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Everyone knows the story of Alduin and the Dragonborn; of the Dragonborn killing that wretched beast and ended his life, and ended the reign of terror that befell Skyrim. The songs that ring in taverns and in the streets tell you the stories of how the Nordic hero saved Tamriel and how the Dragonborn got past numerous obstacles in the process, and even after that protected it for many years.

The year is 5E 201. After the last Dragonborn failed to slay Alduin, another slavery of mankind took place. But ever since the dragons took power, the people of Skyrim have anger and despair inside of them... And anger and despair lead to revolution.

Will the land of Skyrim defend itself this time? Or will the Dragonborn, where ever they are and if they exist, once again save it?




You are a citizen of Whiterun, in Skyrim. You can be a Khajiit or a Wood Elf or an Argonian; your species does not matter. You are part of the slavery of the people of Skyrim, but you may choose to tolerate it.. You simply want to continue your everyday life, being a merchant or a Companion- or even a thief from the Thieves Guild that is on a mission in Whiterun. Maybe you're a member of the Dark Brotherhood? Or maybe you will choose to defend or fight with the Dragonborn. Maybe you will partake in the Second Dragon War that has been going on in people's heads? What matters is that your life will be changed drastically, and you will either have to fight, flee, or die. But remember, when it all comes down to it... It will be your cause that matters.




Skyrim is a mountainous land that resides within Tamriel. There are many regions and small villages. 


More Information on the Nine Holds of Skyrim


The Dragonborn


The Dragonborn is a Nordic hero said to slay dragons and absorb their souls. They can be either male or female and of any race, and they usually do not know they are Dragonborn until they actually slay a dragon and absorb their soul.


More Information on the Dragonborn




Shouts are forms of magic that is used as a... Well, shout. They are said in the language of the dragons, and are said to be extremely dangerous and deadly powers.


More Information on Shouts


The Jarls


Basically the mayors of the regions of Skyrim. There is one for each region.


More Information on the Nine Jarls of Skyrim


[Jarls will be NPCs. Each Jarl will be named "The Jarl of *Insert Hold Name Here*" except for Malug.]


The High King


The High King of Skyrim is basically the King of Skyrim.


[The High King will be mentioned as the High King. He is another NPC.]




There are many races of people in Skyrim, ranging from humans to the furry Khajiits or the scaly Argonians.


More Information on the Ten Races of Skyrim




Armor is used for protecting people against attacks.


Types of Armor




Weapons are used for attacking and defending against attacks.


Types of Weapons




Magic spells can be cast by mages. There are many types of spells, but they are separated into three sections, Alteration, Conjuration, and Destruction.


Types of Spells


Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Etc


There are many monsters and "conditions" in Skyrim, ranging from the dragons that you may find in the wild and other basic creatures, to people affected by vampirism or lycanthropy.


More Information on the Monsters of Skyrim




In the land of Skyrim there are many animals. Some animals are the simple deer to the dangerous and fierce wolf. Animals can be killed for their meat, tusks, claws, eyes, etc.


More Information about the Animals of Skyrim




There are many organizations and groups in Skyrim, ranging from notorious and deadly to famous and revered.


More Information on the Factions of Skyrim




No godmodding, flaming, power-playing, etc.

Be polite.

Keep it PG-13.

You need to use proper grammar and keep your posts interesting. Don't post like this: "He got up. He went to the door. He went outside. He looked up at the sky. He smiled. He went to work. He worked very hard.".

A minimum of 7 sentences are needed for each character post. If you have no time or have no idea what to write, you may post 4 sentences, minimum.

You may have as many characters as you want, but keep them active. 

Your charrie will have to be over age twenty. No teenagers!

There will be only two Dragonborns in this RP. [both taken.]

Your charrie will have to die eventually. They may have children and you may continue your story from generation to generation!


Keep the coding on the form.

Keep appearances realistic. Argonians and Khajiits may come in several different colors, but make them earthy colors, or simple colors, like brown, white, black, gray, auburn, gray blue, etc. No blue, firetruck red, rainbow colored, etc. charries are permitted.








Clothing or Armor:


Dragonborn?: [Only say yes if your charrie is Dragonborn.]

Race: [Add a semicolon after the race and say if they are a werewolf, vampire, etc. For instance "Ambra; Werewolf".]

Member of?: [is your charrie in any specific group?]

Appearance: [Again, keep this realistic.]

Werewolf Appearance: [Only if charrie is a werewolf.]








Username: TMD

Name: Ambra Neirum

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Clothing or Armor: A light armor suits me best...

Weapons: Iron dagger, Steel Bow and Steel Arrows.

Dragonborn?: Yes

Race: Nord; Werewolf

Member of?: The Companions, but doesn't really have a major role other than being in the Circle.

Appearance: Um, how do I fight..?

Werewolf Appearance: Arroooo?[Ginger furred] 

Personality: Ambra is a strange sort of woman. She usually keeps to herself even though she's in the Companions. She is the one who fetches the mead for them, and due to her loyalty either way, was inducted into Circle. She is shy around men, which makes work in the Companions uncomfortable.

History: Born in Dawnstar, Ambra moved to Riverwood and then to Whiterun. She was made an orphan at the age of ten, and was raised by the Companions, due to her father's relationship with them. From then on she was made part of the Companions to this day.

Other: Doesn't know that she's Dragonborn.



Username: TMD

Name: Eutei 

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Clothing or Armor: I don't fight, but only for protection...

Weapons: Nordic Dagger, and her mage powers.

Dragonborn?: No.

Race: Argonian

Member of?: None

Appearance: Why, hi there!

Werewolf Appearance: [N/A]

Personality: Eutei is a fun Argonian, and she is someone that loves to be around others. She loves music and loves to listen to people express their feelings, but gets nervous when there is aggression or violence around. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, she will fight no matter what.

History: Eutei was born in Whiterun and worked with her mother and father running a stand. She sold fruits and vegetables while learning how to cast spells, and even entered the College of Winterhold. She quit when her mother died, and the whereabouts of her father are unknown.



Username: TMD

Name: Ri'Dato Brand-Fur

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Clothing or Armor: See appearance.

Weapons: A normal steel sword, his claws and teeth.

Dragonborn?: No.

Race: Khajiit

Member of?: Thieves' Guild

Appearance: Thief? I'm no thief.

Werewolf Appearance: No.

Personality: A cocky and stuck up Khajiit, Apostel thinks that he's all that. Perhaps it's because he was told that he was really good at stealing things and he was told that he was handsome since he was eighteen.

History:  He rather not speak of it. 



Username: Dusset

Name:Jahk Telr

Age: 25


Clothing or Armor: Armor

Weapons: Steel axe, Nordic Bow /Stalhrim Arrows, Ebony Dagger


Race: Nord

Member of?:Dark Brotherhood

Appearance:Jahk is a typical Nord, blonde hair, medium build, fair skinned, full beard. His hair falls just shy of his shoulders and he has icy blue eyes.

Werewolf Appearance: N/A

Personality: Jahk is a cold-hearted killer. He holds no remorse for the death of his targets and rarely shows emotion. He’s very straight forward and doesn’t beat around the bush often. He won’t hesitate to brawl but only if he knows it’s a safe fight, he won’t bother with something he doesn’t think he can win.

History:Jahk was an orphan in Riften, never knowing his parents. Even without traditional schooling or even any real tutoring from Grelod, he became smart and good at thinking on his feet. At an early age he escaped and made it all the way to Falkreath. There, he needed money. He noticed a bounty on the head of a criminal, and even at the ripe age of thirteen, took it. It attracted the attention of the Dark Brotherhood and he was inducted.

Other:Unaware of his status as Dragonborn.




Username: Katedj (Kate or Dj)

Name: Dezelda

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Clothing or Armor: Elven armor, Dragonscale boots, and Fur Gauntlets

Weapons: Elven Mace, Ebony Dagger, Spells

Dragonborn?: No

Race: Dunmer

Member of?: Dark Brotherhood

Appearance: The normal dark skin of a Dunmer with black hair and red eyes. She has light bright hair that she keeps short, and an unmarked face.

Werewolf Appearance: n/a

Personality: She is not quite as kill-happy as most of the Dark Brotherhood, but certainly isn't afraid to take a life. She prefers to use her abilities to spy, learn secrets, and improve her ability to manipulate people to do what she wants. She keeps to herself and rarely talks to anyone, even in the Brotherhood.

History: She joined the Brotherhood 12 years ago, and has since kept herself busy working for them. She doesn't speak of her childhood

Other: She practices her magic outside of the city



Username: Katedj

Name: Verano

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Clothing or Armor: Minus the shield

Weapons: Most Novice-level spells, Muffle and Bound Battleaxe. Nordic Battleaxe and Nordic dagger

Dragonborn?: No

Race: Nord

Member of?: Merchants

Appearance: Tall and broad, he always has a beard and keeps his medium brown hair about shoulder-length. He has blue eyes and pale skin

Werewolf Appearance: n/a

Personality: Verano is always on guard, but he is very good at socializing and earning trust. This ability is key to his successful business. He can be sneaky, but he only does so when he needs to observe something.

History: He grew up fairly well-off, his mother is still alive but his father died at sea. He had been attending the College of Winterhold for a few years when his father died, so he left to take up the business.

Other: Is more specifically a Spell Vendor



Username: Katedj

Name: Aidyax

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Clothing or Armor: Hide bracers with fur shoes, glass shield, leather armor and an Ebony Helmet

Weapons: Daedric Bow, with an assortment of arrows, mostly Elven. She can use all sorts of magic, but prefers to practice her abilities on the fauna.

Dragonborn?: No

Race: Bosmer

Member of?: None

Appearance: The bottom middle

Werewolf Appearance: n/a

Personality: Aidyax is very friendly. She varies in how much she actually shares with strangers. She knows many good people and is thought of as good by many. She has many acquaintances but no close friends. She spends her time out in the woods around Whiterun, hunting the local fauna.

History: Nothing too interesting, if so to be rp'd.

Other: None


Username: Katedj

Name: Zetmelrr (Z)

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Clothing or Armor: Steel armor, Steel Imperial gauntlets, Ebony boots, Steel helmet and shield

Weapons: Skyforge Steel Sword

Dragonborn?: No

Race:[/b[ Breton; Vampire

Member of?: The Companions

Appearance: This, on the right

Werewolf Appearance: n/a

Personality: He's perfectly fine being alone, in a group, or one-on-one. He's very independent and doesn't rely on anyone, even the Companions, to take care of him. He is generally polite and doesn't like being around people who are fighting.

History: Joined the Companions long before he caught the disease. He religiously avoids feeding on any of the members, but feels slightly ostracized because of the disease.

Other: None


Username: RainDash

Name: Kaja Kiedran

Age: 20

Gender: F

Clothing or Armor: Kaja

Weapons: Bow, Fire and Spark magic, claws

Dragonborn?: She wishes!

Race: Khajiit

Member of?: Thieves Guild

Appearance: Her fur is kinda patchy in some spots.

Werewolf Appearance: Haha, no.

Personality: Kaja knew from an early age that she was a gifted thief. Namely, when she stole everything from a guard, then his pants. She is cocky, but can be generous at times. She doesn't trust easily, and makes friends rarely. Kaja considers herself 'heroic' and only steals from criminals... or those with a lot of shiny things. Kaja is obsessed with anything super shiny, to the point where she can lose sense if there is enough shiny things.

History: Kaja grew up on the street, learning that stealing was okay, as long as there is a reason. Stealing from criminals is okay, regular people less so. However, she broke her own morals twice when she stole from the Riverwood Trader. Then she stole from the tavern when they left money out on the counter. She was forced to leave, where she went to Riften to join the thieves guild.



Username: SkullKrusher

Name: Devex Skywing


Gender: Male

Clothing or Armor: URL=http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=50128926]This[/url]. It is durable as Elven Armor, though. Otherwise, Devex also wears a pair of leather leggins and simple boots.

Weapons: Elven Bow, Steel Arrows and Steel Dagger

Dragonborn?: No

Race: Dark Elf

Member of?: The Companions

Appearance:Vex. His ears are mostly hidden by his hair and he has hazel eyes. His hair reaches just a bit under his ear and it is dark, almost black in color.

Werewolf Appearance: I'd be glad to be a werewolf, but no thanks, now that I think about it...

Personality: Devex, being an elf, seems to share most of the normal things that his race is known for - he is usually calm and is very deep in thoughts, yet he is very ferocious in a fight or when he brags with someone. After that, he is very kind to people and especially to girls of all ages since his sister has taught him how to treat people properly.

History: Devex was born in Morrowind. There, his family, consisting of his mother - Teressa, his father - Errel and his sister - Priscilla, lived normally. His father was a mercenary and he sent money back home every month, his mother was working as the town's baker and his sister took care of both Devex and the home. One day, his father was found killed by the Dark Brotherhood. His thoughts were very mixed then as his family slowly started falling into debts because of the lack of septims until he decided to become a Companion and send a chunk of anything he earned on his quests to the family monthly, leaving Priscilla and her mother back in Morrowind while he went to Skyrim Lands.

Other: Is very curious about and impressed by Dragonborns.



Well here it is, I figured your group was lacking a tank so I made one up quick.


Username: Sovless

Name: Thrall

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Clothing or Armor: Full set of Orcish Armor, including the shield.

Weapons: An orcish sword, orcish dagger

Dragonborn?: Nope

Race: Orc

Member of?: None; He's a traveling mercenary.

Appearance: Normal light green orc skin color, with a dark brown ponytail that goes down to his neck and an ugly scar running down his right cheek. He's about 6'2, broad shoulders and a muscular build.

Werewolf Appearance: None

Personality: He does not usually talk to other unless he needs to, and tends to keep to himself. Although he appears rough and unsociable, once you get to know him he is quite the companion and can come in handy in more than a few situations. He does not feel pleasure in killing others but does so for his honor, and of course for coin. A little loot on the side always helps too.

History: Would you want to ask an orc mercenary about his past?


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  • Dragon attacks Whiterun, slain by Ambra, who then was discovered to be Dragonborn.

People disperse, and friends are reunited and made.

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[i'll start then. Thanks!]


It was a warm evening, which was rare in Whiterun. The year was 5E 201, and Ambra was surprised that she had been in the Companions for ten whole years. She sighed as she walked down the street, her helmet off. She never wore her helmet. She looked up at the sky and frowned as she ran her hand through her greasy hair. Ah, it was time to go home, at least. She could tell from that beautiful red sunset. No snow for a while.


Ri'Dato heaved a sigh as he fondled a chilly gust of frost in his furry paws. Ugh! Warmth. He hated warmth. He leant against the wall and his yellow eyes darted around the streets. His tail twitched irritatingly from side to side. The Khajiit sighed angrily. He was about to pant, actually. Khajiits never sweated. They panted. He even had his Thieves's guild hold down! Sure, people gave him dirty looks and spit in his way... But he was doing this for a cause!


Eutei hummed a song as she steered her cart to the town square. In her stand were pretty flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The Argonian woman was a pretty one, with scales different shades of gray and blue eyes. She had ivory horns and claws, and her scales glimmered in the sunlight as she set up shop. She had preened them well. Of course, someone had to make a good effort to sell! If someone was angry and ugly... They usually never had any willing customers.

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Adrisea stepped out of the butcher's shop and took a deep breath of the night air. Her tail twitched slightly, as it was surprisingly warm. Looking up at the rapidly darkening sky, she noted the distant clouds that would mean snow the next day. She had always felt that the weather in parts of Skyrim were a bit bipolar.


Snapping back to reality, she set off towards her house on the outskirts of town. The small three roomed house was only suitable for one person, but it was home. As she neared the gate, her stallion nicked a greeting to her from his stall. Adrisea let out a soft grunt in acknowledgement, but did not go over to greet him. There was something else weighing heavily on her mind.

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Ri'Dato clutched his fist and looked ahead. Now it was night. It was time for him to work. A small smirk worked its way across his lips and he made his way to an empty house. He slid into it and looked around. Thank Talos for his vision... He smirked and pocketed some septims, and made his way to the clothing, opening a wardrobe. Aha! Men's clothing. He shoved it into his bag and continues to rummage through the house. Hopefully, the guards would not get him. He had too much jail time already...

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Adrisea rummaged in her bag for a moment before producing a small silver key. She unlocked the door to her house and slipped inside. She murmured and indication under her breath, and the room at once filled with light. She dropped the bag on a table and went about lighting candles. Once the bottom floor was filled with a warm glow of light, the Khajiit went about preparing a simple meal of bread and rabbit meat.


She ate quickly, unpacked her day's gathered materials, and went immediately to her room. After illuminating that room as well, Adrisea sat down at her desk and began to write:


I swear, another blasted dragon. There were scorch marks over the fields... and a shadow too large for any kind of bird. I have yet to see one, but the signs are all too clear. It makes for bad game at the least. Then again, a dragon would make a good prize. The "legendary" Dragonborn may be one of the few that would face such a creature, but I have no fear of dragons. They know not the magic I do, whether their power is considered greater than my range of spells. Blast, if only there were known Dragonborn here. That would provide a companion worth fighting alongside.

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Ambra walked to her home, Breezehome. In her hands were books that she had found scattered around the area of the common in Jorrvaskr. A woman named Rashid said that they were books on dragons, and she had a deep obsession with dragons. Fire dragons, frost dragons! They were all amazing. But a distant roar made her look up in surprise. A blotch in the sky, circling above was what she saw. Dragon! she had known that dragons existed. She was not one of the ignorant people who saw the scorch marks and the foot prints and said that it was nothing more than a mammoth that got caught in a fire. Really? She sighed and shook her head. The dragon would not attack. It was circling too high.

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Adrisea set the quill down and stared at the paper for a moment. Letting a sigh escape her, she rose and moved to her window. The sky was black now, and town was growing quiet. Her amber eyes surveyed the scene carefully. All seemed very peaceful. Turning from the window, she moved to her dresser. She withdrew simple cloth clothing she liked to use for sleepwear and changed.


The Khajiit hung her armor on the far wall before returning to the desk. She added to the entry:


... I will hunt this dragon

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Jahk slipped over Whiterun's city walls and landed skillfully behind a house. He looked about the city and it seemed as though everyone was turning in. Great. He had a contract to fill. One of the guards of the city had made one too many enemies, one if whom was willing to perform the black Sacrament. He moved to the guard headquarters and waited around a corner. The man in question walked to the door and Jahk kicked a rock, causing distraction. Within a minute, the Nord had a corpse over his shoulder and was hauling it to the wall, which he got over and his the body in a random haystack. The farmers could deal with that. He re-entered the city and decided to rent out the room in the tavern. Paying the owner, he headed upstairs and locked the door behind him. He began to undress to his under clothes and slid into bed, staying alert. But he saw a grand shadow through the window. What? He got up and leaned out, only to see a dragon circling Hugh above the city night. Hmm. Would it bother them? And would he lend a hand?

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Kaja was waiting on a rooftop, her eyes twinkling was she studied the possibilities. Her tail twitched once, twice, and she wondered if she should strike this house, or the trader's down the block. He usually left nice shinies on the counter during the day. She was just about to head to the shop when a shadow passed above her head. The young Kajiit looked up to see a giant dragon flying over the town. She didn't like dragons at all. They were bad news, and lately they had come again. Scorch marks left on fields, and various other signs of dragons having been there. All Kaja cared to know was that she needed to steer clear of them. That worked for her, and they never really bothered her.

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Standing on the corner of a street, Dezelda looked out at the people making their nightly preparations. Some were putting protection spells on their houses, most could be seen locking their doors. As she walked along in the growing darkness most people ignored her, deeming it an appropriate time of day for a Dunmar to be out and about. Some people still shot her a few, wordless glares however. She ignored these, focusing her attention on how her mace felt in her hand. She had been using a mace as her main weapon several years now, but she had acquired this one only a few months ago after saving up from her contracts. She might not be a high elf, but it still felt good to have elfin quality in her hand. When she spotted the dragon flying high above the city, she began walking towards the edge of town where the Brotherhood had taken to meeting in a large inn. They would have something to talk about now that all doubt had been removed, she wanted to know what.




Closing shop for the day Verano locked the door carefully before he began gathering up his most valuable items into a few boxes, which he brought with him into his room. His room had no windows, he had decided not to add one because it just made things easier to steal. He put the boxes beside his bed, and began taking off some of his armor. He had multiple defenses that he used, but what had saved him most often was his hearing. He was alert to every sound made in his house, waking at the slightest noise. He leaned back with a sigh. His day was not necessarily over, there were some people who would like to have their special spell before he opened again the next morning. Even if it cost a bit extra. He yawned, resting more heavily against the wall.

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Ready to retire for the night, Adrisea extinguished the candles and slipped into bed. She was bone-weary, but her mind could not rest. Tactics on tracking and killing the dragon played across her mind. She picked out spells she would use agaist various dragons, where she would sight her shots, and good cover options from the dragon's own shout.


She rolled over in bed, wondering what she would do once she killed it. Probably sell the scales, claws and bones, but there wasn't a whole lot to gain. Only Dragonborn truely gained from killing dragons. At least game would be eaiser, without a bloody dragon to compete with.


Before Adrisea could move on to thoughts of hunting, sleep overcame her.

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Eutei was pleased as she walked back to her home. She had earned quite the money, because there were people who were not able to shop at day that shopped at night. All she had left was a cabbage and a few carrots, a few being two or three. She had arrived to work with various berries and potatoes and tomatoes, and they were all bought. Her blue eyes looked up at the sky and she frowned as she saw a circling figure. Ah, well, it wasn't going to attack now, right? She retired to her house by a farm and went to her bed, and got into more comfortable clothes as she thought about that circling figure. Whatever could that be? she thought.


[i'll skip to the next day for interaction.]


The next morning the whole of Whiterun was filled with screams and shouts and distant roars. Ri'Dato shot out of bed and looked around wildly, and dressed. He ran out, and looked at the horrid beast that had fallen upon them. A dragon. As black as night and shooting flames out of its disgusting maw. People screamed and shouted and fled, and he stood there, his tail waving wildly as his yellow eyes stared at the giant beast. Well, this was something. Something really... Interesting.



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A bloodcurdling roar awoke Adrisea. It's him, she thought, leaping out of bed. She slipped into her armor in under a minute and decended the stairs. Heart racing, she went into a chest and produced a few dozen glass arrows. Filling her quiver, the dragon roared again, and flames danced in the corner of her eye from outside. Slinging her quiver over her shoulders, Adrisea grabbed her Drainspell bow from its hook and rushed outside.


It was startlingly close to the ground. The size of a dozen horses, the ugly beast bathed the town in orange flames, sending the people fleeing. "Let's dance," the Khajiit said under her breath. She stepped out into the open and loaded her bow. Her amber eyes narrowed on the brute's murky eye as she drew. The paw touched the corner of her mouth for only a moment before the arrow sprang from the bow.

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[The Dragon is an NPC, but it's preferred that the Dragonborn kills it for the first time. So, Ambra or Jahk.]


Ri'Dato growled and looked around. The dragon had its horrible talons on the buildings as it breathed flame. Its ugly red eyes flashed down at him as he unsheathed his sword, and held it it front of him. "Heh, you ugly beast!" he insulted hotly, and aimed to attack the dragon. The sword banged against the hardened scales, and the dragon grunted as it bled lightly. It turned and aimed to breathe flame at him, but he ducked behind a stray boulder and braced himself before the flames came over him. He looked back over the boulder and saw a female Khajiit. "Get out of there! It'll burn you alive!"

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Having curled into a nook for the night, electing to rob an archer's home instead of the trader once she noticed the security measures, she had made out with several iron arrows, which she had needed after adventuring out to here. She also stole a silver fork which had been shining in the moonlight. It was stupid reflex, but she sighed as she studied it. Maybe it would fetch a nice- Her train of thought was derailed as she noticed the large dragon circling overhead. She ran to where it landed, sitting on the roof and watching. She wasn't going to waste an arrow if she could help it. At first, Kaja thought the male Kajiit was referring to her, but she noticed the one hiding behind the boulder. Kaja's tail twitched, but let it go. She settled behind the peak of the roof, her eyes only visible. This was exciting.

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((Don't worry, I had no intentions of delivering the killing blow))


The dragon screamed in fury as the arrow struck. Adrisea has missed the eye due to the dragon's sudden change in direction. It hadn't noticed her yet, but there was an arrow in the soft membrane that connected the upper and lower jaws. The Khajiit slipped into the shadows of a few boulders for cover.


Her head snapped to the side at the sound of someone calling to her. It was a male voice, but she could not get a good look at him, as he took had taken cover behind some boulders. She acknowledged the fact that the fire could be a problem. She slung the bow over her shoulder and produced two spells. In her left paws, frost swirled in preparation for the ice spear she would send. In her right, a ward spell glowed for when the dragon attempted a shout or fire.

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((What are their houses made out of? Rock? Wood?))


Crouching on a rooftop a few houses away from the dragon, Dezelda found herself watching the beast in fascination. She wished she had half of its pure ability to kill. Those razor-sharp teeth and claws, brute strength and immense magical capabilities. She could see several hopeful people encircling about it. Most of the townspeople were fleeing, but she began taking note of which ones were here to fight. There were three Kajiit's within attacking distance of the beast. She wondered how long it would take before other member's of the Dark Brotherhood would appear. Surely someone from there would want to claim such an impressive kill.




Cursing under his breath Verano woke up to the dragons furious roar, which was soon followed by the cursed sound of fire. He leapt out of bed and put on the rest of his armor. He hastily gathered his most valuable possessions and prepared to flee if he needed to. His hand closed around his Nordic battleaxe. He lifted it easily to his shoulder. He knew how to fight, even if he had to try and fight a dragon, he wouldn't go down easily. He waited at the entrance of his house and store, to see where fate left him.

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[Who's going on the journey?]


Ah! A mage. Ri'Dato smirked, his whiskers twitching in the process. Many people were mages, but even more were meer warriors. But the dragon murmured a word and the ground trembled with the force of the word. His tail twitched and his ears flattened under his hood. Okay. Now was the time. Ri'Dato sent his paw forward and lightning spewed off of it, and shot toward the dragon's face. It screamed and unfurled its wings, soaring into the sky and flying low to the ground as it breathed fire. Ri'Dato screamed in shock as the blast of heat and wind flew into his face. The dragon was getting angry...

"Shoot at its belly!" a red haired Nord woman ran up with a bow and arrows. "That's the softest part!"

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Adrisea seized the opportunity to strike as the dragon took to the skies again. She dashed from cover and sent the spear of ice flying into the beast's hind flank. Before the beast could target her, she switched to a fire spell and followed up in one fluid movement. The spell hit the dragon square in the face, infuriating him more than harming him.


The brute finally spotted the source of the attacks and turned its attention to the female Khajiit. It screamed in fury, whipping it's tail down where Adrisea stood. She dodged, but the impact of the tail hitting the cold ground forced her to her knees. Roaring in triumph, the dragon spewed fire at her.


The ward spell was up not a moment too soon, blocking the stream of fire. However, her magicka was draining very quickly, and she could not hold out such a strong spell for long.

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((What journey?))


Dezelda remained perfectly still as she perched on the roof-top, though the wind from the dragon's wings blew her light brown hair back. Her red eyes momentarily focused on a new character, a female Nord who had appeared. She smirked as she watched the dragon attack the Kajiit who clearly didn't know where to attack. Dezelda wondered if the others would step in to save her or not. Glancing at the fearsome beast she leapt lightly from the rooftop onto a booth where she hopped to the ground. She no longer had darkness as a cover, for the dragon had come in the early light of morning. She began running towards the battle. She wanted to see better, the houses kept getting in the way of her view.

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