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Approved by soupnazi.

The OcC thread is here.


Hybrids was created by my friend WolfLover8 and I. I couldn’t have done this without her, so thanks, Wolf. :3



​​​ The people of Lyria have lived peacefully in their cities for as long as they could all remember. Lyrians lived off the land in their separate countries, making the most of what they had. Eventually they developed more complex cities, and focused on improving their kingdoms. Their lives became quickly organized, with the upper class living in nice, beautiful homes and being involved in politics, while the lowest class lived in tiny homes or even on the streets. Of the five countries, Lavida was the worst, with a tendency for disregard toward her lesser citizens and the whims of other countries. Nonetheless, the arts and trade are highly valued in all of the countries, even the secluded Sendar.

​​Suddenly, a few people began to notice odd things happening. A child from a poor family would disappear, but the people would think little of it until the child returned, changed. Some Lyrians, usually at the brink of death, suddenly would be different—very different. One would have a tail, pointed teeth, dog-ish ears atop their head, and feral green eyes. Another would return to their town with a strange face that resembled a deer, or green tinted skin and webbed feet like a frog. These people possessed great abilities, too, resembling that of the animal they looked like. And these- creatures- terrified the Lyrians.

​They began to be known as Hybrids, but they weren’t welcomed. Humans with claws and wings were made out to be monstrosities, and the public feared them as the devil's work. The kings of each country were forced to take action to calm the people—and soon it came to be that any Hybrids found were turned in and enslaved. They were sold off at auctions to wealthier land owners as property, where they were forced to work in shops, homes, and fields, doing whatever their masters demanded. Some were quite useful to the Lyrians for certain jobs which their attributes assisted with, but they were treated like slaves no less. Hybrids, while now accepted in the world as slaves, were still considered disgusting and unnatural, and feared if they didn't have a master to control them. They were forced to wear collars around their necks to signify their positions in the social system, but Hybrids are easily identified by the one thing they all have in common—the yellow tint and golden rim to their eyes, present even in their normal human form.

​ Lavida became known as the slave country of Lyria. It was there that the slave trade was central—many cities went corrupt because of the trade. The Lavidan upper class became rich with the gold they made from trade. Many Lyrians who wished to possess Hybrid slaves would most often visit Stoneway, the capital of the country. Slave auctions are often held at the Castle as well as in many large cities in Lavida, distributing slaves for sale all over Lyria.

​ Recently, rumors have started to spread about the secluded and quiet country, Sendar. It is said that the Hybrids there aren’t forced into slavery, that they walk free without worry of being captured. This has inspired many enslaved Hybrids all over the land to revolt from their owners and try to escape to this land of freedom, though few get away. What has changed that would make escapes easier than they were in the past? Very few were ever heard of that had gotten away, but those that were captured again were tortured and killed. It is very risky for Hybrids to attempt escape, but the stories circulating again about those who have gotten away and now live in secrecy tempt those enslaved Hybrids looking for a way out of their servitude.


​ Even in the security of Stoneway, the rumors make their way to the people. A few Hybrids catch word of this and are brought together by chance, inspired by the freedom they crave. They must risk their lives to be free, making their way across the continent to reach free land and running from everyone just to make it to Sendar. Will you be one of those Hybrids?



​The role play takes place in Lyria, a continent surrounded by the ocean. This land is all that is known to the people, and has existed for thousands of years. There are five countries on Lyria. Ira is the largest and central of the five, bordered to the right by the sparsely populated Illusia and the Illusian Mountains. On the other side of Illusia is Sendar, a distant country that isn’t heard from often and tends to keep to itself. Sombra is known as the “shadow of the mountains,” and is located south of Illusia. The fifth country, Lavida, is located on the south west of the contintent. ( general map )

​This world is in more of a medieval setting. There is no electricity and no cars of any sort. People travel on horseback or in horse-drawn carriages between cities if not by foot. Though paths are paved in some places, it is all with gravel or cobblestone, and takes a while to be accomplished. The houses are often made of stacked stone or of wood, though some are actually crafted of marble. Most buildings have large windows to let in the light during the day, and the people use candles or torches to get around in the dark. Guards have sharp weapons capable of getting their jobs done. Most goods are made by hand, and an apothecary is seen for medicines, while smiths are seen for crafting. Women make most clothes, though mills are starting to be used. Please keep the setting in mind when posting. The countries' governments are all monarchies. The king rules all, with the help of their advisors.

​The characters start out in the capital city of Lavida, called Stoneway. More detailed information about the setting, Stoneway, and places in Stoneway are located in the second post, Map.




These are the races present on Lyria. Only Hybrids are currently playable.



Lyrians are all the normal humans that populate Lyria. They are seperated into two subraces; Pians and Forlians. 



Pians are fair haired people hailing from the western countries of Lyria. They are very formal and they pride themselves on their great artistic skills and their knowledge. The ruling families are all related, and are considered 'royal'. If a Pian has royal blood, they are invited to study in the many universities found along the western coast, and then have a reserved spot in the royal courts. Nonroyal Pians are usually traders and artisans. Pians are believed to have enslaved the Hybrids, but it is an unsure fact.



Forlians live in the eastern provinces of Lyria. They are known to be hard workers, and many work as sailors and as lumbermen. They tend not to have any ruling families, but live in tribes where a chief rules his small group, akin to Native Americans. Those who live in Sendar have tribes named after animals, and they deeply respect Hybrids for forming a closer connection to nature. They value family bonds and nature more than money, and are not considered intellectual as a race, even though many are extremely clever.



Hybrids are a small race of half human, half animal people. Hybrids are created when they are still Lyrian; if they are in a life threatening crisis or are on the brink of death, they are able to almost magically merge with a nearby animal in order to survive, gaining a Hybrid form and several attributes. They all share one common feature, however, which would be their gold-rimmed eyes. Hybrids retain their Lyrian form and may be in whichever form they desire at any time: their human form or their Hybrid form. However, they aren’t like were-creatures, and the transformation is quite painless and mostly instant. Enslaved Hybrids are forced to wear leather collars around their necks, and some are even branded as property with tattoos or burns. Very few Hybrids are free, and almost all of the free Hybrids live in hiding or in Sendar among the tribes. The latter is just a rumor among the other countries, though, and the kingdoms try to smother it to prevent Hybrids from trying to escape.




Various elements relating to the role play that just didn’t fit in anywhere else.



Many groups of slavers work within Lavida; slave auctions are held within the capital itself. There are also rogue groups of slavers that travel around, searching for Hybrids that they can capture and sell for a profit. Many victims of theirs include newly-turned Hybrids and children. Rarely will a group be heard of that captures younger children and tries to force them to become Hybrids, only to be turned around and sold into slavery.

Slavers mark their slaves by forcing them to wear leather collars. The collars are color coded depending on the job the slave is forced to carry out. High ranking families usually have their own collar specially made for their slaves. Color codes will be decided in the OoC, and listed there.


-The Militia

The anti-slavery movement has become known as the Militia. Their bases and motives are unknown, but they fight for the freedom of Hybrids. They are sometimes considered as the ‘underground railroad’ for Hybrids, as they sometimes will sneak Hybrids out of their homes and away from their slave lives. Some speculate that they are affiliated with Sendar, but the country denies any claims and refuses to give information away. It is rumored that the organization takes runaway Hybrids to Sendar, but this has so far not been proven.



There’s a short time in Lavida where the people celebrate Festival—a celebration of joy and the years to come. This is the time in which the circus makes its route in the country, stopping by in Stoneway for the holiday. It is known that this is a time when no slave trading within the capital takes place, as to not leave an impression on anyone who is visiting the capital for the holiday.


This will be added to if need be.





Wolflover8 and I reserve the right to change these as we see fit at any time.


- No Powerplaying, Godmoding, Chat Speak, Leet, etc. 

-Use your common sense. 

-No killing off other characters without their permission! The characters here are all helping each other survive, it shouldn't even be an issue.

-Only Hybrids are playable now.

-Your characters are NOT perfect. Make them realistic and give them flaws as well as strengths. A diverse character with a unique personality is a great contribution to the roleplay, unlike a 'perfect' being.

-No swearing.

-Keep everything PG 13. Romance is allowed, as well as violence, but don't be descriptive about all the details. No one wants to hear of how so-and-so's head was chopped off. 

-Minimum of 6 sentences per post, but shoot for an average of eight. This is a semi-literate/literate roleplay.

-Respect each other. Negative behavior (OoC) is not acceptable. Your characters can hate each other’s guts, but keep it respectful. Do not insult other users.

-If you've read the rules, write "I love music" in the 'other' section of your character sheet.

-Use proper spelling and grammar.

-Character sheets should be PMed to me to be approved. You can also PM them to Wolflover8, my partner in crime.

-A limit of 1 character per player. The limit might be increased later on in the roleplay.

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This post contains a little bit more information about the setting, including countries, cities, and places within cities. Most places will be centered around the main setting at the time; more can and will be added when needed.


All is located on the land of Lyria, the sole landmass surrounded by ocean. This land is all the people know.



As previously stated, Lyria is made up of five countries: Lavida, Ira, Illusia, Sombra, and Sendar. Each is ruled by a separate monarchy, and although they have a separate king or queen for each, they are twined together through politics and trade, as well as history.


Ira is the largest of the countries. It has an immensely complex economy made rich through trade with the other states. The main trades in the north are blacksmithing and crafting, while agriculture dominates the south. Clarance is the capital of Ira, located in the north toward the ocean. This city is very vast, so much so that it is separated into several sections to maintain order. Several cities surround Clarance, including a major trade city, Rivera. Very few, if any, towns are located to the east near the border of Illusia. Another important city, Cura, is based in the south, serving as an important landmark among fields and farms.


Lavida focuses mainly on slave trade and military expansion. Because of this, their economy is fiercely protected and protected with their force. Stoneway, the capital, stands as a center of the slave trade, while another city, Daedris, mainly deals with training and placement of soldiers and guards. The two manage to keep balance within the country. With the government mainly focused on those factors, most citizens are free to choose whatever calling they wish, be it traveling, trading, or farming, though the latter is not common in the cities of Lavida. However, since there isn’t as much focus on the people as there should be, many citizens are poor, while others are rich. In this way, Lavida is divided.


Illusia is the most sparsely populated country of Lyria. Because it is mainly mountainous terrain, Illusia is rather hard to traverse, but some manage. The capital exits on the far northern mountain of the Illusian mountains, called Rheohr. It is here that a city is built into a mountain, and the king of Illusia rules from his castle at the peak. Only one other city exits in Illusia, which is Roman, located on the lowest slope of the mountain nearest Rheohr. The people of Illusia who do not live in one of the two cities are scattered about the country. However, it isn’t smart to go wandering in the mountains, for many people easily get lost should they not know the area.


Sombra may be the weakest of the five countries, or so it is said in the others. The king, who rules from the capital at Teran on the east side of Sombra, seems to have little force when it comes to politics. He has been known in the past to give in easily to the demands of other countries, such as Lavida’s attempts to capture stray hybrids within Sombra’s lands. The people mainly farm or, near the ocean, fish for a living, and some even craft or bake. However, Sombra’s economy is not very strong compared to the other countries, and many aspects of Sombra are struggling, including many of the people.


Sendar is the smallest country in Lyria, as well as the most mysterious. No one knows a whole lot about this country unless they have visited, but it is hard to access. To the west is Illusia, and the south, a thick swamp blocks the way to Sombra. The northern pass through Illusia near the sea is barren and lifeless. Because of these blockages, not many are able to travel to Sendar, though the people from there manage to travel quite easily in and out of the state. The cities in Sendar are few and not very large. Each city is widely spaced and spread out, and homes are often large enough to fit whole families. Sendar is quite primitive compared to the other countries, though their culture is complex and unique.

More info on Sendar will be revealed at a later time.





Under Construction! More cities and information will be added as the need arises!

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Character Sheet

Remember, be creative with this. PM all character sheets to myself or WolfLover8. For descriptive sections, please use 4 sentences or more. The more descriptive your character is, the more likely you are to be accepted.


[b]Link to PM:[/b]
[b]Name:[/b] (character’s name)
[b]Age:[/b] (must be at least 14)
[b]Hybrid:[/b] (your animal part)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (your human appearance)
[b]Hybrid Appearance:[/b] (your hybrid appearance)
[b]Hybrid Attributes:[/b] (the skills etc. that your character possesses in their hybrid form and/or enhanced senses or skills. If you have a particular strength or weakness, also put it under the corresponding section.)
[b]Strengths:[/b] (No more than 5)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (No less than 3)
[b]History:[/b] (At least 6 sentences.)
[b]Location:[/b] (where your character lives. Include occupation if applicable and/or owner if owned. Most locations are under the second post- Map.) 


(Please replace the parenthesis with your answer, we don't want the explanations!) :3



Accepted Characters

Lythe (PM)

Wolflover8 (PM)

Narath (PM)

Puredark006 (PM)

Limn (PM)

Starriangel (PM)

davinhadaway2 (PM)

Zeditha (remind me to put the PM code when I'm not too lazy...)



Character sheets will be added to the OOC thread once approved. PLEASE PM sheets to Wolflover8 or me.



NOTE: If you receive a PM saying you've been put on the inactive list, you have a week to reply and start posting again before you lose your spot.

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Updates and News!


This spot is reserved for stuff you need to know!


Come on people, lets try to keep this active!


Its a new day! The circus and the fights are today! Don't forget about the party too~

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Twice here you call Lavida a state, but it's a country.


Actually, coming from a historical/government standpoint, the terms state and country can be used interchangeably in some circumstances, especially outside of the US. In the US, we don't tend to do that because we have separate meanings (the state of Wisconsin versus the country of the United State) but outside of the US state just means a "A body politic, especially one constituting a nation: " quoted from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/state

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Whew. Okay, I have tried fixing most everything. The only thing I have to do now is add a few cities~

Thanks for pointing out the state thing though. I thought the same, but I changed it anyways just for clarity's sake. ^^ Thanks Soupnazi and Ember.

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It's been a while since any critique has come to this roleplay. :0


I would input some critique, but I read through it and there doesn't seem to be any more errors, so I could approve this if you're still interested.

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Sorry I've been so busy. I have the city information, I just need to edit it in, which I will do later when I get the chance. I would appreticiate it if the rp was moved though, we could get started. ^^ Thanks so much to you both.

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Approved, then! Have fun roleplaying. smile.gif

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Can I please post my form? Then delete post after you have it? Cause I can't copy paste on the 3ds sad.gif

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( Alright, let's get this going. biggrin.gif )



Kelissa held the basket down at her side, rolling coins around in her right hand. She stared down at the stone beneath her bare feet as she walked along the path toward the center of Stoneway. The wind blew softly through her brown hair, and Kel saw a few birds fly by as she looked up. She smiled, though it was ironic that there were actually birds flying in the city of stone that was so absorbed in slavery.


She cleared that thought from her mind as other people joined her on the pathway, and Kel shifted her yellow eyes away from them. She was fine with other people giving her dirty looks behind her back, but she preferred not to see them. Instead, she thought back to what she was supposed to be getting.


"Kelissa, there you are!" the woman said as she swept into the room with a basket on her arm. "Be a dear and run to the market, we need things for tonight and tomorrow." She began to tick things off on her fingers. "Fresh eggs, flour, tea leaves, chocolate, beans for coffee, some fruit, and, oh!, check that the pig for tomorrow's welcome dinner will be ready on time!" She handed Kel the basket and coins. "Anything else you think will go with is fine, be sure to drop everything off at the kitchen as soon as you get back!" And she was gone as soon as she had come.


Kel smiled to herself, but soon covered it up. She was aware that many people wouldn't approve of her, being a Hybrid, showing her emotions so freely. She swallowed hard and kept walking, ignoring the people around her.


The sound of distant cheers surprised her, and she froze instantly, focusing on the sound. A grumble from behind her snapped her out of it, and she started walking again, unaware that she had ever stopped. What reason was there to cheer? She gasped, then, and hurried to where the road met the town square. There, she focused on the road that led to Stoneway Palace, and the expanse before it, where there was a large open space. Kel gasped with delight, her eyes running over the assembling carriages and a large, colorful tent being pitched in the grass.


"I forgot!" she said to herself, and smiled brightly. "The circus!"

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Percival stood with a straight back, his eyes forward, his arms at right angles and ready hold anything that was thrown at him. Literally. His masters had insisted that whenever he was in their presence, his long blond hair was to be bound back. He wasn't sure whether this was to make him seem more presentable, or if it made it easier for an archer or knife-thrower to get a clear shot at his arteries, or even if it was so that guests could see the light blue leather collar around his neck - a Hybrid slave was practically a trophy, after all. Whichever way, he did as he was told. For a while.


The table was surrounded by the Herfords, a most unappealing family, from face to personality. Lord and Lady Herford sat at opposite ends of the long table; Percy could practically feel the frost between them. On one side of the table was Melodia and Melinda, their twin daughters, who sat opposite Henrich, their youngest son, and Theodore, their eldest. All of them had straw-like, thin blonde hair, and cold, dead blue eyes. They skin was pale and their faces pitched, like rats. In fact, the only people who seemed half-decent in terms of appearance were Melinda and Theodore. Henrich and Melodia looked like their had been smelling dung since birth, the way their noses were perpetually turned up. It wasn't something Percy would admit to many people, but Theodore was one of the largest factors in getting out of this disgusting merchant house, which smelt like every spice from Lavida to Illusia. That may have sounded pleasant, but Percy's quarters - if you could call them that - were beneath the floors of the home. It seemed as if all bad odours fell.


Percy didn't pride himself on his acting skills, but was happy when Theodore reacted to his pretense. Every time the nobleboy looked up, Percy would smile silently and slightly, and he could tell that the boy was blushing and smiling back as he looked back down. It seemed almost too easy to manipulate a poor rich boy like him, but the evil was a necessary one. Freedom was the outcome.

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Ayriana woke to the usual shouts of her master. Her mind was still clouded as she opened her gold-rimmed eyes to the familiar nest like bed of old blankets in the unused shack. She rose and stretched her enormous wings. It took a long time to become accustom to them, but now they no longer bothered her.

Moving quickly to avoid being scolded again, the Hybrid changed into jeans and an old T-shirt before heading out to the stables. The scent of hay and horse hit her as the large wooden doors swung open. A friendly neigh greeted her as soon she entered, and Ayriana turned to see Soule. The last of the male horses still for sale, he was a pepper grey with a black mane and tail. He also sported a white blaze and stockings on three legs. Though attractive, Soule was extremely stubborn and aggressive towards everyone except Ayriana.

She stroked his soft nose before getting straight to work.

The first thing to do was rub down and brush the horses, and then lead them out to pasture. Next, she dumped out all the old food and water. The stalls were emptied, swept, and scrubbed down thoroughly. Fresh hay, food, and water were the added to each stall, and the horses could then return to eat.

It was nearly midday when she finished, and Ayriana lay in the shade of a tree with Soule. He hung his head by her side to be pet, and nudged her if she stopped for too long. Eating some stale bread and sipping on milk, the Hybrid stared out at the road lost in thought.

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Raisa leaped in the air, flinging her hands forward to grab the massive pole that stood in the middle of the circus tent. Grimacing with ropes in her mouth, she clambered up to the very top and spat out the ropes, tying them to the mast. Rai paused for a moment, studying the city they had settled in for now. Stoneway, if she remembered correctly. She remember very little of it, but she knew she had once come here before. Shaking her head from the painful memories, she slid down from her roost, her squirrel tail flicking to keep her balanced.

Raisa dodged between the circus tents that we're being set up, waving at friends and smiling slightly. Even though she was enslaved, she had to admit that she had a better job than most. She usually had free reign of the circus during times like this, and she spent hours flitting from tent to tent helping out. Rai loved the crowds and the busyness of the circus, the smell of sweat and hard work in the air. She grinned and pulled at her collar. Tonight the smell would change. Tonight it would smell of adrenaline and excitement, as they were going to perform for the first time in weeks. The circus was famous, and they traveled to Stoneway once every few years to perform in the town square, performing in front of the whole city and it's rulers. Rai shivered in excitement. Tonight was her time to shine, maybe earn some money secretly from admirers to put in her secret stash. She loved her job, but she loved her freedom much more. And she was going to get it, one way or another.

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((When did this get so long I don't even))


The carriage continued rattling slightly along the dirt road as it went on ahead, two horses pulling it with their heads held high as they trotted onward, the blinders they were wearing helping them in maintaining their attention focused on the road ahead just like they'd been trained to do. Their silky brown fur and fancy bridles spoke volumes of the owners, much like the vehicle itself - shining metal for the wheels and undercarriage, the body itself made from polished wood, its main body closed to protect its passengers from the elements. There was a door on each side, both with the family's symbol on them, a step right under to make the process of going in and out easier. The driver's seat was in its typical elevated position, occupied by a muscular man who looked to be in his late twenties, an unloaded crossbow under his feet right next to six arrows. The man, who went by the name of Verman Brenska, seldom went anywhere without it.


His brown eyes narrowed as he spotted their destination. With a nod to himself, Verman tapped on the wood behind him to get the attention of his passengers. "Mister, Miss. We've nearly arrived," he said in a deep voice before sitting straight again. He wasn't expecting an answer, and none came.


He also didn't bother to address the fourth and last occupant of the carriage. Behind the closed space was a last seat, elevated like the driver's but closer to the ground and facing the opposite way. Usually it was for servants, not allowed to ride inside the body along those of a superior social class. However, the leather collar around the young man's neck marked him as someone even below servants. A slave, even thought he didn't look like one at first glance. For starters, both him and his clothes were clean, a notable difference from the other slaves at the manor, who were just given a dirty cloth and a bucket of water two times a week or so to prevent them from smelling too bad. The clothes themselves weren't rags or old either. On the contrary, they looked new and were made of materials like silk, velvet and cotton. The slave was wearing a long midnight-blue coat with full-length sleeves that broadened at the ends, silver ornamental buttons makin a 'U' shape from the shoulders to the chest, three of them at the end of each sleeve. The real ones were open, revealing the white buttoned-up shirt underneath, and a sash was tied around his waist, the same black color as the knee-high boots that went over the white pants. All in all, clothes a mere slave would had no business wearing if his collar wasn't of the golden color, chosen to match the rim around all hybrid's eyes. His posture also wasn't what you'd call slave-like; legs and arms crossed, sitting nearly at the end of the seat, back leaned against the main body of the carriage and eyes closed as he rested his chin on his chest gave Sidley the air of someone being dragged by relatives to a boring theater play. The only things confirming his status were the aforementioned collar and the chain that bound it to the metal ring located above his head.


Sidley cracked open an eye upon hearing the man's voice, looking briefly at the side before mentally sighing and closing it again. He gave himself ten seconds to finish enjoying the long ride before correcting his position; feet together, back against the wall, and hands almost touching and resting at his lap. He was supposed to have been in this position for the whole ride, but what others didn't know wouldn't hurt them. As long as he behaved when people could see him, it was consequence-free. It was already good enough that he was allowed to get on the carriage, even if it was on the servants' area; slaves usually were expected to run behind it, seats only for the use of free people.


He couldn't help the brief look to the side, though. Their destination today was a horse farm, and a quite famous one at that. One of their horses, a white mare called Sasha, was getting too old to be carrying her owners around while looking pretty, so they needed to find a replacement before retiring her. The lady of the house had insisted on going herself to look at all the possible horses, and had wanted to take Sid along so they could make a small stop on the way back. He could kind of suspect where exactly they were going to go, and for which purpose, and he wasn't looking forward to it.


With those thoughts in mind, he looked in front of him again, eyes closed as there was nothing to see there that he hadn't seen a hundred times before.

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Two weeks before the festival, as it always is two weeks before the festival, the cage fight arena closed. Giving the owners two weeks to beautify and rejuvenate their hybrids for the upcoming festival. Why? One might ask. Well, simply for presentation, people from all over come for Lavida's festival, this had always been the best time to sell the idea of cage fighting to other regions. The day hybrid fighter owners are able to expand, is the day their lives become a lot more benefited: traveling as apart of the job, healthier and more exotic hyrbrid breeds to train and bargain for, not to mention curious people who have yet to witness this genre of entertainment flocking to toss their coins in their pockets.

Drea had two weeks for his current wounds to heal, not much time, but it gave his skin time to regrow. During this time his fur was actually thoroughly washed and groomed, his teeth cleaned and whitened, and his claws polished. There was no need to sharpen his claws or teeth, those were always sharp, as they had to be. The color in his tattoos ink was always retouched, as it was generally torn over time. They never retouched The Voyagers mark, that one looked better kept torn, they always drew around it. Every year it become more deformed, but that was what was so enticing about it, it drew attention to Drea's back in curiosity.

Drea's favorite part of this time was that his owner actually hired a message therapist to work on his muscles, making sure everything was in order. Being stiff after a few weeks without fighting was unacceptable. Every night of the festival Drea was to be adored with jewelry that contrasted and complimented his wounds, colors and beast. These of course were always removed before a match. Drea knew it was more or less a mockery to the fighters, because of the more sensitive visitors, the fighters were commanded not to destroy the other opponent and to draw out the battle. They always did host one death match at midnight, but this too was required to be drawn out, this was difficult if both fighters weren't of the same level in fighting. To help lessen the horror to death, hyrbrids always fought and killed wild beasts before the death match; those who couldn't stomach death usually left, and because it was a wild animal that had died they usually couldn't complain.

Drea stood pridefully next to his owner, he was required to look strong and intimidating whenever in public, for his name and health. His back was always bare to show off his branding and scars, in the event word of mouth may be utilized to interest the masses. The circus was in the process of setting up, an opportune time to pay for a flattering poster for cage fighting on their billboard of attractions. As well as checking out the circus's hybrids, trading may not be permitted during the festival, but afterwards, well, who knows what exotic hybrids could be obtained.

Drea always found the festivals bright look pleasant, reminding him of the flowers that grew over the mountains and brightened his childhood home. Home, he missed home. His gaze flicked about his surroundings, watching as hybrids and humans set up tents to hold the masses. It must have been nice to climb those poles, the only thing Drea was allowed to climb was a cage, he couldn't even remember what it felt like to lounge in a tree. The stones under his paws was a comfort to him though, always reminding him of his mountains. Drea couldn't remember when had had begun to refer the mountains of Illusia as 'his' mountains, and he really didn't have the energy to care.

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Sentz flicked the reigns against the pair of horses pulling his wagon. It was a light rap against them, just a reminder to keep up the pace they were going at. He and his horses had been on the road for days now, traveling from Clarance to Lavida in order to attend the festival. The festival was one of the busiest and most profitable times for Sentz and Suzure. They saved some of their best silks for the festival, knowing that people would be coming from all over.


With that on his mind, Sentz glanced back into his wagon. Like every trip, the silk had been carefully wrapped in protective sheets of paper and then placed in crates. A tarp was covering the crates to add extra protection from the weather and travel. A bag of his belongings was also in the wagon, as well as some travel food.


Sentz sighed and looked back ahead of him towards the growing city. Traffic on the road was getting thicker the closer he got to Lavida. He was getting a lot of looks from people, but he typically either ignored them or sent him a rather seductive and appealing smile.


He was being stared at because of his appearance. Unlike most Hybrids that usually stayed in their human form, Sentz prefered being in his hybrid form. His long blue tail was drapped partially over the tarp and over the rest of the seat he was sitting on. His normally black hair was blue and his purple eyes were rimmed with gold. Silver horns curled from his temples to around his ears. Sentz had found that wild animals avoided him when he was in his hybrid form, and that was a comfort. Suzure had also grown fond of Sentz's hybrid form. Being in his hybrid form made Sentz feel closer to his absent lover while he was on the road.


A light blue collar around his neck marked him as an owned slave, something that people always checked for. When Sentz made it to the gates of Lavida, the guards examined his collar and eve examined the mark of ownership on his lower back. Sentz was used to this treatment, even though he wasn't happy about it. It was for his safety. Unlike most slaves, Sentz was pretending to be a slave. Suzure had thought up the entire plan to make sure nothing ever happened.


"Reason for coming?" The guard growled out at Sentz.


Sentz smiled charmingly at the guard. "Trade. My master wishes for me to sell silk at the festival." his voice was smooth as he spoke.


The guard grunted again and then handed a grimy piece of paper over to Sentz. It was a permit of sorts, so that Sentz could trade his goods inside the city. Sentz took it and folded it up before placing it under the tarp for safe keeping.


It took little time for Sentz to find a place to set up near the circus that was being set up. People that were milling around stopped to stare at him in curiosity. He was strange for a slave, not only because he was without his master, but also because of the very expensive silk shirt he was wearing and the twin light blue belts situated on his hips. He moved quickly to get the tarp off of the wagon and up on the poles to make a tent for his booth. He was able to use his tail to help manuever the poles into place and then to get the ropes tied down.


Soon enough he rolled up the sides of his tent and set out tables, all the while being watched. Once the tables were set up, he started pulling out some of the display silks, handling them with extreme care. He hung up a few to show off the luster and movement of the silk.


Sentz had no worries about people buying silk from him, a hybrid. People knew about his reputation from before he was a hybrid, and people who didn't were usually persuaded because of the quality of the silk. He had no worries about people trying to get his silk for less then what they were worth, he was a professional negotiator after all.


Finally Sentz relaxed, his tail curling up in a coil as he sat down inside of it. He set his elbows on a table and rested his chin in his hands. His eyes glittered and he was smiling charmingly. Now all he had to do was wait.

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Kel quickly corrected herself and went to the closest stall in the square. She browsed through what goods were available, moving from one to the next as she looked through everything. While she wasn't allowed to get anything, she liked to take her time and look through what everyone had to offer. This was one of the parts of the festival she looked forward to, when merchants from all over came to show off their wares in the area near the circus tents.


She couldn't wait for everything to kick off. Usually, the master gave her more freedom at this time, so she was allowed to roam the city as she pleased. Compared to some slaves, she was given a loose leash and a decent amount of freedom, but it was at the festival that she really got a taste of being free.


Kel piled the things she needed into her basket, opting to pick up a loaf of fresh bread while she was at it, and navigated her way out of the city's center. She stopped herself from walking onto the path that led back to the manor, remembering she was to check the butcher for the welcome dinner pig. She turned herself around and went to the correct path, swiftly setting herself back on track.


Her mind drifted to the dinner, a welcome distraction from paying attention to the people milling around her, staring at her. As she recalled, the dinner took place the night before the circus's first performance, and all were welcome if they wished to come. Usually she was forced to wear nice clothes and not her preferred outfit, but she liked dressing up once in a while. Kel hoped she would be allowed to attend this year, as she wasn't allowed last time it was held. And how she would love to watch the people dancing in the main hall instead of listening to the older servants as they talked about how amazing all the outfits were.


Kel only needed to stick her head in to the butchery for the master of the place to recognize her. He, for one, knew who she was and who she worked for, and thus treated her kindly. He called out a simple, "It will be ready and delivered before evening tomorrow!" to which she nodded and thanked him before heading back to the manor with a full basket and good news, while thoughts of freedom floated around in her head.

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Sentz was in the middle of talking to a potential customer when something caught his eye. He wasn't sure what it was until he noticed a girl with brown hair and a black collar. It took even less time to recognize the symbol on said collar.


"Excuse me a moment." Sentz bowed and gave the woman looking at his silk a winning smile before leaving his booth for a moment to better call out for Kelissa.


"Young lady! A moment!" Sentz called out as he moved quickly with his long tail to go over to Kel. He glanced back at his stall before he was able to get Kel's attention.


"You are from the Stoneway Manor correct?" Sentz asked when Kel gave him her attention. He waited for her to affirm his assumption. "Could you come with me to my booth? I have a silk order for them." Usually the richer people around Lavida would order silk from his shop before the festival, to ensure that he would get it to them by the festival.


Sentz turned and slithered back to his booth, glad to see that nothing had been taken during his short absence. He didn't even turn to look to see if Kel had followed him. If she hadn't, then he would still have to go to Stoneway Manor as he had planned to deliver the silk later.


Sentz went to the back of the tent where his wagon was parked and then raised himself up some by his tail so he could lean in. He shuffled around one of the marked crates for a moment before coming out with a carefully wrapped bundle. "Special silk for Lord Shane of Stoneway manor."

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It hadn't taken much for Percival to convince Theodore to take him outside of the merchant house. Whether it was the soft grazing of his arm as he passed, or the faux-lustful look in his eyes, or just his natural charm, the little nobleboy had managed to convince his father to let him outside.


Not only was it a good way of showing Theodore how to control an "unnatural, unruly brute", like a Hybrid, but it also let Herford show off his proudest possession: a Hybrid slave. They were all the rage, and he had instructed Percy to keep his horns and ears out all the time that they were out. He was fine with this.


The only thing he really want to do was to inspect the streets of Stoneway, for when he eventually made his escape.


'Percival,' Theodore asked sheepishly, 'i-is there anything you want to do?' The boy was only 17, yet was still the only one in the Herford family to say, know or want to know his name.


Percival looked down at him - he was at least four inches taller than the boy. 'Not particularly,' he smiled. As much as he despised the Herfords, Theodore seemed like he could actually turn out to be a nice person. 'What would you like to do?'


'The Circus is in town ...' he shrugged.

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Ayriana fingered the leather collar around her neck, thinking hard. Her mind went to the dreams of cutting the wretched thing from herself, saddling Soule and running far away to live in the wild. Her master had some prized hunting bows she could steal, and her wings were already growing out.

Flight was the thing Ayriana wished for more than freedom. When she lived with the widowed woman, she was allowed to fly anywhere she wanted to. As if luck had intended it, one of her masters approached and tied a leash around her collar and tugged her inside.


Very roughly, he tied the Hybrid facedown to a table and retrieved large shears. "Wings," he muttered, and Ayriana extended her left wing obediently. With a swift, precise hand, the man trimmed her feathers down and did the same on the right. Releasing the ties, he said, "Roann is going to the Circus, and you are going with him."


Not saying anything, the Hybrid walked back outside to find the owner of the farm ready to leave in a carriage. Once inside, Ayriana was thrown a plain green cloak to wear. "Conceal yourself, beast," Roann said quietly as the carriage lurched forward down the road. Giving him an angry and resentful glare, she fastened the cloak around her, erasing the visible existence of her wings and tail.


I really hate public events... she thought.

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'Do you know what a circus is like?' Theodore asked him.


'No,' he lied. The fact was, the Frois family had taken trips to the Circus every year since before Percival was born.


'I'm sure you'll love it; it's magnificent,' Theodore looked ecstatic. 'There are exotic animals for the eastern shores, there are acrobats and gymnasts, there are fire breathers - it'll be the best show you'll ever see!'


And ten minutes later, they were there. In the Circus.

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Kelissa stopped as she heard shouting, turning toward the voice. Her eyes quickly found the stranger, causing her slight surprise as he slithered over to her.


"I am," she replied calmly, then nodded to Sentz's second question. Hanging her basket on her arm, she followed him over to the stand and looked over the silks as he went to the back.


The silks were all lovely, and no doubt soft, but she didn't confirm this by touching any of them. She didn't want to accidently harm them in any way, or ruin the display, so she just admired the expensive materials.


Kel turned to Sentz as he returned with the silk. While she hadn't heard that any silk had been ordered, she simply smiled and slid the wrapped silk into her basket.


"Thank you, sir. I shall make sure he gets it," she replied. She tilted her head, curious. "How does a Hybrid get into trading silk, especially in Lavida?" She coughed slightly, quickly adding, "If I may ask."

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