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Esnym's Little Art Stand

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Hi guys! Welcome to my Art Stand. I make dragons, people, and all kinds of other creatures. Below are some examples of my work. I like colors and fantasy.


I'm going to be opening some slots for art commissions for those who are interested. Feel free to comment or PM me. For pixel art or smaller pieces, I tend to accept eggs as payment. For larger and more detailed works I accept payments through paypal. You need to talk to me to negotiate a price.


For starters, however, I am opening two FREE request slots. smile.gifThey are both open at the moment, just comment or PM to get your name on a list.


1. rampaging wyvern

2. KrystalSharz


Free slots are now both taken. smile.gif If you still want a picture though, you can still request something. At the moment eggs or hatchies will be accepted as payment.


1. Cirvihi

2. pisceslion

3. ChocolateIzzy


Here are some examples of my recent work:



user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

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Your art is really really awesome!


Pet Portrait?


My cat Nikka...





Her in a box would be awesome because it is her favorite place to be.


She's almost 14 years old now, so I'm trying to capture and keep as many memories of her as I can.

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rampaging wyvern, I put your name on the list. smile.gif If you need any details other than what's in the ref you provided, PM me.


KrystalSharz, put you on the list as well.

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At the moment I am egg locked with valentines, but I will accept any hatchlings for freezing (or ones that are very close to growing up. smile.gif

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Can I have a pic of my OC please? biggrin.giflink 1 link 2 (she should have 2 big fangs and the color of her jewelry should be like the pic in the second link)


As for payment I have a pink hatchy and a cb moonstone hatchy right now. And I can hatch some more eggs if you want. How many hatchies would you like? ^^

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When your free for requests can I get a 200 x 400 pic of A gold dragon hatchling curled up with a tiger cub with gold wings and a Gold and black wolf pup howling?

Its midnight with them on a cliff with the moon nice big and bright behind them all? and a forest in the bottom corners?

and above the moon can you have smallish text big but no covering the moon

ChocolateIzzy's Scroll

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Ooh! Can I be added to your waiting list? I don't care how long it takes you, your art is so awesome that I'm willing to wait! Can I have:

A white German Shepherd dog, standing, side-view, and looking at you with his head cocked playfully, smiling as best as a dog can. He only has one eye, the other one is sewed shut from a previous injury, but he's still perfectly happy. Can the background be a sort of modern-looking apartment, with gray and black being the main color scheme? He can be standing in the living room area, if that's okay. If that's to much, you can just do the dog and skip the background! smile.gif

You can look through my scroll, I'll try to breed you anything off of there, except for the Electrics. And I will gladly hatch and influence it for you, if that's what you want.

Sorry for the long post.... tongue.gif

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