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I draw. Mostly wolves, but I can do other things, just haven't tried yet.


I can also sprite, but i'm not as good at it. I can make pixels.


Examples: user posted imageuser posted image


user posted image


Prices: ALL THE RIDGEWINGS EVER!!! (i'm in love with them and want an army, cb or pb 2nd gen, any color. hatchlings are especially love since i'm often egg locked these days). Um, maybe multiple ridgewings eggs/hatchlings for something like that. I'll also accept CB metals; silvers especially, anything pretty lineaged... Don't worry about paying until after I'm done.


Lemme know what you want, also what you're willing to pay.

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I just got a CB Ridgewing egg and I'll gladly hatch and even influence it for you...



Ok so: I'm writing a short story/book about a wolf named Echa. I've had a few people draw him before but this story is different.

The wolf: is blackish/grey with red swirls similar to this picture which Cudo kindly made for me:


Other pics of him:




So I'd love a picture of him either standing and looking proud, or maybe leaping at something.


If you want to do ANOTHER picture for me then:

The scene: He's injured, his left back leg in bandages. His fur is matted in a few places around his neck and back where he has sustained more injuries. I don't know what I'm looking for. Like if I want him lying down, resting. Or with pain on his face, trying to stand/walk. Or maybe sleeping while being tended to by the healer wolf...



I'll of course find an extra Ridgewing for you if you do more than 1 picture. biggrin.gif

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Ooh I love your art your dogs and wolves look very pretty! Maybe when I can come by some ridgewing hatchlings I'll ask for one :3 Less you'd ever be up for a art trade? x3


Anyway, My favorite of yours posted is the dog with the floppy ear, it looks so cute. I would squish him if I could lol

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I've been away for a while.. and I lost a lot of the art people have done for me on my crashed laptop.


I don't remember if you ever finished my wolf... did you?

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