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ANSWERED:Why do we sort?

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This thread is being closed because we now have the ability to group dragons. If such a thread like this is needed again in the future, users may start a new one.


This thread is not meant to be a discussion thread. Its sole purpose, is to find out what WE, the users, actually want when we sort our dragons. Many of us are not getting exactly what they want, some don't get at all what they want, but all of those discussions have one theme in common: There are various factions that debate, and we have no real clue, what the users as a whole want the most. That's what this thread is about. so please, post only why you sort, and maybe how you sort.


There's no wrong or false to this, as it's not a suggestion that needs discussing.


As for the options above: Sadly, we can't have multiple choice, so pick the one that fits your sorting style the most, or pick other and explain.

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I voted "I want to have the dragons together that belong together" because that is why I sort. My sorting system is more lore-related, though, and I am in the process of redoing it so it makes more sense in conjunction with my newly-rewritten lore. I am having a time of it because drag-n-drop takes fore. e. ver. when you have to do it one dragon at a time and you have 650+ dragons to rearrange. I cannot imagine what those with 1000, 2000+ dragons go through when they re-sort. Or do they even bother re-sorting?

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I prefer to keep the breeds in their respected areas, it's easier for me to know where somebody is...with their friends biggrin.gif

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I also voted "I want to have the dragons together that "belong" together."


I originally started out sorting in the order than I got my dragons, which turned into preferred colors in a rainbow of my own because I didn't agree with the "Rainbow sort", and then looking at which breeds made sense to me like the 4 seasons in order Spring (cool temp.) -> Summer (warm) -> Autumn (cool temp.) -> Winter (cold) -> and then the Trio Ice (cold) dragons. My scroll is just a massive combination of these three now.


Manual sorting can get a bit tedious every once in a while, but it's something that I'm probably always going to do.


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i sort rainbow sort to keep same-species together, with my best shinies at the top, so i voted showcasing though '"belong" together' would be next choice.

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My scroll is a mix of lineage dragons who I want to keep with their proper lineages, specials who I want to keep together and sorting by how much I like the breed, which has become rather messy lately. Also I'm sorting inbred commons together.

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I voted for having my scroll "look nice" because that's the closest to my answer. I have pygmies up top, because they're the same size as hatchlings. Then rares that I want to display (grouped by type), then my own personal rainbow sort, and finally holidays at the bottom, sorted by holiday.


I would really like a way to tag certain dragons (viewable only by me) so that I can have an idea of lineage without having to put it in the name. My dragons are typically sorted (within their breed) by date acquired, though in breeds with dimorphism I'll either group one sex together, or have them alternate, depending on what I think looks nice.


I put frozen hatchlings beneath the adults of their species. I'd like a quicker way to sort, like being able to select multiple dragons and move them at once. I could also go for a 'quick sort' button that retained your personal sort order but would move newly grown or frozen hatchlings with their respective breeds, wherever they are on your scroll.


I'm not sure that's the sort of info you're looking for (I know tags are discussed elsewhere, but to me they are part of my ideal-sorting arrangement, because labels are an important aspect of sorting), but I hope it helped.

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I sort them by breed. But keep my GONS above my hachies and unnamed or nameholders just below them.


Then at the very end of my scroll I keep all my lineages I make myself....

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#2 through to #4, really. The overall effect I want is for my scroll to look pretty, so everything's sorted according to a modified version of the rainbow sort. However, within that rainbow of colors I put all the sprites of a breed together, and will also sort purebred mates somewhat near each other for easy finding.

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I keep all of the same breed together, but my order of breeds is rather particular.


Growing Dragons

Leetle Tree/Neglected/Dragons for Zombies and Other Such "Kill" Projects

Dragons Where I Have Almost Met My Goal

Other Dragon Breeds I'm Collecting (below my goal)


Tinsels & Other Metallics (where I've met my goal)

Pygmies (where I've met my goal)

"Other" Dragons (where I've met my goal)

BSA Dragons (where I've met my goal)


I absolutely love the tagging option suggested above - I'd tag all my dragons based on even gen lineages and the projects I'm working and such.

I'd also like tabs, for similar reasons, although I still prefer the tags I think.

Right now I'm trying to keep a wiki where I tag everything, but it's tough to keep on top of things. (Heck, just check out the "Wanted Pages" portion here - it's a 58-page list!) And so something in-cave would be much easier for me.

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I was torn between two options ("belong together" and "find lineages"), so I probably should have voted "other." Here's my process:


Like a few others who have posted already, I use a personal rainbow sort which I think of more as color continuity from one breed to the next. Actually, the "look nice" option also applies, since I put breeds where they are pleasing to my eye rather than by their dominant color.


More important to me than the breed sort, though, is the sorting within the breed. I use a system based on generation, lineage type, and a personal hierarchy of sprites to sort within breeds, and use that when breeding. So that's why I ultimately voted "find lineages."


Being able to move groups of dragons at a time rather than individually would be very useful for all my sorting needs, since I'm constantly changing things based on the addition of new sprites, epiphany about which breeds look good next to one another, and other whims.

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I voted for other. I want my scroll to be as organised as possible. To show what I mean it's easiest to just explain how I sort.


At first glance it's a breed sort; that is what I follow when sorting the individual breeds. This is to make it easy for myself to find the breed I'm looking for; it could have been a rainbow sort as well, but as that separates for instance the different tinsels, I chose the breed sort.


Next, I sort each breed individually. Adults on top, then gendered frozen hatchlings, then ungendered frozen hatchlings.

Those, too, are sorted a certain way: females always above the males (and in those rare cases, ungendereds below that).


It doesn't end there, however. Next, I sort per generation - first CBs, then 2nd gens, etc. With this a dragon that I bred myself would be below dragons others have bred. If I own the grandparents of the dragon it would be lower as when I just own the parents, etc.

Lastly, I sort them by alphabet.

So an example sort with random names:

CB A Female Veda

CB D Female Veda

II A Female Veda

III A Female Veda

III G Female Veda

III C Female Utveda (Utveda = I own the parents)

III B Female Laveda (Laveda = I own the grandparents)

CB A Male Veda

Female Mera Veda (Mera = frozen)

Male Mera Veda

Ungendered Mera Veda


So, as organized as it gets, something which isn't available in the normal sort options.


*edit* Oh I forgot to say - growing stuff is right at the top where I can find them easily, and that isn't sorted in any particular way unless I'm REALLY bored.

And there are two exceptions to the sort: frozen black hatchlings and frozen vine hatchlings. The vine hatchlings act as separators between each breed, and the black hatchlings are an army quoting The Raven at the end of my scroll. Which is why I stopped using the standard breed sort in the first place.

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I have them sorted in the order that I like them, with ones I like most being at the top where I can see them easiest(especially given pagination).

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I used to be sort my dragons by 'which sprite I like the best/least', but as the number of dragons released grew/tastes changed, I found it too much of a pita to keep up with. So now I just use breed sort so I can find the dragons I need for things easier (breeding/BSAs).

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I sorted mine by rainbow. To me, the 'purpose of lineages' sorting would take too long, since I'd have to drag-n-drop them all.

Besides, that's what I use Excel for - keeping a list of my CBs and my lineages.

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I voted "Other". What I do is keep all the dragons together by breed, and the breeds are in reverse chronological order that I caught them. (So, since my very first dragon was a Black dragon, the Blacks are at the very end of my scroll. Second dragon was a White dragon, so Whites are right above Blacks. And so on. That means the newest releases are at the top, cause I like having my newest dragons handy to look at.)


Exceptions are my Leetle Tree, which is at the very top of my scroll (above growing hatchies and eggs) and my Neglected, which is right below the growing dragons (because he's kind of weak and needs extra looking after, so he stays with the hatchies and eggs). Also, my Zombie was originally a Daydream dragon, so I left him lurking among the Daydreams.


I use Legacy custom sort, and just leave the eggs and hatchlings at the top until they grow up, then I name them and sort them into their breeds. Since each breed has its own number, the dragons within their breed sort chronologically by default.


I have a separate Bento database with all my dragons in it. Each dragon's record includes its name, dates, breed, code, gender, generation, lineage, and notes. I use that when I want to find particular dragons. It's very easy to do detailed searches to find all my dragons of a specific breed and lineage, so I don't really need Dragon Cave sort to do anything more complicated. Not that it wouldn't be convenient to be able to!

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I chose 'I want to showcase my best dragons' but honestly the first three apply for me. I'm particular on how I want my scroll to look. I want the rare dragons, holiday dragons, tinsels, alts, etc up top but I also want the dragons to be grouped by breed, and if they have dimorphic sprites...I like it to be m/f/m/f...and so on with frozen hatchlings below the adults. My breeding projects and armies are generally at the bottom of my scroll. The pygmies are below the larger dragons. Anything else just looks weird to me. xd.png


So my scroll is:


growing hatchlings

neglecteds and GoN



unbreedables like: cheese, paper and vamps




newest releases

most other dragons





breeding projects

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Eeesh, all of the above.


My scroll is sorted by:

- Growing-ness (growing dragons always at the top, eggs then hatchies).

- CB/PB vs other - I've (recently) split all my CB/self-bred lineage PB's out from the rest of my dragons.

- Breed, in a custom rainbow sort.

- Gender, alternating male and female for my CBs/PBs to match their primary breeding pairs.

- Lineage length, particularly for those dragons not part of my PB lines.


So I sort by colour to look nice, by breed because they go together, and by cb/pb vs other for breeding because I had a couple of mis-breeds, by gender for breeding pairs, and with CB/PB first to show off my own bred lineages!


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Most of the above - but I had to put other.


On the whole the newest breeds are near the top because they still excite me; the lineages that have built up VERY MANY of one breed I tend to move to the bottom in the end, as they otherwise mean I can never find anything while wading through pages of them. I often move my BSA ones up a few pages when they get to be too far from the top, so that I can remember what page they are on. I would LOVE to be able to do all the moving I do do with GROUPS of dragons together - like select and move a load together (I use alt custom sort.) I would move things much more often if that were possible, but legacy sort ding that takes for EVER. I always keep all of one breed together.


Vamps are at the VERY bottom, as I don't bite often, but I can always find them at once.

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I had to vote for "I want my scroll to look nice", because I just find that when I sort them by breed, it keeps my scroll looking really neat and tidy. I also sort them by gender, and name; Females before Males, and then into alphabetical order. I'm sort of what you would call "OCD" about Scroll-Tideness. I also group Holdiays together. Dinos go at the bottom of the scroll, Eggs right at the top, and Hatchies just under eggs. Both of those groups are also sorted by gender and name ^.^

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I sort... Because I like keeping "like" things together.


So, I sort to keep all dragons of the same breed in order, and I sort to have my personal preferences met (male above female, adults then S2 then S1 hatchies).


I like to be able to keep them in a specific order that fits with my personal tastes.


So, I sort for my own organizational purposes, and the "legacy custom sort" has been 100% perfect for me so far.

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Why do I sort?


I chose "other." I sort so that I know where everything is. If I want to find a CB Harvest, I know exactly where to look (CB section, H's).


As to how I sort, I put my best dragons up top (unbreedables and dragons I breed often). Then, I put CBs in alphabetical order ("normal", Two-Headed, Draks, Pygmies), then 2nd gen Hybrids [...other stuff...] and at the bottom "Messies."


Strictly, speaking, I've got Flood Control at the VERY bottom. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them yet.

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I voted for "other" because my sorting depends on a few different things. It should be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.


I want my scroll rainbow-ish sorted, but in a way that looks nice to me, so I do it completely manually while trying to keep the breeds with differently coloured adults together. In breeds with dimorphism (with a few exceptions that I thought looked nicer otherwise) I also sort by gender.


Within each breed my dragons are arranged in a way that makes it easier to find specific lineages, which is usually CBs -> even gens from lower to higher generation -> other neat lineages -> messier lineages. If I'm working on multiple breeding projects with a specific breed I use the same kind of sorting within each project and sort the projects themselves from more to less major.


I also keep growing dragons at the top, but being a naturally lazy person I only sort my dragons every once in a while. So I let the new ones accumulate in the first page of my scroll and when it's full I move them to their proper places. Since I do bulk-sorting I'd love some way to move several dragons at once aside from Legacy custom sort (right now I'm using alternate custom sort with some help from legacy), but that's probably a different topic.

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I want my scroll to look nice!


I organise them by colours, then alphabetical order as subcategory (like alphabetical order for each: vine, pink, winter, silver, black, etc).


I also separate the adult dragons from the eggs and hatchlings with my chicken and tree. xd.png The eggs then ungendered hatchlings then gendered hatchlings are always on the top.


I keep the same naming scheme for all of my dragons, even if they're Dorkfaces or Thuweds. tongue.gif


Is this called perfectionism? xd.png

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I... kind of sort? Nulling my vote Voted "Other" on the poll. My scroll on display is default sort. It allows people to see trends over time in the dragons I raise, and I'm also weirdly obsessive about keeping everything in chronological order. Also, I like that Swift balances my eggs on his nose.


On the other hand, on my scroll default sort is a huge chaotic mess.


So when I'm looking for something specific, like tracking breeds for which I still need frozens, I go to sort and hit Rainbow, save, then go back to the sort page and set it manually back to default with eggs/hatchlings on top. I use the sort page itself as a population tracker because I'm weird like that.


Emergent gameplay! YEAH!

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