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Um, back in Black and White's release (before B2W2 crashed gen 5) I refused to spoil anything for myself online except through guidebooks and word of mouth. It was pretty fun! But I knew nothing about Undella Bay and its ruins, so I asked my most knowledgeable Pokemon friend. He told me that Undella Bay is related to Genesect, and the runes on the wall talk about how he was created.


Jerk. Total lies. And I didn't do the research to debunk them because of my vow. I ended up unfriending him after B2W2 came out and I did some research.

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You all know who Looker is right?

That master of disguises member of the international police who definitely is not really the Doctor?

user posted image

[sarcasm]Yah, totally doesn't have a blue box stashed somewhere[sarcasm]



Anyway, while replaying Pokémon Yellow, On the SS Anne, one cabin has a man who says he's a member of the international police on the trail of team rocket.


Looks like Looker wasn't a new character in Diamond and Pearl after all.

Sadly, he also loses his memory when he washes up in the Pokémon Frontier in ORAS.

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