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Gifting Dragons, earns you dragons!

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I have a few pointers / criticism to give to this thread.

♦For one, it needs BREEDERS and a lot of them. This thread has a lot of breeders but if this is the case, then why are there so many of the same people on the waiting lists? I was here back in May, mainly June when things started picking up request wise. I seen the SAME people from back then STILL on some of these lists NOW. I understand some dragons are harder to breed than others but if so many breeders are here then these lists should be cleared out and filled with new requesters by now.


♦Rare dragons on the request list. Most requests are here. I'm not saying people aren't helping with these but another thing I'm noticing from requesters are the "Want CB Silvers, ices, etc" or certain looking lineages. This isn't bad to want these pretty dragons and their lineages but this just makes breeders/gifters jobs even harder and honestly, a turn off from helping. This is a GIFTING THREAD you should be happy with what you get. These dragons are rare enough. It should be pointed out as a rule that you should accept what you get and not fuss over it. CB's are nice, I'm not against getting them, but think about it, kinda hard to get CB rares.


♦Neglecteds. I am noticing from the very first page people that requested a ND and they are STILL on the requests. These are the hardest dragons to get in the game for one. Is anyone actually in charge of doing the ND eggs? Or is it just to make this thread feel "complete"? Neglected dragons are not to be taken lightly, it can take ages to successfully get one. And there's about 8 people in total requesting one (on the actual list and the...waiting list)


♦Both the Rare and Neglected points I've raised for this. I want the breeders or whoever is in charge of these to consider this; would you want to be on a list for one of these dragons, get your hopes up only to never receive what you requested.


Other questions

♦What's the point of "waiting lists"? Why not just put the requesters all together?

♦Requesters should only be on one list, not 3, or 4. They should pick ONE dragon that they want otherwise then it just seems that less people can't request and really isn't fair.

♦I would like to request to be a mod. I am capable of making necessary changes to make this thread more effective and "welcoming" to people and requesters (and have much experience on DC and it's forums)


I'm gifting dragons to people that have requested from this thread. So far 8 gifts sent out and claimed.

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