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Dragon Hunters, Dreams of the Skies

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Dragon Hunters


Dreams of the Skies


This is a story upon a land that does not exist as we know it. Its name is Seiks, a wide open world with a vast ocean and only two main continents, so old that it has changed time and again, that the very islands, of which there are countless many, have migrated to the skies. With them have moved the roots of humanity, barely beginning to construct higher technology. They restarted centuries ago upon the great migration upwards to the isles. The reasons for this move are unknown to many, a mystery that was never recorded for future generations.


What is known that, for as long as humankind has inhabited the floating isles, there have always been fantastical creatures. They are collectively called Dracos, a wide spread form of creature that has adapted wonderfully to the raised environments of the world. It was, of course, inevitable for there to be conflict of some sort. Especially when some of the Dracos proved to be both sapient and dangerous.




Some general details on the Setting:

*It is a floating island world, although there are continents down below amidst the wide open ocean a majority of civilization has rooted itself within the clouds.

*The technology is iron-age with a mix of steam-punk. There are flying machines, but they're somewhat hard to come across in most areas asides from those that specialize in building them, making cross-communication difficult for many cultures.

*The islands float for several reasons. One, the most common, is that at the heart of them are large magnetic metal deposits that push against those within the ocean below. Many remain stationary, but those that are exposed to high velocity winds and don't have the high mass to resist it are under threat of reaching a 'dead-zone' and crashing into the ocean.

*There are other reasons for some islands to float, but those are going to be detailed elsewhere, perhaps within the roleplay.

*Mining is a very tricky and dangerous art for the fact that some of the metals gleaned are the same ones that keep the islands floating.

*The islands tend to have their own biomes, being affected by both height and region. This results in areas where there are literally steps from climate to climate.


Basic Geography and Example Cultures

Seiks, as explained before, is an odd world that has a large portion of its landmass floating above its surface in the form of islands. These isles vary greatly in size, density, and inhabitability. The largest island known is called Seiks Cradle and is located near the equator of Seiks and is about the size of Brazil for comparison, with a fairly different climate. While one would expect it to be a rainforest, given its position, Seiks Cradle is actually more similar to a temperate rainforest. This is likely due to it being raised into the sky, causing the isle to both retain less moisture than it would if laying in the ocean and experience different temperatures than those on the surface. The most prolific of Dracos, Whelps Wyverns and Whers, thrive in the Cradle alongside some smaller examples of Drakes. The societies that exist upon the Cradle are rather low-tech, utilizing medieval technologies with variations to cope and utilize the Dracos. There is a kingdom of sorts on the Cradle, but no large scale conflicts have come of it as it is treated as simply a larger community than most and domination is rather difficult given how the islands are spread.


To the NorthEast of the Cradle, beyond several archipelagos, are the Breakers. The Breakers are notorious for the harsh winds that blast through them as well as the harsh storms that blow through every now and then. To counter these harsh conditions on the Mid-sized isles [the largest roughly the size of Rhode Island], the residents have taken to cultivating an indigenous species of a very hearty hard-wood tree and growing them around their houses and farmland. These trees serve to act as wind-breakers and lessen the damage done to homes and crops and also make for very strong bridge material to link close islands. The people of the Breakers are quite humble, maintaining a ranching and farming way of life with basic tools. But, separating them from others is their close relations to a society with far more advanced technology than most others, creating an open trading culture in the Breakers.


As mentioned, there exists a society with mechanisms that surpass those of most isles on Seiks. It is rather reclusive and keeps much of its technology to itself, including flying machines that can be used to travel from island to island. The people there are said to actually tame many types of Draco and even have hybrids, although this claim is hard to prove given how isolated the place is. Its residents regularly visit and trade with those of the Breakers, most often for the hard-woods and textile goods, although they have been seen in other lands bargaining for certain items. You may occasionally find one of their flying machines owned by a very wealthy individual.


These are just a few of the places that can be found on Seiks, there are many others that have yet to be discovered.


Note: I may update this section with more isles and cultures as they are introduced.


General details on the Draco family:

The main idea for this world is that a majority of the wild-life up on these islands fall into the 'draco' family, under five general groups;



*Soft-skinned/Soft-eared [rarely have antlers]

*Generally Kinder or Tamable.

*Mammal-like in build and behavior.

*Small to Mid-sized. [anywhere from a mouse to a horse or giraffe].

*Normally soft-winged, can be Wingless and Multi-limbed.

Uncommon to Common




*Generally wilder, chaotic.

*Bird-like in build and behavior.

*Tiny to Large [anywhere from hummingbird to large boulder and sometimes bigger].

*Bat-winged [rarely feathered] with no front limbs.

Extremely Common




*Can be anything from Chaotic and Wild to Tamable.


*Mid-small or Mid to Large [hawk to airplane].

*Can be Multi-winged or Wingless, [rarely have front limbs].

Common to Rare



*Not to be confused with Nagas or Ampths, they are soft-skinned [rarely furred].

*Generally lethargic and lazy, can be Tamed.

*Serpent-like, occasionally having front-limbs or vestigial wings.

*Can be quite small, much like a salamander, or immense.

*Most always live underground or on the ground.

Uncommon to Rare



*Can be anything from Scaled to Armored to Skinned or Feathered.

*Sentient and capable of many behaviors

*Can be Reptilian, Mammalian, or Aviary.

*Large in regular form, some able to Shapeshift.

*Winged or Multi-winged, always with front limbs.

*Can only be differentiated from others by sheer tenacity and regenerative ability.

Extremely Rare

There are some 'in-between' groups ,but for the most part, these are the most basic of all of them. These creatures are anywhere from helpful to humans to downright nuisances. For those that are nuisances, there have arisen a special kind of people to combat them. Due to the stark enigma that sticks upon the image that is the Dragons, those hunters of the annoyances are respectfully named, upon great achievement, Dragon Hunters. Those who can take down the rarest, strongest, and most dangerous of creatures.


Not many hunters ever achieve this title. Mainly because their life-spans are so short, it's also due to the fact that there are so few Dragons left at all in the world, and those that are known of are treated as benevolent Gods, forbidden to even be seen by a Hunter thanks to the people who protect them.




The Plot is as YOU make it.


Yes, you heard right. This is a fairly lax rp and the only stringent things I have on the plot are as follows;

*You cannot start off as an official Dragon Hunter unless you talk to me about it.

*You cannot be introducing full on Dragons left and right without me approving of it.

*You cannot force anyone and everyone into your sub-plot. They'll join in if they like it.

*Do not start a drama fest just as this starts. This is NOT meant to be absolutely serious ALL THE TIME.

*You cannot contradict any of the facts I've put in this main thread, nor logic when it comes to some of your stories. If it don't make sense for the character, don't do it. Also, physics generally applies.


Asides from that, you can feel free to world-build as you see fit. Make up civilizations, types of Draco, and local fauna. What you think would fit is what you get to write. My only request is that there be no official DragCave additions.




Some other Semi-Important things;


There are in existence what we would call 'half-bloods'. Some species of the Draco family are able to mix with other animals, creating things that are referred to as chimeras. Chimeras are generally ill-tempered and incredibly dangerous, as well as unable to have any young [yay].


There also exists two kinds of human half-bloods. Most commonly, there are the Orcish variety, the sinful mix between some of the common Dracos, from Draks to Amphs, mixed with a human. They're generally very stupid and neanderthalish, but also incredibly strong. You don't usually see them anywhere near a civilized island.


Then, there's the more infamous variety. The offspring of a Dragon that shapeshifted and took a human as its suitor. This variety is very well known due to folklore, tales of how dangerous they are or how monstrous they appear to be. In reality, due to the shapeshifting genes, these Half-bloods actually appear as normal humans. When certain circumstances are met [varying with each individual], they achieve a form that is very fitting of a Dragon, although far weaker and smaller in most cases.


'Special' abilities in any of these cases are incredibly rare, but are more likely to happen in Dragon hybrids and Chimeras. The most common sort of 'ability' is some sort of toxic or regenerative quality, but it can really vary from case to case.




Some Fun but rather Meaningless Facts;


*Drake meat is incredibly tender when cooked right and doesn't need to be cooked to be edible. All other Draco meats must be cooked to be safe.


*Amph pelts can be sold for a fortune in just the right places. Generally, a land with Draks will pay gold for a Amph.


*Although Drak skin is malleuable and easy to make clothing out of, it is Whelp skin that really makes good durable stuff, even if it's stiff as all get out.


*Nagas are generally related to water and air, some cultures saying that their appearance brings good rains or bad storms depending on their color.


*Whelps are absolutely stupid. Wyverns are absolutely not.


*Amphs are incredibly intelligent and evasive. Which only makes so many hunters angry when they catch one and realize that the difficulties don't stop there. They're almost impossible to skin perfectly.


*Dragons have hundreds of stories all about them, while there are only so many nursery rhymes about whelps and so few others about the other groups.


*Some dragon bones are able to remain 'alive' long after the body has decomposed. Once tossed into a fire or a pool of cold water, they cease all movement.


*It's believed that a granulated mixture of Naga bones with certain herbal teas holds an incredible medicinal property to do anything from recover one's stamina to heal illnesses, depending on the type of Naga used and types of herb.


*Generally, sharp horned Dracos are dangerous, as well as many with Red, Yellow, and Orange colorations. There are exceptions, however.


*The currency of Seiks varies from culture to culture, but it is generally accepted that, if it is shiny, it is worth something. Some cultures use bartering systems only while a majority who have wisened up to travelers use a mixed system of coins and bartering. Rip offs are to be expected.




1. No outlandish powers. You are human in this, unless you talk to me about making a half-blooded character. You are allowed to have pets, but nothing larger than a dog or pack-animal.

2. No Marty Stues or Mary Sues. Any character whose only flaw is being too awesome shall be kicked. [unless, the awesome is just their ego talking, then it's okay]

3. You don't need to be ultra literate nor make uber long posts to be in this. Just be nice, try your best, follow the rules, and have fun. So long as it's understandable, it's okay.

4. Don't worry too much about timelines, everyone is going on their own adventure and I doubt many peeps care about any paradoxes that would arise if someone were to keep track.

5. You cannot go cursing up a storm, try to find alternatives, like making up curse-words. Like fek or something.

6. You cannot go gallivanting off and slicing off other peep's heads. Talk to the person in question first about wanting to fight them.

7. No powerplaying. This means you have to be realistic about what you are and don't go controlling another person's character without permission. Oft-times, small things can be let by but, if the person has issues with it, you better edit.

8. Got questions? I'm always listening~. And I will always elaborate and explain more on things if people just ask.

9. To prove you've read everything, at the top of your template put at least a sentence saying what your character's goal is.

10. Keep it PG, folks. For everything. We gots twelve year olds here.




These are really simple and you don't need to be uber detailed.



[Please note that, if you choose to be a Half-blood, you'll need to talk to me first]



My Templates;


"My goal is to... To make a purpose for myself." He nodded confidently. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it." He considered it a very good reason for traveling with someone like this.


Name: Tratser, nicknamed anything from Ratty or Trot to Seir [seir means 'soar' in the language of his 'homeland'].


Age: Presumably sixteen.


Occupation: He's working as a Hunter, travelling from island to island with a friend of his. It can be tiring work, seriously. Who knew?


Appearance: Tratser would be called 'cute' by many girls but, due to the more survival-centric cultures that abound in these lands, he's normally seen as a weakling and treated as such by many. He doesn't appear to be a worker, but looks are decieving [the same could be said of his partner]. Standing at 5' 6", he's still got some growing to do, which can be seen by his scarcely muscled structure.


Tratser's eyes are somewhat interesting, a sky blue with a reddish brown center surrounding the pupil. But surely not too out of the ordinary to garner much attention. His nose has been unbroken and, thus, is still straight and he has rather soft features [another reason for people to consider him incapable of Hunting upon first sight]. His hair, on the other hand, is a hay-gold color with faint hints of brown at the root, some of the bangs long enough to get into his face.


Clothing wise, he dresses in standard Draco Hunting gear consisting of; drake-skin pants and shirt, some whelp-hide pads with some nifty impact-resistant qualities, rough leather shoes, a belt stuffed to the brim with survival gear, a large iron blade strapped to his back via a leather case with some metal twined in to keep its shape, and a few other bits and pieces; like a wrist-band made with some misshapen scales he's collected over time.


Personality: Tratser can be fairly nice to others but, often keeps to his own bubble. He'll only take action if he thinks it absolutely necessary or if someone has commanded him to. He's a rather submissive fellow until a certain point is reached and, once that marker is hit, he becomes impossible to speak with.


He also has a past he does not speak of, like so many travelers out there, and is rather touchy about it, shying away as soon as someone shows any signs of asking. The most of a reply he'll give is just what one would expect, that it's been so long he doesn't remember or something like that.


History: Tratser has no memory of where he was born and is left with only one keepsake from his childhood; The name given to him by a small group of people, the meaning of it lost to him long ago. He surely has stories of long travels, of great escapes and events, but keeps them to himself. What he does speak of is how he met his comrade, a young man who strives to become the grandest, strongest, Dragon Hunter in all of existence.


You see, it had been just a couple years ago when Tratser had set off for his longest journey yet. He had planned on seeing how far the Floating Isles stretched, hoping to see the Ends of the Earth that were so fantasized about in fairy tales. Coincidentally, his friend-to-be had set off from his home at the exact same time, the two bumping into eachother at one point and, at first, begrudgingly traveling with one another.


Over time, a funky sort of bond had grown. Tratser enjoyed the company and his new friend admitted it was sort of stupid to try and gain a title for yourself with no one to see you do the feats in the first place. So, a kinship was made and they now travel from place to place, gaining what they can from doing tasks for whatever towns they brush past and hoping to one day come across what they're hunting for.


Other: He has a disliking towards savory foods, preferring sweet ones instead. So, fruit is his favorite kind of meal.




"Hey, just because I'm a chick doesn't mean I can't go on adventures." She folded her arms and looked up at the strangers with a level of refusal. "I plan on being a Dragon TAMER one day!"


Name: Enoya, also known as ZZ [for her loud snoring].


Age: Presumably 15, perhaps older.


Occupation: She works at a small Inn on a cluster of floating isles, near some farms in an area that commonly gets visitors from a nearby land that makes flying aircraft. It's essentially a pit-stop to the great unknown works of Seiks.


Appearance: Enoya's stature is very thin, to where the Inn-keeper who adopted her is always fussing over how much she eats and how she needs to eat more. The girl tends to ignore this. Standing at 5' 4 1/2", she isn't very intimidating. Not that she needs to be. Eno's hair is a deep black, reaching half-way down her back, tied in a braid to keep it out of her way a majority of the time.


Her eyes are a deep green, almost black around the pupil. Enoya's selection of clothing is fairly boy-ish, another thing that bothers her adoptive care-taker. She wears pants that are a couple inches too short, a fairly worn shirt with loose strings holding the neck of it closed, and can be anywhere from shoeless to wearing simple sandals. Another main-stay accessory of hers is a set of mid-sized black whelpling wings she has strapped to her back. People never see her take them off and believe it's due to her fan-girl affections towards a local mythic creature and some of the fauna.


Personality: Enoya is pretty upbeat for her age and position in life, always willing to help out others. This can lead to her completely forgetting to help herself out, a bad habit. She'll greet a stranger as if she's always known them and won't hesitate to hand out some hugs, unless some actual affections are involved. Eno is also very open about how she was found as a child, enjoying sharing the stories she's gained over the years.


She can also be a big procrastinator when it comes to her own goals. Enoya could make plans to start building that flying machine she's always wanted to try out but, never actually begin doing it, far too distracted with daily life and helping out the farmers and the Innkeeper.


History: Enoya was born in the patch of med-isles collectively known as the Breaks. It's called such for several reasons. Firstly, it's due to its location. Heavy winds are known to burst through the area, stopped or slowed down by the floating islands and their sturdy trees. In order to survive, the people have grown accustomed to surrounding the circumference of their isles with the woods, using the material to build the bridges that link each rock to another.


Now, Enoya did have a mother, but she died giving birth to her daughter. Enoya's father had never been known by the townsfolk, both her parents strangers to the area. The keeper of the Inn Enoya had been born in decided to keep the girl for her own, seeing as she didn't have any husband and, thus, no children. The girl got to have a very pleasant childhood, everyone in the Breaks treating her like family.


Enoya, upon the age of 13, began wearing black whelp wings constantly. It was about the same time that rumors of a large creature eating livestock in the middle of the night turned up. The more the townsfolk listened, the more they realized that their little orphan girl, Enoya, was absolutely fascinated by Dracos and wished to meet the new terror. In fact, she spoke of the beast, nicknamed 'Eclipse' for how it seemed dark enough to blot out the moon and sky as it swooped down upon an unwary livestock, as if it were a friendly creature that merely needed to be tamed.


Other: Enoya loves creatures of all kinds and wishes to study their habits on a personal level. This goes about as well as you'd expect.




"Feh, you think you can live out here?" He spat at the ground near the other's feet. "Tough chance. I'll have slain my Dragon years before you even learn how to get to the next isle."


Name: Marick, also called Mark


Age: Approximately 19, even though his boasts try to make him out to be in his thirties.


Occupation: Marick strives to be a Dragon Hunter and, as such, makes a living out of hunting down various Dracos for the public at large. While Tratser would be willing to do such a thing for free, Mark here prefers to charge a hefty price for his services.


Appearance: Marick stands at a rather regular and plain 5' 9", but has a muscular build that fully compensates for this. People don't mistake him for a weakling, a bandaged arm [wounded from unknown means, he proclaims it to be 'scale burns'*] constant on his person. His hair is a scruffy dark brown, uneven and unkempt.


Mark's eyes are a light green hue, surprising given his temper. And the way he holds himself is always prideful, chest thrust out and an expression that says he's ready to take on an army of full blown Dragons along with some island sized Wyverns and Amphithera's if need be.


Each article of Marick's clothing, much like his bandaged arm, seems to have a story pertaining to it. To avoid cluttering this up too much, let's just stick with a swift summary. Drak hide leather makes up a majority of his clothing, from his pants to his simple shirt. Pads of whelp armor and some metals work as protection. About his waist is a belt filled with various tools, many of them basics while some of the bags he carries are filled with more rare things. Heavy boots clothe his feet and gloves his hands. Finally, there's Mark's pride and joy; His Skull Smasher, an incredibly huge mallet-like weapon with a spiked head. Nobody knows where he got it or how he carries it and he refuses to let any soul other than himself wield it.


*Scale burns are a type of wound associated with having made skin contact with a particularly dangerous Draco, normally venomous, although those can heal. Scale burns from a Dragon are said to never heal.


Personality: As you can likely tell from reading his appearance, Mark is the boastful type. So proud of himself is he, he could likely make enough hot-air to raise half the islands on Seiks himself. Thing is, most people don't believe him when he speaks of his tales and journeys that may or may not have happened.


And, although he would hate to admit it, he does have a soft side underneath all that draco skin and dirt. He's more of a jerk with a heart of gold once you get to know him. He can make his excuses, say it's only to help him, but when he truly just helps a person out, it's easy to tell.


History: Dude, with how much he talks, it's nearly impossible to tell where he really came from or what he's really done in his life. So, to make this simpler, we'll stick with his most recent [and absolute] happening. A couple years ago, Marick had just set off from his homeland for adventure with his SS [skull Smasher] when he bumped into some whelpling named Tratser who seemed so lost it was pitiful.


At first, Mark had just wanted to leave the whelp to his own devices, but then realized that, if he had no one to watch him slay a dragon, he would never become a recognized Dragon Hunter. So, of course, he allowed the fellow to tag along, even if he was a weakling.


As time went on, a sort of odd relationship grew and yadda yadda, you should know this from Tratser by now.


Other: He could eat a whole Camo Drak in one sitting. Not too many people out there can say as much.

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Current Events


The Hunter duo arrived at an Inn located in the Breakers and have begun setting up to take down a pesky black draco that has been terrorizing the locals. The Inn owner's daughter isn't so happy with this idea, but is busy helping an arriving journeywoman with her Amph get settled. Meanwhile, a traveling troupe of magicians have been making their rounds, the half-blooded woman the star as they put on shows of ghosts and magic.


This will be updated as major things happen, so people can quickly catch up.


Character Roster


Character: Artek Ashblood, Writer: ArchiosLukos


Character: Tratser, Writer: tenyasyugan


Character: Enoya, Writer: tenyasyugan


Character: Marick, Writer: tenyasyugan


Character: Slashaka Findlewood, Writer: Shadowwolf6


Character: Elegra Swan, Writer: XxWaterGaridanxX


This will be updated with active roleplayers and their characters.

Edited by tenyasyugan

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Hi! I'm soupnazi and I'll be doing some critique on your roleplay today.


First, I notice that you have a tendency to put commas after "but"; this is incorrect, as they should be after the word before the "but".


*The islands tend to have their own biomes, being affected by both height and clime.


What do you mean by "clime"? Looking it up in the dictionary shows that it means the climate or region, but that it's an archaic word--not something I'd recommend for a roleplay like this.


If there's not going to be an overarching plot, and with how solid this roleplay is, I think that's okay, you should probably lay out a bit of basic geography and countries. It doesn't have to be anything hugely detailed, of course, but some basic direction for people starting out would be helpful.

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Updated the post with grammar fixes and a section on some areas in Seiks, to aid with starting locations.


I rather enjoy archaic words. xd.png I find them to be very flavorful and add character to a story. I might even use "spake" every now and then. So long as it's grammatically correct, I find them to be acceptable for this roleplay in my personal opinion, but not mandatory.


Thank you for your review and I hope my fixes are acceptable. :3

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Looking good! I'll go ahead and approve this. Have fun roleplaying!

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Thank you so much, Soupnazi!


Now Accepting Templates!


Once someone joins, I will begin IC posting.

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[i]“Ahahaha! You, my friend, are hilarious.” She clamped the stranger on their shoulder. “I’m going to be the first and greatest Dragon Illusionist ever in existence!”[/i]

[u]Name:[/u] Artek Ashblood
[u]Age:[/u] Approximately 21
[u]Occupation:[/u] An apprentice to a traveling illusionist. She has become somewhat of a spectacle to those in the various stops he makes. She works in making his ‘magic’ real as well as providing a strange, exotic, and rather taboo atmosphere for his shows.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Artek has definitely taken after her more human side, but due to some flaw in the shape shifting genetics, scales cover much of her body as well as dwarfed wings, a tail, and horns. She is somehow attractive, despite the shunning caused by her dragon features. Many would say that the ‘poor thing’ could have grown to be handsome indeed, if it were not for whatever parent that delved in to the truly despicable.

Her eyes are an intense golden. It has been said that they are like a fire in the night when she approaches. They could scare a full-grown man witless if she were truly furious. This gives her an unnatural demonic appearance that either deters or allures people, which is all part of why the illusionist she is apprenticed to keeps her around.

Artek’s skin is pale, very pale. You could almost say that is was translucent. This phenomenon has never fully been explained, as she certainly does go outside on a regular basis. Her skin is also very soft other than where there are patches of ash colored scales on her. Under that, you can see the faint sculpting of muscles, but not enough to truly define anything.

The half-blood illusionist is usually seen wearing a performing outfit that looks like it belongs to some sort of witch or cleric. The colors mainly on it are red any white and the pieces tend to be lacey. For her top, she only has a lonely crimson corset trimmed in lace and cherry red ribbons with a connecting red hood, which has designs around the edges. She wears bracers, also red with lace and two bands around her forearms with bows trailing off. Her skirt hangs all the way to the ground in the back, but is completely open in the front except for a patterned cloth coming down to her knee that is held up by ties to the skirt. Her boots come nearly up to her thighs and have a cover over most of them except for the black tip of the toes. All areas that need to be covered are covered. [URL=http://archioslukos.deviantart.com/art/Artek-The-Festival-360273470][Link][/URL]
[u]Personality:[/u] Artek tends to be laid back and apprentice to smooth talking as well as conning people out of their money. She usually appears not to care about other’s strange looks and insults, even if she is. The fact is that she is simply used to it by now. When needed, she is quick for a joke or ready to show you up if she does not like you. Really, you would have to be bad to pierce her professional side. But if you are that hideously intolerable, expect to get under her skin really easily
[u]History:[/u] Artek was born under a human mother and a grey dragon father. Who is to say if the two loved each other, but quickly after Artek was born, he was gone, perhaps attributed to how many dragons treat their regular young. To avoid embarrassment, Artek’s mother gave her away to an orphanage (run by a monastery in those times). They tolerated her, barely clothed her, and fed her as they had to in order to keep her alive. The best childhood memories she had were ones filled with carnivals; men on stilts, fire breathers, strongmen, and most of all the magicians.

Still, when she reached the age where the establishment could release her, the girl was passed along quickly and easily from person to person. That is, until her current mentor took her in. After many close calls with brothels (though she did somehow manage to avoid them), the young lady found her way in to the fair that came every once in awhile to their island. Here she found the man ‘Yoru the omniscient’ he called himself. Yoru the all knowing and seeing. His show was magnificent. He levitated objects and conjured doves that he released in to the tent, which was his stage. Why, he even made a bouquet of lovely flowers appear and he threw them to the crowd. She made sure to catch them. After the show, she followed him and asked if he needed someone else for his performance. She swore that she was a quick teach and a hard worker, which she was. That and he didn’t seem to have any sort of assistant. Every good magician has to have an assistant on stage. She didn’t mind being hypnotized, levitated, dressing in strange costumes; whatever needed to be done. Letting her in was a type of business opportunity that Yoru the Omniscient had never had before, dragons being so rare and all. He snatched the opportunity and the rest is history.
[u]Other:[/u] She is Half-Dragon


Edited by ArchiosLukos

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((Accepted, ArchiosLukos ^w^))


The day was rather muggy. It was mid-summer and the humidity was high, clouds puffy and white as they slowly drifted across the sky, lead by a rather lukewarm wind. It was the Calm season in the Breakers, the temperatures warm enough to keep the low-fronts that caused the worst of the wind-storms at bay. Small bits of land, heavily coated in grass, lazily floated and occasionally bumped into one another, some with small creatures playing across their surfaces. Making their way across these mobile stones were two young men, garbed in defensive traveling attire and looking rather rough.


"Oh man, I wasn't expecting the Breakers to be so, well, far..." said the younger looking lad, back heavy with a large bag that appeared to be full of goods.


"What were ya expectin'? Just a hop skip an' a jump from whatever lil' rock ya used to live on? Feh, it's practic'ly next ta the End." the elder spoke, itching at his nose with a gloved hand. The pollen was rather irritating.


But you couldn't really fault their timing. It was the perfect season to go venturing off into the Breakers, and little was really known back at the Cradle as to what lay beyond them. Very few, if any, people had access to large maps, and even those that existed were incomplete or inaccurate thanks to the way some of the islands shifted positions. Marick and Tratser were an example of individuals who happened to have a map, but said map was fairly useless.


Ahead of them, a few glade-sized rocks away, was a thickly forested island with a fine trail of smoke rising from somewhere in the middle of it. No, not the fire of a burning tree, but the fire of a hearth.



Today was a busy day at the Inn. Travelers had been coming in and out, what with the calm weather making it perfect to pass through, and there was no shortage of work to be done by the rather petite young woman known as, "Enoya! Be a dear and get me some more of the spice-salts from the cellar!"


Ah, that was her mother, Miss Setkey is what everyone called her. She was a rather plump woman, but agile on her feet, and could be heard quickly moving about in the kitchen as she prepared more food for the next round of arriving journeymen. Obediently, the dark-haired girl ran from the spot she'd been sweeping in the den to fetch the requested spices.

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The young lady knelt on stage. Her arms were spread wide and her eyelids fluttered as her eyes rolled upwards. There was a flash as two braziers behind her made deafening popping noises and went out, reigniting with flares of Red! Green! Blue! There were gasps out in the audience. Everything became silent and the fire died down to columns of smoke. Yoru the omniscient stepped up behind her and held his arms up in a fashion mimicking the woman's. Swiftly, he ran a hand over her piercingly golden eyes and they became mere slits, making the woman look like she was in a trance.


He ran his hand past several more times and motioned silently to the audience. A deep, smooth voice issued from Yoru. "Artek..." he whispered. "Can you hear me?" he intoned a bit louder. The woman shook softly and drew her shoulder inwards. She inhaled sharply, setting even the audience on edge. She buried her facein her hands, secretly slipping in two very thin pieces of colored glass over her irises. They were made to change eye color and were very expensive to make. "Yes." came her voice, sounding raspy and ancient like sandpaper. "But she rests. Now I, Claranice, once Queen of Seiks too inhabits this vessel. For what reason have you called me?" The woman rose smoothly as flowing water in to the tip of one foot. She opened her eyes, now a beautifully crisp blue.


The crowd couldn't tell what it wanted its reaction to be. Some clapped softly, others laughed nervously, a good few of them were scared stiff or silently praying. Yoru walked around to her side and kneeled, bowing in front of the 'queen' and taking her hand to kiss it as she turned to him. He remained this way but let the delicate hand go. Artek stood tall, proud, and commanding as she looked down on Yoru with queenly grace. "Oh most radiant queen passed, I have called you on account of your people who have lost their way and no longer beleive that you exist. I implore you make them beleive, oh Queen Claranice of Seiks." Artek turned slowly to the crowd who roared and pleaded their enthusiasm about the past queen. This was one of her favorite parts.


Artek reached out a hand to silence them and the crowd became respectfully silent, ready to see the next part of the show. "My people. I hear your pleas and enthusiasms to your queen. Hear me and know that I have returned to you by the hand of this wizard. However, I may not stay here or else terrible evils will happen to this land. Therefore, I must leave, but do not forget me." Yoru rose quickly, catching her attention. He looked alarmed. "Please stay with us, highness. You have not visited your lands in hundreds of years!" he turned to the crowd imploringly "People of Seiks, would you please let your queen know if you want her to stay!" There were a couple of unsure answers of yes and a very loud no which earned glares from the crowd. Artek had to regain attention. "Alas, this man is right, I must go." she motioned to that section of the crowd.


Yoru the Omniscient turned to her solemnly and took both of her hands. 'the queen' remained aloof. "I will see you out safely, queen Claranice." he came behind her and guided her down to the position she was in earlier. She looked up at him and he got on a knee, pointing her head straight towards the exit of the tent. He ran a hand over her eyes, setting them almost closed like before. "I will send you back now, Claranice." he stood and spread his arms out before making a circular motion over her head. He began chanting some gibberish and Artek clasped her hands to her chest, crying out and burying her face in her hands again. However, the glass would not come out. Panic overtook her.


However, Artek quickly came up with a solution. She closed her eyes, put a hand to her head, and feigned a faint. The people in the crowd became concerned. One man even tried to come up and help. Yoru held a hand out to stop them and picked Artek up in his arms. "I'm afraid that things did not go as expected. I thank you all for being brave enough to come here today. Your donations to the health of me and my assistant are much appreciated. Tomorrow we will be doing some tamer magic for the children so make sure to stop by. He bowed with her still in his arms and hurried off stage. A curtain was lowered. Men at the front took donations to go in addition with the original entry fee.


((edit: written from a DS like a boss. And thanks for accepting.))

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((WARNING- Uber-awesome RP overload!

Fffff too epic not to join <3

But I bet I'm gonna be dwarfed by seriously long posts o-o


She looked up, silent for a while, thinking carefully. "I already know what I am, and am going to be." A delicate smile light up her face. "I am a dragon tamer, and am ready to fight my way to their freedom." She watched the strangers carefully. "I will fight for their appreciation, as much as it takes. I'd lay my life down for them." She growled defiantly.


Name: Slashaka Findlewood (Shaka for short)

Age: A bit older than 19

Occupation: She's a dragon tamer/rider. (See other for details on her dragon)


Appearance: Despite her age, Slashaka has waist-length silver-white hair. It falls fairly straight, but shorter strands tend to curl. She has barely any fringe, having grown it out as a youngster. Normally you'll see her with it tied back in a loose ponytail, the cord she uses as a hairband resting just below her shoulders. Her fringe is often loose, falling over her face and obscuring her left eye quite effectively.

Her eyes are deep blue, and tend to look much like the oceans that dominate Seiks. Her pupils are often wide, and her irises tend to dominate the rest of her eye. She has enchanted few with them, however.

She has a fairly well-defined face, with high cheekbones and fairly shallow cheeks. Her lips are thin and pale, leading upwards to a delicate nose. Her eyes are fairly standard height.

She's slim, with well-muscled arms and legs.

Normally, Shaka will dress in hard whelp-skin chaps and a slightly softer whelp-skin tunic over the top. If it is cold, she will wear a drakskin vest underneath. The skin is dyed both dark and light colours, which blend in fairly well with her dragon's scales.


Personality: Shaka is a curious human, who is devoted to dragons and will do all she can to help them. She doesn't care much for humans or others, and is ignorant to the world outside dragons. Dragons are her life, having grown up around them and all. She will do much to stay out of densely populated areas, living herself on a fairly small island set apart from others.


History: She had a fairly standard upbringing; parents who loved her, not particularly special in any way. It was the dragons that changed it. Every few days, dragons would visit their household. Shaka loved to watch them come, and left out leftovers for them to feed on.

Her father showed her how to tame them, and soon found herself regularly visited by an ampth. The two became friends, and Shaka moved away wither her dragon to her own island. Due to her upbringing and choice of home, she knows little, like how to read and write. She doesn't know many of the names others call creatures and other objects.


Other: Shaka owns an Ampth which she has fondly named Tiranal. He is around seven meters in length, and has a massive wingspan of twelve meters. Tiranal has two sets of wings, the larger of the two being his main ones. His smaller wings seem only for decoration during mating, being far too small to really contribute to his flight, and having long, almost tattered feathers forming a large V at his wing-elbow. Tiranal has down covering almost all of his body, with exceptions of his belly and parts of his head. His belly has fairly soft scales, which glide over most terrain types with ease. Once every year, Tiranal will shed these, leaving him uncomfortable on the ground, and often flying for a few days before his new scales become hard enough. On the top of his muzzle, he has three more permanent scales sloping down from his forehead to his nose. He has bright purpley eyes, which change shade depending on his mood. They are lighter if he is happier.

Tiranal has a dark mane, made of long fur going to the tip of his tail and ending in a long plume. His body is a light shade of grey, matching his wings. His belly is almost black.


Edited because I copied it all from my notepad from an ipad. That failed O.o))

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((You're accepted, Shadowwolf6. ^w^ Just know on Seiks there is a difference between dragons [a specific species of draco] and ampths [another seperate species of draco]. Just to avoid confusion in the future in this.))


"Well, would ya lookit that." Marick and Tratser had managed to get up to and through the trees on the larger island, a fairly large Inn now in sight. Now past the dense foliage, they could better see their surroundings, which had been heavily obscured by the thick trees. Ahead of them was the Inn, noticeable as such due to the large stamped sign at its front with the word burnt and etched into it. It was built from layers of stone and wood, thick poured glass windows interspersed between layers with rough shutters, painted a rusted red, open wide. Around four chimneys could be seen, only one letting out a continuous stream of smoke.


Beyond the Inn was a clearing that gradually broke off into pieces, some joined together by small bridges as they lead off to the next large island, this one with no trees to the front that they could see but surrounded on all other sides by them, a farmyard at its heart.


Just barely, the two could also make out what appeared to be more farmland and ranches in the distance, but they could only assume that that was their purpose given how they were slightly hazed by cloud-cover.


Marick slapped a hand to the back of his companion, startling the boy out of his excited gazing. "C'mon, we ain't got all day. Might as well head in and see if anyone's got somethin' ta say, maybe even a hunt fer us."


"Ah, uh, sure." Tratser nodded quickly, both walking dutifully to the Inn, several other journeymen passing them by.



"Here you go, mom."


"Ah, bless ya, dear. Now, go finish up in the den, I need ya to clean up the rooms that were just opened upstairs. Just change out the furs and tidy the-"


"Cupboards, and don't forget to dust the shelves and take the used covers to the washroom. I know mom." Enoya gave her mother a kiss on the cheek before heading out of the kitchens.


As she was making her way through, she saw two young men entering the building and stopped. The only people who worked the Inn were Enoya and Miss Setkey, and the young woman was used to manning the counter when customers arrived. "Hello, welcome to Breakers Inn, how may I help you this evening?"


Both carried weapons and the clothing they wore was heavily padded in some areas, particularly the older looking one's shoulders, giving Enoya the immediate impression that they were hunters. To be honest, even after all these years of having people pass through the Inn Enoya still got excited when hunters visited. They always had the best stories to share.


It was the gruff, eldest one who began to speak first, "We're jus' lookin' for a bit of grub, what's the special today?"


"Ah, we've got some whelp if you need something to go, but there's also a nice sheep stew boiling in the back, started just this morning. We also have a selection of produce and beef, but that's usually reserved for folks who stay the night." She really wanted to know the story behind that mallet-looking thing on the guy's back, and the bandaged arm.


It looked as though the younger one with light hair was going to reply, but the other cut him off, "We'll take the stew. How much and where's the den?"


Enoya walked around the counter and waved for the two to follow, "The den is back this way and it's two bits per bowl, three if you want seconds. If you need anything else, just ring the bell at the counter or call for Enoya."


This time, the younger managed to speak, "Uhm, Enoya?" He looked rather perplexed.


Eno flashed a grin at him, "That'd be me."


"Oh." Embarrassed, the journeyman looked away, quickly scuttling off with his partner as they found a seat in the back of the well-lit room.

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The sun winked above, sending glittering rays of sunlight dancing off the small lake. In the shade of the tree, Shaka was lying front-first on the green grass, twiddling her thumbs as her feet kicked in the air. Above the body of water, a flying shape hung, as if suspended by an invisible cord from one of the smaller chunks of rock and mineral above. She looked up at the ampth with interest, watching him swoop and dive, his feathers fluttering in the breeze. His great wings were spread wide, and he turned towards her and glided forwards. Shaka smiled, shielding her eyes with a hand to watch the graceful landing. Tiranal landed in a glide, his body touching down, but not stopping until he reached his rider. He curled his tail around himself as he reared upwards, lifting his ribcage and front wings off the ground, beating softly to keep him aloft.

He watched her with wide eyes, tilting his head to one side questioningly as she let out a sigh. Shaka stood, reaching out with an almost shaking hand. Tiranal dipped his head to meet it, letting out a low croon of approval. She smiled gently, her hands dancing off the three plates, and around his cheekbone, before resting under his chin. He let out a huff, resting his head on her hands and looking up at her, not unlike a dog. Her smile turned to a grin, and she moved around him, seating herself on the small patch of leather strapped around his chest and resting just above his wings. She swung herself around his snake-like body, as he rested back on the ground for her. She nestled herself on the slight bump of the saddle, and entwined her fingers in his long down for grip. She wrapped her legs around his collarbone, sitting comfortable with his wing arms supporting her legs. Perched safely on his shoulders, Tiranal moved to the ledge at the end of the island, before slithering off the edge and moving into free fall.

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Yoru (who was named Markus Wolflance at birth) carried his assistant to his room behind stage where she promptly jumped out of her arms and dusted herself off. The man took his hat off and hung it on a rack, revealing thick curls of black. He looked tired. "Did something go wrong?" he asked. Artek went over to a mirror with a bucket of water next to it and dipped her finger in the water, carefully removing the pieces of glass from her eyes. They were no longer blue, but golden again. She blinked rapidly to dispel the uncomfortable feeling left behind. "The color lenses wouldn't come out." she said, now splashing water over her eyes. Markus came behind her and clapped a hand on her shoulder. "Good cover up. We really got them that time." A few minutes later, a man with hair dyed like cherries came in. He was dressed in loose black and red clothing with flame designs. He held a silver tin with coins in it. "Here's all the admission and donations." said the firebreather. Markus took the tin and set it on a small table, counting coins and dividing them off. About 1/3 went to Artek, 1/2 went to Yoru, "And you, sir firebreather, get the rest just because I like you." said Markus, pushing 1/6 of the coppers his way. As far as Artek was concerned, this was pretty darn fair. She had known Markus for a while, so she now got more than the third she used to share with the Firebender named Alex. Apparently he and Yoru had known eachother for quite some time maybe since boyhood in fact, so he was alloted some of the cut. "Another productive show."

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As they sat down, Marick and Tratser immediately began to converse.


"What was all that about?"


"All o' wut?"


Tratser sighed, clearly annoyed, "You didn't even bother asking if they have any work. You know we barely have any money, let alone enough to pay for the night!"


Marick sniffed and scratched at his chin, adjusting his position to look more heavy-set than he was. "See, yer jus' not thinkin' ahead. You don't jus' walk up to a woman in an Inn or Tavern and go 'hey, ya got a spot o' work we can do, we're dirt broke', no! Ya strike up a conversation with the locals, figger out wha's been goin' on, and if they've got some pests we barter a room and get some work done, with pay on the side if it's a big'un." He leaned back into the leather seat, the wooden frame creaking slightly as his mallet moved. "I thought ya would've learned by now that tha'ss how I do it. Then again, we've been rompin' around bloody nowhere."


Tratser shook his head and also relaxed into his seat. It was true, between the last town they'd been to and this, there'd been just weeks of wilderness and difficult to manage terrain. They'd bumped into a very small homestead and helped the owners there with a dagger-tailed whelp infestation, but the folks had been too aged and poor to really pay them much for the job, not that Tratser really minded. It just made him worry at times when the two could barely scrape by, especially when they needed new hides or tools, which they did now. "I just wish it wasn't so darn far..."


A conversation at the other end of the den grabbed their rather lazy attention. Several older men were deep in discussion, looking sleep-deprived and worried. One sported hefty bruising along his right side, most particularly his arm, and seemed the most sore about the topic. "I jus' don't know what to do anymore. The herds've been skittish and barely have the wits ta come back to the shelter at night, not that it does much good anymore."


The others nodded, repeating the phrase "No good" rather solemnly. One wiped his brow and gave a weary sigh, "Jus' last week, me and my son were tending to the shed and puttin' fresh bedding down when it hit. You could barely hear it comin' until it was openin' the door. Whoosh! And then a thud and 'fore we knew what to do, it'd already gotten one of my flock. She'd had a bit o' footrot and we'd had her to rest away from the others and the beast knew it!"


They continued to glumly relay to one another the various grievances caused by this mysterious beast and Marick and Tratser struggled to hear more. From what they could tell, the ranchers and a couple farmers had been plagued in recent years by a mysterious draco that flew in only on certain nights, stealing away precious meat or hearty crops. It started out small, probably before it got used to people, and would only take every other month, but then it started to become more frequent. Now, even after locking up their livestock on warm nights, they were losing much of their livelihood.


Sounded like a job for them.




After alerting her mother of the two arrival's orders, Eno returned to cleaning the rooms.


It was always kind of boring, cleaning out the used rooms. But, occasionally, someone would have forgotten a trinket or two which Enoya would happily pocket for her collection. Today, there was just a metal buckle left on the trunk in the room, rather plain and worn. Still, the girl tucked it into the pocket of her pants and continued to dust, giving minor irritated sounds as the whelp-wings on her back got stuck here and there.


Ever since she turned thirteen, Eno began wearing the black whelp wings, an assumed find from one of her cleanings. Normally, her mother thought, she would have just tucked them away, but an interesting mix of events had led to the girl wearing them. Namely, the arrival of the unknown night draco.


For as long as she could remember, Enoya had liked dracos of all types. She'd pick up injured whelplings and try to nurse them back to health, no matter how much they nipped her, and she'd always fawn over any draks that had made their way to the Inn, often lead by a rather confused traveler who didn't know why this girl was so intent on finding out all she could about the beast's habits. So, with the arrival of a mysterious, unknown, creature, the townsfolk assumed it normal of the child.

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((I'm working on eventually gathering everyone together, and I guess right now is just character setting. Shadowwolf6 has the advantage of being able to fly to any of us, and they can initiate contact at any time, and since you've been vague as to where your characters are I was planning on having my folks run into you as they go deeper into the Breakers on their hunt for the mystery beast. Sound good? ^w^))

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((I'm working on eventually gathering everyone together, and I guess right now is just character setting. Shadowwolf6 has the advantage of being able to fly to any of us, and they can initiate contact at any time, and since you've been vague as to where your characters are I was planning on having my folks run into you as they go deeper into the Breakers on their hunt for the mystery beast. Sound good? ^w^))

((Heheheh, flying FTW >:D

You guys have an advantage over me, though, as Shaka has barely any idea of what new things have been happening, and doesn't know much about other humans etc. But sure xd.png

I'll make a post later, I'm being pestered to play a game at the moment v.v




Tiranal spread his wings and suddenly they seemed to stop falling. Shaka looked below, watching the water for a few moments, before returning her attention to flying. Her dragon gave a snort, before commenting; Your foot is digging into my chest and it's starting to get annoying. She giggled, before releasing the pressure, instead resting her feet around his neck, not holding on for the sake of her life. The amph swooped up, smaller wings almost struggling to fold back in to dive once more. The fluttering of feathers filled her ears. Shaka was loving this. It was so free in the sky, so wonderful, so much space. Tiranal crooned with agreement, reading her thoughts and responding appropriately. She patted his soft side, before getting him to fly upwards. His massive wings beat the air heavily, causing them to rise like arrows. They passed the level of her home, rushing through the air before she pulled him horizontal, pushing his head downwards so they flew straight on. He let out a delighted roar, which rung through the sky.

Distant cities grew ever-closer, and Shaka noticed an inn, resting in a small cluster of islands. A shiver ran down her spine, and she nervously turned Tiranal away from it, flying back into open sky, trying to escape human life. Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, Shaka wanted to be a dragon, to have wings of her own, to be able to fly like Tiranal, free, without a care.

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The girl was putting away the cleaning utensils when her mother called. Quickly shoving the broom in place and shutting the storage door, she hurried to meet the call, knowing how her mother always preferred haste. She'd no sooner reached the kitchen when she had two full bowls of hot stew shoved into her arms, "Take these to those two journeymen who came in. And make sure they pay! Can't stand how many folks think they can just waltz in and eat what they like..."


"Yes, mum."


"And did you finish cleaning up the-"


"Yes, mum." Enoya gave her mother another quick kiss on the cheek before rushing off with the food.




"Are we just going to ask when she comes back with the food or what? Shouldn't we talk with the farmers a bit?"


"Are ya an idjit? One, o' course we're gonna casually bring it up when that girl comes back. Two, ya should know bloody well that locals don't take kindly to people who pry!"


Tratser, feeling a little put-down, sunk back into his seat. He wasn't very comfortable with playing people out, but Marick was more well-versed in person to person interactions so Tratser listened to him, albeit a little nervously.


From the way they'd entered came the girl from earlier, Enoya. Tratser noted that she had very green eyes, which differed from the brown ones he'd been seeing thus far on all the other locals, and carried her hair in a braid. Although it was a similar style to some of the other children, her hair seemed to be thicker. He put aside these mental musings as she set down the two bowls of steaming, fresh, sheep stew.


"Here you are, should help you get comfortable. You can pay when you go to leave, I'll be at the counter." She turned to leave but Marick interrupted her.


"Hey, t'is it true?"


"Sir?" She looked back.


The young man sniffed and continued, "We heard there's been a beasty flying about town lately, thought we'd ask if you need it handled. Big black thing, stealing from yer herds?"


Enoya gulped. It was a sore subject for people in the village and, to be honest, she had always been rather afraid that someone may eventually come to 'handle' it. Before she could think of something to say, one of the farmers had overheard and already made his way to the table. "Are you boys huntsmen?"


Marick took a gulp from his stew and wiped his mouth off on his sleeve, "Yep, we're Hunters. Been traveling for a while now, stopped by here when we heard about your issue."


Now all of the local workers were crowded at the table, making various calls and pleas for the hunters to help them, to get rid of the dratted thing, to bring its head in on a pike and end its reign of terror, and that they'd pay anything to just finally have one good season again after these past few years. Marick shooshed them with a wave of his hand and gave a [faked] weary sigh, "Well, I'll tell you what. We'll handle that beasty for ya," There were cheers from the small crowd, "For a price."


Tratser did his best to roll his eyes privately. It wasn't that he doubted either of their skills in taking down a nuisance pest, he just hated the way his friend bargained for cash, as he was doing now. While his friend was haggling a general price with the locals and scoring them food and bed for the night, Tratser noted that Enoya girl had left, probably to serve some other customers.


Pretty soon, the owner of the Inn had arrived, some of the farmers hushing with a couple whispering her name. "What's all this ruckus about? Hunters?" She eyed the two young men with suspicion. "You don't look too strong to me, boy." She spoke to Tratser in particular.


Before he could defend himself, Marick had stepped in, "Oh, don' worry 'bout him, ma'am. He's just an apprentice of mine. He's a mite stronger than he looks, but I'll be doing most of the grunt work, don't you worry." All lies, and Tratser had to stifle a laugh. "Now, if you all don't mind covering some supplies costs for what I have in mind, I'm sure I can take care of this fickle beasty of yours by the end of this week."


Miss Turnkey stared straight into Marick's eyes, judging him very deeply. After a moment of this, she smiled, then began to nod, "Just what we need. Well, if you boys can have it done by the end of the week, I'll be happy ta give you food and board on the house."


Marick and Tratser shared a winning grin.


"But," Their grins faded and the woman continued, "If ya don't have that monster by the week's end, I will expect payment." And with that, she marched backed to her kitchens.


Tratser glared at Marick.

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((Maybe I should get Shaka to enter then inn? O.o))


They'd been flying for a while now. Tiranal was now complaining he was tired and hungry. Shaka sighed. I saw an inn a little way from here, we could stop there before heading home? She said with her mind, focusing on the sky ahead, scanning always for signs of danger.

Tiranal snorted. I don't like going near other humans much. Complaining was something Tiranal was good at.

Shaka sighed. It's about time I walked among my own race again, last time I talked to a human was... at least a month ago? The last part was a rough guess, about a week from the truth. She received no answer from the dragon but a slightly vexed croon. She rolled her eyes, before angling him around, and he carried them both back in the direction of the inn.

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As the rather flustered Enoya made to leave the Inn, she found herself bumping into a young woman she had never seen before.


Quickly fixing her balance, the girl quickly replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, miss. I didn't see you. Were you just heading in?"


Although she'd been planning on finding a place to lay low until things inside had calmed down with the Hunters, she couldn't refuse to aid a prospective customer. "If you need anything, just ask, I'm Enoya and I work here with my mother. Again, I'm very sorry."


((My apologies for the late and short reply, I've been rather busy lately.))

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((I'm guessing that's Shaka?))


Tiranal let out an almost warning call, before Shaka turned and gave him a stern look. The dragon quieted almost immediately. She turned back towards the girl, looking her up and down, before deciding she couldn't be a dragon hunter. "I was." She replied simply, followed by a "Thanks." Before moving back over to Tiranal, placing a hand on his muzzle and muttering a few things to him. Whatever you do, don't snap at people. Be a good dragon and please don't attract the attention of hunters. I know you don't like them, and I'm certain I don't like them. If you see something that looks off, give me a call. I'll try and get you some food at some point.

The ampth inclined his head in an answer and, satisfied Tiranal would behave, Shaka turned back to the girl, and waited to see what she would do.

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"My goal in this life time? I've never really thought about

it," she said as she looked into the distance at the fading

sunset, "I want to know where I come from... I know I was

ment to do something, something bigger."


Name: Elegra (Ele for short) Swan


Age: 20 


Occupation: She is part of a traveling side show, her

talents varying greatly because she grew up in it. From

breathing fire, swallowing swords, walking on glass, tight

rope, acrobats, and dance. She's a women of many talents. Or

some might call her a gypsy, but don't say that to her



Appearance: Elegra is tall, around 5'11", and slender

with the nice curves of a women. Her skin is a tanned olive

tone along with intricate tattoos that adorn around both of

her upper arms, both ankles, and what looks like a sun

in between her shoulder blades followed by scripture down her

spine. Along with that she has long layered dirty blonde hair

that reaches her shoulder blades and frames her face; which

is oval shaped, very dark blue eyes that are lightly

 rimmed with black coal, pink lips her bottom slightly

bigger then the other, and a scar on her left cheek



Her normal attire is a loose fitting top that cuffs tightly

around her wrists and with billowing sleeves, over that shirt

is normally a corset tightened to perfection. 


She prefers to ware loose fitting pants when she is

performing but can rarely be found warring long ankle length

skirts along with silver ankles. 


Personality: Elegra is a show women through and

through, working a crowd to its full potential. Even though

she enjoys playing a role in front of people it causes her to

not let anyone to see the real Elegra. She doesn't like

strangers, but puts on a smile to please them, making it her

goal for them to love her while she becomes unattached so

that it doesn't hurt when they leave her. 


Even though Elegra does have a stage curtain between her and

others she is one that your could trust and depend on to be



History: Elegra was adopted into a family of traveling

performers when she was only five. Her parents only telling

her that she was found wondering alone, presumably lost. They

had searched for her parents but when nothing showed up they

permanently took her in as their own.


She was raised loved like their own daughter, taught a new

skill every day by the huge family that traveled with them.

They were called the Swan's Traveling Entertainment, everyone

knew of their death defying shows. But most people called

them gypsies behind their backs, accusing them of stealing

and such. 


She loved her makeshift family and so did they. But as she

grew older she started to wonder what else she could be

doing, out of the safety of her home, she didn't know. But

she was bent on finding out


Other: She has a pet Drake, only about the size of a

mouse, named Sky. It has light gray almost white skin, six

legs, long tail and looks like a small lizard of sorts with

four wings that are almost translucent.


((Sorry that the format came out funny because I did it on my i pad, but I hope this is ok.))

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{{ Would it be alright if I RPed a few dragons, or is it all human? }}


"My goal isn't to go and hunt down every kind of dragon out there. I think humans and dragons could coexist if the right things were said and done. That's my goal; to form a bond with every dragon I come across."


— Shayne Holloway


Name: Shayne Holloway


Age: Shayne is 17 years young; her birthday is June 21st.


Occupation: Currently, Shayne is an engineer-type person; she makes small mechanical animals to make money. She aspires to become a dragon tamer, but she has enough to deal with in trying to care for her pet Wyvern.


Appearance: Shayne stands at about 5'8" and weighs in at 121.3 lbs. Most of that height is the product of her long, muscular legs. This is where she earns the name "Toothpick". She sports long, wavy blonde hair that falls just past the base of her back, and blue hazel eyes with some sparse scatterings of freckles. She usually wears lots of leather bracelets, tight-ish beige pants and a dark chocolate corset (hardly tightened), and tall dark brown boots. She never leaves home without her bulky goggles sitting on her forehead, either.


Personality: Shayne is an adventurous girl with a talent for art; drawing, mostly. She is great at making little mechanical creatures, but supplies are usually quite limited. She doesn't make much money unless she's working two jobs, but she manages to get by. Shayne also has a bit of an attitude. She's quite stubborn sometimes, and she something of a temper. She doesn't seem to want to live in the 'real world'. Instead, Shayne views the world — and life — as though it were a fairy tale. She's mischievous, troublemaking, and something of a prankster. She has more street smarts than book smarts, mainly because she's taught herself almost everything she knows; without parents, how else would she learn? She throws caution and responsibility to the wind, and wants to live the life of a hero.


History: I'll work on this tomorrow. It's late, and I'm on my iPod.


Other: Shayne has a pet Wyvern; a Dusky Wyvern (which looks an awful lot like a Tri-Horn Wyvern) named Ninsoare. She found "Ninny" as a hatchling, and cared for her since then. Now, Ninsoare is the size of a couch, and is very difficult to keep out of the way.

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Shayne walked down a cobblestone street, Ninsoare following close behind. As the duo passed a fruit stand, Ninsoare, Shayne's Tri-Horned Wyvern, snapped up an apple. The shopkeeper gave out a shout of protest, but Shayne simply laughed and ran, her dragon companion close behind.

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