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Pc vs Mac

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This is my English essay, if you could please leave some feedback that would be appreciated.


Windows V.S. Macintosh By: Austin Klum

There is a movement towards Apple products. However, their computer line Macintosh (Mac) is still not greater than Windows computers (Pc). Pc is better because it is cheaper, customizable, and has more and better software. (Computers Don’t Byte!) “Windows is a program many computer users use to manage files within their computers.”

First, Pc is much better priced. In today’s economy people do not have as much money so buying a Pc is more affordable than buying a Mac. Pc’s average price is around $500. The average Mac is about $1000. (Intel) “For many users, cost is key. You want to get the absolute most for your money. In years past, PCs dominated the budget-friendly market, with Macs ranging anywhere from $100 to $500 more than a comparable PC. Now this price gap has lessened significantly. However, you will notice a few key features that Macs tend to lack in order to provide a lower price: memory and hard drive space”

Secondly, Pc is customizable. You want a diverse range of companies for buying computers and hardware so you can make sure you can always get the best price on something. Mac has a monopoly on their parts; you can only get Mac parts at an Apple store. With Pc you can chose from Toshiba to Gateway to many others. (Fox News) “The compromise you accept when you choose Apple's super-sleek design aesthetic is that do-it-yourself upgrading is impossible unless you're an expert. You can't even replace the RAM in a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro with retina display because the memory is soldered to the logic board. With PCs, it's easy to swap out drives and sound and graphic cards, or even build a custom PC from the ground up, if you're reasonably handy”

Lastly, Pc has loads more and much better software. Pc has a much larger community of open source software. Open source is when people make programs and let people use and edit them for free. Also, Pc has more games and software for businesses. Mac is not used as much as Pc. Mac doesn’t have much for games, although their game selection is getting bigger. (Fox News) “For the average user, this may be more of a tie. But if you're a finance person or a gamer, you know the Mac finishes a poor second.”

Some Mac users say that Pc is unstable, slow, ugly, and gets viruses. While it is true Pc used to be unstable, Microsoft has ironed out a good majority of bugs. Pc is slightly slower, although the average person doesn’t need a blazing fast computer to check their E-Mail or go on Facebook. If you still need the speed you can spend an extra $200 to make your Pc way faster than a Mac. Pc may not be the best looking computer but it still works great. If you need a pretty thing to look at when you’re not doing anything you can still get a good looking Pc. While Pc does have more viruses they can be easily be avoided, just don’t download everything you see on the internet. Again, if you like the process of downloading things you can get either some cheap anti-virus or download a trusted anti-virus from the internet.

In conclusion, Pc outweighs Mac by a good piece. Pc is very good priced compared to the costly Mac, and Pc can be changed to fit everyone’s needs, and has a large library of software. These above are just some of the many reasons why Pc outdoes Mac.



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