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Recupera Amissus (pokemon RP)

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It has been two cold seasons since the world was torn apart. No one ever understood why they humans became so angry at each other and tore apart the landscape with huge machines. They used large metal machines to drop horrid attacks upon the earth, scaring their own settlements and destroying their kin. The "long conflict" as some have begun to call it, lasted many many seasons before the end.


I remember that day, I could feel the shaking in the earth before it really came. Saia and I hid in our little cave before it came to us, but the sound was deafening. A horrible blasting wringing in my ears, and a wretched heat that seared the earth. After that many things died as the landscape was bent and torn beyond recognition. After that there were no more war machines or screaming soldiers, just a long dull emptiness. We soon discovered we weren't the only pokemon left at least.


The humans are not all gone either, I've heard whispers from other pokemon that they've seen humans moving around in clans picking out their own survival in this new world they created. Many of us pokemon didn't survive their conflict. They used us as their soldiers, destroyed our homes in their battles, laid forests, valleys, and streams in ruins in their desire for victory. Their great weapon also killed many, if not initially from a strange sickness it caused that would weaken and kill.


Now our kinds struggle to survive in this world they've set upon our shoulders. I hope one day to find a place that the human's battles did not touch. A new home where I can fill my belly without a day's searching. Where find others of any species is a rarity. Welcome to my world.


The Roleplay


This is a post apocalyptic war pokemon roleplay. Humans, though still around will play a minor, probably antagonistic role. After the war a very large chunk of life was wiped out, some species rendered extinct entirely. The small enclaves of surviving humans now live mostly nomadic lives in their struggle to survive on the war stricken planet. There are very few pokemon kept anymore, due to shortage of food and resources. Only those who have use in their direct survival are kept with the groups of human nomads anymore.


Pokemon's numbers have diminished, due to habitat and food loss caused by the war, and over catching of some species as use to fight in the war. The roleplay will focus entirely on the pokemon who now eek out an existence on the planet. The pokemon we will be focusing on, form an unlikely alliance in a desire for companionship and security. Together this band will journey to find a new home to make their own.


Note the vast barren plains of this roleplay's setting have many hazards. Shelter if almost non existent, it is easy from pokemon to get caught out in the elements. There are many other pokemon who wander the wastes, many of which are not so friendly. Food is very scarce, with most green patches already stripped before most get to them, and other prey items in very short supply.


The start out point for the story will be in the wasteland that borders a large mountain chain. From there the goal is to find a suitable place for the group of pokemon to make home. Various hazards such as: human nomads, other pokemon, the elements, and lack of food, will all be obstacles for the group to over come. Once this home has been found the group will have to defend their new prime spot of land from intruders.


Once their home has been properly secured and the pokemon have found a way to maintain a food supply, their most essential mission will be to find the legendary pokemon. It is widely believed that many of these pokemon were captured during the great conflict, and are now imprisoned somewhere in old human places. It is believed that once these pokemon have been restored to their proper places, that true world recovery may begin.


Once true world recovery begins, the pokemon will have to find a way to communicate with humans, and establish a new world order as equals rather than servants. If not the pokemon risk the humans rising up once again and going back to the old ways. As humans do belong in this world, it would be preferable if wiping them out could be avoided.


For the sake of not having pokemon eating each other there are some basic earth world food type animals running about as well




The initial start out near the unova region's route 12. The region is now quite barren, yielding little food or water. They will find their new safe haven directly south of the mountain the cold storage is on. Once this new home has been secured and can be maintained, there will be many new areas and regions to go to in order to retrieve and free the imprisoned legendary pokemon.


To those unfamiliar with the unova region, the map below shows where route 12 and the cold storage are.





The Goal


- Find a new home where there is enough resources to sustain themselves

- Survive the various enemies an perils the worlds has to throw at them

- Once a new home has been found, defend it from those who would take it from them.

- The legendary pokemon must be found and released from their pokeballs.

- Once all legendary pokemon have been released, make contact with human tribes and try to forge a relationship of equality with them.



(for we all must have them.)


-No god modding

-No power playing

-No mary sues or gary stues.

- Don't be rude

- NO killing of characters unless permission has been given

-And above all *drum rolls* Have Fun


Character Restrictions


This can be seen as a way to reward roleplayers once a new phase of the plot has been reached, and keep pokemon from getting so large they'll outgrow the available resources.


I recommend Serebeii or bulbapedia to reference the moves your pokemon can learn naturally and with TMs and HMs.


Before you give your pokemon a new move or evolve it please let me know with a pm so I can make sure it will fit with the current limits for that phase of the plot.


Also note that legendaries are not available for characters in this and never will be. They will only make an appearance when freed.


Current Character Restrictions

- 1 protagonist and 1 antagonist

- Can be evolved once

- No stone evolution

- No TM or HM moves

- Up to four moves total


http://recuperaamissus.wikispaces.com/Character+Unlocks ~ To see what will be unlocked through plot progress.


Character Application: (this must be done for both protagonist and antagonist characters)









Other facts:


Practice intro: (so we can see how your character will fit into the plot)


Also keep in mind when you pick your pokemon that there is limited food, being a big pokemon may not be a good thing.





This is the Recupera Amissus wikispaces, which will be used to keep track of characters and events. All characters will be update on here, and some other information can be located here is well. I encourage everyone to take a look at it. You may also feel free to update your character pages.




Character List


Blitz / Combusken / Female ~ Animals4501

Fyria / Rapidash / Female ~ Moonbeam22

Notch/ Absol /Female ~ Zada2011

Marvolo / Umberon / Male ~ Justarius


Role Players






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Even though i'm not an approver or anything i want to point one thing out it doesn't say if you couldn't be a legendary or something like arceus. That could be bad tongue.gif not listing that


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This roleplay isn't missing anything but a setting.


Give me that and I'll Approve this.


If you still want this in Freeform, feel free to PM Walker~

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Name: Notch

Species: Absol

Gender: Female

Ability: Super luck

Moves: Quick Attack, Bite, Slash, Pursuit


Personality: Notch has lost most of her social skills, having spent the majority of he last two years alone. She has always been a dreamer though, often thinking back to story her mother told her as a pup, and wondering if that could ever be restored. Mostly she's pure drive, traveling and hunting, making "live to see another day" her new mantra.


History: Notch was born to a small litter nearing the last two years of the human's war. Her early life was spent with her family, running and hiding, trying to eek out an existence in the war stricken world. Her mother and brother were captured to be used in what turned out to be the last year of the war. She and her sister did the best they could to survive, having lost their mother long before they were ready to be on their own.

After the great war ended with the "great blast" she and her sister struggled to find food with so many of the plants and animals gone. It wasn't long before Saia lost her life to a combination of starvation and "blast sickness." Notch has since spent the last few years alone, slowly combing through the world trying to survive. Wondering if there was any way to reverse what had been done.


Other facts:


She has a rather large notch in her horn that she was born with, hence her name sake.


Notch's Family:

Omen (father) Captured/ Confirmed Deceased

Destia (mother) Captured/ Confirmed Deceased

Nadir (Brother) Captured/ Status Unknown (Available For Use)

Saia (Sister) Confirmed Deceased


Practice Post~


She could feel the cold winds running across her fur as she crouched. She had heard the slight squeaking and was playing a waiting game. It had been a very long time before she saw the source of the noise. A field mouse, but any food was worth the wait. It hadn't even noticed her from up on her rock perch.


With steady patience she waited for the little mouse to make its way across the earth, steadily approaching her kill zone. Her muscles bunched in preparation, and when the time was right she sprung. The screech that greeted her ears when she landed confirmed her strike, and before the pinned mammal had a chance to retaliate she forced all of her weight on her front paw, silencing it. She wasted little time in gulping down the morsel.


Barely enough to make a dent in her hunger, but then again it was still something. With that she stretched herself, and silently began to make her way down the old path once again, eyes and ears always searching for her next meal.

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Name: Marvolo

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Male

Ability: Synchronize

Moves: Bite (Pre-evolution move), Quick Attack, Screech, Moonlight


Personality: Marvolo is rather bitter, having experienced many hardships. He can seem very sarcastic and rather aloof, but he's just afraid he'll get hurt again. His short-term goal is just to meet other people or Pokemon, he is afraid he is alone. His long-term goal is to restore peace between Pokemon and humans to end the senseless suffering.


History: Marvolo spent his entire life in the care of humans, his parents belonging to a breeder company. He never knew his parents, because he was sent away as an egg. Marvolo then became the favorite Pokemon of a soldier in the war, who spent much time spoiling him until he evolved into an Umbreon. Marvolo was raised and trained by his 'owner', but he never went into battle or had any practical experience. During the day, Marvolo spent most of his time in a Pokeball, because his owner was overprotective of him. Because he was so sheltered, Marvolo doesn't really know much about the human-Pokemon world and what most people thought of Pokemon. When his 'owner' died, Marvolo changed drastically and lost his sense of humor and innocence. Marvolo had then hidden himself in a dark cave after his loss, and survived the cataclysmic blast. When he emerged to investigate, he 'died' again inside at the death of the beautiful world. He spent the next few years alone, unable to find any other Pokemon.


Other facts: Marvolo prefers the nighttime and other dark places to wallow in his gloom. His eyes have become accustomed to the darkness and the sunlight hurts his eyes. Now that he has been malnourished for a long enough time, the rings on his body glow a dull red instead of the healthy gold.


Practice intro: (so we can see how your character will fit into the plot)

Marvolo stalks silently over the rocks of the wasted landscape, the light of the moon shining down on him. Hunger gnawed at his stomach, as he searched desperately for food.


The reflection of the moon shines on a small river, catching Marvolo's eyes. He eagerly goes over to it, hoping that the water is clean and that there might be some sort of food in it. Upon seeing his own reflection Marvolo growls and bares his fangs, then makes a soft depressed noise at still being alone. After testing the water, Marvolo absentmindedly bats at the water with his paw, creating little splashes.


After a refreshing drink of water and waiting for food that never came, Marvolo gets up and slowly goes on his way. He follows the river, hoping it will lead him somewhere better.

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((Marvolo's app is approved, welcome to the roleplay. Also roleplay can now commence, since there's only two of us I'll start us off.))


She could feel the bitter wind biting into her skin as she moved along the mountain's shadow. It wasn't often that Notch was driven to hunt for food at night, but the thunderstorm had forced her to hole herself up and wait it out. Now she was hungrier than usual, and all she'd found so far was two mice, one of which got away. At least the rocky terrain wasn't a problem for her, after all her species thrived in mountain regions.


She looked up and noticed a little piece of impossible luck. Jutting from one of the higher rock walls, was a wind stricken plant, one she recognized. She could pick out a few spots of bright color on it's form, and she did nothing but the first thing that came to mind, and bolted upwards, leaping from rock to rock, and scaling the tall climb towards her prize. Berries, she didn't even care what kind, she hadn't seen any berries in a good long while.

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Marvolo had followed the little stream until it came to the mountains. He looked up at the more daunting landscape, but decided that a mountain spring might be a good place to look for food.


Slipping on the looser terrain but still able to see quite well, Marvolo climbs up the rocky slopes without too much trouble. Looking off in the distance he spots something brilliant white under the moon's beams, leaping from rock to rock. Becoming filled with excitement and hope, he races towards the mysterious object, hoping it's another Pokemon.

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Name: Blitz

Species: Combusken

Gender: Female

Ability: Blaze

Moves: Sky Uppercut, Slash, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz(Too unreliable to use regularly)

Personality: Commanding and smart

History: She was a graduating fighter in her class (training in her Clan) and really liked to teach other students her techniques and strengths. But on the day of the war starting, her Clan set off without her to help end the war, so she was left by herself with no supplies and nowhere to go.

Other facts: Although she is an excellent fighter, she did not support the war.


Practice intro:

Blitz sneaked through the dead, leafless forest, wary of something following her. She turned around to see a Dunsparce scooching along the ground, making chittering noises. It didn't look hostile, so she smiled. "Hello." She said to it. It flapped its tiny little wings, attempting to smile. She put her paw on its back.

She looked up at the dark sky. Although the sun was shining brightly, it was dark and hazy. She heard a screech, and the Dunsparce skittered away. There was a large bird Pokemon flying overhead. She sighed and kept running.

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((Blitz is in Animals, glad to see you here. Had to make sure all of the moves checked out real quick before I approved. Until phase to there won't be many green forests but I'm guessing she may have migrated up to the area looking for food or something else.))


Notch was completely focused on her goal, the promise of berries driving her forward. She gathered herself up and sprung up onto the cliff's surface, digging in with her claws and hunching herself up. Slowly she moved up the cliff, using her claws to dig into the rock face and with quite a bit off effort and a few slips, she managed to get up to the berries. She hated to do this but there would be no other safe way to get these berries down. Trying to eat them off of the bush would be very risky.


With a bit of effort she positioned herself so her horn was just beside an ideal section of the plant. it hopefully would be able to recover from this. She powered up her attack and swung, slashing into the sturdy plant several times before it gave and audible crack and began to come loose.


The next few events were not what she'd exactly planned but they worked. In panic at the fall destroying the precious food, she grabbed out with her mouth, throwing herself off balance. It didn't take much for her to slip. And for a few terrifying moments she spun and fell, reaching out desperately for something to hold onto before her claws hit hard rock once again and she managed to stop herself.


Oh man she was sore, her fore limbs felt stiff from the sudden jolt of her body weight as she once again clung to the cliff face. Well at least she had some food. Slowly, she turned her head to see where she could jump to next, well at least it wasn't too far. Bracing her back legs, she kicked out and sent herself flipping, managing to stick the landing onto the terrain below the cliff. With a bit of effort she made her way down. Once she'd set down her branch she was about to take a count when she saw something running towards her. It couldn't be!

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Marvolo tilted his head as he watched the white form slip and almost fall. Part of him wanted to laugh at the ridiculous display, but another was more concerned for this mysterious form. It would be too fitting and ironic if this Pokemon died before he could meet it...


Marvolo frowned as he reached the near vertical plateau. He knew he'd be unable to jump straight up to the top, and he didn't see any good ledges to use as stepping stones. Growling in frustration, Marvolo let out the loudest screech he could manage, hoping that whatever was up there would come down or move in some way.


As he sat and waited, the faint smell of berries reached his nose. 'Food? No, it can't be...', He thought to himself as he stood up again. He paced back and forth, looking for a way to get up.

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An Umbreon! She hadn't seen another pokemon in a good few weeks or so, and Umbreon weren't exactly common. It wasn't too much farther down, though at first she looked to see if any dropped berries would be salvageable. Well there were the remnants of one. She licked the best parts up quickly. She sighed and grabbed the bush again, slightly unwilling. Some were willing to share, while others just wanted to steal. Though she had a good feeling about this one, and her good feelings were rarely wrong.


And with that she took a few more leaps down the rocks until she was on level with the newcomer. This one didn't look any better from the others she'd met. She sat down her prize and stepped over it cautiously approaching.


"Hello," she said, her voice coming out a bit awkwardly, " I'm Notch, who're you?"

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Marvolo growled and his hair stood on end, mostly because he was nervous. This Pokemon was considerably bigger than he was, and she scared him. This was the first Pokemon he had seen since the blast, and one of the few he'd seen his entire life. He had completely forgotten about the scent of the berries, too overwhelmed at the moment.


Stepping back a few feet, Marvolo tried to relax, but still had himself crouched and ready to flee. 'I hope she's not dangerous... Maybe I should have left her alone'


"My name is Marvolo..."

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Blitz punched one of the dead trees around her. "This isn't fair," she hissed.

"I never did anything except survive, and now my forest home is drying up!" She punched the tree again, making it crack from the sheer force of her punch. She smelled berries nearby. "Food?" She mumbled, sniffing the air. There was food nearby. Not fresh, she could tell, but still food. She sneaked over to the smell, being sure to not make any noise so as to not alert any possible enemies.

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She sighed, she'd met types like these. He was more nervous about her than she was about him, well at least she had a peace offering to make this time. The sitrus berries may not be all that well grown, but they were food, and an offer of food is usually enough. Carefully she plucked one off of the bush and rolled it out to him, being careful not to get too close. In her travels she'd met enough nervous pokemon that she'd learned how to handle them.

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Name: Fyria

Species: Rapidash

Gender: F

Ability: Flash Fire

Moves: Flare Blitz, Flame Charge, Stomp, Fire Blast

Personality: Fyria is very kind and motherly. She is protective of smaller, weaker pokemon and will usually allow them to ride atop her back.

History: Fyria lived with a Daycare owner her whole entire life. She lived quite happily with her owners, and never thought poorly of humans. However, when war broke out, her owners released her and sent her away for her own protection.

Other facts: None


Practice Intro:

Fyria moved along the barren landscape at a steady trot. Her hooves singed the dead grass as she traveled, but only smoked for a moment before dying out. The Rapidash's frame was skeletal, as there was very little green grass in the area.

Nonetheless, her firey features blazed bright as ever as she came over the crest of a hill. Her ears erected at the sound of voices, and she could smell other pokemon. As she gazed down the hillside, Fyria spotted figures below.

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He stiffened when Notch moved, but relaxed again when she rolled a berry toward him. Still way too 'freaked' out, he ignores the berry.


Staring at Notch with his big red eyes, Marvolo speaks shakily. "So.... what are you? You're a Pokemon, r-right?" The look in his eyes betrays his ignorance, showing that he's lived a very, VERY sheltered life. Shaking from being tired and weak, Marvolo lays flat on the ground, not able to keep the muscle-stiff crouch.

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((Fyria is approved Moonbeam, you can jump into rp whenever you wish.))


Notch was almost shocked when he asked that but relaxed and tried her best to be gentle when she spoke. "Yes, I'm an Absol," she says softly, "don't worry I don't hurt others unless they offer me harm first. Go ahead and eat, with the way this world is we all know that food is too scarce to think about." She decided to lay herself down, still on guard in case he was putting on an act in order to steal all of the berries. She rolled another one up and began taking bites out of it.


((Ok guys I have to go up and feed the horses, so I'll be back in about 30 minutes or so.))

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Blitz heard talking. She peeked out from behind the tree and saw an Absol with an Umbreon. What are you doing, hiding back here? You have nothing to worry about! A tiny voice in her head squealed. She really did have nothing to worry about! Dark types were weak against Fighting-Type moves. She padded out calmly, her paws on her hips. "Hello," she said confidently. She glared at the much larger Absol. "What have you got there?"

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Notch was immediately up and on guard. She'd dealt with a lot of pokemon, and food stealers were not someone she liked to contend with. When in doubt she'd be able to escape easily enough, she could scale this cliff faster than either of these two, but at the same time she didn't like things to get ugly if they didn't have to. So instead she grabbed another of the precious berries from the bush and rolled it out to the new comer, testing.


"My name is Notch, I was having a little chat with Marvolo here, now I would like to inquire as to who you are."


((OK now I"m going up to the barn to feed the horses.))

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"An Absol..." 'What's an Absol....' Marvolo took a second look at the berries, smelling them. He rolls one between his paw, almost playing with it. After looking back to Notch, double-checking that she's eating the berries so they can't be poisonous, Marvolo carefully takes a small bite out of one. Eyes widening at how good they are, he quickly devours the first berry.


Stopping himself before eating the second berry, he rolls it back to Notch. 'She's bigger than me... a-and she got this food. I shouldn't eat it'


Marvolo's ears flicked at the approach of something else, jumping into the air and back several feet seeing this large bird. This was too much, seeing another Pokemon in such a short span. He growled softly, this new Pokemon could also be a threat.

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Blitz's eyes sparkled at the berry. Notch obviously was not a threat. She smiled. "Th-thank you." She stutters. "I'm Blitz." She eyes the Umbreon in a friendly way. "Sorry if I scared you a little. I like to be confident with my approaches." She picked up the berry and smelled it. "Smells good." She observed. "It may not be fresh, but I know berries keep their taste for a long time."

Taking a small bite out of the berry, she eyed the forest around her for that Dunsparce she had met earlier. It might have enjoyed this, she thought.

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Even though this Blitz is now friendly, Marvolo is still on edge. Having spent most of his life with just one other person, he was starting to get really uncomfortable around these other Pokemon. If another Pokemon showed up, he'd really start to freak out.


Trying to calm himself down, Marvolo sits down, eyeing Blitz. 'I wonder what she is... She's got to be another Pokemon'. Without taking his eyes of Blitz, Marvolo speaks quietly. "It's... ok."

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"I can tell you're confused as to what I am." Blitz says to Marvolo. "I'm a Combusken." She sees the Dunsparce again, doing its thing, and waves to it. She could tell that this Dunsparce was going to be a friend in the future.

"Anyway, thank you for the berry. It's really appreciated." Blitz says to Notch.

(Once we unlock being able to use 3 characters, the Dunsparce is mine xd.png)

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"You're welcome, it's better to enjoy food with others in peace, than waste energy fighting over what little there is," Notch said as she went back to the bush.


Notch begins to pick the remaining berries off of the plant until she has it stripped of the fruits. Eyeing up the pair next to her, she divides the piles up to she has them somewhat proportionate. Her survival instincts told her she should simply keep them all for herself, but her brain told her she'd rather enjoy company.


She nudged the piles over to the pair. "Go ahead and eat, I don't have a way to carry this many anyways."


She wasted no time in laying back down and dragging her pile closer before munching on some of the berries. They weren't well sized or flavored for what sitrus berries should be like, but at they held a lot of nutrients and would help keep her going.

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