left side. Towards the front of the den there are drying racks for herbs and next to the drying rack all other healing instruments are kept. There are moss beds for the ill and a clear area where the Aroe wolves sleep. When they have no ill patients they sleep on the moss beds. There is a clear area on the left side of the cave that the stream runs around, an island of sorts. This is a play area for the pups and has various play things.


Den of Feeding

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The Den of feeding is more an enclosed area with a small den at the back than a den. It is a circular area with a wall of naturally formed rock while at the middle there is a stone table where the food is placed. Anyone can come and eat whenever they are hungry; the Hiurt hunters are expected to keep this table full at all times. At the back of the clearing there is an entrance to a rather large underground den. This den is reserved only for Hiurt wolves.


Den of Ruling

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The den of ruling is obviously the Bones’ den, it is the warmest den in Nordon Valley due to lava flowing underneath the ground near it. The Den itself is made purely of stone, each Bones wolf has a bed made of various animal furs and whatever other things they wish to keep near their spot. This den is kept pristine by the Hiurt wolves. They sweep it out every day and clean out the furs once a month. There are many other things the Hiurt wolves assigned to Bones need to do in this cave every day. So even though this is the Bones den it is not restricted to the Bones wolves.




The Waterfall

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The Southernmost part of the territory is surrounded by a sleek wall of rock with a waterfall cascading down it. Much of the rock has moss growing on it while the waterfall creates the river that winds through the territory towards the lake. Behind the waterfall is a wonderful secret path that leads to the crystal caverns. The area surrounding the waterfall is lush and peaceful with a small pool at the base. There are large rocks leading from the sides of the pool to the waterfall itself like a pathway so that wolves can reach the crystal caves.



Crystal Caves

Like a rainbow these caves are multi-coloured and walled with crystals. There are glowing mushrooms growing out from the crystals themselves and the floors of the caves are covered in jewels, gold and diamonds. Occasionally a wolf will be lucky enough to find an accessory here, other times they will find a precious rock that they keep. The deeper one goes into the caves the closer one gets to the shrine of life. The doors of this shrine have being locked since the beginning of time but it is told that inside the shrine is a crystal that keeps Nalin Valley as lush and beautiful as it is today.


Telling Forest

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Also known as the forest that speaks, the Telling forest is a place filled with magical whispering trees. It is a place that most creatures do not dare travel into. Many are content with remaining on the borders. There are trees from all over the world here just as the Nalin meadow has its variety of plants. Deep within the forest is the Amazon encampment, a place that is off-limits for all wolves except the Amazons themselves.


Amazon Encampment

Near the north of the forest closest to the mountains that surround the valley is the Amazon encampment. Here the warrior wolves practice strange black magic that not even the Bones family knows about. They are gifted magic users and secretive to all. No wolf may give knowledge about the Amazon's encampment to anyone but other Amazonians. Females who breed do so knowing their male will never become and Amazonian, knowing that their pups will grow up without a father.


Nalin Meadow

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A beautiful meadow filled with plants from all around the world. Seeds are carried here with the winds and then trapped between the mountains that surround the valley. Some fall in the forests and either never sprout or become proud trees, others drown in the lake. The fortunate land in Nalin meadow to be grown and cultivated by not only the wolves but also mother nature. There are a few farms here for healing herbs that are maintained by the Aroe wolves.



The Lake

The lake is situated at the far end of the valley; it is walled off by mountains that add a great backdrop. The shore varies depending from what side you approach it. In some places the shore is made up of fine sand, in others soft round pebbles line it and nearest to the mountains sharp cliffs completely cut the shore off. On the eastern side of the lake Telling Forest makes its appearance while on the Southern Nalin meadow takes over. On the western and northen sides the shore is surrounded by the beginnings of cliffs and mountains that block the valley from the outside world.

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Base colors - The coat without the markings.

Marking Colors - The color of the marking. Most of the families markings can be only one color but sometimes exceptions are made.

Lead colors - The colors of the lead pair. Their old marking colors will become their eye colors.

OP - Stands for open positions, this is how many more wolves will be accepted into the family.

APP - Application form



Rank 1 :: Bones :: APP Needed :: OP 2

Rank 2 :: Amazon :: APP Needed :: OP 10(female only)

Rank 3 :: Aroe :: APP Not Needed :: OP 6

Rank 4 :: Hiurt :: APP Not Needed :: OP unlimited



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The Bones family is the ruling family in the pack, they have the most say in all decisions and they hold the ruling seats on the council. They, unlike the other families, have four seats on the council. These four seats consist of the current leaders and the previous leaders. The Bones almost never accept new members into their ranks. The only time this will happen will be when the lead male/female takes a mate or they adopt Pups they have taken an interest in.



Base Colors – Can be any color as long as it is not the same color as the Markings.

Marking Colors – Can be any color as long as it is not the same as the Base.

Eye colors – Can be any color(s)


Lead colors

Female - White base, red markings

Male -White base, blue markings



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The Amazons are the warriors of the pack, they are almost entirely female and have magical powers. The rest of the pack does not know about these powers and the members of this family do not flaunt these powers. These powers are only to be used in dire emergencies. They are the strangest family of the pack and almost never mingle with other members. They do not adopt other wolves into their family nor do they allow their young to be adopted. If you are born into the Amazon you stay Amazon. If you are born male into the Amazon you become a slave because the males have no magic. Females have the ability to make themselves pregnant by a ancient ritual that all the wolves attend.



Base Colors – black/white

Marking Colors – Neon

Eye colors – Dark – good wolf, Light – Bad wolf, silver pupil due to magic


Lead Colors

Female – Neon green markings, black base.



user posted image

The Aroe Family are the healers of the pack, but very often their offspring join the other families and therefore they are the smallest family in the pack. They are also ranked third out of the four families. It is quite easy for a loner to join the Aroe family as long as they can heal. As soon as they are accepted into the family their family markings will show.



Base Colors – black, brown, grey, earthy green(no white), cream is occasionally permitted. May not be the same as the Base color.

Marking Colors – Earth tones, nothing bright(such as red, blue, purple...ect.) May not be the same as the base color

Eye colors – black


Lead Colors

Female and Male – white base with black markings



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The Hiurt Family are the lowest ranked family in the pack, they are also the largest. Almost all new wolves are accepted into the Hiurt family first. The Hiurt family are the hunters of the pack as well as the workers. They keep the dens clean, they patrol the borders of the territory. They look after the young of the pack when needed.



Base Colors – white

Marking Colors – Markings define rank


Pastel - Hiurt wolves The fill whatever job the Head feels fit to give them.

Bright – Bones’ servants (Each Bones Member gets a servant)

Earthy - Hunters

White – Pack upkeeps (pretty much like maids, they keep the Territory clean and whatnot)



Eye colors – Same as Marking color.


Lead Colors

Pure Black wolf for both

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Where(and when) are we playing?

We are playing on ancient Earth, humans have just finished evolving and Mammoths and other prehistoric creatures still exist. The world is filled with magic, where it comes from is yet to be revealed.


How should my wolf look?

Have a look above. If your wolf is a loner it must look like a normal wolf.


How many wolves can I have and when can I get new ones?

You can have 6 wolves and you can make them straight after each other if you want. If all your wolves are kept active you can apply to get another wolf. To apply for an extra wolf go to the application board. Give links of each of your character’s latest posts and give us a reason why we should let you have another.



But I want a male warrior wolf.... =(

In the Hiurt section you can make wolves that are 'pastel' colored, soon as we have enough of these wolves a snazzy new plot is gonna come into play.




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To create your character use the following form:



Age: (0-16 years)

Gender: (male/Female)

Family: (current family)

Family of descent: (past family/families, if previously a loner please put it here)

Appearance: (think of base colours, marking colour, eye colour, build, fur texture and thickness, scars)

Personality: (At least 3 good points and one bad. this can be in list form)

History: (at least 3 past events).


Green forms indicate leaders of a family



user posted image

Played by: Micci

Name: Kelia Aroe Bones

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Family: Bones

Family of descent: Bones father, Aroe Mother

Appearance: Kelia’s fur is the set color of a Bones Alphess, the base colour is pure white while the markings a red that stands out and calls for attention. It is a color unique to the Alphess and one that has been the same for generations. Once a wolf has taken up the task of been the Alphess her markings change. The markings are the same as all of the Bones Family, the red color draws a line down her back, ending at the hind quarters by covering her back legs and tails wholly and at the head by covering half her face and halfway down her nose. Her front legs are also covered in red as are three lines down her middle area that resemble rib bones. Her markings are the same on both sides of her body and rarely does she let dirt cover them. Her markings are her crown that announces her royalty.


Kelia’s eyes are the same colour as her markings before she became Alphess, Navy blue. The original color of her eyes is lost for the rest of her life because when she resigns from been Alphess her colours will just fade.


She is a lithe, small wolf that is built for speed and stamina but not strength. When fighting she chooses to first tire out her opponent and then attack rather than starting with an attack.

Personality:         Kelia is an impatient wolf but not one that will bite your head off to get what she wants.her impatiences is shown through frowns and irritation with the wolf, her manner will become rather harsh until what she has requested to be done is done. This impatience can break any trust you have with her and those that she knows know of her impatience are the ones worst hit by it.


        She is also a hoarder when she receives something she keeps it until forced to get rid of it. This also applies for when she finds things she thinks is worth keeping.


        Kelia is not a wolf well associated with mornings, she is generally in a bad mood when she wakes up and this is not the best of times to ask her for anything.


        Kelia is a serene wolf, slow to anger(unless she has just woken up) reserved and peaceful. War would be a last choice situation but this does not mean that punishment is not swift nor strict. She expects the pack to be kept in order and obedient. Whether people agree with this or not she does not take much notice.


        She is a kind wolf, ready to listen to any wolf who has a reason to talk with her or has query about the pack. She leads her pack with not only her mind but also her heart taking all of its members into consideration, even the lowest ranked.

History:        Kelia was born into the Bones Family, her Mother was from Aroe while her father was from Bones. She comes from the long line of Bones Heads and in fact is a descendant of the Bones founder. She was born to a litter of three, with one male sibling and one female. Her sister was unfortunately killed in a hunting accident and her brother did not like the idea of ruling Bones and so she was the last resort for Head, despite been the last choice she has made a good impact on the pack.


        When she was two she fell in love with a handsome Hiurt wolf, ignoring all boundries between them the two courted and were close to running off together to get away from the pack so that they could be together for the rest of their lives. When her parents found out about this forbidden love they exiled the male and she has lived in celibacy ever since, with no desire to find a mate.


        At the age of three she began training for the position of Head, she received direction from both her parents as she followed them around, taking learning and helping lead the pack. With the Death of her grandparents she was coronated as the Head of Bones at the age of four.



Played by: ChocolateIzzy

Name: Snaok

Gender: Male

Age: 5 years

Family: Bones

Family of Descent: Bones

Appearance: His base colour is bright blue and markings are black. His eye colour is bright blue. Snaok is one muscled wolf. He is really strong and has thick fluffy fur.

Personality: He is a strong loyal wolf who'd do anything to protect his family and the one he loves. He is kind and will be fierce if the time is right.

History: Snaok has grown up in the family of Bones. He lost his father due to a traitor who Snaok killed. The family has since liked him due to his courage, loyalty, fierceness and aggression towards hostile creatures.


Played by: serce2

Name: Accipiter (Hawk in Latin)

Age: 2- He's still a young pup, but he is quickly reaching adolescence.

Gender: Male

Family: Bones

Family of descent: Bones

Appearance: His base color is a lightish blue, and he has black markings. His fur is very fine-haired as it is kept in good condition every day, and being a pup, its very fluffy. His eyes are silver-grey and one of his paws are a dark grey.

Personality: Accipiter is a very playful wolf, and never know where to stop with whatever mischief he comes up with. He loves messing stuff up and wandering into other places. Accipiter is highly energetic, rarely lazy, and not very peaceful or quiet at any time. His temperament, however, is sweet and he rarely gets in fights, even though he acts very silly, carefree and recklessly most of the time.

History: Being a pup, and a Bones wolf at that, Accipter doesn't have much of a history, but he was born in the day of a lunar eclipse, though he was already out in the world when the moon temporally disappeared. A few moons after the lunar eclipse, he got his servant, Ardor, since he was slightly delayed in getting a servant. Being the exploratory pup he is, he once accidentally wandered into the Hiurt den, thankfully with no bad consequences.

Other: I don't want him to become the eventual alpha.



Played by: serce2

Name: Atrama

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Family: Amazon

Family of descent: Amazon

Appearance: Jet black with a lighter neon green marking colors. Her fur is rather light, even during winter, and she has a medium-coarse fur texture. She has a dark-yellow eye color, and she has a scar near one of her ears.

Personality: Atrama is usually snappy and likes to do things independantly. She is hard to decieve and rarely trusts anyone. She is rather loyal, though, and would obey her Alpha/Leader without complaining. She also is very prideful and sometimes fights unfairly if it means saving her life, or one of her packmates life.

History: Atrama was born into the Amazon pack and has been a natural fighter ever since. She had to kill her mother who had betrayed her during a fight, and nearly was chased out of the pack for that, at worst being completely ignored and denied. During this time, she made friends with one of the Bone's servants, and sometimes visits her. Atrama got her scar near her ear due to an accidental participation in hunting, since she was simply walking around when the Hiurt family were trying to bring down a deer nearby her, getting trampled by one of the hooves. Eventually, due to the Aroe pack, she lived and only has a rather large scar as a reminder.

Other: power to temporally turn into shadow.





Played by: serce2

Name: Ardor

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Family: Hiurt

Family of descent: Aroe, then she became a loner.

Appearance: She has a white base color, and has bright brown markings. Her fur is very ragged and coarse, as she never bothers to clean it. She has a few scars on her underbelly, but they are already very faint and covered with fur. Her eyes are a bright brown, but they are slightly ringed with red. Whenever she feels hostile, her fur fades out and looks more like her original loner look, and her eyes turn slightly more red.

As a loner, her fur was pure white mixed with pure black, her upper half being black and her lower half being white. A few places where the black and white met had a slight spiral pattern. Her eyes were gold ringed with red.

Personality: She is hard working and rarely complains, like her friend Atrama. She likes to keep to herself and rarely talks to anyone unless needed, and usually is calm and peaceful. She, however, is very good at deceiving others though she rarely does this these days.

History: Ardor was originally an Aroe, under the name of Vulnus, but she eventually left since she was intentionally letting injured wolves that displeased her die, and the pack started turning on her. She became a loner and left the Kinetic Pack area, though she returned to the pack as a Hiurt wolf. During this time, she made friends with Atrama and sometimes visits her at the very edges of Kinetic territory.

Other: No one, with perhaps the exception of Atrama, knows she was originally Vulnus. She plans to turn against the pack eventually with the help of other wolves.


played by: Raven 301

Name: Elrik

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Family: Hiurt

Family of descent: both mother and father were Hiurt

Appearance: Elrik is white with sky blue markings. Elrik has a very slight build but is very fast and hard to catch due to his uncanny ability to always get into trouble and then always talk or run his way out of it. Elrik has very thick fur that he can smooth down to look like almost nothing or fluff up to make himself look twice his size.

Personality: Elrik is a jokester. He is always laughing and will try to put a positive spin on any situation. because of his friendly manner Elrik has very few enemies and lots of friends. He is very curious and will very rarely think anything through. Despite his appearance Elrik is always getting into trouble. He is the first to take up on a bet or to mess around and generally make a ruckus.

History: Elrik was born in a litter of 4 pups but 2 of them died of cold at an early age. Because of this Elrik's mother gave him up to the warmer den of the Bones at an early age and he never got to know his parents or sister. When Elrik first met Rodano they instantly became the best of friends they grew up together until they were to be assigned their owners as slaves, while Elrik was matched to stay within the Bones pack Rodano was moved to the Aroe pack because of his ability to heal. For Elrik is was like being separated from his twin brother whom he did every thing with, Elrik was heartbroken and never put his full self into anything until he met Golama who slowly came to fill the void that Rodano had left. Now Elrik has accepted that altho he may not see Rodano much he still has other things that can make his life worth living.

Other: Elrik's master is Golama




Played by: Micci

Name: Solace

Age: 1600 years

Gender: Male

Family:Solace is the wolf embodiment of Kinetic, he was born the day Kinetic was formed and through a secret ritual he was bonded to the pack, even though he lives as a loner he is still part of the pack.

Family of descent: N/A

Appearance: Solace's birth appearance and Kinetic appearance are two totally different things. His appearance will change back to his birth features when he dies.


His birth appearance is that of a timber wolf with grey, brown and cream intermixed. His fur was rough to the touch, dark brown eyes matched with the fur. He had black claws and a light brown nose,a completely opposite appearance to his current one.


After the ritual Solace's fur attained an unearthly glow that tipped his white fur. The glow to many just looked like his fur was tinted and in the early days when Kinetic wolves had not magic to define them he was a god of sorts for looking the way he did. His fur for most times remains matches his eyes but when needed he tints it white to match with his undercoat and make himself appear like a loner.

His eyes on the other hand are not things that can be controlled, their color changes according to the pack's situation. When they are blue all is well with the pack and when they are red things are bad or something bad is about to strike. Purple is a neural color and means the pack is simply there with nothing special going on.


His fur is soft as silk and dirt simply slips off it because of the glow that pushes it off as if someone were rubbing it off. His other features are black such as his nose, claws and tongue. He is a wolf of medium build and can appear any age he wants to.


He is not a wolf that can be tracked because he has no scent nor does he leaves prints, he has not need to eat yet when offered he will.

Personality:Solace's age reflects in his personality unlike in his appearance. He is wise enough to know how to keep control of the pack without interfering. He is also the one that accepts other wolves into the pack despite what the heads of Bones think.


He can see the aura of every wolf in the pack and knows how they feel(but not what is going on) and will not approach a wolf unless invited. He cares for the pack as if each and every one of them are of his blood and this is most likely because of the ritual. Caring for the pack of course includes discipline and this discipline that he enforces is what led him to leaving the pack itself in the first place.


He of course has no pups of his own, the fact that he will live for eternity discourages him from finding a mortal mate and siring mortal offspring. He is disturbed by the fact that wolves die and he remains alive to watch them do it and watching one that he loves age and wither away makes things worse. Of course if he ever did find a way to let her live forever he would do it, but that sort of thing does not seem to exist.


Solace enjoys been alone even though he is wolf, he is connected to each wolf in the pack and that way he never feels alone

History: At the exact moment the words were said that formed the Kinetic Pack Solace was born. An odd but needed happenstance. His parents were not the founders of Kinetic but rather a loner couple that lived on the Kinetic land and in order for them to remain loners on pack land they offered up the runt of of the litter which of course was Solace.


The Alpha Male had once heard of a complicated ritual to make a pack live forever and so the ritual was tested out on Solace. The ritual was a success and once it was completed his fur and eyes began to change, slowly but surely. He grew up at the same speed of most wolves and as soon as he was mature he powers began to show and the pack began to prosper. The prey were easier to hunt, the pack was seemingly all-powerful and it was this magic that turned them into barbarians. As time passed they flaunted their strength and Solace nagged them to stop, nagged them to listen and obey the pack's embodiment. Soon the prey disappeared as the pack overate and the pack hit dark times.


Solace left the pack in anger, in his anger he set fire to the eastern forest and this he claims was his punishment to the pack for their disobedience. As time passed he grew and developed and learned ways of punishment that didn't cause so much damage and all the while the pack fell deeper and deeper into the clutches of death. His eyes turned a deep red and he became more aggressive and easy to provoke.


When the new treaty was proposed the pack split into two sections and so did Solace's body. It was as if someone had drawn a line length wise down him. One side was blue while the other red. As the red part of the pack began to die off and accept the new ways the red on his body departed. Since then rough patches have hit the pack but nothing as bad as the first fall. He remained a loner, in his opinion it was the easier thing to do. With the new treaty he granted the wolves different colors to tell families apart. None remember him, even the legends of his existence have died.

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Nope, this is approved! Have fun roleplaying.

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Kelia #CC0033

Solace #3300CC

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((serce do you want Snaok as his father? Because it seems we have the same colour markings xd.png))

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Kelia walked slowly, counting her steps as she patrolled the territory. Her head hung low as she watched her paws yet her tail was still held high. She wasn’t too worried about her stance as there were no others around, if there were she would have heard them yet she didn’t. Without others she could slope, she could walk with her whole body drooping, she could let her head hang as low as she wanted it to. It was freeing in so many ways, the only reason her tail remained perked was because it was habit. When she realized it was perked she dropped it but raised it again, as soon as she wasn’t paying attention.


She lifted her head hearing a familiar voice, she stopped and raised her body. Lifting her head and he tail, licking her nose and shaking out her fur. She needed to look presentable at most. She cocked an ear and listened for a few seconds making sure she knew the voice. Her memories focused solely on Zenith Council meetings, the voice was the voice of one of the council members.


"Why have you wanted me to come, this time?


She nodded her head and stepped forward but stopped upon hearing another voice. A voice she didn’t know at all.


"To talk about how this pack is run... and how we can change it."


She cocked her head to the side, her teeth baring slightly but then hiding behind her gum again. She made sure her stance was dominant and her face passive and unemotional and she exited from behind the brush. She walked towards the two wolves slowly, studying both even though she knew who Atrama was immediately. Leader of the secretive Amazon family. The family that was all female, the family the was rumored to have magic. She didn’t believe or deny the rumors but Atrama was her follower. Surely she wouldn’t fall for this loner’s trouble. Then again perhaps the loner was from another pack?


”And whose pack would that be?” She said softly yet forcibly as she stepped forward. She sniffed at the loner and cocked her head to the side. Her eyes narrowing. She smelled of Kinetic and Hiurt to be specific. She took a step towards the loner her eyes narrowed, the idea that it was perhaps another pack flew out of the window. She had being taught about this. Taught that when creatures lost their allegiance to the pack their fur colors changed, although it took a lot of practice to do it through will alone. She would have heard of a deserter had there being one, no this wolf had trained herself. This wolf could change her fur through will of her own, or she was hiding out in the Hiurt den and was not truly part of the pack.


”Mine I supposed?” she asked straightening her head. None of her thoughts showing on her face.

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((OOC:: Join and it will magically come back to life. was just a bit bored having only two roleplayers))

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((OOC: My friend was making a character and said that she sent it to you, I was going to start RPing then buuuuttttt . . . ))

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