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Rikan's new art thread

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I bought the tablet lately, so opening a new art thread.




user posted image ~tropical amphiptere


user posted image ~Love Dancer


Digital drawings::

user posted image~silver winged star light-idea of XLaurentX


user posted image~MS OC request




Will updated more =D

Thank you for visit my thread

Of course, requests and crits are welcomed.

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...That dragon you made is AMAZING. I love it! Kinda of looks like a female royal blue hehe tongue.gif


Would you mind if I requested something?


Could you draw me a female moonstone please? smile.gif


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Can you sketch me a pretty dragon to just sprite? Maybe one that is flying and facing up, but no colour, just a sketch smile.gif

I want to make a new avatar(because my first ever freehand sprite is so horrible)

and i can name it the Rikan Dragon!

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Can you please draw me Pinkie Pie from MLP?

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Oh my, thank you, the moonstone is gorgeous! Actually I've been trying to find this thread again because I know that I forgot to tell you how much I like it... The girls in my sig. smile.gif

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