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Be My Valentine

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I would love flowers in return  wub.gif Scroll name: yawndream


Please take only one. Thank you.  biggrin.gif


All gone. Thank you.

Accepted this little beauty! http://dragcave.net/view/QG2PB

TY! Flower sent!

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I don't care if Monday's black

Tuesday, Wednesday, heart attack

Thursday never looking back

It's Friday I'm in love


Nothing required in return, but flowers are nice.

Due to egglock... pretty flowers will be on their way! smile.gif

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Modest baby valentine eggies. I dont need an egg in return, a flower is just dandy. <3 (and seeing as how there isnt dandelions.. i do love roses. /wink)


valentine 1, valentine 2

I took the beautiful Fog! One of the SW combos I don't have yet! And a flower will be gifted to your vase.

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Will you be my valentine, take that shiny gift of mine:


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!/////GONE!!


A "Thank you" would have been nice----sigh, that's the risk of the game i guess.....

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Don't let me go unwanted on Valentine's Day...


owner of a lonely heart Gone without a trace.


A note saying you picked this baby up would be appreciated...

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This egg is blue

And a little bit gold

Both parents are white

So why is their kid so bold?


tongue.gifegg adopted


Be my valentine?

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