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I join the other day (3-9-2018) but I am not sure I will stay on it because I am kind of confused what I'm supposed to be doing. I can not find any help over there. 


My user name is over there is: DreamingDragons101.


If any one on here is on their please message me over there and help me out or I may just quit the game. 

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Hi there! :D A good first step would be to post your creatures here so people can give them clicks and help them grow. If you use this link http://magistream.com/mine you'll be able to grab the codes for your creatures. Click the button 'Embed multiple' and then click on each of your creatures. It will create a code in the code box which you will then be able to post in this thread to display your creatures. 


Then people will come along and give you some clicks. ^_^ Once they grow up, you can grab some more! I also PMed you back about quests, so hopefully that was helpful. Message me if you have any other questions and make sure you give the site a chance before quitting! It can be a lot of fun! :)

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Okay I have my codes for my eggs please click on them:

If I did not post it right please let me know.




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