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On 5/13/2022 at 6:34 AM, Berlin-Angel said:

you put the


etc. links in the


tag to put them as images. hope that helps, and sorry that this is late. don’t check this thread that much.

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hello! i knew there had to be an MS thread here somewhere. XD 

my Keep is linked from my Potooto in my sig. :D 

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ps if anyone has potootos of any rarity, chuck em' at me

I love potootos XDD

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yum. cooky

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We today got two Types of Cookie Critters the Nut ? Type and the Fish ! Type. You'll get them over the dough Function. You have to go to the Keep - read more and there is a new little sidequest, accept 2 times and you get 15 dough for free. scroll below in the left corner you find a little dough symbol, click on it and throw some portions of dough to someone else and you and the other person will get the new cookie critters from time to time. if you want to buy more dough to throw them to others, there are available in remy's inn for 300 Gold each 10 units Dough


Fish male and female Adults



Nut male and female Adults (the male has a lot of nuts *cough*)



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throw dough at me! i'm trystan830! i'll throw it back. :) 

i had no idea you had to accept the quest twice, i just clicked a second time because i wasn't sure anything happened the first time cause the quest was still there XD 

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it was wonky earlier, but it's up tonight.

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