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Be My Valentine

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RiverWillows, if I'm annoying you or anything, just let me know.. I get over excited (mostly cuz I eat poptarts and drink soda at the same time)

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For those wondering, the thread does have mod approval. We will let it stay open through the Holiday.



Please though don't chat in the thread - announcing and received and sent posts only



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Thank you TheFish for my lovely Sweet Valentine Topiary!


Here is another sweet tide-ing (gettit?) for another Valentine.


It's not ultra rare, but it is a lineage I am proud of, and pretty much only gift. <3


Claim my eggs/hatchlings! gone!


I am so happy you like it, Beaucifalous. ^^ <33

Happy Valentine's!

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Panic Siren that's a gorgeous lineage! I have no patience, so I'm happy with any dragon I get.. but i can appreciate a lovely lineage

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