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Show off your Vase

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My vase! biggrin.gif It's so much less empty than it was a couple of days ago, thanks to everyone who sent flowers!


My only problem with my vase is that I've been extremely unlucky with the flower placement, as all the new ones are either showing up behind or in front of the others. The combined efforts of a lotus and a rose are hiding at least four others, and there's still so much green space. :/ At this rate I'm never going to have one of those overflowing vases that look so pretty.

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@torlanova: Add your scrollname after the valentines (like my link) otherwise it just links people back to their own vases. smile.gif


Vase in current stage.



*totally enjoying a semi-sparse vase* now if only my clumped flowers would move a little. tongue.gif

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nice vases everyone! i wont show mine cuz its empty as censorkip.gifxd.png

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My vase is pretty, And I have not asked for flowers since Valentines day.

I do not like the mass overcrowding of some, I only have one bare spot in the front that an Iris or a Lily might fill. I have been just sending random flowers.

I get one or two a day that way.


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