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Do You Prefer Male or Female Sprites?

Do You Prefer Male or Female Sprites?  

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I hope that I did this poll right. laugh.gif


I was scrolling down the DC Wiki: Dragon Types page when I decided to see if I prefer male or female sprites.


I counted and discovered that I slightly prefer females. Some of my exceptions were Gold, Ember, and Flamingo.


So, out of the sprites with dimorphism, what do you prefer? What are some of your exceptions?

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First vote! Shame I was neutral...


It strongly depends on the breed of dragon, but in most breeds I like both sprites.


The biggest exception is probably summer seasonals, I really don't like the female sprite for some reason.

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I think the female sprites are more elegant in general..

Like Hellfire wyverns, i LOVE the females but i really dislike the males.. I would collect mass amounts of female Hellfires if i really had the patience!


I vote female:: but i agree that it depends on the dragon. THe general population of females is more accepted by me then males.

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It depends from dragons... But often I prefer female ones. One for all? Gold female. Beautiful, elusive and totally charming wub.gif


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Well, I went through and counted. Mostly, I was neutral. Some, I really liked the females and others I really liked the males. So, overall, neutral.

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Overall I was neutral. It did really depend on the breed for me. Mostly it was not a strong preference. There are a few where I strongly prefer one over the other (Pillow males and Hellfire Females), but also some breeds where I honestly couldn't choose.

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I'd say female simply because, while I find some males to be very awesome, the females I do like, I like a lot!


The female BBW has to be my favorite sprite of all. I saw the dragon while it was in progress and thought it was the most beautiful think I'd ever seen. To this day it is still a favorite of mine. I have yet to find a male that stirs that kind of feeling in me. tongue.gif

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Males they're like better but then BANG females start hatching from useless eggs had to release and freeze them and send 'em out they were annoying good god

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I thought I was originally neutral, but going through I realized that I seem to actually favor the males more then the females. Ironic considering I have a male heavy scroll xd.png

Though it really depends on the breed or alt. I adore purple male nebulas, but much much muuuuch prefer the red female nebs over the green. (green's wings really throw me off for some reason..)


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I came out liking 2 more females than males. I still chose neutral though because it's very dependent on the individual sprite. For example, I prefer Female Harvests and Male Terraes.

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In general I would say females, with some notable exceptions:


Shallow Waters


Two Finned Bluna

All Seasonals




All of those listed I like them male considerably more than the female

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I usually prefer the males. Although there are many exceptions, I find the male sprites tend to have more dynamic poses and more interesting features/colours when sexual dimorphism is there.

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I tend to prefer males for older breeds, but with the newer ones it's getting less and less different for me. However, a lot of the old breeds are where the rarest ones are, which is a pity--I find female Blacks, Stripes, Silvers, and Golds all to be much less impressive then their male counterparts.

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Depending on what the dragon is, I tend to like males more biggrin.gif . For Gold, I love the female better then male.

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I went through and took a tally, ending up with:


Female Sprites Preferred: 19

Male Sprites Preferred: 16

No Preference: 18


Some of the females I preferred were the blacks, canopies, golden wyverns, hellfires, and nebulae, while I preferred the male sprites of moonstones, nocturnes, pinks, neglecteds, and sunsets. I was neutral on such breeds as harvests, stripes, autumns, bright-breasted wyverns, and embers, whether it was because I liked both sprites equally or the breed just didn't interest me enough to garner any reaction one way or another.

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Ok, I made a list of all the eggs with different gender sprites... the ones marked with a "?" mark are ones I am unsure about, because nothing really makes one better than the other. My two "boths" means a mark for both M and F



Black: ?

Canopy: M

Daydream: F

Electric: M

Ember: F

Gold-horned Tangar: ?

Gray: M

Harvest: F

Lumina: F (close)

Moonstone: M

Neotropical: ?

Nocturne (Night): F

Olive: M

Pillow: ?

Pink: F

Purple: M

Ridgewing: F

Royal Blue: ?

Striped: ?

Sunrise: M

Sunset: F (close)

Swallowtail: ?

Terrae: M

Two-Headed Dragons: F (Dunno about the adults, but I like the female color better on the hatchie)

Waterhorse: F (close)

Spring: M

Summer: F (close)

Fall: M

Winter: F

Dark Myst Pygmy: F

Misfit Pygmy: ?

Seawyrm Pygmy: F

Pygmy: M

Bright-breasted Wyvern: M

Flamingo Wyvern: M

Golden Wyvern: BOTH <3

Hellfire Wyvern: F

Tri-Horn Wyvern: M

Tsunami Wyvern: ?

Blusang Lindwurm: ?

Sunsong Amphiptere: M

Water: M (close)

Alternate Black: M

Gold: M

Silver: BOTH <3

Geode: ?

Neglected: F (close)

Shallow Water: M

Two Finned Bluna: F (close)

Ultraviolets: F (close)

Vampire: M

Cave Lurker: M



Now if I counted right (which I doubt it xd.png ), I should have


Ten unsures

Twenty-two males

Twenty Females



So the male sprites barely beat out the female, and some were close, so I say I like them both evenly... tongue.gif


sorry for the long text post, lol

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I can't really generalize. This is kind of like asking me, "Do you like chocolate ice cream, or mint?" Except that instead of "Yum, ice cream!" the reply is "Ooh, pretty dragons!"

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There seemed to a trend for a while regarding the males being "fancier" than the females. I realize this is often true in nature as well, so I was leaning towards the males for some time. However, I've definitely preferred the female sprites for the last few releases. I guess I'm pretty neutral overall.

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Males because females tend to get the short end of the stick sprite-wise. Gender stereotypes blargh. The worst offender is the female silver


With the hellfire wyverns it tends to be female, but with most other sprites I try to forget about it.

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It depends on the breed. I prefer female Hellfires, BBWs, Olives, Golds, alt Blacks, Seawyrm pygmies, and several others over males. But I do like the male Swallowtails, Trihorns, Sunsongs, Purples, Ridgewings among others more than the females. Some of the poses I just find akward as a reason for liking the other gender, but most of the time it's because of color. I guess I'm neutral.

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I actually did went and did a tally and took a note when I liked a male sprite, female sprite, or both. I ended up with a perfectly even number for both males and females. So I guess it's safe to say that when it comes to sprites there might be occasions where I like a male sprite over a female, but in the grand scheme of things I like male and female sprites equally!

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It's hard to say, because in the breeds I really love the most (Magi and White) there is no dimorphism!

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It really depends on the dragons


For instance I prefer the female pink (very sweet), the male sunset (very well placed figure), the female hellfire (blue color fits better in many lineage), the male gold wyvern (looks very proud)... and of other dragons I don't really prefer one gender over the other

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