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Grey - a Dragon Comic

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That's the coverpage so far - but I got some stuff stuffed up so we're gonna edit it to make it so both our styles are in it...


Anyways, it's about our dragon OCs, and I ain't allowed to tell you their names or what they are in the comic. Wyvern is lining the first page right now.


Grey is a comic about dragons, when two sides - good and bad - (black and white) mix together, which equals a whole lotta mess (grey).

It's by me and Rampaging Wyvern <3 Currently, I do a crappy sketch for the idea of the page, she properly sketches and lines, then I colour, cel shade and do the backgrounds, then finally she adds speech/thought bubble ^^


So far page 1 is finished lining, or rather, almost finished.

You can find the cover page here as well.



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Oh scrump. I never realized this had been put up x3


Draggie - you didn't stuff stuff up :3 It was a miscommunication on my behalf.


So, basically everything Draggie has said, and I'd like to add something else. This is pretty much being made on the fly, no planning beforehand or anything. Fun! 8D

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