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Be My Valentine

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For my valentine(s), whomever you may be:


A heart of gold


No need to send an egg back, but I'd love a note and some flowers smile.gif

Can't resist the charm of a golden heart, can I? I'll make sure to send you a few flowers. biggrin.gif

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Another little something for you




I don't necessarily need a gift back, but please let me know who gets it and please let it have a name smile.gif

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Here are my own gifts for any suspecting valentines out there! smile.gif


Three golden presents:


Your eyes are as gold as the sun!


Will you love me forever?


This is as golden as it gets!


I don't need anything in return, but I would love some flowers <(^.^)>


Thanks so much for letting me know, all three of you <3. Im sending flowers to you all too!

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