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Favorite Pokemon/Type/Shiny

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My favorite pokemon has been rotom ever since I first got into the games as a little kid. I always thought it was a good combination of cute, cool, and funny. When rotom dex was first revealed I was losing my mind. 


I can’t pick just one favorite type, but the ones that I love the most are electric, water, and dragon.


I don’t really have a favorite shiny, but I like the blue ones and the best shiny that I have is a shiny female hidden ability incineroar.

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I don't have a favorite pokemon anymore, just pokemon that I like more than others. Banette was one of my favorite for quite sometimes when I was a kind since I find its story sad and its design super cool.

For favorite type, not sure, Water type maybe. I like Dark pokemon too.

I'm quite have specific taste for shiny so word it correctly in a language I'm not familiar with would be a hassle. So let's just say that I have a thing for little detail that change like Haunter's mouth that turn blue. Pokemon originaly red that turn Blue and the others way around. And I don't like pink at all, but I can resist toward green pokemon that turn pink, so I have a shiny virizion as my first soft reset legendary.

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