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Ninja Benders

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This roleplay is based on a world which is a crossover from Naruto and Avatar (Last Airbender or Korra). You are a bender or nonbender, evil or good, whatever you choose. This world was once a paradise. There was no evil, no diseases, no poorness, or anything that would darken the world. However, this world couldn't stop the evil that rose after slumbering for such a long time. The Elemental Wand, the being of all elements in the world and the bringer of balance, was lost and never seen again. This was many thousands years ago. You have been hearing rumors of the Elemental Wand. What are you going to do about it?


About Naruto and Avatar (Last Airbender or Korra)

Naruto: In the world of Naruto, the world is run by various villages in different countries. However, five stood above any other.

Fire Nation with the Hidden Village of Leaf.

Wind Nation with the Hidden Village of Sand.

Earth Nation with the Hidden Village of Stone.

Lightning Nation with the Hidden Village of Cloud.

Water Nation with the Hidden Village of Mist.

These Five Great Nations were considered the strongest Ninja nations.


Ninjas fought by using various weapons, and chackra, or the energy each person and thing has inside. A ninja could use his or her chackra to make various justsus, or an special attack. Ninjas were also much stronger and faster than a normal person. Then there are the Kekkei Genkais, or the bloodline limits, that were passed down by certain families. These Kekkei Genkais couldn't be taught to other persons, since the techniques were impossible for other people.

Then there were the Jinchuurikis, who were "human sacrifices". They were sacrificed for monstrous beings of red chackra, called the Bijuu.

If you'd like to learn more, read here!


Avatar: Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

These stories take place in a world home to humans, fantastic animals, and spirits. Human civilization is divided into four nations: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads. Each nation has a distinct society, wherein people known as "benders" have the ability to manipulate and control the element of their nation using the physical motions of martial arts. The bending styles are Waterbending (T'ai chi ch'uan), Earthbending (Hung Ga kung fu, for the most part), Firebending(Northern Shaolin kung fu) and Airbending (Baguazhang).

Some bendings, like Blood (Water), Metal (Earth), and Lightning (Fire) are extreme versions of the basic four.





Something happened one day long, long ago in the ninja world: All types of jutsus ceased of existing at the same time when the Elemental Wand disappeared! Chackra had ceased existing in this world! Chackra was the energy a ninja would use for creating his/hers jutsus. The ninjas couldn't do their jutsus, so they slowly disappeared. However, after hundreds years of trying to discover how to use their Chackra again, people learned the bending of elements instead. Bending for fire, water, wind/air, lightning and earth. Also, various elements like light and darkness were discovered.

The Five Great Nations are gone, since there were no ninjas to keep them in order after Chackra disappeared. All people are nomads or live in small villages, struggling to survive in this new, harsh world. The land itself has gone out of balance; mutated creatures and monsters roam, thieves and bullies rule, and there's no order, no ninjas to protect innocent people. This has allowed evil organizations like the Black Sun to roam around, bothering the poor people.The winters are harsh and cold and summers are scorching, hot, and humid.


The world is out of balance! This world can only be saved if the Elemental Wand will be found! However, the Elemental Wand has been gone for thousands of years and it has turned into a mere legend. Where could it be?


Geography and Technology Level

In this RP, the level of technology goes around the Feudal Era in Japan. So, no guns, airplanes, cars, etc. However, you do have various weapons made of metal or/and wood.


Places you want to know

Gizagiza Mountains: The Gizagiza mountains are extremely tall mountains that have the Great Marshes on their East, and the Scorching Desert on the west. They nearly divide the land into two. Inside these mountains are the Deep Caves where many monsters live and come out at nights. The only safe way through these mountains is the Gizagiza pass, which is protected some earthbenders.

Great Marshes: Because most of the rains from the East stop to the Gizagiza mountains, these marshes are very wet. On these marshes, you have to be careful of bandits, because they wait for travelers to go by.

Scorching Desert: This is the only, but definitely the largest desert. This desert stretches all the way from the Gizagiza mountains to the sea. Nobody lives on the desert and people travel as quickly as possible across this desert.

Grey Fields: These fields are north from the Scorching Desert. They are called the Grey Fields because long ago, there was a great fire which left the land burned. Even today, the ashes hang on the ground, making anything growing look grey.

Dark Forest: This forest is located South from the Scorching Desert and the Gizagiza Mountains. This forest has tall, dark trees that block the sunlight even at midday.

River Plains: The River Plains is located East from the Dark Forest and South from the Great Marshes. This part of the land is still untouched by evil, which means many people live around the River Plains. The land here is nutritious, great for farming, and great amounts of game live in the forests.

Ice Towers: The Ice Towers are located North from the Gizagiza Mountains. This part of the land is most of the time covered in snow and ice. The people who live there have made their houses from ice, making towers looming here and there in the landscape.


Katka, Black Sun, and how you use your powers


Katka is your spirit. However, your Katka takes a specific form only when you have learned bending. Every Katka is unique and nobody has the same Katka. Katkas are from the Spirit World where they choose whose Katka they will become. Katkas guide and protect their chosen persons, called the Waryna, by lending their knowledge, power, and wisdom. A Katka can give his or her powers with the link between him/her and the Waryna. Since a Katka is a spirit, they can tranfer their powers into energy. The Waryna has an access to this power, but only if he/she has the ability to bend. All Katkas' have their own special name. ((For example, Mitsuko's Katka is Okami the Creator, because she is a wolf who uses lightbending to create things.))


Katkas have only one simple rule they must obey in both worlds:

All Katkas have to make a pact with their Waryna. The price for the Katka's protection and power will be chosen between the Waryna and Katka. The Waryna has to give something in exchange to the Katka, like his/her eyesight or strength, whatsoever. This deal can only be done when the Waryna has discovered his/her bending powers, if any. The pact may not be made unless the Waryna is fully aware of his/her decision.



The Black Sun is an evil organization who tries to capture any bender's Katka and use its powers. One could say that the Black Sun steals other peoples' spirits and use its powers to conquer this world. The Black Sun thinks this world cannot be brought to balance by the Elemental Wand, but by force.



A Waryna can use his/her own powers of bending by focusing their energy to the element they can bend. With their energy, they can shape this element and use it by their own will. If were that the Waryna is also using his/her Katka's powers, the ability to manipulate the element increases and the strength of an attack or defense becomes much greater.




Erase everything between the < > signs and out your own stuff, then PM it to me!


[b]Who is playing as this character[/b]: <Put your username here>
[b]Name[/b]: <Name of the character>
[b]Gender[/b]: <Male or female>
[b]Age[/b]: <How old the character is>
[b]Description[/b]: <How the character physically looks. Go into detail regarding skin color/tone, height, weight, hair color, eye color, body size, and possible scars and/or tattoos your character might have. Another paragraph could be used to describe the kinds of clothes they are wearing, and a possible third could go into their strengths and weaknesses, like if a character is perceptive and charismatic, but maybe they’re not physically strong.>
[b]Picture[/b]: <Not needed, but if you can, we could have a better idea how your character looks>
[b]Personality[/b]: <How the character behaves and what their emotional intelligence is like. Description is a look into the physical side of the character, and this is the mental side of the character. Explain how they generally behave, what makes them angry, what gives them pleasure, how do they view others around them, and what their interests are. The more you flesh this out, the more believable of a personality you will have.>
[b]Background[/b]: <This is the character’s history of all the major events and/or generalized summaries of what happened over the many years of their life prior to the events in the role play’s storyline. How were they like as a child, what did they do, what was their immediate family like, and how did their personality affect them throughout the years of their life are just a few of the possible questions you can answer for your character. The more you write to this, the more believable and realistic your character will become.>
[b]Other[/b]: <Generally, this is considered a miscellaneous category that doesn’t always need to be filled out. Usually this might be used for weapons your character might be carrying, significant mementos or family heirlooms your character might have, or things of this nature.>
[b]Element[/b]: <If your character bends, write the element here. Be creative!>
[b]Katka[/b]: <Tell shortly about your Katka. Full name, appearance, behaviors, the price your character has to pay for its powers etc. However, keep it brief!>
[b]Good or Evil[/b]: <Are you searching for the Elemental Wand (or going to), or are you part of The Black Sun?>




-"Someone is speaking." Someone is thinking. You are describing something. Please use this formula while RolePlaying.

-PG 13: Mild cursing and romance is allowed, but remember there are younger people around here!

-Long posts are preferred: 3 sentences minimum. (Just describe your surroundings, you can easily make a paragraph out of your surroundings! ;D Or remind us how your character looks briefly! ((Ex. Character's green eyes flashed as he ruffed his brown hair)) )

-You are allowed to have multiple characters, however, it would be very helpful if you make it clear each time when you play with a different character.

-No spamming and write understandably with proper grammar and punctuation. (At least try, even if English is not your native language.)

-Don't have a character who is perfect; have flaws, but not too much! I don't want a RP full of misunderstood characters nor perfect characters, thank you very much,

-Let's try to keep all the characters' powers on about the same level smile.gif

-Don't attack a person without giving them a chance to defend themselves

-Killing is not allowed, unless you have a permission

-If you are not active for two weeks, I will see it as you have quit the RolePlay.

-When/If I have approved your Sign-Up sheet, you may begin.

-Have fun!


Please PM me if you have any questions or need help! laugh.gif

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Who is playing as this character: Kayrinda

Name: Mitsuko

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Description: Mitsuko is a tall girl, about 178 cm tall or 70 inches. She has very long white hair that reaches almost to the ground. Mitsuko's hair always seems to be fuzzy and she likes it that way. However, she wears a grass-green head-bandage that keeps her hair away from disturbing her sight. Mitsuko's eyes are sky-blue, with a cat-like pupil. On her face there are three blue triangular markings that point towards her nose. These appearances make her look a bit animalistic.

She wears a necklace with a blue fang hanging from it. From her necklace, there goes a "fishnet" armor, traditional clothing from the times when ninjas existed. Mitsuko wears a turquoise shirt with long sleeves and a white star on her shirt, symbolizing her ability to lightbend. Mitsuko wears dark blue pants made of loose fabric that end long before shoes; the "fishnet" armor continues until bit before her shoes. Her shoes, made of sturdy materials, are also dark blue.

Picture: user posted imageuser posted image

((Picture 1 Picture 2))

Personality: Mitsuko is a very bright, childish person. She always tries to see the positive side in thing, or "she sees her glass half-full, not half-empty". She bonds to new people very easily and protects them. Mitsuko can be very fighty and grumpy, but it is only on rare occasions.

Mitsuko is very afraid of the darkness; she can't bend in the dark. Also, she absolutely loves anything soft, fluffy, or cute, which makes her seem very childish. Mitsuko couldn't care less, because she is childish, period. Mitsuko also dislikes fighting or battling, so she often just stays out of them.

Background: Mitsuko lived in a small village, where her parents had left her after they couldn't afford to feed her-many parents did this. Mitsuko never saw her parents again, but she is sure they are still alive. At the age of four, Mitsuko lightbended the first time. The villagers saw her powers as a weapon from thieves and monsters, and for years she was seen as a mere tool. Angered from the behavior of the villagers and the whispers of Black Sun and the Elemental Wand, Mitsuko to left the village. That was when she was the age of 13. For three years, Mitsuko has been mastering her bending skills with various teachers and people while searching for the Elemental Wand. Mitsuko knew she, or someone else, had to find the Wand before the Black Sun did, and bring balance to the world.

Other: Mitsuko seems to have some connection with wolves.

Element: Element is Light. She can use this light to create objects; however, her powers in creating objects limit to weapons and small, miscellaneous items.

Katka: Mitsuko's Katka is Okami the Creator, or just Okami for short. Okami is a ten-tailed wolf with white fur and blue stripes, similar to Mitsuko's markings. ((Ignore the wings in the picture.)) Her eyes are blue and red with a slitted pupil. Okami has a little fighty personality; she is ready to attack anyone suspicious or threatening. But Okami has her soft side: she would never hurt anyone weaker than herself nor attack anyone who is defenseless. Overall Okami is a cheerful person who guides everyone to the best of her ability.

When Mitsuko learned her bending, the pact they made was quite simple: every time Mitsuko would use Okami's powers, Okami would eat the same amount of Mitsuko's own powers that she used.

Okami can create things, however, she cannot use her powers unlimited outside the Spirit World. Therefore, in the world where she is bonded to her Waryna, Okami can only create certain things.

Good or Evil: Good

((All art © Kayrinda))




Who is playing as this character: SkyeDragon

Name: Ayashe

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Description: Standing at a height of 5'3" and weighing in at a whopping 125lbs, Ayashe is the perfect example of good things come in small packages. Not that she takes short jokes kindly though. With white hair that reaches her behind and silver eyes, she is also an oddity. Her clothing consists of a loose blue long sleeved shirt with a white wrap around her forearm, loose blue pants that hug her ankle, a blue belt with a loincloth hanging from it, a white wrap that begins around her feet and continues up to her mid-calf, and a single water skin for her bending.

Picture: Ayashi Ayashi's outfit Moon

Personality: Ayashe is a very reserved person. She doesn't usually seem to be that outgoing and is content to just sit by and 'watch' others as they go on their daily lives. As long as they don't get in the way of her goal she has no problem with them. That being said, if someone is able to get Ayashe to warm up to them then she is fiercely loyal and will fight with/for that person until they either betray her or one of them dies. If anyone were to betray Ayashe, she holds grudges for a very long time. She has a lot of patience, however she also has a bad temper when her patience runs out.

Background: Ayashe's life started as any other child's would have, she was born to a loving couple and an older brother who cared for her deeply. Up until her fifteenth birthday, her life was as normal as it could have been. Both her parents and her brother were water-benders, and she was beginning to show signs of becoming a bender herself. Ayashe's family was extremely excited that she was going to become a bender, as being a water-bender was very beneficial when you lived in the cold climate surrounding the Ice Towers. However they would not live to see their daughter become a water-bender. On the night after her fifteenth birthday, a group of men would enter the family's home and proceed to attack the trio of benders.

Later Ayashe would realize that this group of men were members of the Black Sun, and that they had been after the Kaktas that were a part of her parents and brother. Since she had not bonded with a Kakta, the men merely tossed her aside after throwing something at her face and proceeded to take her family's Katkas and kill her family after.

When she woke a few mornings after, Ayashe would find her polar bear-dog puppy, Moon, licking her face and whining. The girl could only blink in pain as she realized that her vision was very blurry and she could barely make out Moon's small shape. Tears welled up in the teen's eyes, she knew that she was going to go blind if she didn't do something about her eyes. She summoned up some water from the sink, the first time that she had truly been able to bend lost with the desperation of her situation, and proceeded to try and wash out whatever the men threw in her eyes.

Ayashe was in pain, terrible, terrible pain when she heard a voice from behind her. Whipping around the girl wondered why Moon hadn't growled at the person who approached before she could make out the outline of the man's form. The man explained to her that he was Father Wave, a Kakta, and he had chosen to be her Kakta. He said that he wanted to ease her pain, so his price would be her eyesight. He told her that she would lose her eyesight no matter what she did, if she accepted his price then she would no longer be in any pain. After a moment of consideration, the fifteen year old girl accepted Father Wave's price and her world went black.

Two years later Ayashe is traveling the world with her polar bear-dog companion, Moon, as she searches for the Elemental Wand in order to bring peace and balance to the world. She is also searching for the trio of men who killed her parents and brother, determined to make them pay for what they tore from her.

Other: Because she raised Moon from a pup, she is able to somewhat understand him when he makes certain sounds or touches her in a certain way. She has a scar on her right cheek from when the Black Sun men tossed her away.

Element: Ayashe is a water-bender. She is able to 'see' with the water vapor in the air to a certain extent, she can 'feel' the shapes around her. Ayashe is also capable of using the water in her pouch for offensive and defensive maneuvers (the water's movements are controlled by her in the spur of the moment).

Katka: Father Wave is Ayashe's Katka. He is the overseer of all that goes on under the surface of the water and only answers to Okami the Creator. Wave, or Father as Ayashe calls him, is a very kind and protective being and is fair to all creatures that have done no wrong. The price that he asked Ayashe to pay for his assistance with water-bending was her eyesight.

Good or Evil: Good

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Hi! I'm soupnazi and I'll be doing some critique on your roleplay today.


Katkas are from the Spirit World where they choose whom Katka they will become.


I believe you want "whose", not "whom".


Every Katka have their own special name.


"All", not "Every".


Katka's have only one simple rule they must obey in both worlds:


Delete the apostrophe.


The Black Sun is an evil organization who tries to capture any benders Katka and use its powers.


"bender's", not "benders".


You need some more information before this roleplay will be ready for approval. First, you should probably explain the basic concepts behind Avatar and Naruto for the uninitiated; otherwise, you'll be limiting your audience only to those who know both. Second, you need to describe the world's geography and technology level, if only basically. Third, you need to explain the Katkas more; how do they protect their Waryna? How do they give power to their Waryna? And, finally, you need to explain the mechanics of the magic system, as it seems to be a mixture of Avatar and Naruto and thus its own creation.

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This is looking really good, actually. Approved. Have fun roleplaying! smile.gif

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Mitsuko was running down the hill. She heard crunching as she ran over some scorched plants that struggled to live. Dust hang everywhere, making it hard to breath and it got stuck into Mitsuko's white hair, turning it grey. Yuck!


Suddenly she stopped. Did she hear a sound of water dripping? Yes, it was a long-dead stream that still had a few drops of water flowing down. Mitsuko drank the foul-tasting water and stood up. Everywhere she laid her eyes upon was dead land and half-dead plants.

Somewhere far away she heard a moan of a monster. She'd better find some shelter before night falls, because in the darkness, the only light are the stars and the moon which didn't provide enough light to lightbend off a pack of ravenous monsters.

Mitsuko started to run again with a faster pace.

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Night was beginning to fall upon the land, giving the teenage girl and her companion a sort of other-worldly look about them as they made their way across the landscape. The polar bear-dog was carrying his female companion on his back as he picked his way through the nearly barren landscape. It was a sad place, and though the girl could not physically see her surroundings she could 'see' their shapes through the water vapor in the air.


"Moon, we should find a place to rest before night falls completely. Could you find somewhere safe for us boy?" Ayashe murmured to her loyal companion, eyes seeming to stare off into nothing as her right hand ran through soft white fur. Moon let out a puff of air from his nostrils as he continued to pick his way through the landscape.


The pair came across a long-dead stream, a 'sight' that saddened the female water-bender. There was a moan from farther away that sent a slight shiver down Ayashe's spine and a low growl emitted from Moon's chest as he began to move more quickly away from the sound.


Any shelter would be welcome at that moment, any company as well for that matter.

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Now running, Mitsuko looked behind her. Black, shapeless figures with bloody-red eyes and hideous claws and fangs were chasing her.

"Scram!" Mitsuko shouted as she quickly made from the last rays of the sun a blazing ball, shooting it towards the monsters. A few dropped, never to rise again.

Most, however, merely moaned again and continued the chase.

Cursing under her breath, Mitsuko sprinted into run, scanning the area.


Wait, is that a cave? Mitsuko thought. It's better than nothing. I might be able to defend myself when I have solid rock behind my back.

Shooting light orbs to distract the monsters, Mitsuko kept running.

Unfortunately, her light orbs decreased with the light. Even worse, it wasn't full moon and there were clouds sailing at the sky, making it hard to get any light from the stars.


Sprinting and nearly diving into the cave, Mitsuko then turned around, ready face anything.

She kept on shooting light orbs, beams and all that good stuff towards the monsters.

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As the pair continued to move along through the countryside, they both heard a commotion some distance in front of them. Ayashe extended her 'sight' in order to see if she could find something. When she did, the teen almost smiled. They weren't alone in this desolate landscape after all, but the other female was fighting against monsters and it looked like her power was weakening.


"Moon, lets get to her and see if we can't help her out a bit." the blind girl spoke with a tad of urgency in her voice that the polar bear-dog caught immediately. With a low growl Moon lunged forward toward the fight.


Moments later the pair was upon the battle, the strange girl had found a cave to hide in but she was still firing beams and balls of light at the monsters. 'If she's doing that she's most likely a light-bender, without the sun she's powerless. I on the other hand can continue fighting without light.' the teen thought to herself as she pulled the water from her water-skin with her bending.


Since she and Moon were behind the monsters, they never saw her coming. When the first monster was cut down by her water-bending, however, her presence was realized and some of the monsters broke off and attacked her. Ayashe had gotten down from Moon's back, they fought better like that since she could stay in one spot and Moon could tear down enemies himself.


The monsters would all be defeated soon at this rate as long as this other strange girl didn't do something that compromised their situation.

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Noticing a huge polarbear-dog and a waterbender approaching, Mitsuko grinned.

Awesome, some help!

It was kind of an unofficial rule between benders; if one is in trouble, you help them, unless they're your mortal enemies.


Still shooting light towards the monsters, Mitsuko noticed that the waterbender wasn't moving that much around while fighting. Then Mitsuko saw that her eyes weren't moving.

Oh, I see. The pact must've been her eyesight.


In moments, the swarm of monsters moaned and screeched when majority were dead. The rest that could crawl or run, left. They ran somewhere towards the Gizagiza Mountains that were located south-east. This meant, that they were at the Grey Fields at the moment.


Walking carefully towards the polarbear-dog and the waterbender, Mitsuko greeted them in the custom of lightbenders.

"May the stars guide you safely back home." she said as she bowed.

"My name is Mitsuko, I am a lightbender. Pleased to meet you and your companion."


Okami chuckled inside Mitsuko's mind.

"Now, what manners you have! Such traditional ways in there days."

Then Okami spoke out loud.

"I am Okami the Creator, the ten-tailed wolf. Pleased to meet you too."

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True to her earlier assumption, it didn't take long for the three of them to finish off the monsters. Or make them run off into the distance crying for their mothers for that matter. Moon padded back over to his companion and nudged her hand to make sure that she was alright, earning a small smile and a scratch behind his ear in return.


When the girl walked over to the two of them and introduced herself, Ayashe smiled and returned the greeting with her own. "And may the waters of the world forever give you peace. It is good to meet you, Light-bender Mitsuko, I am Ayashe and this is my companion Moon. I, as you could probably already tell, am a water-bender." Ayashe smiled when she spoke, her eyes 'looking' at Mitsuko as a gesture of respect.


When Mitsuko's Katka introduced itself, or rather herself, the blind girl could only blink and await her own Katka to introduce himself. "I am Father Wave, Overseer of Underwater Life and Dolphin Spirit. It is good to meet you again Okami. And a pleasure to meet you Mitsuko." Father spoke with a kind and respectful voice.


With the introductions finished Ayashe spoke once more. "You'll have to forgive me if I don't look at you when I speak, my sight was my price though I can use the water vapor in the air in order to somewhat 'see' my surroundings."

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"Pleased to meet you, Ayashe and Father Wave." Mitsuko said. "And don't worry, I understand you can't "see" me like you whould normally." she added.


Okami acknowledged Father Wave.

"Indeed, good to see you. It has been, what, about twenty years since we last time saw each other in the Spirit World? Looks like tidings have been good for you: your Waryna is strong not in just body, but also in mind." Okami chuckled.


Mitsuko glanced around them. Monsters were creeping around, and even though they were strong, the night was long.

"Let's go to that cave. It shouldn't be too big for monsters to hide, but big enough for us to stay inside. Too bad it's such a dark night, otherwise I could have used my powers with Okami to create a wall on the mouth of the cave to keep off monsters. Nevertheless, we will be safer in the cave." Mitsuko sighed.


"That reminds me that we should look for Light Crystals." Okami noted.

"Light Crystals?" Mitsuko asked.

"Special crystals lightbenders use to "carry" light with them, even underground. They are special crystals that absorb light, keep the light, and don't give away light unless you bend it." Okami explained with a very professional voice.

"Cool, where are these crystals?" Mitsuko grinned.

"Nobody remembers. It has been too long since lightbenders have found them last time. That's the reason why I didn't tell you earlier about these crystals." Okami yawned.


"Aw, that's too bad." Mitsuko sighed, then looked at the others. "Oh, pardon me, lets go to the cave before the monsters are nipping our heels."

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Ayashe smiled kindly in thanks for Mitsuko's understanding, there were some people in the world that would look down upon the blind teen because she did not 'see' the way that they did. So she was glad that this girl was not a part of that group.


"Yes, things have been well for me. Your Waryna seems is a quite strong one as well." Wave responded to Okami with a smile in his voice.


"The cave does seem like a good idea, after you then." Ayashe smiled as she walked after Mitsuko, Moon padding along behind the two females.


[[merp, not sure what else to put...]]

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((It's OK ^^))


In the cave, Mitsuko looked around. It seemed that this had been a passing benders' hideout, since there were a little bit of firewood in the corner.

"I'll be right back!" Mitsuko said before she went outside with a small orb of light to keep monsters away. Luckily, she found a tree nearby, and Mitsuko got enough firewood to make a decent fire for cooking and keeping them warm.

Another small stream trickled, barely any water flowing in it. It probably joined the stream she had seen earlier.

Excellent. A water source.


Back inside the cave, Mitsuko built up a fire. She had a small packet of matches in her bag. The fire warmed her cheeks in a nice way.

"So, what brings you here?" she asked Ayashe.

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As Mitsuko ran back out of the cave Ayashe kept an 'eye' on her as she searched the cave a little. There wasn't much there, though it was obvious that someone had used this cave as a hideout before they got there. The girl could only shudder as she wondered what could have happened to that person.


Moon laid down behind his companion, they had traveled a long way that day and that fight had tired him out. The blind teen smiled as she sat down and leaned against his stomach, scratching behind his ear to let him know that he should sleep.


Once Mitsuko came back and built a fire, it was quiet for a bit and Ayashe enjoyed the small silence for a moment. Then the other girl asked what had brought her out here.


"My parents and older brother were killed by Black Sun members after they stole their Katkas two years ago. I left the Ice Towers about a year ago to search for the three men who took my family away from me. They had thrown something strange at my face that slowly would have stolen my eyesight from me so Father Wave found me and made his price my eyesight so I wouldn't have to suffer." Ayashe stroked Moon's fur softly as she spoke, it was obviously still a sensitive subject for her but she was still getting over it.


"What about you? What brings you out here?"

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Mitsuko listened carefully.

"I-I'm sorry, you didn't need to tell me..." she stammered as she heard her story. "Me? Why am I here? Well.." Mitsuko sighed, staring at the fire. She had never talked about this earlier, either.

"I was abandoned. By my parents. Probably ran out of food. So... I lived in this village. And one day, I accidentally lightbended!" Mitsuko chuckled.

"Half of the village had a heart attack. But after they recovered, they started to train me to fight against thieves and monsters. Years later, nobody called me Mitsuko. They just said "Lightbender! Thieves!" or "Lightbeder, fight for us! Do something for our village, since we feed you! DO something, you ungrateful being!"" Mitsuko huffed.

"I got fed up with the way they treated me, so I ran away, especially when the Black Sun and Elemental Wand seemed to cause so much fuzz outside the small village where I had been all of my life."

Okami suddenly laughed really loud. "Oh my, and Mitsuko was one fire-head that night when we ran away! She kept on saying: "I will be strong!" or "I will find the Elemental Wand!" and stuff like that!"

Mitsuko blushed. "Shut up, Okami!"


Okami just chuckled again.

"Go to sleep, little ones. Father Wave and I will keep watch. You two and Moon can sleep without worries. We will wake you up when the sun rises."

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Ayashe frowned when Mitsuko spoke of the way that she had been treated by the village where she grew up. She didn't like how the girl had been treated. Though when Okami spoke up about the girl being a fire-head the elder teen couldn't help but smile.


From what she could tell so far, the blind teen knew that she was going to enjoy Mitsuko's company if the younger girl didn't mind her tagging along.


"Well, I can guarantee that I won't talk to you like that. Everyone deserves to be called by their name." Ayashe smiled kindly as she spoke. Moon nudged her side softly after Okami spoke, and Father sent a knowing feeling to her to let her know that he would keep watch.


"Well, I guess that we can continue talking in the morning. I would love to continue traveling with you if you want to, Mitsuko. Sleep well." Ayashe smiled before curling up next to the already dozing Moon.


Father Wave smiled softly at his Waryna, she truly was special to him and he hoped that she would find what she was looking for.


"It seems as if we may be traveling together after all, Okami." Wave spoke only after the girls were asleep, keeping his softened gaze on the group surrounding the small fire in the cave.

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"G'night, Ayashe and Moon!" Mitsuko yawned as she snuggled up into a good position close to the fire. Soon her soft breathing could been heard.


Okami's shady shape became visible as the embers' glow decreased slightly. Her blue eyes flashed slightly as she stretched.

"It's safer to travel together these days. Not only that, I have the feeling that our Warynas will benefit from traveling together: they learn more about each other." Okami said as she padded noiselessly to the mouth of the cave. For a moment, she merely watched at the grey wasteland.


"Father Wave? Have you... have you had this feeling for a while? That something in the future is looming before us, like a cat over a pond full of fish." Okami asked, restlessness in her voice.

"I know it sounds crazy, but my powers... they have been weakening slowly. Light itself has been disappearing, slowly, but surely." she continued. Okami turned her head, looking straight towards the two young benders.

"Something is different in those two. From all of mine Warynas I have had since the Beginning, I feel that there's something.. different in Mitsuko. I got the same feeling when I looked into Ayashe's eyes, the eyes that see but don't see."

"It's just... this feeling..." Okami growled in frustration as her ten tailes waved around.

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Father Wave was silent as he listened to Okami speak after both of their forms became visible. His form was not the definite shape of a dolphin, but more like a being of energy that had a similar shape as a dolphin did. His body was a glowing light blue color while his eyes slightly glowed through the energy.


"I have felt that way for a while, Okami. The underwater life has been growing weaker ever so slightly ever since the Elemental Wand disappeared and the Black Sun began to roam the world freely." Wave spoke softly as he followed the Creator's gaze across the wasteland.


"With the world the way it is now, the water sources are slowly drying up, so my powers are also weakening slightly. It is to be expected that since the world is in a time of darkness that all of our powers are weakening." the Katka was calm as he spoke. He did not like the situation that they were in, but he also had come to accept that they needed to do something about it.


When Okami spoke of his Waryna, of Ayashe, Father Wave shifted his gaze to her sleeping form. "They are indeed special, they are strong. I have been watching my Ayashe for a long time, but I could never figure out a price for her. When it was clear to me that she was going to become blind, I couldn't help but ease her pain. She has become like my own child. I have never had this strong of a connection to a Waryna before. She is determined to see her goal through, she wants what is best for the world, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to do what needs to be done. I have never met any being like her in my time." the being that Ayashe had come to call 'Father' smiled softly as he spoke.


"From Mitsuko I can sense the same determination, they will make a good traveling pair. And perhaps they can even gather a group that can stand against the Black Sun and reclaim the Elemental Wand to restore balance to the world." Father Wave spoke quietly once more. It was a long-shot, but the words had come so easily and he believed them.

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Okami agreed with everything that Father Wave said.

"The world is changing. And fast." she said. "We cannot always know what the future brings, but we should be ready for anything, any time."


Silently padding around, Okami looked through her memories, stretching through many, many, many years, all the way to the darkness before light, where Eä, the world, came to life.

"The Great Katkas, the True Creators, know what will happen, what has happened, and what is happening. However, I doubt they can even hear us nor help us; they are now just slumbering giants, not waking before the world is ready to die so far in the future we can't measure it." Okami sighed.


As the night slowly passed on, Okami had an suggestion.

"Pardon me for babbling to myself. Father Wave? If I remember right, there's a village in the southeast, about an day walk away. We should travel there and buy supplies and food. But only if you and our Warynas agree." Okami bowed her head to Father Wave, before finally sitting down, gazing into distance once again.

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Wave nodded as he stared out into the distance at Okami's words. Indeed they could not know everything that was to come, and they would hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


"They have slumbered ever since the world fell out of balance, we cannot be sure if they will ever wake once more without the Elemental Wand being found. But we must hope that we can wake them from their slumber." Father Wave spoke calmly, looking back at his Waryna and her companion as they slept.


The fire shrunk as the night went on, though the burning coals still gave off enough heat for the pair of Warynas to not freeze in the night.


"There is nothing to forgive, Okami, speaking with each other is a fine way to pass the night. I believe that you are correct in your memory, for mine recalls the same. I believe that our Warynas will be in agreement to travel to the village." Wave blinked as he spoke before following Okami's gaze once more.


"Will Mitsuko be willing to ride on Moon? They could greatly cut back their travel time if both girls ride on him."

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Okami laughed quietly.

"Mitsuko would LOVE to ride Moon!


Still chuckling to herself, Okami looked at the twinkling stars.

"I suggest we would gather our strength throughout the night... Our Warynas might need them any time, any day."



(Time skip to morning! biggrin.gif)


Yawning, Mitsuko awoke when the rays of sun hit her eyes. Sitting up, she looked around in the cave. Father Wave and Okami were awake, but Moon and Ayashe were still sleeping.

"Good morning!" she whispered as she walked over the two Katkas.

"Morning, little one." Okami responded.

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Father Wave chuckled at the way that Okami had responded to his comment about Mitsuko riding Moon. He didn't respond when the Creator said that they should gather their strength, for it didn't need answering.





Father Wave glanced over to Mitsuko's stirring form. The fire had remained smoldering coals throughout most of the night, and had died off to nothingness around the time that the sun had peaked above the horizon.


"Good morning, Mitsuko. I trust you slept well. Wave responded in an equally quiet tone, as his own Wayrna had yet to stir.


Moon, however, was stirring and soon opened his small black eyes with a large yawn that caused his entire body to shudder as he gently stretched. This action did nothing to stir Ayashe, however, as she remained in her light sleep.


It took a few more minutes before the blind girl woke, her pale eyes blinking slowly as she sat up and stretched. "Good morning everyone." the girl yawned, she was not a morning person.

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