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Um, back in Black and White's release (before B2W2 crashed gen 5) I refused to spoil anything for myself online except through guidebooks and word of mouth. It was pretty fun! But I knew nothing about Undella Bay and its ruins, so I asked my most knowledgeable Pokemon friend. He told me that Undella Bay is related to Genesect, and the runes on the wall talk about how he was created.


Jerk. Total lies. And I didn't do the research to debunk them because of my vow. I ended up unfriending him after B2W2 came out and I did some research.

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You all know who Looker is right?

That master of disguises member of the international police who definitely is not really the Doctor?

user posted image

[sarcasm]Yah, totally doesn't have a blue box stashed somewhere[sarcasm]



Anyway, while replaying Pokémon Yellow, On the SS Anne, one cabin has a man who says he's a member of the international police on the trail of team rocket.


Looks like Looker wasn't a new character in Diamond and Pearl after all.

Sadly, he also loses his memory when he washes up in the Pokémon Frontier in ORAS.

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So two stories. 


One: A friend of my fiancé, who subsequently broke his trust after he told me the following story, told me in a Facebook call that the first 300 copies of Emerald got called back. A few that were bought had the evolution of Gyarados, known as Hydrados, and GameFreak made sure that nobody knew about this by taking down anything that had to do with Hydrados.


I have my sources, and it is extremely difficult to call back a product, let alone a Pokemon product, once it's been out to sell. I would highly doubt that GameFreak would allow such a thing to happen after the first time someone snuck in Mew in that weird glitchy way to catch it (unless that was intentional). Also, I scoured EVERYWHERE. There were no code words to hide the existence of Hydrados, and most people who were around the time of Emerald coming out have never heard about this. I took his word for a grain of salt and only took me a day to find out the truth. The only thing I saw of Hydrados were a couple people's interpretation of turning Gyarados into a Hydra by splicing Pokemon sprites when that was still popular.


Two: When I was playing HeartGold, people were telling me that Whitney was the hardest gym fight because her Miltank could heal itself and deal increasing damage with Rollout, and it had High Attack and HP. It also had Attract to make your Pokemon attack less often, and most people's Pokemon were Male. Clefairy for most was a joke unless you had no way to knock it out in one hit. Double Slap hurts, but not as bad as getting stuck with a move you don't want to use with Encore and it using one of your own moves against you with Mimic and summoning a random move with Metronome. Most of the time, Clefairy summoned something of little effect like Splash or some other status move that had no use in the battle like Helping Hand, or it summoned something else less useful. Other times, it managed to get a powerful move right off the bat, but it did zilch.


That's what happened to me. I used my Dunsparce, a male one, that I caught in Dark Cave after trying to find one when hearing it was a 1% encounter chance. Named it Dunce and began training it along with the 20+ Pokemon I had because I couldn't settle on a team. When I reached Goldenrod City, I tried out the Gym Leader. Now, while I was training my Dunsparce, it was at level 18 and I was wondering why it was one shotting everything in my path. My moveset was Glare, Defense Curl, Rollout, and Yawn. I had a plan of attack but I first wanted to see how easy it was if I gungho it. I used Defense Curl first to boost my Rollout. I then used Rollout as Clefairy used Metronome to summon Hydro Pump. It did jack all, and Dunce was able to knock it out with two hits of Rollout. When Miltank came, the boosted Rollout that now was going to hit a third time actually sent the Miltank to red when it tried to use Attract. It hit. Whitney used a Super Potion, and I thought Dunce wasn't going to pull through. That's when the fourth Rollout hit in a row and Miltank was out in one hit.


A little while later, I deleted the save file because I abandoned the game and lost my feeling for it after 4 years. Soooooo yes. There we go. XD

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