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Suicide Mission

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In our world, there are many, many other worlds -twelve, to be exact. These worlds are known as dimensions. They are all completely separated from each other, but are incredibly connected at the same time. They are all connected by the beings living inside them, or rather the energy of the beings. The energy is called ka. Every being exists in all twelve dimensions, and equally share their ka, when a being dies in one dimension, his or her ka is distributed evenly into the remaining beings. Ka is extremely powerful, but you must be aware of it in order to harness its power. The ka can be used to do anything, from sprouting wings for yourself to throwing fireballs.






You traveled from your dimension to this new one. Your purpose is simple, kill the you that exists in this dimension and harness the ka. Why? Your world is under attack, by an unknown race. You don't stand a chance unless you can somehow kill all of you and take the ka. You have already killed at least one of you, a suicide. You gained a fraction of the ka, you also gained a fraction of the speed, stamina, skill, knowledge, strength, intelligence, and energy. But the ka is still your top priority. You are not alone in your mission, there are ten others from your dimension on the same mission. Be warned, you must stay with your teammates at all times. Traveling to other dimensions is treacherous, and your other yous will not fall quietly.






Dimensions are named for the only planet that contains life in them.


Earth- The base dimension. They are still discovering that there are orther dimensions, and have no knowledge of ka. They are the last target in the cycle. They say the grass is green and sky is blue here.


Fwartar- They are just now discovering technology, again. This is one of the oldest dimensions but has been destroyed by war so many times all knowledge of technology was lost to them. This world is the 10ht in the cycle. All plant life is gone here, if the humans here do not discover a way to filter out their carbon-filled atmosphere soon, it is only a matter of time before this dimension collapses onto itself.


Calsior- In this world, Tafir (A.K.A. Hitler, Saimo, Badim) was successful in his plans for world domination. This is one of the most dangerous worlds and is the 9 in the cycle. The world looks as if you wear red-tinted glasses.


Danth- This world is in the year 1973. This is the 8th world in the cycle. It bears much resembleance to Earth.


Gaesce- Not much is known on this dimension apart from the humans here have multiple abilitys, and are skilled in magical arts. 7th in the cycle.


Okeri- 6th


Awique- 5th


Sirvaak- Little is known apart from that they have immense knowledge of ka. 4th in the cycle.


Gerrod- 3rd


Tazerenee- This world ignored Ka, and chose for itself a different path. Sorcery. These people are highly dangerous and easily provoked. This world is dying from the harsh manner the sorcerers steal the power from the land. A moldy green, magic storm rages ubove the entire planet, though ot hasn't rained in centuries. The people there fear the day the clouds will release the storm; for it will not be one of water. 2nd in the cycle.


Bewask- The least advanced dimension, they are still in the dark ages. They were the 1st and they were taken with ease.


Valvori- We are elite. We are strong. We have advanced to greater degrees then that of the other dimensions. Due to genetic experiments, all Humans born on Valvori are born with wings.




-No perfect characters, even after they gain all the ka!

-Keep violence under R-rated

-Keep romance PG-13

-Keep cursing to a minimum

-Follow DCF rules!

-No powerplaying, ignoring others, godmodding, ect.

-Have fun!

-Right now there is a shortage of male characters, so we will only be accepting 7 more female characters.











How many suicides have you committed?:


Strengths: (Up to four)

Weakness: (At least as many as your strengths)



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Seems an interesting premise for an RP.... I'm in



User: Takhesis


Name: Igraine Matthews


Codename: Crescent


Age: 26


Sex: Female


Appearance: A tall slim woman with shoulder length blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Has a somewhat militaristic outlook and bearing. Always dresses sensibly for the weather and occasion.


History: Igraine was brought up alongside one sibling - a brother. Her father was a very strict disiplinarian who worked with the military. Her mother died when Igraine was about 6 and due to the nature of her father's work had to grow up fast. It seems that she's absorbed some of the military personality of her father, but still has a softness inherited from her mother.


How many suicides have you committed?: One, so far.....


Skills: Climbing, Music and Languages.


Strengths: (Up to four) Igraine is Agile and Fast... in both body and mind - So anything requiring Speed and/or Intelligence, Igraine is the go-to agent.


Weakness: (At least as many as your strengths) Igraine has a form of Epilepsy, not the traditional form of flashing lights - but to loud noises. As such when in crowded areas - Igraine can suffer sensory overloads.

She also feels a lot of remorse from the killing she has to do. She knows its necessary to ensure the safety of others on Home Dimension, but if she's given too much time to think about things Igraine's guilt can take hold.


Likes: Chocolate, listening to classical music.

Dislikes: Loud noises, crowds and chaos.

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This seems awesome!! Here's the forum.


User: Shyrus

Name: Mel Tyler

Codename: Caramel. (I guess. xd.png )

Age: 18

Sex: female

Appearance: Her brown hair reaches to her shoulders. It curves inward at the end slightly, framing her face. She has blue eyes with flecks of green. (The green is only noticeable in the sunlight and if you look very close.) Her skin is moderately tan, she is relatively slim, mostly from the fighting. And finally she is 5' 6''

History: (Is it optional? Because she had a pretty normal history.)

How many suicides have you committed?: 1.

Skills: (Moderate/ week ) Healing.

Strengths: (Up to four) Is strong mentally, good in fights, and knowledgeable about survival tactics. (Such as being lost/ stranded in the wilderness.)

Weakness: (At least as many as your strengths) cannot think clearly in the middle of battle. Seems to focus on only one target at a time instead of everything. She can swim, but only slowly for a short period of time. Has a hard time when the time comes to kill someone. And not sneaky at all.

Likes: People, sweets, spring, rain, thunder/lighting, quiet, animals, and various foods.

Dislikes: Spiders, being ignored, being called weak, bossy people, and tight situations.

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User: SM

Name: Kat Holloway

Codename: Art

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: Kat

History: rp'd

How many suicides have you committed?: 1

Skills: She's an amazing artist in both music and art. She can usually tell when someone's lying.

Strengths: She's a quick runner. She has wonderful aim. She's amazing at solving riddles and puzzles and whatnot. She's not easily fazed.

Weakness: She's a major klutz and trips over her own feet often. She tends to daydream, sounding everything around her out. She's afraid of fire. She speaks her mind, and that can get her into trouble.

Likes: Colorful things, art, music, candy, friendly people

Dislikes: Close-minded people, fire, being alone

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That movie was called, The One about a man who killed the other people in the other universes, for power and nothing else.


User: RainDash

Name: Errene "Err" Stail

Codename: Raven

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Appearance: Raven

History: Err grew up in a family the prioritized femininity and being girly for her. By the age of two, Err decided to emulate the styles of the Joker, and started to kill small animals. Her family intervened before any major incidences, but Err grew up with a lack of personality, only showing when she is handling a weapon or hurting someone.

How many suicides have you committed?: One

Skills: Handy with swords, decent at guns, and can stand to drive really fast in cars.

Strengths: Lack of empathy for her copies mean she can kill herself easily, good in fights, knows minor survival skills, and can be super sneaky.

Weakness: Not good with sympathy, can't lie her way out of a paper bag, a 'shoot first ask later' mentality, and sometimes she hallucinates.

Likes: Guns, swords, fighting, conflict, winter, and Japanese culture.

Dislikes: People, lots of noises, her medications, and watching people that she defends in danger or dying.

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User: TSparkle123

Name: Mia Hartham

Codename: Synth

Age: 22

Sex: female

Appearance: Synth

History: Mia grew up bouncing between foster homes, as her parents had abandoned her when she was a baby. She'd never liked any of the people who agreed to take her in, she knew they just wanted her for health benefits and food discounts. That, and none of them bothered to be interesting. They'd always tried parenting techniques in the books they left around their house. She'd learned to read by the age of three and found those books terribly inaccurate. "Foster children need to feel welcome, give them plenty of attention!" She just wanted them to leave her be. She didn't care if they loved their own children more than her. Many disappeared after she was abandoned back at the foster house. Mia always chalked it up to karma when asked about it.

How many suicides have you committed?: One

Skills: She's a skilled sniper and decent with handguns.

Strengths: Sympathy with teammates, logic, and doesn't feel pain unless it would cause anyone else to pass out.

Weakness: She can't disconnect her emotions from her other selves, is terrible at being around emotional people, and is the opposite of sneaky.

Likes: almost any music, chocolate, riddles

Dislikes: quiet, romance, mirrors

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User: Techno_Elf

Name: Belladona

Codename: Mercury Lampe

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Appearance: Belladona/Mercury Lampe

History: She was abandoned when she was six, and learned to be streetwise and ruthless.

How many suicides have you committed?: Two

Skills: She has black wings that can conjure up a shield, a large sword, or even twin dragon heads. As a last resort, she can also conjure blue flames.

Strengths: (Up to four) She can fly very well, run fast, and she is an extremely good strategist.

Weakness: (At least as many as your strengths) She gets agitated easily, and she is deathly afraid of large bodies of water. On top of that, her wings are very large, so she will be noticed very easily if she tries to spy on anyone.

Likes: Winter, snowflakes, green tea

Dislikes: Summer, hot days, most people

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User: Astrodeath311

Name: Lyn Horatio

Codename: Scrambled

Age: He doesn't remember.

Sex: Male.

Appearance: Lyn

History: Rp'd

How many suicides have you committed?: 9.

Skills: Lyn has extreme strength, even up to being able to lift a bus with his bare hands. However, to offset this, Lyn has a disorder called Optic apraxia, which is a condition that results from a total inability of a person to coordinate eye and hand movements. This is much more devastating than it sounds. The inability to coordinate your eye and hand movements is extremely detrimental to him, even as a fatal flaw. In addition, he has the ability to conjure psi bolts using Ka.

Strengths: Extreme strength. Ka bolts.

Weakness: Optic Apraxia. This goes for both of his strengths. Being unable to coordinate his attacks is detrimental to the accuracy of his Ka bolts.

Likes: Alcohol.

Dislikes: You.


His strength is his saving grace. If he lands a hit on you, which is extremely unlikely due to Optic apraxia, then you'll be seriously hurt, probably flying across the room. IF you think he's too strong then I can just completely start over with something else.

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User: cb

Name: Seraphim

Codename: Deathnote

Age: 18

Sex: female

Appearance: http://pictures.4ever.eu/cartoons/anime-an...i-karisu-162829

History: She grew up in a extremely wealthy family. Her life was as easy as they come. She got whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, as long as she sat still, didn't speak unless spoken to, didn't complain, or whine, kept her opinions to herself, and acted sweet. When she got into her teens the results began to show. Qt first she was just quiet, then she was dark and would spend all day locked away in her room, only coming out to eat. Then she stopped coming out, if the servants didn't bring her her meals she would go hungry, she wouldn't come out no matter what her parents tried.

How many suicides?: 3

Skills: She channels her ka into short bursts of force that she throws as knives, she rarely speaks and hardly ever makes a sound of any kind.


-Aim, she hasn't missed yet, and doesn't intend to start,

-When she too, she can move faster then a cheeta, with reflexes twice as good.



-She likes to run off, away from the group.

- She hates people who seem overly confident or arrogant, and will often kill them without warning.

-She doesn't tell people important things till its often to late.

Likes: Being left alone.

Dilikes: Everything else.



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User: TSparkle123(Twi)

Name: Frank Trinket

Codename: Booker

Age: 22

Sex: male

Appearance: Booker

History: RP

How many suicides have you committed?: 7

Skills: good with a bow and inventive with arrowheads

Strengths: He pushes away his other selves well, efficient at getting info from people, making new arrowheads

Weakness: seeing people he cares about in any kind of pain, stressful situations, quiet places

Likes: Synth((Shhh...)), the color black, soft things

Dislikes: lawyers, death, forks


Here, have a male character!

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User: SkullKrusher

Name: Nick Murrow

Codename: Frost

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Appearance: Frost

History: Nick grew up in an average family. He had the normal edjucation and pretty much the normal life of any kid, from the retro games of the 90's all the way to the new technologies of the 21's century. That was, until he hit 18. He finished school and returned home to find his whole family - mother, father and younger brother - slaughtered. His older sister, Sylvia, was missing, and was never found. Nick, though, he was raging at that point, so he went into the world and became something like an assassin and hacker - learning how to walk in the shadows, keep to them, disable a security system or two, eliminate someone quickly and disappear like a shadow...

How many suicides have you committed?: Just one yet...

Skills: Nick, with his first amount of ka, has managed to adapt to the powers of the ice. He can command it to rise out of the ground, move in different shapes and store it underground for easy access. Later, he will be able to change it's actual properties - make it hot, solid, long and such.

Strengths: He is a smart hacker, he is a master at combat, he is adept at sneaking and isn't one to give up easily.

Weakness: He hasn't adapted fully to his ability yet, he suffers from time to time from a strange sickness that makes him sick and dizzy, isn't the best with long range weapons and is usually seen tired.

Likes: Long walks in the cold, books, computer games and socializing.

Dislikes: Closed-in people (not all), eating a lot, not having enough sleep and his sickness.

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A meeting was called for the mission operatives. All operatives of mission 127.6 please report to the conference room for your debriefing at point 500 hours The large speaker voice boomed into the cabins. It was 4:45 A.m. and Seraphim was not looking forward to being in a meeting in 15 minutes. She hadn't even woken up yet. Rolling out of bed and landing on her side, she stood and dressed in the black combat suit provided for them. Brushing out her hair, before running into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She didn't want to have to wait in line for the bathroom, which the crew all shared, so she neglected to put on shoes.

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Belladona flopped off her bed and groaned. She sat up, rubbing her head, and got her clothes on. Then, she ran to the bathroom, just behind Seraphim. "Morning," she mumbled.

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Igraine groaned as the large base speakers put out a call for operatives. She was awake.... but only because her mind wouldn't let her rest. She still felt guilty for her other self that she'd killed. Sleep was easy..... it was the dreams that were the problem.


"Ick.... why does that thing have to be so loud?" She muttered to no-one in particular... She had a problem with loud noises. At least it was only the one source this time so she didn't have to worry about sensory overload... even so, Igraine glanced sideways at the bedside table where her medications sat.


A quick consideration made Igraine come to the conclusion that the speakers weren't enough cause for her to take the epilepsy tablets. They weren't all that effective anyway - they were designed for the more common form - that which dealt with lights. They took the edge off... but she still had very bad 'epileptic fits'.


She finally got moving and prepared for the briefing, slipping the meds into a side pocket - just in case. She was surprised to find she wasn't the first to the bathroom..... she thought her early rising due to lack of sleep would have given her the edge, but she would still be one of the first.

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Seraphim spat, rinsed then put her toothbrush back in it's case. "I noticed." she said with a bored tone. Why bother saying good morning? Its not like that will change the outcome of the morning, so why bother? She brushed past Bell and headed back to her room.

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Frank slammed down on his alarm clock when the announcement came into his room. "Quiet..." He opened his eyes to find that it indeed wasn't his alarm clock, but was an announcement for his mission. Immediately, he popped up out of bed. " censorkip.gifcensorkip.gifcensorkip.gif!" He ran toward the mens' bathroom after slipping on the clothing set aside for him. As soon as he made it to the room, he found, to his relief, that there was no one was there. Sadly, he'd stressed himself enough about having to be in a line that he couldn't find it in him to be groggy as he brushed his teeth and brushed his hair.


Mia had been awake for a couple hours already, but didn't get ready before the announcement. She didn't want to be seen as the weird one who was excited to go kill... Herself. That wasn't her. She couldn't be less excited, actually. Mia had barely gotten the small amount of sleep she had due to the one suicide she'd committed. It was only dream after dream of watching her die until 2:30 when she gave up on lucid dreaming. Mia slipped on the uniform they'd set aside and put her headphones around her neck before going to the bathroom where there was one other woman. "G' Morning," she said, grabbing her toothbrush and beginning to brush her teeth.

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Belladona glanced at Seraphim with a strange look, but finished washing up and went back to her room.

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Err tossed a pillow at the speaker, where it hit with a soft thump and landed on the floor just as quick. "Really oughta blow those censorkip.gif s up." Unlike the others, she wanted to kill herself. She earned that Ka. That power, she needed it. She couldn't be weak now, or ever. She dressed quickly, placed the gas mask over her mouth, and headed out. She didn't have time to change into her mask if things went wrong.


[Can I make another male character, or are we all filled?]

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(I've got the same question as Rain.)


Kat dressed quickly. She brushed out her hair quickly. She tied a scarf aorund her neck; she had to have some sorta color. What was she forgetting? Bathroom! She darted out of the room, almost forgetting to close the door, and to the bathroom. She tied her hair back into a ponytail. Brushing her teeth quickly, she basically ignored everything else going on there.

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Mel sat up from her bed. Her hair was matted to her head and had tangles all throughout the mess. She got up without complaint, however that doesn’t mean she likes mornings at all. She preferred afternoons and late nights. She shuffled out of her room and walked to the bathroom to see several people. "Good morning." She quietly squeaked. But it came out as more of a yawn then anything else. She started to brush her hair and teeth. When she attempted to rinse out her mouth she nearly fell asleep in the faucet almost drowning herself.

"Look at me, I’m killing myself already.' She thought. She washed her face with nothing but water to help wake herself up. Her bright eyes opened fully.

"So..." She started awkwardly. "How is everyone...?" She asked.

'Way to go Mel. That was a stupid question. Of course everyone's going to be in a bad or sleepy mood.' She said mentally. But she pushed it to the back of her head and awaited any reply that may or may not come.


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Nick yawned and rose as he heard the message coming from his alarm console, stretching and sighing. It was that time, wasn't it? Now, it would be just a matter of thirty minutes until they had to report to the command. His hand went to the drawer beside the bed, pulling it open and reaching inside to take the small case with his toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush. Yawning once again, Nick then left it on top of the bed table to fix the bed beside of it quickly, then grabbed his usual apparel and put it on. Finally finished, he took the case and walked out, engaging the auto-lock with a single phrase. Walking into the bathroom, Nick noticed Frank already here. "Good morning, Frank." Nick spoke,, taking the secnd and only free sink, then taking out his toothbrush and toothpaste, starting to clean his teeth. Quickly finished, he spat in the sink, noting a bit of red and turning on the sink. He washed his toothpaste as well and placed both into the case, pulling out his hairbrush and starting to fix his hair. "So, the day finally came, eh?" Nick added to his last words as he cuped his hands and washed his face with the watter that filled in, then used the towel to remove the excess water from his face.

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