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Be My Valentine

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All I ask is not to grab all of them and to give chance to others.


Be my Valentine! I don't bite!


Thunder gone! no PM, so i guess they didn't want to be my valentine sad.gif Just let me know who got it. you don't have to gift me anything.


Edit2: Pink & sweetling is gone as well biggrin.gif Thank you salmonbaby for letting me know they went to a good home biggrin.gif

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People, please quit grabbing and running. Act like a mature person. Accept the gift, then post a thanks, and send a gift. Otherwise, this thread might be shut down. Thank you. Edited by Riverwillows

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Even more valentines


A post here is fine




I would like the person who took the last two eggs to post here

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4 eggs dropped one reply mad.gif last one was a pure bred silver 2nd gen but seems like no one wants to say they got, will not be dropping anymore sad.gif

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