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Skies of Rain

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- Skies of Rain -

Discovering the Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest


The Skies of Rain Handbook - OOC Thread




The Amazon Rainforest is the largest and most diverse ecosystem in the world, carrying the majority of the world's species under one canopy. It is also the largest rainforest on Earth, stretching across a huge portion of South America. There are so many species, that it is thought that less than a quarter of them have been discovered to date, although it was thought that the grand majority of large creatures had been found.


A small two-engined aircraft carrying a number of tourists and researchers was taking a trip over the Amazon from Belem, Brazil to Lima, Peru. Part way through the flight, the left engine began experiencing extreme mechanical failure, and the plane's passengers had to parachute out and into the trees below in order to save themselves. The pilot stayed to attempt to save the plane, but quickly disappeared over the tops of the trees and out of sight. The adventurers are on their own, and have no idea where they are.


They carry with them a series of supplies in a backpack each. Each backpack is equipped differently, depending on what the travelers deemed they would need to bring prior to their trip. Each is also equipped with a multi-purpose tool which was supplied to them on the plane for use in case of an emergency. The tool has several blades, a compass built into the handle, a corkscrew, and a set of shears.


The adventurers will come across many different creatures on the road ahead which had never been discovered before. They will also find out that they weren't the first to get there...




Map of the Amazon | Flight Path


The Amazon Rainforest is 2.5 million square miles in size, and represents 54% of the world's remaining rainforest. Its Amazon River is 4000 miles long and is fed by more than 1000 smaller rivers and streams. It houses one third of the world's birds, and at least half of the world's plants, animals and insects. More than 3000 different varieties of edible fruits exist there.


The Amazon has approximately 250,000 natives living in the forest with 215 different groups and at least 170 different languages. There were an estimated 50 further tribes which have been thought to never had contact with the outside world.


A huge amount of land is burned each year, so fire is a very real threat to the adventurers and anyone caught in the forest.



  • No Godmodding / Power Playing
  • No killing other writers' characters without permission from said writer.
  • Mild forms of cursing acceptable. Outright profanity is not.
  • Minimum six sentences per post.
  • Spelling and grammar must be at reasonable levels.
  • PM me your character sheet. DO NOT POST IN TOPIC.
  • No characters younger than 16.
  • Spam of any kind will receive a warning, and then removal from RP.
  • I reserve the right to remove you at any time from the RP
  • I reserve the right to add, edit, or remove rules as required.



Character Name:

Age: (No younger than 16)


Appearance: (Please link images)

Brief History:


[b]Character Name:[/b] 
[b]Age: [/b](No younger than 16)
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Appearance: [/b](Please link images)
[b]Brief History: [/b]

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Player Characters:


1) Rarek - Cody

2) Shyrus - Feliceia

3) Mistress of Whispers - Karrin

4) Wolfsong442 - Silas

5) SkullKrusher - Dereccio

6) Shadow_claw - Lani




Username: Rarek

Character Name: Cody Roberts

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cody

Brief History: Cody is a Canadian Environmental Science student who took a trip down to Brazil for his Masters in the Amazon Rainforest. He had hoped to do his degree in biodiversity, researching the huge variety of species and undiscovered wonders that are associated with the huge swath of land. He was always an intelligent boy, he never got a failing grade in anything, and he was always eager to learn new things. Cody can however be short-tempered in the right stressful situations, and is known to become unstable.


Username: Shyrus

Character Name: Feliceia Bridge (goes by "Fel" or "Feli.")

Age: 18

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Feliceia

Brief History: She grew up in a small family, herself being an only child. She grew up stubborn, selfish, and loud, but by the age of sixteen mellowed out quite a bit. She left home at the young age of 18 to become a journalist. She comes to Brazil in hopes of documenting Amazonian wildlife.


Username: Mistress of Whispers

Character Name: Karrin Valera

Age: Mid 20's

Gender: female

Appearance: Light tan, messy brown curls, dark brown eyes. Wears a few dozen bracelets (several with band names and logos on them), worn jeans, old sneakers and a green tank top with a faded blue leather jacket.

Brief History: Karrin is an idealistic young woman with a wild streak. After graduating from medschool, Karrin applied for a position as doctor in a free clinic in Lima. It was an underpaid job and probably a bad career move, but Karrin felt that this was the best way to help people who really needed it and see something of the world at the same time. Her parents, friends and fellow-students were horrified at the thought of Karrin ' wasting her talent' like this, but nothing would dissuade Karrin from going. Or at least, nothing short of a plane crash...


Username: wolfsong442

Character Name: Silas Vincent

Age: Thirty

Gender: Male

Appearance: The grumpy one; Silas

Brief History: Silas is a neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai in New York who’s been conscripted into traveling to Lima to help with the brain surgery of a very important person, and to hold down the fort until another doctor can arrive. Of course Silas didn’t want to go, but he values his job and life and feared that he might get fired if he didn’t go. Of course it doesn’t help that the guy is dealthy afraid of heights and planes…and a plane crash isn’t going to help that fear much.


Username: SkullKrusher

Character Name: Dereccio Skyler (Derek)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has short, black hair that reaches just past his ears, along with deep dark blue eyes that remind of the depths of the oceans. His skin is slightly tanned and his body is a bit muscular. He wears a black sleevelss t-shirt and camoflague cargo pants, along with hiking shoes and a camo bandana around his neck. He also has a black plastic bracelet on his right hand.

Brief History: Dereccio, or Derek as he prefers to be called, has quite the past. His family was normal and he grew up as an only child. He lived his childhood and early teen years in Italy - that was why his name was so strange. Then, he moved to America, where he studied until he finished school. He then learned a year in a private school for firearms, and then became a commando for four years. Having just became 24 around two months ago, Dereccio was sent with the plane to Lima both as a guard and to teach basic defense to a few of the guards there.


Username: shadow_claw

Character Name: Lani (pronounced Lawn-ee) "Rhodey" Rhodes

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lani

Brief History: Lani grew up in a family that traveled a lot. She learned multiple languages in her time, as well as basic navigating skills. Her family was just her two parents, brother, and herself, which was a pretty nice setup. Lani and her brother were home-schooled, but she moved away to go to college once old enough. Even though she enjoyed the wild life her family lead, it wasn't a suitable career. One degree in Engineering later, and she was traveling again to look for a job. Baleem, a city right next to the ocean, was a great start. Fixing boats and other machines around the port would work just fine for her. Unluckily for her, she didn't end up there. No, she had to be stuck in the plane that plummeted into the ground.


Non-Player Characters:



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Hi! I'm soupnazi and I'll be critiquing your roleplay today.


Spelling and grammar are at decent levels.


This... isn't really a rule? If you mean to say that spelling and grammar "must" be at decent levels, you should probably use "must" instead of "are".


As the Amazon rainforest is a real place, including a map of it and marking where our players are would make sense and help with consistency. Also, a brief explanation of where the tourists' plane was going and what type of trip they were on would be helpful.

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Okay. I fixed the Spelling and Grammar rule wording. It should read better.


A small two-engined aircraft carrying a number of tourists and researchers was taking a trip over the Amazon from Belem, Brazil to Lima, Peru. Part way through the flight, the left engine began experiencing extreme mechanical failure, and the plane's passengers had to parachute out and into the trees below in order to save themselves. The pilot stayed to attempt to save the plane, but quickly disappeared over the tops of the trees and out of sight. The adventurers are on their own, and have no idea where they are.


The second paragraph has been fixed to look like this, as well as two maps given under the Setting subsection. The location of the adventurers is not given, as that should not be known to them as passengers on a plane. Since the pilot went with the plane, that source of navigational information would be of no use to them.

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Alright, cool! This is approved, then. Have fun roleplaying!

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Awesome! Thanks for the swift acceptance soupnazi happy.gif


Seven spots available to whoever would like them!

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((We have enough to start the roleplay! Let's get things moving.))


Cody rubs his head and groans as he slowly returns from unconsciousness. He remembered pulling the parachute as he watched the plane disappear from his field of view, but he still must have landed fairly hard. What am I going to do now? he thinks to himself. His hand comes away with blood from his forehead, and he sighs exasperatedly. He was thankful that he had the presence of mind to grab his backpack when he jumped out of the plane, and that it had landed near him. Unzipping one of the front pockets, he pulls out a small first aid kit, unwrapping a bit of gauze and wrapping it around his forehead. A makeshift bandage, but it'll have to do.


He sees his red parachute hanging in the trees above him, with both of the shoulder straps snapped completely off. From where the shoulder straps hung to where he was now, he estimated it to be a good fourteen feet. No wonder you have a cut on your forehead, that's a nasty fall even onto soft stuff. He considered climbing the tree to retrieve the chute, but decided against it.


He saw that the zippers on his backpack were all shut the way he'd left them, so all the stuff in there would be still there. In workable condition however, that's another story. Reaching into his pocket, Cody pulls out his cell phone and groans. The screen was cracked right open to the electronics, and the battery had leaked into them. He threw the phone into the trees frustratedly. Not as though he could get any reception anyhow.


For the first time, he snapped back into reality. The others...where are they? "Hey! Anyone else out there? I'm over here!" He thought he remembered other parachutes opening, and there was a good chance that there were.

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(Yes! I'm excited for this! I hope this reply is okay. First replies are always tricky for me. I don't think there any any grammer or spelling mistakes but then again i'm not perfect at spelling.)


Feli’s eyes opened to light seeping through her eyelids. Her mind raced first in shock, forgetting what happened. She tried to recall but it was fuzzy. Despite this she was able to piece together enough information to come to a more than likely answer of a plane crash. She tried to get up but her limbs screamed in protest. She grunted softly as she pushed herself off the ground despite the force of pain telling her to stay down. She felt something heavy on her back slide off once she got to a kneeling position. She looked to her side to see a brownish green backpack of a rather large size. She ignored it for now.

The remains of the now demolished plane laid in pieces. Some on fire, others directing heavy smoke plumes up into the air. Feli decided it was best to see if she had gathered any wounds. She found two cuts on her leg. It wouldn’t be too bad but it was best to do anything she could to keep it from getting infected. She felt a searing pain shoot up her arm when she tried to use her arms to get herself in a standing position. There was a large gash from her fore-arm to almost her elbow. That wasn’t too good. She unzipped her backpack remembering an item that would help, rubbing alcohol. She wasn’t a doctor but she decided to pour some on her larger wound. She winced as the sizzling pain ran down her arm but knew she would much rather have this then something this bad being infected. She decided to leave the smaller wound, realizing how important this rubbing alcohol was. She had this, and a couple band-aids. She didn’t think she would need anything else; she guessed wrong. Her head shot up at the sound of a voice yelling out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Feli took a deep breath. At least she wasn’t the only survivor. “I’m here!” She yelled back hoping she wasn’t just hearing things.

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Karrin had once spent a summer skydiving in Panama: partying 'til late in the night, getting up early in the morning regardless, and hunky instructors had filled her days then. She'd been pretty good at it too, showing that brazen fearlessness that comes only to the young, and had earned several certifications. So she was used to jumping out of planes (or as used to it as anyone could be) and seeing the earth race up to meet her.


None of that had prepared her for this. For starters, you weren't supposed to do it with a backpack strapped to your front. Second, official skydiving jumps were cancelled during bad weather conditions. And lastly, they usually weren't performed from burning planes.


She pulled her parachute chord and had just enough time to realize that her angle was far too steep, when she slammed into the canopy. Leaves and branches whipped into her face and she tumbled through, her descent hardly slowed by the chute now pulling behind her through the trees. The branches opened up a bit as she entered the under story layer of the forest - she could see the forest floor emerging below. Soon the parachute would snag on something and she didn't even want to consider what would happen if her velocity came to such an abrupt stop. Fumbling with the release, she managed to open it just as the heavy cloth stuck between two branches, launching her forward with a sickening snap in her right shoulder.


Her breath was knocked out of her as she slammed into the ground. She lay, gasping, while above her, canopy birds and monkeys had already resumed their business as if a human did not just crash through their home. Her shoulder hurt like few things she'd felt before and she was pretty sure that lump under her skin wasn't supposed to be there.


Favouring her shoulder, Karrin got up gingerly. She thought she could hear voices calling in the distance; if only the dizziness would abate long enough for her to concentrate on them.

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Cody's head whipped around in the direction of the voice. That sounded like one of the young ones that came along on the trip. He couldn't remember her name, must've been something like Alicia or Melissa...something that ended in an A anyway. His head hurt too much to think of it. Cody saw the plume of smoke coming from that direction, had they really been that low when they jumped? No matter, he had to catch up to her.


"Hang on, I'm coming!" He broke out into a run, slinging the heavy backpack over his shoulders and heading towards the plane. He had kinda hoped it was one of the older passengers, but right now anyone was good company. Who knows, she might turn out to be quite useful. He saw quite varied plant life as he ran, as well as at least ten different birds. The ground was also full of buds and creatures. If only I had time to pull out my notebook...


Cody eventually saw the wreckage come into view, along with a small girl that he recognized. Feliceia, that was her name. "Are you hurt?" he asked as he came to a stop, breathing heavily. He adjusted his makeshift bandage as it slid down over his eye as sweat pooled beneath it, causing it to slide. He grumbles slightly and ties it tighter, wincing a little as the sweat stings the open wound on his forehead.

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Feli waited a while after she called; it took a second but a reply came. It would be lying to say she was expecting a reply and wasn't surprised when she got one. She heard the shuffling of leaves and dirt being kicked up by footsteps. Among the pieces of debris that had landed on the ground someone got through. Feli looked up at the newcomer. She didn’t know his name. She remembered seeing him on the plane, but knew nothing elce.

Her mind wondered off for a minute, trying to recall if she remembered anyone else. She snapped out of her thoughts when Cody spoke; almost forgetting he was there. It took Feli a minute to realize what he said.

"Hm? Oh! Hurt? Yeah. But it'll be fine. I'm guessing you’re not in good shape, judging by that bandage. I have rubbing alcohol and a couple band-aids if you need them. But guessing by how you've already taken care of it, I’m guessing you don't need it..." She started to ramble, a bad habit she had when she didn't know someone well. She stopped herself before she looked like an idiot. "I think I already know this answer but have you found anyone else alive? I just woke up here a couple seconds ago."


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Trying to ignore the pain in her shoulder, Karrin struggled to her feet. Her head was pounding and this made it hard to concentrate, but she was certain she heard voices now, even if she still couldn't discern where they were coming from as the sound seemed to bounce and echo off the trees. Looking up an around in a effort to get her bearing, she saw a trail of smoke rising above the canopy. The plane? A village?


She had nothing else to go on, so she set out in the direction of the smoke. As she walked, she became aware of undertones of fuel and burnt metal. Not a village then; it must be the plane.

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(Is no one elce comming? I wasn't replying to give anyone elce a chance just to clear things up.)

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((I deliberately delayed Karrin so Cody and Feli have a chance to talk, but she's near the plane so I can bring her to your scene.))

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(I'm fine with Karrin comming over as long as it's okay with Rarik. Thanks for the consideration.)

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((I was hoping others who haven't yet would have posted before now. I'll keep things moving. And you don't need to ask my permission for anything that doesn't break rules smile.gif Have fun!))


Cody sighed and shook his head. "I haven't seen anyone else. They either didn't make it out of the plane or to the ground. Or...we just haven't found them yet." He silently hoped it was the latter, but outwardly was too busy expressing his displeasure at finding a new gash on his calf he hadn't noticed before. This one ran fairly deep and bits of twigs and splinters lined the wound. He must've hit a tree on the way down.


"Great, just what I needed, another wound to worry about. Are you sure you found all of yours?" He had knelt down to take the larger twigs from his skin, but he was looking up at Feliceia with a questioning look. "Better to look now than find them infected later."


Cody knew the crash site wouldn't have many bits of wildlife around the burning plane, and yet there were still dozens of different creatures. He was astounded at the sheer volume, amazed by his surroundings. It could take ten lifetimes just to understand what I'm seeing now, this forest is an incredible undiscovered repository of knowledge. He looked back up at Feliceia, quietly curious to see if she had the same reactions as he.

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"Uh, I think so..." she cut her sentence mid-way to check for any more wounds. Needless to say she did find a couple she didn't realize where there before. One of her shoulder that was probably a two on a scale of one to five. She found another on her wrist which surprised her. Had did she not see that before? It was probably a three, maybe a four. She used her rubbing alcohol on it. The bottle was about one-sixth empty now.


Feli noticed the cut on the newcomer’s leg. "Again, I have something that can help keep it from getting infected." She said holding out the bottle. "Once we're done here we should look for more people. If we're the only ones then our chances of survival are low. Better to know now then later I suppose. Oh, and I’m sorry but I didn't catch your name."

She was rambling again. She made a mental note to keep her mouth shut more often. At least until she knew people- assuming there are survivors- better.


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A wave of relief swept over Karrin as the wreckage came into view and, outlined in the glow of the remaining fires, two people standing near it. Her gait was lumbering now, her arm hung at an unnatural angle from her body and her dark eyes were dull under her blood-matted curls, but there were people here and they could help her. Finally stumbling into the view of Feli and Cody, she dropped her backpack and swayed sideways as if she were about to faint.


Pointing to her backpack, she tried to speak, but her throat was too dry and "Med - Med" was all she could manage. They must think I'm an idiot she thought to herself, even as her mind registered that making a bad impression was not her biggest problem right now. The pounding in her head had become even worse during her walk and her shoulder had swollen noticeably, which would make treatment more difficult.


((Soooo - Karrin has a separated shoulder and a bad cut on her head, both of which need medical attention. She is a doctor herself, but will need help if she's to treat herself - does either Cody or Feli know anything about First Aid? Karrin has a very well-stocked First Aid / Medical kit in her backpack.))

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((Cody's just a student I'm afraid. All he's got is common sense.))


He was just about to respond to Feliceia's question when Karrin wobbled in. She looked to be in really bad shape, especially her swollen arm. Cody rushed over as she collapsed, saying something and pointing to her backpack. Cody immediately opened the large pouch and found a med kit that could practically save a half eaten person. She must be a doctor to have this in here.


In all the worry, Cody had forgotten Feliceia's name again. He pointed at her, and then his bag. "There's a half full water bottle in there, bring it quickly!" He turned back to Karrin. "We're here to help, you just need to tell us what to do." He looked helplessly at her arm, recognizing it was dislocated. Cody winced, he wasn't good with these sorts of things.

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Feli looked over at the sound of footsteps and mumbling. Her heart raced when she saw someone else. Yes! Another survivor!

Immediately after- her heart went from racing to a dead stop. This person was in no shape to do anything. There was a large noticeable gash imbedded into her head, and her shoulder looks like it shouldn’t be bent in that direction. A shiver crossed Feli’s spine.

The first person Feli met, the guy, pointed to a backpack which Feli realized was his. The guy barked out orders to retrieve a water bottle. She nodded quickly and ran to the bag. She opened one of the zippers and frantically searched through the bag, accidently letting a few items drop to the floor. She would have to apologize later.

She got to water bottle and ran back. The girl had collapsed and was presumably unconscious. Feli handed Cody the water bottle. "I don't know much about Medical stuff. I once took a first-aid class but I don't remember much. But I know we have to stop the bleeding first, and then get her into the shade… I think.”

Her words where packed together in one frantic, and confused mumble. It would be a miracle for anyone to understand her.


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((Odds are that Karrin indeed passed out, so no in-character post from me this time.


If Feli once took a first aid class, she might recognize some simple items in the medkit that they could use:

- ORT packets that they could add to Karrin's water (and their own if needed)

- Liquid band-aid and butterfly stitches. There is also a stitches set, but Karrin can hardly stitch her own head so the liquid band-aid and butterfly stitches might have to do.

- Rubbing alcohol (more of it xd.png) and wound-disinfectant spray

- Aspirin (could boost against infection/inflammation as well as alleviate pain) - both pills and packets that you add to water

- Ice Spray - typically used on sprained ankles and whatnot, but might help to bring down the swelling in Karrin's shoulder at least a little. They'd have to take her jacket off for it though - or cut it open.


There are also antibiotics and stronger painkillers in there, but I don't know if Feli would recognize which they are? And then there's the regular stuff like sterile gloves, needle sets, etc.

Assuming nothing weird happens, I'll have Karrin regain consciousness in my next post after yours.


Btw unless there are objections I think Karrin might have grabbed her doctor's pack and not her travelling backpack when they had to abandon the plane. I know several doctors in RL and that's what pretty much all of them would grab in such a situation. So that leaves Karrin with the med kit, the clothes on her back, the multi-purpose tool plus whatever else she has in her pockets, and maybe a water bottle.))

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(( Sorry I didn't start earlier, had barely any idea on how I should. ))


Agh, the pain. It slowly caused him to open his eyes and to be slightly glad he was alive and a bit wounded but mostly well. He was still hanging from a tree, his chute tangled in all the branches. He couldn't move, for the shoulder straps were keeping him hanging from a height of around... six meters, if he was correct in his calculations. Of course, he wasn't going to die just like this - no, he hadn't learned usage of guns and advanced mecidine for this. He could fix his wounds with the small aid kit in his bag, but right now he needed to get down. His hand reached to the side of his left leg as he used his right hand to slightly pull himself up to allow him to reach the item. He soon pulled it out and leaned back into the shoulder straps, starting to feel the aching pain through his whole body. He passed the item, now revealed to be a survivalist knife with a small compass in the handle, to his right hand and then raised it. He slowly cut the rope of the chute and finally pulled to free himself.


The fall was pretty safe and also caused him to remember things, considering how the knife simply stabbed into the ground instead of deflecting itself and hitting him, the softness of the leaves cluttering the ground and his slight hit to the head. Though, his stomach had hit a root directly and he lost all his breath, so he rose shakily, sheated his knife and leaned on a tree, trying to catch his breath. His name was Dereccio, he was 24 and he'd learnt advanced first aid and usage of different firearms and bladed weapons. Right now, though, he was a survivor in the huge Amazon Rainforest, still not fully explored even after the long time humanity'd existed. He could hear voices from the distance, but his senses were dulled so he could barely make out the figures. Having caught his breath now, Dereccio slowly unzipped his bag, being careful not to make any wound harder to treat with his movements and then retrieved the first aid kit. It was smaller than others yet any kind of first aid would work. Zipping it open, he pulled out the bandages and an alcoholic wipe, then closed the kit and put it back in his bag. He slowly started treating the wounds, first cleaning them of any debris with his hand and the wipe, after which he bandaged it securely. He'd run out of these bandages with the pace things were going, but it was much better to be safe and secure instead of wounded and having infected wounds. Now that he thought about it, he could feel a small lump in his left wrist, but he stayed silent as he sat by the tree, bandaging his wounds.

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((Hmm. It appears we may need an OOC thread to help us. I know it would help me when it comes to explaining things. I'll see if I can apply for one. Your doctor's pack is also acceptable Whispers))


Cody tried to understand what Feliceia was saying, only picking up bits and pieces. Finally he held up a hand. "Okay okay, see what you can find in her medkit. I'm absolutely hopeless with this stuff, you'd be better than I."


He bent down and examined her arm. There weren't any cuts or scrapes, just a dislocation. Perhaps it's better if I do this while she's unconscious. He braced himself, grabbed a firm grip on her arm and gave a good tug, hearing a sickening snap as the joint rolled into place. Cody shivered, hoping he never had to do that again.

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Feli looked at the kit, pulling out various items. She recognized a couple items; the rest may as well be alien artifacts.

She pulled out the gloves, ice spray, and the aspirin. She sprayed the ice spray on the shoulder.

Feli took in a deep breath before speaking. "Okay, we need to tend to the gash in her head or she'll die. I'm going to try and stitch it up, but I don't have experience with this particular part..."

Feli pulled out her own bottle of rubbing alcohol, the materials for the stitches, and pushed on the girl's back to keep her almost sitting upright. She used the rubbing alcohol first before starting the stitches.


Feli finished. the bleeding has stopped but the wound still looked bad.

"We need to get her to wake up so she can take the aspirin. I'm not quite sure what else to do..."


(The bit about Feli taking a First aid- class but forgetting most of it, that part of her is like me. I took a class but like my OC I don’t remember much. So forgive me if this is incorrect. )


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Karrin woke up to someone squeezing her shoulder. Blinking her eyes against the too bright light, she felt two small pills being pressed into her hand. Aspirin. She was grateful for the pills, as her shoulder still hurt (though slightly less now) and her head felt like someone was jackhammering on it, but even more so for the bottle of water that was handed to her once she'd popped the pills in her mouth. She didn't think she'd ever been this thirsty in her life. She tried to pace herself, but still ended up drinking almost half the bottle in big gulps.


She closed her eyes again, savouring the taste of the water and taking a moment to collect herself. I've made it to the plane. There are two people here. Opening her eyes, she finally took a look around. A girl with striking blue eyes and young blond man sat before her. They'd been on the plane with her; she'd caught there names in passing. Feliceia and Cody. Feliceia was holding an aspirin strip and a stitches kit (my stitches kit?) was lying nearby.


Looking herself over, she saw that someone had sprayed her shoulder. And popped it back in place. Am I sure glad I was out for that one. Examining her head, her hand came back with clotted blood, but she'd felt stitches. That explains the open kit.


"Thank you", she said. She made sure to include both of them in that statement, as she wasn't sure who had done what.


She gestured to the wound-disinfectant spray. "Spray that on the stitches, then put a bandage over it. It'll need to be covered to avoid infection in the - the - here." Where are we, anyway?


"Does either of you know where we were when it happened?"


She looked at the still smouldering plane.


"Any chance it might have a radio we can still use?"


Then she kept quiet and closed her eyes for another spell. Talking made the jackhammering worse.



((I've been going on the assumption that we are at the crash site because of Shyrus' opening post ("The remains of the now demolished plane laid in pieces"). But obviously, if the plane being awol is part of the story, I'm fine with retconning it.))


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