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Gorgeous Shimmerkin...

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I just found this thread...so now,instead of sending them to TGT or Community dept. Ill bookmark your thread link & send any shimmerkins HERE!!

Oh..do you also ever take tinsel fails??

Rockin' On

There is a separate thread for tinfails, which I just bumped back to the first page.


But I think a lot of us that collect shimmerfails also collect tinfails too, I don't think we'd be too fussed if you offered both in the same thread. wink.gif

Maybe check with the thread starter to be certain?

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Oooo, lovely thread about one of my favorite topics! xd.png


Would anyone be willing to breed me a 5th gen Hellfire (female) Shimmerkin or Tinselkin to match up with this male:




In turn, I can breed you a Shimmerkin from


http://dragcave.net/lineage/vISGG (can breed 8th gen male Moonstone)


or from


http://dragcave.net/lineage/kcoJb (can breed 5th gen Golden Wyvern)


Or if you would like a Hellfire, I can breed you one from this Tinsel:


http://dragcave.net/lineage/zEIvS (can breed 6th gen Hellfire female)


Thanks! xd.png


ETA: Gifting Lumina Shimmerkin. Claim my egg!


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Beautiful Lumina shimmerkin

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

Rockin' On, that is the exact same Shimmerkin I gifted several hours ago. blink.gif Did someone dump it back in the AP?


(Did you by chance find it in the AP? How odd ...)

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Gifting today!


6G Lumina from Jewel:


Enjoy and please let me know who got them, a note here is sufficient.

Thank you!

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Stubborn Shimmers!


Both of them!


*stalks off in a grumpy mood*


and both gone to happy homes.

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Pretty 5th gen Golden Wyvern Shimmerkin looking for a good home! tongue.gif


Love me!

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