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Updates: Aatrox, the Darkin Blade


Syndra grinned, her purple eyes twinkling. The mountains rose up before her, Ionia's lakes spreading across the land, sparking in the sun. She sat on the edge of her stronghold, her old prison still levitating above the crater beneath it. She had had fun in the League. Being able to kill whenever she wished. She sighed. Immortality was not all it was worked up to be. Years of boredom had followed after the League was destroyed.


Syndra turned. Something had caught her eye. Over the land, to the east of her stronghold, something was moving. The dark orbs around her quickened their pace, circling at a faster rate. She narrowed her eyes, watching whatever it was carefully. Something dark - a wave of creatures? - was moving out of the sea. Was Fizz not still guarding the sea? Or was she wrong about the little... fish protecting its watery realm? She huffed, standing up and lifting herself off the ground, floating a foot or so in the air. The creatures were destroying a village. "Hm." She said, annoyance working it's way into her expressionless face. "Them." She knew the champions would have to fight once again. She just needed to gather them together.




You were a champion, summoned to the Fields of Justice by summoners. Your job was to fight for them. Fight in their name, slay the enemy. Your target was the enemy nexus, a crystal holding their re-spawning power. Why did you fight? To gain glory, forgiveness and revenge. There were many of you, all fighting for the same thing, so it seemed.


That life is long gone, however. The main nexus is still working- a massive purple crystal with magic properties, sitting inside a cradle -dooming you all to eternal life. Yet the League has long since disbanded after war broke out between champions. You all scattered, finding your own place in the lands. Some returned to their original place, others found new homes. All that is known by the people of this land is that it has been years since the champions of the League of Legends have gathered.


Something is stirring. Something dark. The very thing the League was formed to fight. It has noticed the absence of the Champions, after waiting in the dark for them to do something more, and is beginning its slow attack. All are doomed if they do not come forward to fight it.



The Champion War

After the League had been running for around 300 years, the champions started having arguments. They could be about small things, like who should have won their last match, or bigger things, like who was more powerful. Eventually, all of the champions opposed each other. They became paranoid and ready to attack any who even crossed their line of vision. This escalated quickly, until the champions would simply fight each other on the Fields of Justice, no matter what team they were on. Summoners tried to take control, but the champions rebelled, before leaving the League to return to their original homes, no longer caring for the good of their world.



The Summoners are the people who call the champions to the fields. They have powerful magic and control every move their champion makes. They receive special training to achieve their role and have to be brilliant at thinking, tactics and logic.


The League

Until only twenty years ago, Runeterra was on a collision course with disaster. As quickly as Runeterra’s denizens would band together in ancient times as tribes, opposing tribes would war to settle their disputes. No matter the era, the preferred choice of warfare has always been magical. Armies would be enhanced or decimated by spell and rune alike. Champions made the most of magical items forged for them as they led or supported armies. Summoners – often the de facto leaders of Valoran’s political forces – would unleash mighty magical powers directly against foes and their holdings with little regard for consequence. With such an abundance of raw magical power at their disposal, there was little motivation for summoners to explore more environmentally-friendly forms of warfare.


Within the last two hundred years, however, the dangers of unchecked magical warfare began to expose the fragility of Runeterra to everyone residing in Valoran. The last two Rune Wars drastically altered the geophysical landscape of Valoran, even after magical energy was focused on restoring it. Violent earthquakes and horrific magically-fueled storms made life on Valoran challenging, even before factoring in the horror of warfare on the populace. It was theorized that another unchecked Rune War would tear the world asunder.


As a direct response to the world’s growing physical and political instability, Valoran’s key magicians – including many powerful summoners – came to the conclusion that conflicts needed to be resolved in a controllable and systemic way. They formed an organization called the League of Legends, whose purpose was to oversee the orderly resolution of political conflict in Valoran. Housed in the Institute of War, the League would be given the authority by Valoran’s political entities to govern the outcomes of the organized conflict they would administer.

~The League Records. ((Actually from the game, I couldn't put it into better words, so this is the history the creators made.))


The Champions

The summoners needed someone to fight for them. They sent word out that the Institute of War was looking for people to fight for their country. Whoever wanted could come and try their hardest, to see if they could be worthy of the League. Many didn't succeed, but those that did were almost guaranteed glory.


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~No godmodding, you can die, it's just that you come back to life in the ruins of the League

~No controlling another champion

~No spam or flaming

~A minimum of four sentences per post

~One RPer one champion, no duplicates

~Don't timeskip unless all active RPers approve of it

~An RPer will be deemed as inactive after a month of no posting if the RP has been moving smoothly

~As a code, you need to add a summary of what happened in your champion's lore. You can find this on your champion's page on the wiki, under background

~Have as many characters as you feel you can handle, but make sure you RP them all

~The champion you play MUST be from the list below

~Only four abilities per champion, three less powerful and one ultimate, which generally deals lots of damage

~If there is anything I have missed, feel free to tell me

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Brandle City


Amumu, the Sad Mummy - Birthplace

Corki, the Daring Bombardier - Ace pilot of the Screaming Yipsnakes

Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor - Renowned techmaturgist from Bandle City

Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest - Birthplace

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress - Friend of the Glade fae Pix

Poppy, the Iron Ambassador - Emissary to Demacia

Rumble, the Mechanized Menace - Wayward mechanic from Bandle City

Teemo, the Swift Scout - Scouts of the Mothership member

Tristana, the Megling Gunner - Member of the Megling Commandos

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil - Former trading organization member

Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert - Volatile experimenter from Bandle City




Fizz, the Tidal Trickster - Respected mischief of Bilgewater

Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge - Fiercest pirate captain of Bilgewater

Graves, the Outlaw - Bilgewatian conman

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter - Renowned pirate catcher of Bilgewater

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths - Site of emergence




Brand, the Burning Vengance - Captured by Demacian forces

Fiora, the Grand Duelist - Elite sword fighter, House Laurent

Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow - Former guardian of Durand

Garen, the Might of Demecia - Leader of the Dauntless Vanguard, House Crownguard

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia - Demacian Crown Prince, House Lightshield

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity - Prodigy from the College of Magic, House Crownguard

Olaf, the Berserker - Shipwrecked on the southern shores of Demacia

Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings - Common-born; Demacian elite ranger team

Shyvana, the Half Dragon - Member of the Demacian Elite Guard

Sona, Maven of the Strings - Famed Demacian musician,adopted into House of Buvelle

Vayne, the Night Hunter - Renowned Demacian vigilante, House Vayne

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demecia - Steward of the Lightshield Dynasty




Anivia, the Cryophoenix - Ancient guardian of Freljord

Ashe, the Frost Archer - Queen of Freljord

Gragas, the Rabble Rouser - Owner of the Avorosan Iceflow Glacier

Lissandra, the Ice Witch - Princess of the Ice Dervish tribe

Nunu, the Yeti Rider - League Emissary of Freljord

Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath - Princess of the Winter's Claw tribe

Trundle, the Cursed Troll - The Troll King

Tyrandamere, the Barbarian King - King of Freljord

Volibear, the Thunder's Roar - Cheiftan of the Ursines




Ahri, the Nine-tailed Fox - Former white fox from southern Ionia

Akali, the Fist of Shadow - Kinkou Ninja

Irelia, the Will of the Blades - Captain of the Guard

Karma, the Enlightened One - Spiritual leader and duchess of Ionia

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk - Esteemed monk of the Shojin Monastery

Master Yi, the Wuji Bladesman - Master of the Wuju Style

Shen, Eye of Twilight - Rebuilding Kinkou order

Soraka, the Starchild - Nomadic celestial healer of Ionia

Syndra, the Dark Sovereign - Seeks to destroy the elders

Udyr, the Animal Spirit - Bestial student of the Hirana Monastery

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution - Former guardian of the Pit of Pallas

Wukong, the Monkey King - Trained in the art of Wuju by Master Yi

Zed, the Master of Shadows - Order of the Shadow Leader




Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress - Adopted by a family of Cougers

Rengar, the Pridestalker - Possible hunting grounds


Mount Targon


Diana, Scorn of the Moon - Heratic of the Solari Tribe

Leona, the Radiant Dawn - Sun-Warrior of the Solari Tribe

Pantheon, the Artisan of War - Paragon of the Rakkor Tribe




Annie, the Dark Child - Daughter of the Grey Order Exiles

Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace - Former Noxian temptress

Darius, the Hand of Noxus - High Command General

Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun - infamous Zaunite researcher

Draven, the Glorious Executioner - Famed Noxian entertainer

Katarina, the Sinister Blade - Renowned Noxian assasin

Leblanc, the Deceiver - Matron of the Black Rose

Morgana, Fallen Angel - Owner of Sinful Succulence

Singed, the Mad Chemist - Infamous Zaunite alchemist

Sion, the Undead Champion - Former Noxian field commander

Swain, the Master Tactitian - Grand General of Noxus

Talon, the Blade's Shadow - Assasain serving General Du Couteau

Urgot, the Headsman's Pride - Former High Executioner of Noxus

Vladmir, the Crimson Reaper - Powerful Noxian hemomancer

Warwick, the Blood Hunter - Infamous Zaunite Manhunter




Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover - Head Piltovian law officer

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer - Grandmaster Explorer of Piltover

Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow - Piltovian hero; Mercury Hammer Inventor

Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork - Clockwork automation by Corin Reveck

Vi, the Piltover Enforcer - Reformed Piltovian criminal


Plague Jungles


Rammus, the Armadillo - Origin of Powers

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns - Birthplace


Shadow Isles


Elise, the Spider Queen - Priestess to the mythical Spider Goddess

Evelynn, the Widowmaker - Deadly assassin

Hecarim, the Shadow of War - Herald for the Shadow Isles

Karthus, the Deathsinger - Willingly gave his life over to undeath

Maokai, the Twisted Treant - Gained sentience in the Twisted Treeline

Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal - Possibly the first undeath

Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare - Physically manifested in the Twisted Treeline

Thresh, the Chain Warden - Drags back captured souls

Yorick, the Gravedigger - Ferryman for undead denizens


Shurima Desert


Nasus, the Curator of the Sands - Residence

Xerath, the Magus Ascendant - Imprisoned in a sarcophagus for eons




Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void - Birthplace

Kassadin, the Void Walker - Wishes to stop the void from spreading to Runeterra

Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver - Birthplace

Kog'Maw, the Mouth of the Abyss - Birthplace

Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void - Works to bring the void into Runeterra




Aatrox, the Darkin Blade - One of the last living from the Darkin race

Alistar, the Minotaur - Former prisoner of Noxus

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms - A soldier for hire

Kayle, the Judicator - Searching for her sister

Malphite, Shard of the Monolith - Searching for a way back to Monolith

Nami, the Tidecaller -In search of a stone to save her people

Riven, the Exile

Ryze, the Rouge Mage

Shaco, the Demon Jester

Sivir, the Battle Mistress

Scarner, the Crystal Vanguard - Emerged in Kalamanda

Taric, the Gem Knight

Twisted Fate, the Card Master - Wandering between cities

Zilean, the Chronokeeper




Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem - Sentient steam automaton

Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom - Summoned by Istvaan, a powerful Zaunite mage

Janna, the Storm's Fury - Defected

Renekton, the butcher of the Sands - Point of arrival to Runeterra

Twitch, the Plague Rat - Rodent representative of Zaun

Viktor, the Machine Herald - Pioneer from the College of Techmaturgy

Zac, the Secret Weapon - Zaun Amorphous Combatant; Zaunite hero



Italics - The Newest Champion

Striked - Taken Champion

Blank - Untaken Champion


The champions above are organized in where they would most likely be at the current time. They can wander where they like, though, but that's where they probably live.


Check here for more information on champions, including what they look like.

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Set in the world Runeterra, on the continent Valoran.


The Lands



A freezing, unforgiving land to the north. Home to some of the more frosty champions, including Nunu, Anivia and Ashe. It's large mountains prove to be good hiding places for yetis, ice wolves and other cold-loving creatures.



A dry land, mostly covered by plains, to the north. It has only one major city inside the wastelands, called Piltover, in which Caitlyn and Vi work together against criminals.


Bubbling Bog

A deep swamp on the borders of Kaladoun and Urtistan.



To the north of Urtistan are long showers of rain, turning the land into large swamps, homes to many water-loving creatures. The south of Urtistan is a different story. Beneath the Great Barrier, a windless desert is the home to poisonous snakes, golems and lizards.


Tempest Flats

A mix of both pains and deserts south of the great barrier provide little cover. Over the years farms have sprung up, domesticating some of the larger mammals that roam these places. To the north is the old base of the League of Legends, the Institute of War.


Fyrone Flats

A dry, lifeless land that lies on the south coast of the world. The ground is riddled with large and small fissures which run the length of it.



Dense rainforests home to many exotic creatures which love the hot, humid climate. It often rains, leaving the ground frequently waterlogged.


Plague Jungles

As the name suggests, the Plague Jungles are full of toxic creatures. Many of the people living here catch plagues often. The source of these illnesses is unknown.


Yordle Land

Cut off from the rest of the land by the Sablestone Mountains, the Yordles of Yordle Land are left alone in peace. Over the millions of years they have been there, they have come to be fairly short, around the size of human children.


Voodoo Lands

Riddled with massive craters, Voodoo Lands have become the homes to many thieves, who make use of the deep holes and make bases in them, ready to ambush passing travelers.



A hilly landscape, with grassy valleys and many small streams and rivers running through them.



A boggy area to the northeast of the land. The dark swamps support large eco systems, and are teaming with life of all kinds.



A mountainous island with large lakes spreading across the full length. Massive forests cover the spaces where there are no mountains or lakes.


The Cities


Brandle City

Brandle City is home to most Yordles. The members of this short race rarely exceed 1 meter in height, and range from having smooth skin, like humans, to being completely covered in fur.

Brandle City's government is a bit like Presidents/Prime Ministers. The community will elect a new leader. The current leader is: Mayor Dennison Jadefellow.

Brandle City has three different forms of military-

The Megling Commandos- As the oldest military army, the Megling Commandos have a history ranging hundreds of years back. They are renowned for their courage and bravery.

Scouts of the Mothership- These specially trained yordles protect the massive ship above Brandle City, nicknamed the Mothership. They will do anything to protect it and the city that resides beneath it.

The Screaming Yipsnakes - The Yipsnakes are a special aerial unit, which will fight from above to extinguish those enemies that can not be killed from bellow.


Above Brandle City is a massive ship, simply floating in the air. It was named 'The Mothership' by inhabitants of the city below. None know how it got there, what it is, or what it means, but the Scouts of the Mothership are sworn to protect it. Veigar, the tiny master of evil, once tried to take it in an attempt to take over Valoran.



Bilgewater is basically a massive port. It is home to many pirates and their ships and has become a major trading station between Valoran and the rest of Runeterra. It is home to many a conman, and is usually the first place a privateer would look for wrong-doers of the seas. It is home to the 'king of the pirates', Gangplank, who has made relations with Brandle City a trifle tense with robbing their ships of goods.

Bilgewater is relatively lawless, particularly in the slums, which are practically run by the pirates. Most Bilgewatians carry weapons around with them as many an innocent life has been claimed by those who wander at night. It's generally a bad idea to walk through the darker streets at night.



Along the western coats of Valoran, Demacia rests. One of the major warring cities, it has strained relationships with Noxus. Many rivalries are brewed between the two cities. Crime, in any form, is severely punished, making criminals sparse in the more densely-populated areas of the city.

Demacia is governed by a monarchy. Whilst the king is no doubt the most important, he (or she) is kept in check by the council.

The Demacian council is made up of representatives from the six houses:

House Lightshield

House Spiritmight

House Crownguard

House Buvelle

House Vayne

House Laurent

Whilst being important to the city, they are kept in check by the same rules as any over citizen, if not harsher. If one of the houses partakes in criminal activities, they shall be punished more than common born people.

Many of Demacia's military comes from houses, as younger brothers and sisters of the families feel the urge to prove themselves to the world. Examples of such are Garen, of house Lightshield, and Fiora, of house Laurent.



Freljord is not so much a city, as a land. It occupies most of the tundra to the north of Valoran, which is broken up by high peaks and rocky caves.

Freljord was divided into three tribes, after the War of the Three Sisters. Each sister made her own tribe and made herself ruler respectively. Each sister named her tribe.

The Tribe of the Frost Archer

The Tribe of the Winter's Claw

The Tribe of the Ice Dervish

Each is ruled by its own princess, Ashe is princess of the Frost Archer tribe, Sejuani is princess of the Winter's Claw tribe and the mysterious princess known as Lissandra is ruler of the Ice Dervish tribe.

Freljord, despite having three tribes with their own princesses, has two rulers; their king and queen, Tryndamere and Ashe. This was a wild attempt to repair relationships between the three tribes- so far it's worked well for the people of the north.



Situated on an island known for its natural beauty, Ionia gets many visitors. It is home to many different orders, including that of the Kinkou ninjas. It has one of the most unusual governments in Runeterra. The island is divided into provinces, which each have their own elder. A choice for the elder of a certain area is decided once every five years, at an event called 'The Distinction'.

The people of Ionia are very much free to do as they wish- as long as it does not include crimes.

Each elder has his or her own way of dealing with criminals, or threats to any other person.



The people of Noxus stick by their motto; "Only the strong will survive". They regard the qualities of compassion and benevolence as signs of weakness. Their attitude is often seen as harsh and cruel, something that would result in chaos. Noxus is quite the opposite. It's citizens are safe and protected, and many can just go about their daily business. However, those with power are more protected than those without- one of the few flaws to the city.

Before the League was created, Noxus held an event called 'The Fleshing'. It was a gladiatorial event with a deadly twist. The more a contender triumphs, the more opponents they will face- generally prisoners of war. A few years after the League disbanded, it started again, this time putting champions in the mix.

Noxus is ruled by the Noxian High Command, a military force which controls every aspect of the political landscape.



Piltover is the city in which more technical things happen. Most of the latest technologies are developed here. It is home to a few heroes, including the explorer Ezreal. Often referred to as the City of Progress, Piltover has gained a peaceful reputation, and is much more like some cities on Earth.

Piltover has a fine police force, who hunt down the small criminal gangs that form in the city. The two major players are Caitlyn and Vi.

There are certain places dedicated to the developing of certain aspects of technology, including the Yordle Academy of Science & Progress. Because of which, much of the population of Yordles outside of Brandle City resides here, in Piltover.



Zaun is a city which is both ruined and supported by unchecked industry, mercantilism, and magic. The pollution of many factories spills into the neighboring environment, giving it a certain industrial feel.

The people of Zaun are known throughout Valoran to be very self-centered. They generally see their city as a thriving success. It is a very bad idea to insult Zaun in front of Zaunite people. The people are free, making it filled to the brim with criminals of all kinds, seriously crazy scientists and other slightly odd people who you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Zaun is infamous for its alchemists. Examples of these are Singed and Warwick. Singed being known for his truly dreadful experiments on himself, and Warwick for his search of Soraka's heart, to complete his transformation into a wolfish creature, commonly known as a werewolf.

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Forum Name:

Champion Name:


Appearance: (Picture, please and you can use a skin, if you really want)

Abilities: (You can be as creative as you want, as long as they revolve around the Champion's main abilities. You can copy them from the actual game.)





[B]Forum Name:[/B]
[B]Champion Name:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Picture, please)
[B]Abilities:[/B] (You can be as creative as you want, as long as they revolve around the Champion's main abilities. You can copy them from the actual game.)


Accepted Champions


Forum Name: Mousia

Champion Name: Ashe, the Frost Archer

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ashe


Frost Shot

Ashe fires an arrow at a target. If it hits, the target is slowed for a varying amount of time.


Ashe fires seven arrows in a cone formation. Each target hit is stunned for two seconds, but also slowed for a little while afterwards.

Hawk Shot

The Frost Archer animates a hawk familiar to go and scout for her. Her sees through the eyes of this hawk for two seconds as it flies and five seconds as it reaches its destination.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Ashe fires an enchanted crystal arrow in a straight line. If it hits a champion, the champion is stunned for five seconds and slowed afterwards. Additionally, everyone nearby is slowed by 50% and take half the damage dealt by the arrow itself to the main target.

Personality: Ashe is responsible and level-headed most of the time. She carries herself like a proper leader should and keeps her chin high, though remains relatively humble (some would attribute this to pride, though). She is diplomatic, despite the traumas of her past. Although she was once given the opportunity to avenge her mother's death and be selfish, she thought of the others and saw a vision of peace in Freljord. She is quite focused due to her deftness with the arrow and, despite her being an excellent shot, she is merciful, letting those who have crossed her live if she sees that it would be best to let it be. However, she can be scornful and taunting in battle. In addition, she does her best work alone. If others try to help her, she can succeed, but the product is sometimes not as good as it could have been.

History: Her mother was killed on a raid when she was just fifteen, and having been so suddenly forced into a leadership position, some people doubted her ability to lead. Despite having been able to avenge her mother, she chose to do what was best for the people of Freljord and try to unite the people peacefully. Because of this, some of her warriors completely lost hope in her and set out to kill her. To make a long story short, she was guided to a cairn stone (dedicated to Avarosa) that hid a bow made of ice. She still uses the same bow that saved her from death.

Other: Ashe's past and circumstances have driven her to seek peace and unity among all of the people of Freljord. While she has made significant strides in uniting her tribe, it's obvious that she has a long way to go. To help join the people of Freljord together, she even married Tryndamere.



Forum Name: RainDash

Champion Name: Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover

Gender: Female

Appearance: Caitlyn


Piltover Peacemaker

Fires a bullet that can shear through an unarmored enemy and into any one behind them. This bullet can only go through three enemies before it is stopped.


Yordle Snap Trap

It's a bear trap with a cupcake in it. It hurts those who step in it.


90 Caliber Net

It fires a net. It can claim up to three people inside of it. This also launches Caitlyn backwards.


Ace in the Hole

She targets an enemy. After one second she fires. This can hit any champion in the path, and can be blocked by other champions, but once targeted, the champion cannot escape unless the path is blocked by a champion.

Personality: Confident, cocky, and hands down the best sleuth to have ever been born in Piltover. She doesn't like petting criminals getting away, and when she chases a criminal, they in her words, "Should just give up." She has been likened to Sherlock Holmes (though she has no idea who that is) by the fact of how far she will go to catch them, and the fact that she can scope an entire crime scene in a second. She's not a people person though, and wasn't really a great person to team up with in the League.

History: As a child, Caitlyn showed remarkable skill with a rifle. However, most wouldn't have guessed until her father was mugged that she took up the mantle of 'detective'. Though her mother disliked her rather rough new hobby, she also knew that there was no talking Caitlyn out of it. She started to outfit her with all the necessary sleuthing gear.

Other: She's never backed down from a case and there is none that she's taken on that she hasn't solved. Except for one. A cat burglar who always leaves the letter 'c' at a high profile heist. She joined the League to catch him... and now the question is if he's still alive to catch him...



Forum Name: SkullKrusher

Champion Name: Graves, the Outlaw

Gender: Male

Appearance: Graves, the Outlaw


Q: Buckshot - Graves fires three bullets in a cone figure, dealing damage to each enemy in front of him. All three bullets can hit only one target if he is close enough to his target, but each bullet after the first wil do only 1/3'rd of it's damage. It's range is around 4 meters.

W: Smoke Screen - Graves fires a canister-like shell that goes as far as 5 meters. As soon as it lands, it causes a smoke cloud in a 1 meter circle around the center for 5 seconds. Any enemy inside will have it's speed lowered by 1/4'th of it for three seconds after the smoke clears out, and they will be unable to see outside of the circle of smoke, but they can spot any enemies that attack them from the outside. Instead of dealing damage, the ability is focused to crippling a target.

E: Quickdraw - Graves dashes in a set direction, covering around 2 meters with his dash. After that, he shoots 20% faster for 5 seconds. Each attack decreases the time it takes for him to repeat Quickdraw with 1 second, up to 16 seconds.

R: Collateral Damage - Graves fire a single explosive shell in a direct line, dealing heavy damage to the first unit hit by the shell. After hitting the first target or reaching 5 meters, it explodes and deals a moderate amount of damage.

Personality: Graves is usually a fighter, choosing to go in all guns blazing instead of standing to the side and being an observer. He is usually very serious and his voice is quite grumpy yet very focused on what he does. Otherwise, he will gladly help a stranger, but avoids the law because of his status as an outlaw. Still, he is quite friendly to other champions, having offered Shaco a meal when he was on a mission to kill others.

History: Malcolm Graves was left in a tavern in Bilgewater with only a bottle of spiked milk. Being raised until he could walk and talk for himself by a very nice woman, he used each and every dirty trick to build a life for himself. However, being an outlaw, he was forced to constantly switch different locations and towns. On a particularly high-staked game, he fought against Twisted Fate. Both of them drew four aces. The two experts soon banded together, using their luck and skills to win different things for each other and then going into the alleys to defend themselves from the angry losers. One day, after Graves beat a rich buisnessman named Priggs, the man immediately wanted revenge. He sought out Twisted Fate and told him that if he gave him Graves, he'd give his wish of magical power. Tempted by him and the lifestyle he had, Twisted Fate agreed and let Graves be captured. He was sent to a high-security prison where people served their sentences (or, as described by Graves, tortures and punishments). He endured years against the cruelest wardens of Zaun before he managed to escape. Soon, he found a gunsmith that he'd been told about by another prisoner, who built him a special gun he called 'Destiny'. Soon, he joined the League of Legends, having found Twisted Fate finally with only one thing in his mind - revenge.

Other: Graves jokes around from time to time, using gallows humor - jokes involved with something impssible to do or to beat. His gun is the only thing he prizes after himself, and if he were ever to face Twisted Fate, no one would be able to stop him.



Forum Name: SkullKrusher

Champion Name: Shaco, the Demon Jester

Gender: Male (?)

Appearance: Shaco, the Demon Jester


Q: Decieve - Shaco blinks to another location already specified in his mind up to 10 meters away. After blink, he is rendered invisible and hitting any enemy after that will remove the invisibility, but deal more damage. Can be combinated with Backstab to deal a bit more damage. Blink usually ignores height, but still cannot go higher than 10 meters in any direction.

W: Jack In The Box - Shaco places a small box-sentry on the ground that goes invisible in three seconds. If an enemy passes by or spawns in a range of around 2 meters, the sentry will activate, causing the box to leave it's invisibility behind but cause suprise in the enemy and usually distract them for a couple of seconds before they can attack. It also shoots small beams that deal a small amount of magical damage. Any uncloaked box dies within 10 seconds or as soon as it's destroyed.

E: Two-Shiv Poison - if Shaco doesn't use the ability, his shivs get covered in a poison that deal a small amount of damage over a duration of 5 seconds. When activated, Shaco throws one of his two shivs at a target, dealing medium magic damage, causing the poison effect and, if thrown at a minion or creep, causes blind which reduces the distance of attack. The shiv automatically returns to Shaco once finished.

R: Hallucinate - Shaco becomes unhittable and unable to be targeted by any effect or spell for around half a second, after which a clone appears. It deals 3/4'ths of the damage that Shaco does, but takes 1/2 more damage than him. It deals 1/2 of the damage that Shaco does to turrets or inhibitors. When killed or after a period of 20 seconds, he suddenly explodes, sending daggers in all directions that cause a moderate amount of damage on hit. To enemies, the clone seems just like Shaco, but to allies he is green instead of red.

Personality: A very mysterious being, Shaco has yet to show many of his traits. Usually, most champions are terrified by him and is shunned both by other summoners and champions, yet he has had some friends. From what is known, though, he keeps quiet though will usually speak something extremely serious or crack some kind of joke to mix the mood around. Otherwise, he is extremely serious and enjoys the art of killing even if he kills another champion.

History: No one really knows what Shaco is, how he came to be, how he grew up, how he appeared here... practically almost nothing is known about him. Some say that he came from another dimension, summoned by a powerful mage to Runeterra to do his bidding but ultimately slain by him. Others say that he's the manifestation of all evil that man hides inside himself, which can be somehow true. Finally, and most plausible of all, is the belief that he is a strange mercenary that does his bidding until he is ordered, after which he becomes extremely focused and serious about the task. The only thing that has been found is that Shaco stands for Chaos.

Other: Shaco can usually be found where slaughter and madness reings, so an easy way to get his attention is to slaughter people. Then again, there are other ways... maybe he will seek you out sometime.



Forum Name: Shadowwolf6

Champion Name: Syndra

Gender: Female

Appearance: Syndra


Dark Sphere

Syndra summons a dark sphere to do her bidding for a while. They can be manipulated by other abilities.

Force of Will

Syndra picks a Dark Sphere up with her mind and flings it towards her target.

Scatter the Week

Summoning power, Syndra sends out a spray of dark shards, they knock back anything in rage before fading.

Unleashed Power

Syndra fires all of her dark spheres, including the three circling her, at any target.

Personality: Syndra is playful, preferring to play around with her enemies before giving the final blow. She will quite happily kill, however, and seeks revenge from the past. She can be cold and ruthless, depending on her mood. Some might say she was power-hungry.

History: As a child, Syndra had growing power. But she used it for the wrong thing, and it kept... exploding. She was sent to a secluded temple, to be trained by a master. Over the years, Syndra noticed her power had stopped growing, as it had when she was a child. She confronted her teacher, and he explained to her that he had bound her powers, in hope of teaching her balance and control. Syndra, now infuriated, murdered the old master, and, to demonstrate her new power, lifted the temple into the air, turning into her fortress. She now seeks revenge over those who tried to stop her.

Other: N/A



Forum Name: Shadowwolf6

Champion Name: Thresh

Gender: Male

Appearance: Thresh


Death Sentence

Thresh throws out his scythe. If it hits, it catches the target. Thresh can then drag them towards him, or pull himself towards them.

Dark Passage

Thresh throws his lantern. Friends can hold it to be pulled to him.


Thresh swings his scythe in a circle. Enemies are pushed/pulled in the way of the swing.

The Box

Thresh summons five walls around himself. They cannot be broken and can protect all who reside inside for a little while.

Personality: Thresh is not completely right in the head. Even when he was alive, he tortured his victims in ways that no one would want to know. Now he takes pleasure in torturing his victims before collecting their souls, and eventually killing them. Thresh has a fairly good sense of humor, but does not tend to use it at appropriate moments. He will work well with his team, if given one.

History: Thresh is a spirit, and he is dead. He wanders the world, seeking out his victims, before torturing them. He takes sadistic pleasure in what he does, driving them into insanity, before taking their souls to the shadow isles, to whatever grisly fate awaits them.

What he was before is now a fairytale. It is said that he was a prison warden, especially effective in the way he... coaxed information out of his prisoners. His favourite methods were with chains. Eventually, his prisoners escaped. They killed him first. It is said that his spirit rose to collect their descendants.

Other: N/A


Champions Taken








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Soft laughter rung through their ears. Where it came from was unknown. A deep, masculine laughter. Chains clinked in the distance, and the sound of heavy footsteps fading was caught on the wind. He'd found a good one, he had, and now Thresh felt that a holiday was well overdue. He continued, anyway. A being such as the chain warden does not feel the need for holidays.

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((Syndra says people should start posting now.))


She lifted herself into the air, dark spheres circling rapidly. She gazed upon Ionia, taking in the beautiful sights that had greeted her every morning of every day for years. A sigh escaped her lips, and she moved off the edge of her fortress. Syndra glided elegantly down, coming to a halt a foot or so off the green carpet that covered Valoran. She set off, in a pose similar to superman- but she was at more of a 45 degree angle -on her way to find Graves. He would be an interesting one to confront, but Syndra was confident he'd listen. Bilgewater had turned the man hard over the years, but he should know not to mess with her...

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(( And Graves says that you're feeling a bit too lucky. But he's still a gentleman, of course. ))


Graves sighed softly as he walked down an unknown road near Bilgewater. Right now, he had a small task. Some beasts had appeared on a small volcanic island nearby. Curently, he was going to go find a small boat to travel to the same island, which was just next to the Bilgewater island. The main reason he was going now was because some villagers there were endangered because of these beasts, and attacks like this became much more often - after all, with no League of Legends to summon them as refined minions or simple beasts in the jungles, the things would thrive and people would have to go hunting for them at times. Ah, well. His gaze went back up from the road and to the horizon and he spotted a small port-like building on the edge of the beach. From the place he was, he could see the small boats on the sides that could be controlled by a single person and some medium ones made for mercenaries. With a sigh, Graves checked the gun in his right hand before dropping down his hand to his side and continuing his walk to the port.

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((Syndra also says boats are for the weak.))


Water rose up in a spray around her. If she even slowed, she would sink. Right now, she was balancing on the thin skin of water that was provided before she let her weight set in. She was still floating, but now she was moving on an invisible cart, over water. She had a long way to go. The dark sovereign sighed, and pushed onwards.



Thresh moved soundly through the streets of Demacia. He wondered how Jarvan and the rest would react when they saw him. If the warden had his human face, he would have smiled.

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On route to Demacia, Caitlyn was none to thrilled. Without the League she was forced to walk just about everywhere now. Not that she didn't before, it just presented a better option. Without the League though, it was nicer. No constant battles and being summoned to fight enemies she had no qualms with. As she entered Demacia, she noticed the warden-ghost-thing that she had fought so many times before. What was his name? Thresh? "He-ey buddy! What cha doing in Demacia? Scaring the locals?" Not to say that she wasn't scared herself. I mean, a ghost that killed people in prison? It kind of grey in her lawful black and white world. Hopefully he would be too creepy...

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Thresh looked around, tilting his head slightly to one side.

And look what we have here...

The voice that came was deep, echoing and even slightly cheerful. It was quiet, as if Thresh was talking to himself, before he waited, listening to her question. He regarded Caitlyn with slight interest, before shaking his head.

I do what I always do.

He spread his gloved hands, holding the scythe loosely, letting it dangle, lantern following his left.

Gather souls. You wouldn't believe how many potential additions to my... collection there are here.

A thought of interest crossed his mind, he looked down at her.

Why are you here?




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(( And Graves says that the fact he can't float doesn't mean he is weak. Not that controlling three balls makes you any stronger. ))


Finally much closer to the building, Graves walked in through the wide-open double doors and immediately noted the weak smell of fish. Yet, the floor was very clean and the water's refreshing smell reminded him of the sea itself. His gaze turned to the front when an old man cleared out his mouth to take his attention.

"... Hey, Graves." The man spoke with a small smile, causing Graves to nod softly in response. There were times he had to travel back and forth between isles to catch other outlaws or beasts lurking to kill people. His hand went to a pouch on his right side, opening it, taking something from inside and placing it back there.

"A small boat, old man." He spoke with his usual rugged voice, placing twenty coins on the table. Usually, that meant that the boat was rented for around six hours at most and then, it'd have to be returned. But Graves knew this old man, and he'd give it to him for a whole day. Not that he'd be away for a long amount of time - around three hours, if luck was on his side. The man nodded and both of them walked out from the open back entrance. Graves jumped into one of the small boats and the man untied it, then gave it a light shove.

"Good luck." The man spoke and waved before walking back inside. Finished, Graves put the gun on the other side of the boat and grabbed the paddles, then started to pull them. With the speed that he was going at, he would only need around ten minutes to reach the boat.

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((Thresh wonders why we are having this conversation.))


Syndra came to land. Bilgewater. Not the cleanest of ports, but it suited the conman fine. She looked around, eyes glowing with power. She just had to remember where Graves lived. The spheres above her head picked up pace. The more common folk of the island shuffled out of the way, trying not to get too close to the agitated ex-champion.

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(( And Shaco's busy stacking his boxes and blinking behind the others while they think they're safe and speak... while Graves is very confused right now. ))


Graves groaned in anger as he climbed up on the port's decks. For some freaking reason or another, the boat had a huge hole in the side. He walked inside the port, causing the old man's eyebrows to rise in confusion.

"What happened, Graves?" The man asked, obviously not knowing about the damage of the boat. He'd probably say that Graves the responsible one, but he'd already payed for a ride so he'd just have to use his serivces another time. But he'd have to pay for the boat itself...

"The boat. It was damaged... here, fifty coins for the repair." He spoke with a slight groan, passing more coins from his now-halved pouch before walking out. Now, he needed something to take his mind off, and so he'd have to return to Bilgewater. It was only a two minute walk, too. He slolwy started walking down the same road, knowing that over the hill the whole town was visible. As soon as he was over the hill, though, he spotted something in the distance... was that Syndra? Flowing white hair, strange half-covering black dress and three balls spinning around her... seemed quite like her from what he could see now.

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((Thresh is sat down on the ground, and his head resting in his hand. If he could look bored, he would... Syndra still thinks boats are for the weak.))


The dark sovereign turned to look at the conman, lowering herself so her feet rested on the ground. Syndra wore no shoes, she saw no reason to. If she didn't have to touch the ground, why wear things to protect your feet from the ground? Her hair, too white for her age, she'd always thought, settled. When she floated, her hair acted as if it did not know gravity. Back on the ground, it obeyed every rule normal hair did. She scowled. She hated being like everyone else.

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(( And Graves thinks using balls to fight is hilarious. ))


Graves looked at Syndra with a confused expression. What had she come for all the way in Bilgewater? Nothing like relatives or something powerful here, just drunk pirates and things like that. His hand slowly went to the gun's handle, placing his index finger closer to the trigger in case she were to attack yet still calm enough to just rest by it until he confirmed his thoughts. As he slowly approached, she slowly steppedo n the ground, which was strange for him. After all, when he saw her, she'd be all three balls spinning around her floating away, and not stepping on the ground. Graves then quickly raised his gun up. That could mean she was an illusion...

"If it isn't Syndra, the Dark Sovereign and now the ex-champion of the League of Legends..." He said at first, tone being very much arrogant before he sighed softly and dropped the gun down to his side. It was her, obviously.

"What can this ex-champion conman outlaw help you with?" Graves added, grasping the handle tighter with his right hand and moving his index finger away from the gun's trigger.

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((Thresh agrees with Graves... Syndra doesn't agree with anyone.))


She crossed her arms, glaring at Graves. She stood for a few moments, before her expression became worried, and she spoke. "Graves... you've seen the... things, right?" She took a step forward, feeling the cold stone beneath her feet. "You know, the things that we used to stop?" The spheres around her slowed, as if they were suddenly moving through treacle. "They're back. I can't face them alone, you can't face them alone. None of us can face them alone."

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Graves watched Syndra as she spoke to him, placing the gun on his back holster. Not many knew he had one, but that was practically a very useful thing for him as that way, he didn't tire himself out too easily. I mean, carrying such a gun with a single hand and only using the other to lean it was very tiring from time to time.

"The minions, you say?" He asked after she was finished, raising a hand to scratch his rugged beard. He rememebered the time before, when he would clear out almost whole armies of these things in the game - but, there, he was with imbued weapons that helped him destroy the things quickly and now his skills were limited to those he had as a human.

"... the simplest solution to that would be to gather the champions... but even then, we will need to improve. Maybe find old items in vaults hidden in the League or something that can enhance our abilities..."

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Syndra gave a short, mirthless laugh. "The minions? Gods no, Graves. Those, each of us can handle alone." She shook her head, biting her lip in worry. "No, these are the... other... things. The other reason the league was formed. The reason only we know." Her voice dropped to nothing more than a whisper. "The shadows." She muttered. She could be wrong, thinking Graves knew about it. He might not have been told, as he was summoned- but then, he wasn't summoned, was he? He joined of his own free will, unlike beings such as herself, and Thresh.

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She tried not to think about what he meant by, 'collection'. "Oh you know, catching bad guys, stretching my legs. The usual." She had forgotten that he had a scythe. Whoever was in the seat upstairs was clearly unfair when it came to dividing out the cool stuff. Then again, could he find criminals by himself? No. He couldn't. No one could do what she did. "Any of those souls criminals? Or just related to them?"

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He looked up slightly, tilting his head in a thoughtful position, before looking back down at Caitlyn.

There might be some...

He said, watching her carefully. They'd been lane partners many times before. He knew how tricksy she could get. She was planning something, and Thresh had to find out what it was.

Why ever would you want to know? I thought you despised what I did?

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"Oh, I do. I'm just bored and figured I could arrest them or something before I had to wok with the Damacians for catching criminals." Jarvis wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the batch. How does on go about arresting a spirit though? Since it would be a good way to ensure the safety of the souls he 'collected' however, he said some of them were criminals... why was there always complex decisions in everything?

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"Shadows?" Graves asked, obviously confused. Most of the time that he was back in the League, he'd be focused to hunting down Twisted Fate or fighting with other champions. But when he had to think as to why the League was formed, he would always think that iwas normally to stop the conflict between Demacia and Noxus.

"... I thought the League was formed by strong summoners to show the will, word and power of the commonwealth, but... I've heard of no shadows in my whole life, Syndra..." He spoke, extremely confused as to what she meant.

"... if it's something secret, I know of a place we can go." Graves said after moments of silence, knowing that his little house was just around the corner. Nothing huge, though - two rooms, one of which served as both a kitchen and a living room and the other was where he would stay and sleep. His job was as a professional conman and monster hunter because that were the only two things he knew about in his whole life.

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Thresh chuckled, holding up his lantern for Caitlyn to see.

Surely you would know that where I take the souls, they can't do a thing to the world outside?

He shook his head.

Tut tut tut. I can't just go around giving information to anyone. That would just ruin the fun, wouldn't it?




She lowered her head, folding her arms behind her back. "Shadows. Ones that come in the night, and rip away people's souls." She looked up, a coy grin on her face. "No, not like Thresh. At least he's a bit more civilized. These shadows, they come out and they kill without mercy. Thresh at least has some sort of motive, however sickening."

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Thresh is one creepy ghost-man-thing. I didn't even ask out loud and suddenly he's commenting on my curiosity. "Well, I'm not gonna argue with that. However, I have to wonder why you bother. I mean, wouldn't it be better to get real criminals instead of their descendants?" She asked, wondering what those guys had done to Thresh to make him this... revenge-driven.

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Thresh lowered his arm, once again thinking. He himself was a curious being, but it seemed as though Caitlyn misunderstood what he did.

I believe you misunderstand. I go after whoever I please- not just criminals or their descendants.

His voice had lost its playful tone, becoming serious. Thresh did not joke about his work. His work had a much more serious- and sinister -aura to it. It involved skill and... experience.

They don't even have to have done a crime. They just need to be... right...

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