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Most Common Dragon Project

Which Dragon In YOUR Opinion Is The Most Common?  

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I'm hoping to make a project out of collecting the top two winners of this poll.

The goal is to make them from undesirable eggs into a rare breed. So let's messing with the populations.

The idea would be to grab as many CB eggs and lineaged eggs as possible of the two winning types.

Prizes would be given out to those who collect 25, 50, 75, 100 and more.

I'm looking for people who'd be willing to to gift eggs as well as hatchlings to those who reach these limits.

Freezing is fine for this, as well as breeding them yourself, as long as you keep the offspring as long as it is the right breed. Inbreding is fine as well since the main goal would simply to make them highly sought after dragons.

I'm personally willing to breed together any two dragons you please off my scroll, even if it takes a couple times for them to give the desired result.


So let's see where the poll takes us. Feel free to mention any dragon you feel should be in the poll. As well, I'd love to hear ideas from others. :3


The Prizes:

25-Something common

50-Something Uncommon


100-Low Gen Rares

+100-CB Rares/Anything you desire






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I don't think the wild counts towards a ration if I remember correctly. So it wouldn't really be helpful to release if it doesn't since the goal is to raise the their rarity.

Does anyone else know if it does or not? 0.o (pokes)

Even though if you weren't interested in Prizes as much as simply helping the goal of making them less common you could always just release hatchlings to the AP. Since no matter the breed hatchlings are ALWAYS picked up!

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Closing as not much interest was shown and OP asn't posted since Mar 31. We also already have a common dragon trading thread.

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