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Writing Contest #4, the reboot

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With blackdragon71's permission - I'm going to resurrect the Writing Contest Thread - using the suggestions from the apparently dead Thread belonging to Nightwish.


Prompt 1 - blackdragon71's prompt


This challenge is to choose someone that you have always wanted to learn about, and get into their heads while they tell you about their world. For example: My main area of historical interest is Roman Britain. Since the historian Tacitus (a Roman man) felt that Boudicca's revolt was worth a mention in his Annals, well, I would love to take a walk with her and find out what her world and her motivations were from her standpoint, rather than a second-hand account no doubt given by Agricola (who was present during that time, and was the father-in-law of Tacitus). How about you? Who would you walk with for a while and what would they tell you?



Prompt 2 - added by me for variety


This one is an exercise in imagination. Pick any Historical Event, and imagine what the world would have been like had that event occurred differently or even not at all. For example – what would have happened had the Space Shuttle Challenger not blown up 73 seconds into its flight, killing all 7 members of its crew? Or even what would the world be like if the Founding Fathers never made the Declaration of Independence – would the Americas still be colonies or would something else have happened to create the USA as we now know it?





Here are the basic rules of this contest:


1) Length - between 1000-2500 words.


2) Keep it PG-13, please.


3) The usual formats are acceptable (Google docs, Figment, Pastebin, et al). Make sure to link them in your post!


4) If you want to participate, please bold your post in blue and say, "I want to participate!"


5) Please label your entries with Prompt 1/Prompt 2. You can enter both Prompts if you wish.

- if there are enough entries for both prompts to be considered as separate competitions, the winner of each Prompt will be dual hosts of the next. Ie Winner of Prompt 1 provides the next prompt 1 and Winner 2 provides prompt 2.



List of Participants:






Deadline: 12th April - no entries received by this date.... NEW DEADLINE: 26TH APRIL

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Just poking this thread.


Also deadline's coming up so if anyone needs an extension now's the time to say.

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Considering no entries have been made - with no deadline extention requests.....


I'll keep it open til new deadline of:


26th April


then if no entries are still forthcoming I'll PM a mod to close.

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I'd really like to enter and have a half way idea, but I'm super busy D:


I'll try to get something down by the 20th though ^^

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