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Your average Dragon

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Your average Dragon is a simple tale of an Electric caveborn which is also an attempt of Dragon Cave Fanfiction. Before you continue onto the story, I will give a short documentation of this young dragon.


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This dragon is called Natashi-sama. The name may be a feminine one, but that doesn't stop him from being a male. In fact, nobody minds this name at all. Although she is an "average" dragon, he has thick eyebrows and a ponytail, which grew because of a curse that occurred years before he matured. And he also wears a scarf and coat. Whelp, that's all you need to know, time to start the story! (The dragons in the following story are on my scroll)




It was completely normal in wherever Natashi-sama is. He only had one problem. Daydream dragons. "Mehp, so many Daydreams, now I feel like dreaming." Natashi-sama went to sleep for a short while. "Hey, you have been sleeping for 2 hours straight, wake up!" one of his friends, Terradeer, was walking in the same direction, only to find Natashi-sama on the floor. "Mehp, I was tired!" Natashi-sama had very bad excuses. They began to walk ahead to a forest.


Will post next chapter another time :3

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