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Dimar: Lost Waters by Dee Dreslough

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Yes, I named myself after them. wink.gif


The book Dimar: Lost Waters isn't very well known, but I'm a huge fan so I was wondering if any of you other dragon-loving people are familiar with it.


For those who don't know, or who need a refresher, Dee Dreslough is an Internet artist who specializes in dragons and Dimar. Dimar are her original creations. They are basically like furred dragons, and live on an alien planet. She designed a detailed society for them, and wrote a novel. But, her novel was rejected by every publisher so she published it herself and made it public domain.


Yeah, her novel's rough around the edges, but I think that it is truly fantastic. Taking advantage of public domain, I designed my own version of Dimar and wrote my own novel. I also emailed Dee and talked to her. She's really nice, and funny. laugh.gif


Her website is here, although it hasn't been updated in a loooong time. She's busy with RL. But, you can see her art and read an online version of her novel. It includes a glossary and detailed information about Dimar.


I don't really expect a lot of replies, because like I said, Dimar isn't very well known. I'm just curious to see if I'm the only one who knows about it. biggrin.gif

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