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Kiryu does commissions

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Seeing as I finally got a PayPal account and wouldn't object to some nice eggs and hatchlings, I figured I'd post this up here.


What I Do and Do Not Do

FurAffinity Gallery


I generally draw animals and dragons especially. I will create most types of digital art visible in my gallery, namely tribals, light streaks, lineart, flatcolors, shaded, and full color. I will not do commissions for sketches until I get a scanner as they're not worth buying with that quality. I will repost commissions to my FurAffinity gallery.


I do not draw My Little Pony, anything sexually explicit, or anything plain disgusting. I usually do not watermark my art unless the requester(or commissioner) wants me to. I GENERALLY do not draw humans, but that's simply because I am very not good at human faces. I'm still practicing with them.


I will not draw Dragon Cave dragons to avoid artist credit mishaps, unless you are that dragon's spriter or they tell me you and I have their permission.


What You Can and Can Not Do


You may repost art to deviantArt, FurAffinity, etc as long as you credit me as the artist. You may crop for use as a signature or avatar.


You may NOT claim the artwork as your own.




A quick note, I PREFER money through Paypal over eggs and hatchlings, but I understand if someone is unable to pay. I will not take anything inbred or messy for this. Hatchlings preferred, will take eggs if I'm not locked, they're low time, or I REALLY want them.


Monetary prices are tentative- if you're an artist and have a suggestion for prices, PM me. Egg/hatchling prices are very flexible depending on the rarity of the dragon. If you think you have something that could reduce the amount of dragons, feel free to ask me.


Flatcolor - $5 to $7 depending on complexity, or one egg/hatchling. Lineart thrown in for free.


Shaded, no background - $7 to $12 depending on complexity, or two eggs/hatchlings.


Full color - $10 to $20 depending on complexity, or three eggs/hatchlings.


Tribal - $5 for basic or gradient, $7 for basic color, and $10 for full color. One egg or hatchling for basic or gradient, two for basic color or full color.

This art type is currently on sale! Sale applies only to monetary payment. Click for details.


Light streaks - Experimental; $5 or one egg/hatchling.




Flatcolor - [1] [2] [Lineart]


Shaded, no background - [1] [2]


Full color - [1] [2] [3]


Tribal - [basic] [Gradient] [basic color] [Full color]


Light streaks - [1] [2]





[b]Art Type:[/b]Flatcolor, tribal, etc.

[b]Payment Method:[/b] Paypal or eggs/hatchlings.

[b]Details:[/b] Exactly what is it that you want drawn? What colors? Do you want a background? etc.




Slots are independent of my FA commission list. May extend slots if I get enough interest.








Final Notes


-- Please allow 2-5 days after payment is received for delivery of the art, maybe a couple more if you were the last on the list.

-- While you REQUEST here, price negotiations and payment should be through PM ONLY. Do not PM me until AFTER you are on the list.

-- Conversely you may PM me to poke me if I've taken a while.

-- Any part of this post may be edited at any time as I see fit.

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