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Cats vs. Dogs

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Dang, Darien and Rachel72 are in the league to get cats to win!!


And Slytherin7

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I hate dogs

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meh, i dont hate dogs i have 2 of them. i just prefer cats over the


"mommy i missed you so much so i'm going to follow you every where and be your shadow cause i want to be in your pocket and gaze adoringly at you all day while loudly panting even though i'm not hot at all and even though i know how to sit i'll only keep the command for 5 seconds because i have ADHD and like to annoy you mommy" dog.


yes, i have one of those. i mean, i can't even take a shower without Chucky trying to get in the shower with me.


if i wanted clingy, i'd have a kid tongue.gif i'm not tolerant for clingy right now.



*sighs* i miss my Chow Chow max sad.gif he wasn't clingy at all, but was still a constant, silent companion and was the best dog ever.

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