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Middle Earth

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Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die

One for the Dark Lord on his throne

In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the Mordor where the shadows lie



Once upon a time, several creatures, not bad ones like trolls or orcs, but the nice ones like Hobbits and Elves, went on a quest to find the Ring of Power. They wouldn't find it of course, because little did they know it rested in the Shire. But they did have such an adventure, it would be sung of in songs for generations to come.


Our story begins in the Shire, as most stories do. There lived a Hobbit, his name was Bilbo Baggins. Thirty years prior he had gone on an adventure with twelve dwarves and a wizard. On that journey he had travelled through the mountain pass, were the Goblins lived and come across a creature called 'Gollum'. There he had found the One Ring, and escaped with it, for if you put the Ring on your finger, you turn invisible. I will not bother you with the rest of the tale, for you have probably heard it in a song or two.


Now, thirty years later, our story has moved to Fangorn Forest, were the ancient trees live. You planned to meet your fellow explorers there. You have all met before, and the journey was planned in the meeting. Now you are all ready to embark on your adventure.





User- (Your username)

Name- (Your character's name)

Age- (Character's age)

Gender- (Male? Female?)

Race- (Character's race. Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Man, etc.)

Appearance- (How your character looks)

Skill set- (What's (s)he good at?)

Other- (Anything else we should know?)




Elves- no spot left

Dwarves- 1 spot left

Men- no spot left

Hobbits- 1 spots left

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User-(Your username) elpdraws

Name- (Yourcharacter's name) Vaughn

Age-(Character'sage) 1240

Gender- (Male? Female?) Female

Race-(Character's race.Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Man, etc.) Elf

Appearance-(How your characterlooks - http://www.goodfon.com/wallpaper/art-sakim...vushka-elf.html

Skill set- archery map raeding and hand to hand combat ( her up closed fighting is not as good as her archery)

Other- (Anything else we shouldknow?) She is a forest elf from Mirkwood. ( AKA where legolas is from..... cause he's ARSOME!!!! )

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((You might wanna fix the link... it's goofy.


User- Dragonhatchling (feel free to call me DH)

Name- Larien Arcamenel

Age- 7790

Gender- Female

Race- Elf

Appearance- this and better picture

Skill set- Archery, swordmanship, healing and smithing

Other- She learned healing from her mother and smithing skills from her father. Both taught her how to use a sword and bow.

I've more-so than less based her somewhat off this type of elf, I'm having her from Rivendell since their kind has dwindled so very much.)


edited for a small autocorrect that shouldn't have been corrected.))

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((mer bit... anyone else wanna join? and are we accepted Chic?))

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( come on, post it....)


































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((Chiiiiccc.... if no one else wants to join this... can we starteh? Perhaps? Pweeeeeaaaasee.... *makes sure to poke elpdraws' post* long post is begging for sheet but long post is long due to witttllee tiiiny dot in the end *pokes dot* what'chu doing there?


Chic! Chic! Where is Chicbecause???))

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( Hey, maybe we can recomend this RP to others that might like it! This way we get more Chars and we get to start sooner? ( on and I put the random dot in my lastpost cause I wanted to...and I like it..))

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User- Starphyre77

Name- Shala

Age- 92 (equates to about 30 in human terms)

Gender- Female

Race- Dwarf

Appearance- http://peipp.deviantart.com/art/Tori-356801141 Without the blue lipstick, and instead of a hammer, she wields a sword similar to Kili's

Skill set- Making jewelry; cooking; and sword fighting

Other- Her mother was the sister of Fili and Kili’s father, and apart from her father, they were the only family she had. Thus, when her cousins perished in the Battle of Five Armies, she vowed revenge on the vile creatures who took their lives. Though Dwarf women aren’t normally trained to be warriors, after a lot of pleading and convincing – and a guilt trip that would have made her mother proud – she managed to talk her father into teaching her to fight, and has become quite skilled in the near thirty years since then.


~ Like most Dwarves, she has a general distrust of Elves, but due to the treatment her cousins and the rest of Thorin’s company received from Thranduil, she has a particular disdain for the Mirkwood Elves. ((Yeah…This could be interesting…))


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User- Ryujin13

Name- Adrrar (add-er-are)

Age- 23

Gender- male

Race- man

Appearance- Adrrar (when page opens, go down until you find the picture. Also, he doesn't wear the hat.)

Skill set- Decent at archery, Excellent swordsmen, Excellent tracker, decent at healing

Other- A ranger from Ithilien, he retired from the unit after his service ended. He moved to a smaller village near Rohan where he married and settled down to father two sons. For three years he continued to live there until a band of wild men attacked the village while he was out hunting. All were killed. Now he wanders, looking for purpose again, killing all wild men he finds.

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Vaughn, after saying farwell to most everyone she knew, headed out the great front gaits of the palace and out into the dark seemingly cursed and end less mirkwood.( for those of you that don't know mirkwood is dark and has plenty of poisoned waters and leaves and even more giant spiders and cobwebs. There is only one safe path in the whole forest and once you leave it there is little if any chance of you ever finding it again and you will probliby get eaten by one of the many unknown animals) she went along in the dark and sang a song she had heard the elves of the hidden valley sing.


"Oh, what are you doing,

And wjere are you going?

Your ponies need shoeing

The river is flowing!

O! tra-la-la-lally

Here down in the valley!


O! What are you seeking

And where are you making?

The fagg0ts are reeking

The bannocks are baking!

O! Tri-li-li-lolly

The valley is jolly!

Ha ha!


O! Will you be staying

Or will you be flying?

Your ponies are straying

The daylight is dying


To fly would be folly

To stay would be jolly

And listen and hark

Till the end of the dark

To our tune! "


That's how the song went and after she had sung it over twice she began to think about the forest again and looked around. She soon came to a river in the path and gazed into the sick black water." I need to find some way to cross...." she said to herself. Swimming across would be deadly, she would be asleep for weeks and when she woke up she would have lost her memory, so no, no swimming. She thought for a while.

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