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Favorite Pokemon/Type/Shiny

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My favorite pokemon has been rotom ever since I first got into the games as a little kid. I always thought it was a good combination of cute, cool, and funny. When rotom dex was first revealed I was losing my mind. 


I can’t pick just one favorite type, but the ones that I love the most are electric, water, and dragon.


I don’t really have a favorite shiny, but I like the blue ones and the best shiny that I have is a shiny female hidden ability incineroar.

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I don't have a favorite pokemon anymore, just pokemon that I like more than others. Banette was one of my favorite for quite sometimes when I was a kind since I find its story sad and its design super cool.

For favorite type, not sure, Water type maybe. I like Dark pokemon too.

I'm quite have specific taste for shiny so word it correctly in a language I'm not familiar with would be a hassle. So let's just say that I have a thing for little detail that change like Haunter's mouth that turn blue. Pokemon originaly red that turn Blue and the others way around. And I don't like pink at all, but I can resist toward green pokemon that turn pink, so I have a shiny virizion as my first soft reset legendary.

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Favourite types: Water, dragon

Favourite Pokemon: Squirtle(Warturtle,Blastoise), Dratini(Dragonair,Dragonite), Totodile, Lapras, ..

Favourite Shiny: Squirtle

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Favourite types: Ghost, Psychic

Favourite pokemon: Mimikyu, Gengar, Mew

Favourite Shiny: Magikarp, Gyarados, Ditto

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Favorite Type: Dragon, Fire, electric, water.

Favorite Pokémon: Glaceon, Stonjourner, Gallade

Favorite Shiny: Sobble.

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I normally have a really hard time choosing what my favorite anything is, so I'll just make a short list for each one.


Favorite Type: Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Flying, Dragon, and Electric.


- I like Ghost because it's super creepy and I have been interested in the supernatural for a long while. Plus, they act like parasites, which is pretty wicked. And they deal a lot with Status effects and annoying things for their entertainment.

- I like Dark because they are cruel creatures, most of the time, who do underhanded tricks to win, whether it actually be cheating or not. Their moves are some of the most unique in concept, too.

- Psychic is one my favorites because you can read people's minds, control things and people with your mind, and do tricks that are hilarious to pull on others, especially in competitive.

- I have always loved Flying. I wanted to fly when I was younger and I absolutely loved flying in planes when we'd move somewhere or for a vacation. I still have that wish to fly.

- I also have always loved the Dragon-Type. Mystical, fierce, strong, and legendary. They are absolutely amazing. I can't express any more words on it since no word really describes how much I like this type.

- Electric... Electric would have to be my favorite type if the others weren't so likable. Electricity and harnessing it has always been my thing for years and I absolutely love it. I am having issues trying to express this one like the Dragon-Type, so I'll just leave it as it is. You could say it's a fixation.


Favorite Pokemon: Pichu, Mewtwo, Darkrai, Gengar, Giratina, Corviknight


- Pichus would be my all time thing if Legendaries and Gen VIII and Mega Evolution, this would take the cake. It's so CUTE!!!

- Mewtwo is my absolute favorite, as well, mainly due to the movies it was in. Mewtwo just feels so misunderstood, which I'm a sucker for these kinds of characters.

- Darkrai is in the same boat with Mewtwo. And so is Giratina. Darkrai and Giratina due to the movies, maming them seem misunderstood. I also like what they are capable of.

- Gengar became my favorite because of its look and my use during RPs, as well as what its capable of doing. 

- Corviknight just looks awesome. Its the first Steel bird since Skarmory. It just looks cool.


Favorite Shiny: Mega Gengar


It's just so.... White... ish. XD It's an off white with pink but it's still super cool.

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Psychic for the win! It has my favorites; Delphox, Gardevoir, and of course Mew.

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Fave types: Dragon, Dark, Poison

Fave pokémon: Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Yveltal

Fave shinies: Ho-oh, Bulbasaur evo line, Furfrou, Bruxish, and primal kyogre 

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Favorite Types: Electric

Favorite Pokémon: I have a lot of favorites, but my absolute favorite is Mewtwo

Favorite Shinies: I haven't really found any shiny Pokémon that I find appealing.

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Favourite types: Fairy, Ice, Fire

Favourite pokemon: Mew, Eevee, Mimikyu

Favourite Shiny: Sylveon, Mew, Toucannon

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[ Vin ] 


For our system in general 

Favorite Types: Psychic, Bug 

Favorite Pokémon: Elgyem, Galvantula, Porygon-2 

Favorite Shinies: Dewpider 


For me 

Favorite Types: Psychic, Ghost, Dark 

Favorite Pokémon: Banette, Mimikyu, the gen 8 fossil Pokemon, Galarian Yamask 

Favorite Shinies: Cranidos, Haunter, Cofagrigus 

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