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Hello Everyone. I'm going to be adding some of my stories here. Feel free to PM me to talk about them if you wish, but I hope that they are enjoyable. I think that my writing is on the verge of a change, whether it will be good or bad I can't say, I hope better, I hope lots better, but this is what I have, it's not much at the moment.










In the quiet forests of the Northwest coasts there lived two peaceful tribes. They lived by a verbal pact and through many generations as neighbors. The border that they shared was a great river, shaded on both sides by the great red cedar. When paddling up from the ocean the tribe on the left was known as the Chikanagwa, meaning Raven people. The tribe on the right was known as the Macawnigwa, or Sun people. The people always called them either the Chikana people or the Macaw people.


When a new chief became the leader of the Chikana people he began to lead them in a different way. Black Bear was convinced that he would lead the people into greatness, and to prepare them for this he had more braves trained and more vigorously. To further their practice Black Bear led them on an attack against the Macaw people. When the warriors went out to bathe in the river they found Black Bear and his troops waiting in the shadows. One sharp-eyed warrior spotted them and called out the warning cry. As they ran away several Macaw warriors were shot down. Black Bear and his braves ran along the river and saw the women of the Macaw bathing. When Black Bear glimpsed Grizzly Bear’s daughter, a plan formed in his mind as to what he would do next.

The sound of his warriors shouting as they came into camp made Grizzly Bear jump to his feet and run out to meet them.

“What is the meaning of this?” He asked, and his oldest warrior came up to him.

“Chief, when we went down to bathe we were attacked by the Chikana warriors. We ran away but came back with the wounded.” A shadow passed over Grizzly bear’s face and he turned away momentarily. His thoughts were racing during this time of reverie, and when he turned back to his warriors he announced,

“We will meet with the Chikana tribe at once. We will go ready to defend ourselves, but I will meet with Black Bear.” Grizzly Bear announced and his warriors gave excited woops. Turning to his finest warrior, Swift Coyote, he said, “I want you to split the warriors who aren’t wounded into three equal groups.” Swift Coyote nodded and immediately called everyone together and made the three groups and turned to Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear nodded and began directing the groups, “You will stay behind and guard the camp. Don’t neglect it. You will stay behind as we approach, and hide in the forest.” To the final group with Swift Coyote he said, “You will come with me into the camp.”


When Grizzly Bear led his way into the Chikana camp he was stopped at the entrance.

“I wish only to talk with Black Bear.” The message was passed on and Grizzly Bear and his small band of warriors walked into the camp.

“Grizzly Bear, what brings you here?” Black Bear demanded, his arms crossed as he stood in the middle of the camp.

“Do not be so foolish. Why have you made war with my tribe? Have we been unfair? Why did you do this?”

“My Brother, I regret what I have done. When I saw how many warriors you had and how skilled they were I was jealous, so I decided to try and make us the same. But I did not think about what I was doing.” And with that Black Bear hung his head, his shoulder’s slumped, and dropped to his knees. The Chikana people gasped, how could their chief surrender so easily?

“Black Bear, stand up. What can I do to help your tribe? Would you like your warriors to be trained like mine?”

“Actually Grizzly Bear, my tribe has had the most braves born to it in a long time, however there were not enough squaws to match and so now over half of my warriors do not have wives. If you would let my warriors and I pick out some wives for ourselves from your tribe I would have no need to make war with you.”


Grizzly Bear looked at Black Bear for several minutes. He did not trust Black Bear in the least right now. But such an action would bind the tribes together as they had not been before.

“Right now there are four women from my tribe that I could let marry into your tribe by the time winter comes. You may pick your finest warriors and at the end of hunting season I will put on a potlatch.”

“Thank you Grizzly Bear.”

With that Grizzly Bear turned around and ran with his warriors back to the Macaw camp. When they reached it the whole camp was buzzing with the excitement of the day. Grizzly Bear went to each future wife and let her know what he had said. He went up to his daughter last.

“Tiger Lily” He said, as he carefully studied her face, “you will be Black Bear’s wife. You are too good for him, far too good for him. But I hope that you will make our tribe proud and do him some good.”

Tiger Lily looked down, her light brown eyes studying the dirt quietly as she processed this news. She would be entering her seventeenth winter now, and she had wondered who her father would pick out. She looked back up at him.

“I will make you proud Father.”


The time passed quickly for both tribes. The Chikana warriors wondered who their wives would be, and the Macaw squaws their husbands. The squaws busily began sewing their wedding clothes with their mothers, and preparing gifts for the potlatch. When the day came the couples met for the first time and the feasting began, continuing on over the week. Grizzly Bear gave out many fine gifts, and many gifts were returned to him. At the end of the week the four new couples went back to the Chikana camp.


Tiger Lily found Black Bear to be a better husband than she had dared hope for. She found that the Chikana people welcomed her and the other Macaw women into their tribe. Her life seemed hardly to change. Around the campfire every night she told some of the Macaw stories, her skill for telling them growing nightly. When spring came she loved it just as much as she had, and often went out of the camp to catch small animals and bring them back.


One day Tiger Lily made her way into the woods, a basket balanced easily on her hip. She was always quiet as she went through the woods, for she didn’t like to scare away the animals when she approached. Hearing Black Bear’s voice she smiled and went towards it. She stopped soon afterwards, for she was surprised by what he was saying.

“When I give you this signal, you’ll split up and go behind him. When you get behind him, kill him and run. I’ll take out at least one of his guards. Go on back to the others now.”


Walking up to Black Bear, Tiger Lily looked him in the eyes. “What was that about?” She asked. He started looking just beyond her and Tiger Lily knew in that instant it was someone in her tribe, and in the next instant she knew it was her father.

“Just an animal Tiger Lily. I was planning on how to get rid of the troublesome Black Bear that is getting our kills during the night.”

“Oh. That’s about time then.” She said, turning around and walking back into the woods, then running as far as she could, slumping down against a tree. She blinked back the tears, refusing to cry. She touched her stomach, thinking of the baby growing within her. Taking a deep breath she stood up, having decided what she must do. That night, just before she told her story she talked with one of the youngest braves, Buck Elk and told him to remember the story she told tonight. The shadows of the night had grown long, and the firelight lit up her face.

“Long ago there were two eagle brothers. They grew big and were soon soaring the skies. One day the younger brother decided that his brother was taking too much prey from the earth, and someday he would not have enough for himself. Working with some of the ravens he led an attack against his brother, but the brother flew high and was able to fend off the ravens. When the older brother asked his younger brother why he had not helped the younger brother said that he hadn’t known what they were doing and that when he found out the older brother had already won. The older brother accepted what he had said and even offered him some of his rabbit to show that he believed him. When the older brother left however, the younger brother still plotted his death. Finally the younger brother decided to attack his brother while he was sleeping, thinking that would be the easiest way. The older brother heard him coming however, and when the younger brother came at him the older brother killed him, and let the other animals eat his younger brother.” When Tiger Lily finished the whole tribe had been in such a deep hush that it took them a moment to tell her how good a story that was. Going back to Buck Elk she sat down beside him, and explained that she wanted him to tell the story to the Great Red Cedar tomorrow morning, just after the sun had risen. Buck Elk nodded, a slightly confused look reflected in his eyes, and the tribe went to sleep for the night.


Before she had left Grizzly Bear had said that he would go to the Great Red Cedar every morning while she was gone. When Grizzly Bear heard the story the next morning he knew that it meant that Black Bear was trying to betray him again. Going back to his tribe his announced that sad news. Some of them were angry, but Grizzly Bear announced what he would do. The Haida tribe of the north has very fierce warriors. We will journey up the ocean in two weeks and bring the Haida back with us. When that is done I will begin the next part of my plan.”

Grizzly Bear set off with half of his warriors as soon as he could, having the rest of the tribe move to an area further away than normal for the time while he was gone, Swift Coyote was in charge of the tribe while he was gone. When Grizzly Bear arrived he told the story to the Haida and explained it’s meaning to their chief. Killer Whale accepted Grizzly Bear’s gifts and agreed to help him fight. When Grizzly Bear and the Haida’s returned, the Macaw’s celebrated briefly. Grizzly Bear went up to the Chikana tribe that night, and was allowed into the camp. Standing on the rock that was in the middle of camp he announced.

“The Macaw tribe is now at war with the Chikana tribe. If you don’t want to fight me, come with me now.”

Black Bear leapt to his feet.

“Get out of my camp! How dare you try and steal the people from my tribe!” And with that he dropped his arms by his side angrily. When Tiger Lily saw the two warriors he had talked to rise and draw their weapons, she cried out and ran forward, standing in between her father and the warriors. The two warriors looked at Black Bear and he shook his head. Stepping forward he demanded,

“Tiger Lily. Get away from your father. He is betraying our people this day and yet you run to him like you will go with him.”

“I will go with him. You are crooked Black Bear, I know your plans for the tribe and they are wrong.”

Black Bear was momentarily stunned, then angry that she was thus shaming him in front of his tribe. He crossed his arms and waited, and two arrows flew into Grizzly Bear’s back and shoulder. Crying out Grizzly Bear shouted, “Now!” And suddenly the camp was filled with warriors and arrows.

The moment that Black Bear decided to kill Grizzly Bear was the moment that his fate was determined in the eyes of the Haida warriors. Without hesitation they began by killing Black Bear and the two who had shot Grizzly Bear. The women in the tribe screamed, and some babies began to cry. Soon all of the Chikana men were destroyed, with the exception of the young braves and children. Tiger Lily looked down at her Father, it was clear that it was time for him to move on to the Great Spirit. She gently stroked his hair and began singing the song of endings. Once she reached the chorus the Chikana and Macaw people joined in.


Ever since that day, the Chikana people and Macaw people became just the Macaw people. This happened so long ago that there is no longer a record of the Chikana people, but this is their history. The Macaw tribe made Swift Coyote their new chief, and Tiger Lily married him. Black Bear’s son was raised, and became a noble warrior, and a true brother to the people.

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Through burning eyes the warrior stared face to face with Devilfish. It was an ugly thing to look at and he didn’t waste a second before he launched his spear at the great sea beast. It glanced off his side ineffectively, the water intercepting his aim. One of its tentacles threatened to wrap about him, but drawing his sword Orca drew his long knife and hacked at it viciously. Sticking the knife in his mouth he kicked smoothly towards the surface of the water, taking in the deepest breath possible and sheathing his knife before plunging back into the depths again.


Devilfish wasn’t quite sure who to look at, for a dozen other warriors were darting in about him, wounding him here and there. Orca dove down deep, until he reached the sloping surface of the rocky bottom which Devilfish had latched himself to. Pulling himself along the rocks Orca retrieved his spear, this time continuing up from below the terrible monster.


Orca drew himself up higher and higher, closer to the snapping, beak-like jaws of the Devilfish. With one great shove he shot himself forward like an arrow through the side of Devilfish. He could feel through the shaft as it sank into the thick-skinned beast, bracing himself against it he began pulling it out when the sturdiness of it changed and suddenly he had nothing to brace himself on. Orca looked around, and kicked himself away. Devilfish was moving one of his tentacles uselessly and one other warrior was now escaped from its terrible grasp. Sinking down into the depth Devilfish was to be no more.


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Well, I'm a bit embarrassed to add anything else, but I have written more than those two. All of the writing I have completed so far has been for school, but starting this summer I hope to change that. In the meantime, here's my fable.


One day a Rabbit, a Woodpecker, and a Squirrel were walking down the trail together when they were all confronted by Cougar, who was very hungry. “If any of you move right now I will eat you that instant. But because I’m feeling nice I’ll let you go if you are good.” The three stared at Cougar, wondering what to do. Woodpecker began pleading with Cougar, going on and on about why he should be let free when Cougar gobbled him up. Licking his lips Cougar asked if there were any other pleas. “Please Cougar, I’m always willing to talk to a friend.” Squirrel chattered, but once he started chattering he couldn’t stop until he too was gobbled up. Rabbit stood alone, face to face with Cougar. “Is there anything you would like to say Cougar?” Rabbit asked. “Go Rabbit.” And with that Rabbit ran off down the path.


The wise man has long ears and a short tongue






My Fairy Tale (I had some specific guidelines to follow, hence it's a bit less creative)



Sleepy’s Untold Tale

Once upon a time in a little cottage there lived a dwarf with 6 brothers. The dwarf’s name was Sleepy. Working in the gem mine every day left Sleepy…well…sleepy. In the cottage he would spend his time resting away. One day when Sleepy and his brothers returned to the cottage they found a young maiden there. They discovered her name was Snow White. Sleepy and his brothers grew attached to the kind-hearted woman who always addressed them kindly and did her best to help around the house. As she went about the house Sleepy heard Snow White singing about a prince she had met one day. After sleeping on it Sleepy decided to ask her,

“What’s he like?”

“Well, he is rosy-skinned with ginger hair. He told me he lives up north, across the sea. He’s the prince of an entire island he said.”

One day a bitter queen had concocted an idea about how to take Snow White out of the picture so that she would be ‘the fairest in the land’. Her plan failed because of the daring of Sleepy’s brothers, but it left Snow White in a deep sleep. Sleepy consulted with his brothers saying,

“I have a plan. Snow White talked about this man that she loved, she didn’t know his name. But he lives up north and I think I can find him and bring him back.”

“Well, be sure to take your gems with you.” Sneezy said.

“And here’s my magical jeweler’s loop, it can used to see things as they really are, remember?” Doc said.

“Well you know how I’d like to travel, but I do have a map I think you could use. Here you go, it’s about all of the lands north of here.” Grumpy said, pointing briefly as he added, “We are around here.”

Sleepy yawned and nodded. “Well I guess I’ll be off now.”


So he left, walking with his gems in a sack at his side and his jeweler’s loop and map in his hands. Sleepy walked, and he sleptwalked, and he walked some more, until he came to a little inn where he hoped to find some directions and a place to sleep. Inside he found that the elfin waiter had some knowledge about traveling and travelers. Sleepy went to sleep for the night and the next morning got up and asked the waiter,

“Have you ever heard of a prince from a northern island with rosy skin and ginger hair?”

“Why, he was just down here last year I believe. He stopped by the inn twice that year. Very nice chap.”

“Well I have a very important message for him. Do you have any idea where he is now?” Sleepy asked as he pulled out his map, placing it on the table. He placed a gem from his bag on the table enticingly.

“Yes, he’s lives right about here on this map.” Said the elf.

“Thank you.” Sleepy replied, setting off with new purpose as he left the gem behind. Reaching the edge of the country, Sleepy sat down with his Jewelers loop and eyed the spot that the elf had told him about. He could see no castle there, but when he looked a little more carefully he could just barely pick out the castle on that very island. While he was sitting a sea-dragon spotted him on the shore and came in front of him.

“What’s a little dwarf like you doing so far from the woodlands?” It asked him.

“Have you ever heard of a prince from a northern island with rosy skin and ginger hair?” Sleepy asked. The sea-dragon nodded sagely. “I know of such a fellow.”

“Well I have an important message for him. If you would take me to him safely I would give you all my gems.” The sea-dragon got a greedy look in his eye, for such treasure was not easy to come by. The dwarf climbed onto the sea-dragons head and he was thus safely carried to the island of the rosy-skinned prince. Giving the sea-dragon his gems, Sleepy went into a little cave by the sea-shore and went to sleep. The morning after the next morning Sleepy stood up to go and find the prince.


When he arrived at the town he asked a gypsy,

“Do you know where the prince of this island with the rosy skin and ginger hair is?”

“Well, that is quite the turmoil right now. For there are three young men, all with ginger hair, claiming to be our prince. They are all at the palace right now.”

“That is no problem.” Sleepy declared, setting off to the palace. Telling the King of his mission he was allowed to have the three young men line up. Taking his magical jewelers loop Sleepy looked at the eyes of each one, and recognizing Snow White in the last one he declared him to be the true prince.


The King was delighted and restored to Sleepy all of the jewels he had used along the way and allowed the prince to go off with Sleepy, where the prince then woke Snow White up. Sadly his trip is all but forgotten because it was the prince who roused her from her sleep, and there was such a hub-bub going on that Sleepy was forgotten for a time, and well...left to sleep. When the time for the story finally came he was very grumpy about being woken up, and told his story without much of the embellishing that a good story needs to be remembered. But Sleepy told his tale once then never lost sleep over it again, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Going way back to a story that I wrote like 5-7 years ago or so, a few years after I had started writing creatively. I discovered my love for writing in a guild that was based off of the Warrior series, and I'm going to be sharing several stories that reflect this beginning, especially as it progressed. (There was a recurring problem with having your apprentice's mentor not being rp'd, so there wasn't practice time between mentor and apprentice's very often)



The night was bright outside the den as Bluepaw groomed her fur quietly, careful not to disturb any of the other apprentices. Soon her fur was clean so she stood up and looked around the dim den. She sprang over Reflectpaw and stepped around Mirrorpaw, who's golden pelt was glowing in the moonlight. As she stepped out of the apprentice den, fresh air greeted her pleasantly. Glancing around she noticed that Sandfur was sitting quietly outside the warriors den across the clearing. With a soft sigh Bluepaw slipped around the edge of the camp quickly, gliding along as a shadow. Once outside the camp, where the wind whispered in the tree's happily, she felt a burst of freedom. "Bringpaw is so lucky" she decided. Naturepelt always took the white apprentice out at night, so Bringpaw was gone already. Bluepaw looked at the woods now through the filtered moonlight. She cautiously padded forward and wove in between some of the majestic tree's before bursting into a run and clearing fallen logs and some small bushes in a single bound. Soon she got to a small clearing, not many cats came to this particular spot, and when they did it was just passing through during the day. This is where she came at night to self-train, and sometimes just to think. She had been running around the edge of the clearing so often that there was a little circle of dirt that was becoming visible though the grass. She purred in satisfation and started running the familer ground in a blur. There was always something new when she visited here, a fallen branch in the path, a mole hole. It varied, but she loved it for that. She slowly started gaining speed and was soon heaving the crisp night air. She rolled around and pretended to fight a big animal doing different moves randomly. Soon her heart was pounding in her ears just like she thought they would if she was in a real fight. She layed down and let the cool earth calm her down. She looked up at the stars above her and thought about starclan and her mother and father, who had died mysteriously. Bluepaw sniffed and rested her head on her paws and thought about the other kits that had been stolen with her, "So brave" she remembered. She had been whimpering pathetically at the time, and was too small to do much. Brushkit had been slightly older so he had helped her run away to a certain point, actually they split up once they got out of that scary, dark, damp den. A shiver started slowly up her spine and she quit thinking about this. She rolled over so her paws were in the air and squirmed slightly, not a cat in the camp knew about this and she hoped to keep it like that. "So what if they don't know? Its not like they bother thinking anyways." She thought.




Reflectpaw saw Bluepaw slip outside tonight. He stood up a few heartbeats later, wondering where she could be going. He cautiously stepped out after her and abandoned his warm nest by stepping into the inviting moonlight. He glanced towards the camp entrance and spotted her silver/blue pelt blending in around the edged of camp and finally going out. Feeling a tingle in his paws at his new possible adventure he crept after quickly noticing Sandfur who was gazing up at the stars quietly. Reflectpaw followed Bluepaws path and was soon out of camp. He felt a bit of panic and wondered which way she had went. Sniffing the air carefully he tried to pick out the different scents for a heartbeat. 'i have to move' he thought as he picked one of her scent trails and followed it, praying to starclan that it was the right one. He followed the scent carefully, losing it a couple of times where she had bounded over some logs and bushes so he lost the scent. Finally he would pick it up again and pad after it again. Reflectpaw slipped into a bush silently and peeked out to see a clearing. Bluepaw was darting around it quickly and for a heartbeat he wondered if she was being chased. But no, she seemed to be running for fun. He frowned to himself, wondering why, but kept watch. Soon she was breathing noticeably, and he watched as she stopped and started swiping at the air wildly. His eyes widened in surprise, was she crazy? but no, he quickly figured out that she was just practicing some battle moves that Bringpaw had showed her and making up a few of her own. He watched in amazement, was this the same cat that was alway sad looking in camp, alone, silent, mournful? Finally she layed down on the earth and looked up at the stars like he had seen Sandfur do what seemed now like moons before. Following her gaze he realized with a sinking feeling that it was almost dawn. He turned around and moving as quietly as he could through the bushes then darted away. He was soon breathing heavily too but kept going remembering how long Bluepaw had ran easily and quickly and that he was going to have to beat her to camp. Reflectpaw stopped before the entrance and let his breath slowly become natural again. He slipped back into camp and snuck into the apprentice den and curled up on his cool nest.




Bluepaw started running back through the woods, but longed to stay out longer. The closer she got to camp, the more she dreaded it, and the more solemn she became. Bluepaw slipped into the apprentice den with no problem and was glad to see that no cat had stirred while she was gone. She curled up on her nest with a yawn and tucked her tail over her eyes. She fell asleep quickly, dreaming of running through the woods blissfully.




Dawn-light was soon flooding the camp outside and leaked slightly through to the sleeping apprentices. Bringpaw walked into the apprentice den with a yawn and poked Mirrorpaw. "Hey, get up lazy furball. It's time for you to train" She meowed, and the golden apprentice stirred slowly. "Thanks Bringpaw" was the sleepy reply. Mirrorpaw stretched and yawned, then poked Reflectpaw. "Hey, we are going to train soon" She meowed in her brothers ear and he moaned sleepily. Mirrorpaw frowned, Reflectpaw was normally the first one up, was something wrong? She shrugged and bounded out of the apprentice den, her pelt already clean. She grabbed bird off the pile and ate it quietly before she sought out her mentor. She trained with them till Sunhigh.




A nudge pushed Reflectpaw out of his slumber and he stretched slowly. Padding out after his sister he grabbed a bird as well and nibbled on it slowly, picking off the feathers. He crunched on the bone and swallowed it grudgingly. Standing up he finally shook the moss that was still clinging to his pelt and his jaws parted in a huge yawn. He slid down to the ground for a heartbeat but Mirrorpaw bounded up to him. "My mentor says you can train with us today" She exclaimed and he stood up quickly; it wasn't often he got a cat that wanted to train him. "Great" He meowed and bounded after her. They padded into the forest and mirrorpaws mentor got after him for missing a bird. He hung his head and the mentor relented a bit. "I am sleepy" He admitted, despite himself, as the sunlight warmed his dark pelt quickly and made him want to nap. "We are done today anyway" the mentor replied. They gathered up the prey they had caught and padded back to camp with full mouths. Dropping the prey on the pile Reflectpaw layed down a few fox-lenths away and napped quietly.




Bluepaw woke up shortly after Bringpaw entered. Stiffling a yawn she padded out of the den and grabbed a mouse that happened to be on the pile. She ate it slowly and stiffled another yawn, "Its going to be another boring day without a mentor" she figured

with a sigh. She purposefully sat down in the shade so she could stay awake and watched the camp silently. Veermoon stepped out of the warriors den a few heartbeats after she was done and padded up to the pile. Opalnight and Ironcloud entered the camp carrying a few pieces of freshkill and dropped their offerings to the pile, which was quickly shrinking as everyone began waking up. Maybe tonight she would catch a piece to add to the pile so there wouldn't be such a need in the morning. She shrugged to herself and rested her head on her paws. She heard pawsteps coming towards her and looked up in a bit of surprise as Veermoon stepped towards her. He sat down and looked at her for a heartbeat before meowing "I will train you this morning since your mentor is on a patrol" He offered generously. Bluepaw stood up and nodded slowly, "Why not let a mentor train her for once?" She wondered.




Veermoon padded out of the warriors den and grabbed a thrush and devoured it quickly. He glanced around camp and spotted Bluepaw, looking around the camp with her eyes dull. He padded up to her and they brightened a bit. When he suggested training her she nodded and slowly stood up. He darted out of camp without another word.




Bluepaw darted after her new mentor, though she longed to sleep a little more, but she wouldn't let this opportunity pass unused. She was soon on his tail and when he turned around abruptly she stopped as quickly as she could, but she still slammed into the warrior and bounced off of him. "What in starclan was that for?" She exclaimed as she scrambled to her paws and looked around to find herself in a small clearing, not the one she used but quite similar. She focused on Veermoon again who began speaking seriously. "Ok, well you need to be trained how to fight, hunt, and learn the importance of the warrior code" He meowed, and she flicked her ears towards him respectfully. Glancing at his eyes she noticed that worry, pride, and hope were clouded together in them. "We won't be able to get all three of those in one lesson but i think we will work on your battle skills first, so you can defend yourself against the many problems you may find yourself in. Now, always watch your opponent, but don't let anyone sneak up behind you while you are focused on who is in front of you" He instructed. Bluepaw listened now with interest, "I might actually learn something today" she thought. Veermoon began half-circling Bluepaw and leading her back into the bushes instinctively. She let him for a little bit when suddenly she was attacked from behind when a flash of white fur came crashing down onto her and knocked her over, quickly pinning her down.


Bluepaw's eyes widened in fright and she glanced to Veermoon for help, but he was sitting down with an amused look on his face. "Conscentrate" Bluepaw told herself fiercly, she would not let him get away with this. The white ball of fur she now reconized as Bringpaw was holding her down with her weight on her two front paws, which Bluepaw could feel digging into her shoulder and stomach firmly. Bluepaw relaxed and then bunched her muscles, and flung herself backwards using her head to hit Bringpaws back paws which caused her to topple over. Bringpaw fell, surprise written all over her body, and Bluepaw sprang to her paws. She quickly leapt forward and put her paw on Bringpaw's neck firmly, but not dangerously. She turned and glared at Veermoon, who was watching with interest. She heard him start purring at her glare. "What do you think you were doing?" Bluepaw spat. "That was completely unfair!" She cried out. He nodded and meowed, "But totally realistic. Think about it. How likely would a rouge, fox, or anything else be likely to lead you to a corner where they had someone waiting?" He meowed and Bluepaw still glared, but the wisdom in his words began to penetrate her anger. "Ok" She admitted, and after a pause she added, "But did I do good?" He nodded after a moment's consideration. "You took too long to move, a fox could have killed you in a heartbeat..." He meowed. "but for an apprentice surprised like that you thought through your options quickly, and chose one that worked for you." He added. Bluepaw purred despite herself at his praise, maybe her parents would be proud of her after all. "Ok, so now what are we going to do?" Bluepaw meowed and Bringpaw stood up and looked at him curiously. "Now, I want you two to attack each other, but I will try and tell you what to do while you work" He meowed, sitting down and nodding his head.


Bluepaw eyed her opponent, this time fully ready to take her on. She did the semi-circle thing that Veermoon had used on her moments before and watched as Bringpaw began to step back, but Bringpaw suddenly flung herself at Bluepaw who ducked as quickly as she could, but the blow was too well-aimed. She stumbled backwards and fell, but quickly scrambled to her paws as Bringpaw swiped at her. Veermoon called out, "Stop." He meowed and both apprentices turned to look at him. "Good job both of you" He meowed. "Bluepaw-Nice use of the move I used on you. Bringpaw-Good job attacking Bluepaw after she began her attack. Now, Bringpaw, had you done that right away you might have caught Bluepaw more off-guard. Bluepaw, an opponent flinging themselves at you randomly but completely intentionally is a common move. If you were up against a well-trained warrior or a serious rouge, he would have figured out your moves and caught you before you had begun. It's like they can feel what you are going to do before you do it, so don't be too obvious about where you are going. Bluepaw, you should have noticed that Bringpaw started backing up slower and looked at your shoulder before launched herself there. Bringpaw, you were too obvious about where you wanted to go, luckily for you it worked." Veermoon meowed, watching both apprentices carefully. "Ok," He meowed finally, "I think that that is enough to absorb for today as far as fighting, but now for a quick lesson in prey." He looked at both of them carefully. "Show me your best squirrel stalk." He meowed, and Bluepaw and Bringpaw both stood up and crept silently but quickly forward, as lightly as they could on their paws. "Now birds" He ordered, and Bluepaw stopped uncertainly, but Bringpaw wove silently through the clearing like she was hiding herself, before slowing down her pace greatly so that she was taking one very slow step after another and then she sprang and launched herself at the air and pretended to catch a bird. "Well done." Veermoon praised the white apprentice. "Naturepelt has taught you well." Bringpaw's eyes brightened quickly at the praise. "Good squirrel stalk Bluepaw. Don't worry, other prey should come naturally to you soon" He meowed and glanced at the sky. "Ok, its past Sunhigh now, we should start making our way back." He meowed, leading the way back to camp.


Bluepaw had been focused on remembering every word that Veermoon had said, but now she let her thoughts wander to explore what they meant. She reviewed the lesson very slowly and let herself mull it over well. As she entered camp she found that her pawsteps were heavy. The sun was generously warming her pelt, and she noticed that most of the other cats drowsy as well. She curled up next between a shadow and the sunlight in camp falling asleep quickly.




As Reflectpaw yawned and padded towards the apprentice den, he noticed Bluepaw enter camp and curl up. He slipped into the den's welcoming, cool air. He wrapped his tail around his paws and fell asleep, crouched with his belly to the ground. He hoped to get as much rest as he could before night, to see if Bluepaw would escape into the night again. Reflectpaw blinked awake to a dimmer moonlight, and found that most of the other apprentices were curled up in the den. Glancing behind him he noticed Bluepaw was just behind him, like normal, so he kept his eyes shut and listened as she stirred and groomed her pelt slowly. He could hear her tounge rasping gently over her pelt, and he heard her stand up and bound over him, landing with a barely audible thud before she slipped out into the night once again. Reflectpaw stood up and waited a few heartbeats before he padded after her. Tonight more cats were out. Opalnight was talking to Ironcloud in a far corner of camp and Veermoon was eating a peice of freshkill near the entrance. His eyes spotted Bluepaw creeping along a shadow then disappearing from sight. Reflectpaw silently thanked starclan that his pelt was black, before slipping out after Bluepaw and along the shadows, into the hole where she had disappered. He approached it anxiously, and found it was small. He had to stuff himself through, but managed to pull himself out the other side. He looked around, startled to find himself already in the woods, catching a fleeting glance of Bluepaw's sleek pelt bounding through the forest at a full run. He darted after her quickly and silently. He was relieved when she headed to the clearing she had entered last night. Climbing up a tree that was bordered teh clearing he settled down comfortably, watching the she-cat from his hiding place. His eyes clouded slightly as he wondered what the she-cat would do today.




Bluepaw didn't have the energy today to do any running, or practice any battle moves, so she walked to the top of the relatively small hill that made the clearing. She plopped down on the dewy ground, her belly fur was once again on the soft grass. She looked up to starclan slowly and then looked around peacefully. The dark trees gave her a sense of foreboding and shivered slightly, but rested her head on her paws as she started thinking. "Why do I stay in the clans? Is that what my parents would want if they were still here? Is it worth being there day after day? When I am bored out of my head and so sad when I think it's my mom slipping out of the warrior den, when it's just another cat?" She was so deep in thought that she didn't hear the soft, but heavy pawsteps coming up behind her. Suddenly, the sound of panting was above her head and she looked up in fright to see a dog looming above her head.




Reflectpaw watched Bluepaw as she peacefully looked around. Her eyes were calm and soft, but seemed troubled slightly. By what, he didn't know. He started seeing a moving shadow that was moving directly towards Bluepaw. She didn't seem to notice it, so Reflectpaw leapt down as quick as he could and landed softly on the grass. "Get away from her!" He hissed at the creature, without realizing what he was doing. Bluepaw looked at him, with her eyes full of fear, and she stood up and began to bolt as the massive dog snapped at her. It was held back slightly as Reflectpaw hopped onto its muzzle and pushed it away from the frightened she-cat. With a quick motion of it's head the dog flung him into the air. He landed on its back, stunned for a heartbeat, until the dog turned its head to look at him and they locked gazes. Now Refectpaw was paralyzed with fear and he watched as the dog snapped at him in what seemed like slow motion when a flash of silver fur jabbed into his back, pushing him off of the dogs back. He landed heavily on his side, but was on his paws in the next heartbeat as Bluepaw tumbled a tail-lenth ahead of him. Reflectpaw swiped at the dogs muzzle as it tried to bite again. He succesfully gave it a few scratches on its nose. It yelped angerily. "Run!" They both yowled at once, taking off in opposite directions towards the safety of the trees. The dog stood confused for a heartbeat then took off after Bluepaw. She dug in her claws, running faster until she reached the nearest tree. Gathering her haunches in a smooth motion she propelled herself into the tree, scrambling up as the dog snapped at her tail, only missing by a whiskerlengths as she curled it up around her.




Reflectpaw climbed a tree on the other edge of the clearing and panted slowly, getting his breath back. He realized with dismay that his secret was ruined now: he had given himself away by going out there. "She would have just ran from it before I got there too" he realized. "She could have made it out without my help. But," he told himself, "It was the right thing to do...wasn't it?"




As she recovered from her fear, indignation built up within Bluepaw. She couldn't believe that Reflectpaw had been following her here! She glared at him across the clearing, her anger sparking and raging inside of her. "That snooping fool!" she thought.















Reflectstorm sat down quietly as he basked in the sunlight. His dark pelt quickly warmed, so he stepped into the shade of Tall-tree quietly. A silver tom stepped out of the warriors den with a stretch. The tom was clearly well-muscled, and his eyes quickly scanned the camp before settling on Reflectstorm. Blinking slowly Reflectstorm flicked his ears in acknowledgement as his brother made his way towards him. "How are things between you and Bluespace going?" Newlife meowed softly, so the whole camp couldn't hear. Reflectstorm sighed and shook his pelt. "Fine I guess. She's been getting better about eating recently" He said, licking his chest so he could duck his eyes from his brother's prying ones. "How well does she trust you?" Newlife asked, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. Reflectstorm swallowed and twisted his head to lick his shoulder. "How should I know?" He asked, trying to brush the question off. "You /are/ her mate" Newlife told him, somewhat cautiously. Reflectstorm couldn't help his flash of anger, "How come his brother always had to do this to him?" he wondered. "So?" he growled, standing up. He spotted his mate's shimmering grey pelt as she emerged from the warriors den entrance. To him she was just as stunning as ever.




Bluespace padded out of the warriors den and looked around camp, hoping to see a familar black pelt. She smiled to herself as she spotted Reflectstorm standing beside Newlife. Padding over to him she sat down and felt a flash of concern as she realized he was angry, "What was he mad about?" She wondered. "Hi" She meowed, sitting down near-by him. His eyes cleared as he looked at her, instantly calming her worry. "I am going to go hunt, want to come?" she asked, wishing he would come, but at the same time hoping to have some time to herself. "I'll stay and guard the camp while you feed the rest of us" He teased gently, and she smiled. "Ok, see you later" She purred, briefly nuzzling his shoulder before bounding out of the camp. She took in a deep breath of fresh air as she began her hunt. A strong breeze blew through the forest, sending leaves fluttering through the air and causing a soft rustling through the forest. She alertly padded along, tasting the air constantly for prey and any rouges that might have wandered onto the territory. Creeping forward, Bluespace had spotted a squirrel, which were always moving, whether or not they saw you, so she was watching this one scuttling around, hoping it would wander into her paws. Tasting the air once more she caught a stale whiff of rouge. She frowned to herself, wondering how stale, when the squirrel began to move her way. She leapt out of the bush she had been waiting in, causing a lot of noise as she did, landing on the squirrel that attempted to dart behind her, she turned to match it in one smooth movement and her claws landed on its tail. It flipped onto its stomach with the force of its desperation. She unsheathed her claws and slit its throat swiftly, to end its fear, and life. She began to dig a hole where she could keep it for a while, when she again scented the rouge, much fresher this time. "Who is there?" She asked, and looked around uselessly. It was nearly impossible to see a cat in the forest, unless they wanted to be seen. She took in her surroundings anyway. She was in a 3 fox-lenths clearing, when a light brown tom with darker stripes leapt into sight on the other side of the clearing. Blinking at him curiously she held her ground, not stepping back or forward.

The tom opened his mouth and meowed "Life" "I know you are alive but what is your name?" Bluespace asked softly, not wanting to be rude as this was a clearly a strong tom. She didn't want to fight if she didn't have to. He shook his head at her and added, "My name is Life." She tilted her head, "Really? Well that is a good name." She meowed cautiously, not wanting to get too comfortable with him. She had heard many stories through-out her life of cats that were constantly fooled by killer rouges. Life nodded and sat down. "Thanks. I picked it myself." He said, licking his chest. She sat down as well, still 3 fox-lenths away. "I am supposed to chase out intruders." She explained. "But if you say you will go, I think I will trust you." Bluespace meowed. Life nodded, a flicker of annoyance running across his face as he replied. "Of course I can leave, but since all of the clans feel that way, there is really no place for me to go" He explained. "I have thought about that a lot" Bluespace admitted and Life's ears flicked with interest. "You have thought about rouges?" He meowed, and she nodded. "There is something about you, different somehow. I don't know, but maybe we will see each other around" Life meowed and she watched as the brown tom slipped into the forest again, clearly heading away from their territory, though his pelt quickly blended into the ground around him. Shaking her head at the strange occurence, Bluespace yawned and padded away. She still had more prey to catch, though the conversation was running through her mind.



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Stealth and Wren (Warning, it's a cliff-hanger)



A pure white cat was sitting beside the brown bark of a tree. The blue eyes were crystal clear, loneliness overwhelming. The young she-cat was now 18 moons old, though it was hard to tell, for her calm and serene gaze could stop you where you stood. Her head hung down, ears and tail drooping. None of the normal luster showed, confusing and bewildering those who knew her best.


Wren felt despair engulf her, unstoppable and it defeated her, when a noticeable thud sounded beside her, she didn’t even look up, but when a tail-tip ran up her spine she kept her head down, with no care in the world, she had no reason to protect herself. An unknown voice purred beside her, and she vaguely felt warmer fur brush against her side. Feeling herself leaning into the muscle of the tom, she rested her head against his strong body, heartbeat sounding against her ear-fur. She closed her eyes, and fell asleep.




His dark green eyes clouded as Stealth landed beside a defenseless she-cat. Her thick white fur was dull, but he couldn’t tell if it was from lack of grooming, or eating. When he pressed against her side, ready to make a move, he realized how thin she was, her fur had hidden it well, but the bones pressed against his body, when she fell asleep, he realized she had passed out. “Dung” He muttered, grabbing her scruff and pulling her to one of his many dens…



Once he had settled the she-cat down onto the moss, Stealth turned around to go and hunt for his own stomach screamed at him for food, and his throat burned for water. His dark cream paws made little noise, even over the rough terrain. He picked his way carefully and quickly, and settled in beside a small stream. The tree clan scent marks were strong in the wind, and he knew quickly that a patrol was up ahead, he shrugged, knowing they rarely differed from their pre-chosen paths. He turned around, his thirst now quenched, and prepared to hunt, body loose yet coordinated as he looked for prey, also watching for other dangers as well.


Sneaking along the stream, Stealth finally stumbled upon a nest, with the bird sitting alertly on her eggs. Creeping forward he lunged, snapped her neck and slunk along back towards the den where he had left the odd she-cat. Checking that the brambles would continue to hide his scent, he slid in the hole, and saw that the she-cat still slept. He took a large bite out of the prey, swallowed, then shoved the rest in front of her nose and settled down into a small ball and fell asleep.




Wren blinked awake, even the smell of fresh kill felt unappetizing. She continued blinking, her eyes struggling to adjust to the gloom, and through her strange sadness, she attempted to remember how she had arrived here, but could not. She thought of her sister and family, and hope snuck into her heart as she remembered their love. *What’s wrong with me?* she wondered desperately, her own silent plea to Starclan, or whoever watched over cats such as her.

With her new conflicts, Wren dipped her head and tore into the kill, the soft juices soothing her throat, and satisfying her stomach. Only part of the way through, she stopped eating to stare at the tom that was sleeping in front of her.

He was large, but in his sleep was a quietness that Wren had rarely glimpsed before. His dark cream pelt was almost invisible against the brown of the ground, even as a mere flicker of sunlight landed near him. “What’s your name?” She meowed quietly, and he raised his head and faced her, his forest green eyes a curious sight, one appeared slightly lighter than the other, or was it only the light, was that a rim of brown or blue around the edges? “I want to know yours first” He meowed, when he spoke, there was a certain authority in his voice.

“I asked first” She pointed out, unsure why, though she wanted to win this fight. “I brought you that food” “You can have the rest” She meowed, flicking her tail to the half-eaten prey. “I brought you here” “I can leave” Wren meowed, when a gleam entered his eyes, she knew he thought this wasn’t true. “No” He meowed simply. “Yes” She kept her voice calm. “You are too weak from hunger, and are a she-cat” He meowed, shaking his head.




He watched as her eyes hardened, then some odd thing entered the deep blue. “Are you implying anything?” She inquired. “Experience” He meowed, tilting his head, unsure of where this was going. “Really, how much?” Her eyes narrowed slightly, and he heard a slight edge in her voice. “Enough” He growled, suddenly irritated with the she-cat. “Tell me your name” He demanded, watching as she sat down, wrapping her tail over her paws. “We already went over this” She meowed, he straightened up, looking down on her. When she sprang to her paws with a snarl, he was startled to see that when she wasn’t sad, she was bigger.




“Tell me your name” He said with a low growl. “You first!” She hissed back. When a sudden lunge from him caught Wren by surprise, she instinctively dropped down and as he sailed over her she raised her head and snagged one of his front paws in her mouth and bit down on the pad while he swiped at her, a long gash trailing along her jaw line when his own paw snapped out of shape. A loud snarl sounded behind her and Wren whipped around, having always been light on her paws.

He lunged and hit her face and chest, but she snagged his cream fur in her claws, and both slammed against the wall with a thump. Wren could tell he hit his head, but her right side had been pressed against the jagged wall, bruising her shoulder and bones. She raced towards the entrance, the world passing in a dark blur, she could feel him at her tail, jaws snapping. She suddenly spun around and leapt over him, her fur skimming over the low ceiling as he raced out the entrance and only came to a stop a fox-lenth away.

Her pads burned from the sudden stop, but she walked swiftly over to the prey, and dipped her head to eat as he raced. His sides were barely shaking from the effort of the fight, though her own body was betraying her by trembling from the exertion. *That’s what I get for not eating* She thought dryly. He stepped inside, and her heartbeat picked up, unsure of what his next move would be. She gulped down the bite, then picked up the prey and padded over to him, dropping it at his feet. “Are you hungry?” She asked, his eyes narrowed suspiciously, she rolled her own. “It isn’t like I poisoned it” She meowed. He dipped his head and began to eat, while she padded over to where her mangled nest was cooling, and began to pull all the moss together, steadily forming a well-formed nest that she spun around on before lying down, keeping one eye open to look at him.

While he was still eating, and had just taken a bite, Wren seized her opportunity. “My name is Wren, though it’s very rude of you to have not given me your name when I asked you first. At the moment you are stronger and bigger than me, though its mostly my own fault. You have won this fight, and for that I will give you two options, sound good?” She asked, rather hearing him swallow then seeing it for it was fairly dark, not that it made much difference to her night vision. “We’ll see” He replied, taking another bite.

“First option, I stay, though of my own free will, I will hunt for myself and take care of myself, being as little bother to you as possible, though I will still be here every day when you come back, unless you choose to harm me again as today. Second option, if you do not wish to see me, I can leave”




Stealth vaguely wondered how she had come up with such an idea within the short amount of time she had stopped fighting, then shook his head. “Something you need to realize about me. I am used to getting my way, If I want something I can usually get it. So if you count getting my way as harming you, the first option will not work. The second option will not be my desire, it may put you in danger to leave” He growled the last word, digging in his claws to the ground before taking the last bite of prey, mainly feathers and bones.

“Which option do you choose” Wren meowed stubbornly. “First, only if you swear not to overload me with questions” He replied. “I won’t” She promised, standing up. “Now that we have that worked out, I’ll be leaving” She meowed walking silently towards the entrance. He let her pass, choosing to lay down and tend his wounds instead of follow the she-cat. He would test her word, if not, he could always track her down. The blood was sticky on his fur, and he traced where he knew the older scars were, though they didn’t show because of the fur that was covering it.




Out in the cool evening air, Wren felt the blood drying on her pelt. She gave a disgusted shake, and shivered at the thought of the large tom trying to kill her instead of just fight. He was definitely one cat she didn’t want to lie to. She climbed onto a low branch handing over the water, its branch was drooping, so she dug her back claws in so she wouldn’t slide while she stared at her reflection below. The blood was dried onto her pelt, leaving deep red marks on her face and sides. A low throb in her right side reminded her of the wall, and her claws ached at the base from his thick fur. She was also finally aware of how thin she appeared, though her fur had hidden it well from others, she could easily see the differences.

Shaking her head she realized she had better get back, dusk was setting in, and she needed to make it back before he went looking for her. She sprang into the water, her legs getting wet just below her belly fur, and she waded across the very small stream and bounded through the forest, brushing back some thorn bushes and regular bushes without care when she finally spotted his entrance in the green of the forest.

The brown bramble bush proved an effective barrier as she slid inside, spitting out a few brambles as she did. She curled up on her recently made nest after swiping her tail around it and straightening it up. A yawn escaped her jaws and she rested her tail-tip on her neck.




Stealth heard her enter, then without changing position fell asleep, his thoughts quickly drifting away with her breathing and his own to fill the den.




Her blue eyes opened before the first light had filtered through, though she felt that dawn was near. The confusion in those clear orbs was evident, then remembrance flashed through them as they rested on the sleeping figure a few fox-lengths away. She stretched, her muscle protesting strongly from the excursion the day before, but she skillfully ignored it. She held her breath as the tom stirred, then settled down again, before she carefully crept out of the den without a sound, planning to hunt.

There was some uneven grass under her paws after she escaped a large patch of bramble, and it was soft underpaw. Her ears swiveled around, alert for any scuttling, though it was almost too early for any prey to be out. Dropping her jaw she caught a stale scent of vole, and she tracked it to a hole. Wren crouched down, her eyes resting on the place before her as she settled down to wait. Time trickled by uneventfully, when finally a slight stirring from within caught her attention once more. She tensed her muscles quietly, the white fur quivering slightly from the slight movement. Small, beady eyes appeared in the hole, just out of her reach, she waited a bit longer, as it began to creep out.

The whole creature emerged, not spotting Wren waiting, and was helplessly caught with a single swipe where its life ended. “Thank you Starclan” She murmured under her breath, when deep in her earfur two sounds became apparent, one was the scuttling of smaller creatures, new born voles. Though her heart felt a pang, it didn’t truly show in her eyes, though she turned her piercing gaze at the forest around her, having heard a branch crack to closely.




Blinking awake Stealth stretched luxuriously, his dark green eyes calm until a strong scent reminded him of the day before, and the she-cat was gone. He gave a low growl, but walked what would appear calmly out into the forest, following her scent, though her path was seemingly wandering.

The white fur was surprisingly hard to find in the thick green grass but soon he could see her crouching down, waiting for something. Tasting the air he found the vole she had scented, and crouched down himself, waiting to see if she would catch this. Her determination


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This was something that I wrote either my Freshman or Sophomore year. It's completely random, but I like it.






The brown tiles held a soft gleam and the large windows reflected the many bodies within the building. Many cultures were blended smoothly within the walls and colors mixed smoothly creating a living collage. Every movement would affect the other people, who were all doing their individual thing, mainly through variations of eating and talking.

Tables were in a scattered pattern with six chairs encircling each one as normal. Holding her fork one person was smiling, eyes lit up as she talked. There was a pile of rice, a few bites of salad, and some garlic bread remaining on the plate.


Her eyes repeatedly flicked over the words that had been spread out over the screen, her mind struggling to piece together the right combination to improve the sadly written pieces. How to describe anything in life? A scent, sight, breath? All impossibly simple though when truly examined reveal something deeper and brooding.


Gently biting her lip she again started, forcing herself to continue though she knew the end result would be much less than what she anticipated of herself, it would be better than a blank page which was easy to leave alone with the potential it had. A sigh echoed loudly around her before a smile danced across her features as she thought of the complexities even revealed in a setting. No words seemed to help out when it came to the dazzling carpet, scattered with paper and forgotten items, and more importantly the people that were living and breathing around her. Changing everything without anything. Everyone adding their own aura to the space they affected, which she struggled to appreciate, knowing she never could.


Why did that have to be that way? What could change such a thing? What were the others around her feeling? What if the scenery changed? Who would they bring into their surroundings, even if just to talk? She smiled at a sign on the wall with a simple black and white picture featuring an elderly lady wearing clothes uncommon to an area such as where she was currently living, making her wonder about what could affect the way someone dresses before dragging herself back to the description of the person, who’s wrinkled hands were clasped just beneath her chin and revealing a weathered and similarly wrinkled face with straight teeth. The eye color would remain unknown because of the nature of the coloring, but the woman’s teeth were fairly straight as revealed in a sort of expression that she couldn’t figure out. What was that woman’s name? Was she famous somewhere? Why was her face used for the saying beneath which read, ‘Reaching beyond yourself. Compassion. Pass it on’


This is your time, this is your dance. What amazing words she thought randomly, her thoughts drifting off though becoming clearer somehow in their very haze. Forgive mistakes. Smile at someone new the youth thought with a slight smile. Her writing seemed to have reached its peak, halting a sort of permanent intermediate.


Seeing that a person she was barely an acquaintance with reading a book she was instantly curious, though she dreaded asking knowing how busy this person was, luckily for the person they seemed to have less on their hands than usual. Shaking her head, she realized how poorly written that was and wished she could reword such a thing, but pushed it aside to try and work on something more direct having realized that no progress was being made.


A wide smile spread across her face, managing to come with a soundless chuckle, closer to a release of…happy air? The smile switched to a wry half-smile as she continued to read.


His hand was clenched in a fist, eyes narrowed and his other fist slowly closed into a similar position. “Why?” He forced out of his mouth, his voice hardly sounding like his own. ‘Maybe its not’ He thought wildly as new and spasmodic thoughts became twisted up with his feelings creating a strange sensation as they buzzed through him.


The rocks were rough beneath his bare feet, spread out in a single large foundation which was merged with color after color, each seeming to reflect the very earth’s surface.
























She slowly came to the end of her list of colors, though she had thought of light and dark and dusty and woody. Though descriptive, none were quite a unique or direct color. Depending on how one was to look at it. As with everything.


The music became soft in her ears, the waves temporarily catching her attention as she listened to the song filled with simple lyrics.


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