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Whose YOUR favorite youtube star(s)?

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And then there's itskingsley**** (just search kingsley on YouTube). I love his hat biggrin.gif

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Tobuscus - Hothothot, games, and is funny!

Anthony Padilla - 1000/1 is all I can say.

Pewdiepie! - Ain't no party like a Pewdiepie party!

CaptainSparklez - He is awesome to watch on a rainy day!

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Tobyturner (tobuscus)


Cry (chaoticmonkie)






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I would have to say TryHardNinja for sure because I love his song parodies about gaming, but I also have subscriptions for TheWarpZone, Simon'sCat (love his cartoons!) BadLipReading ("Dude, you slapped a fi-ish",) SteveCash83 (lots and lots of swearing though,) and FunnyHaloProductions.


I'm not subscribed, but I do love to browse through CaptainSparklez' videos laugh.gif

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-Jonathan Coulton (guy who wrote both portal songs.. and is all over reddit right now) and of course, his partners in crime until rather recently

-Paul and Storm (warning, their lyrics and concepts arent really appropiate for posting here, so view at own risk)



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331Erock.<-- This guy turns songs into metal. Which is awesome.


JennaMarbles.<-- This chick is funny. I don't normally watch funny stuff on youtube,but she makes things funny.



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Awwwww sad face, why didn't you like "How to pick up chicks"? I think that was funny. but anyways, Hmmmmm agian, no idea who those people are o.0 *uneducated* xd.png

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I think PewdiePie is my favorite overall. Days when I'm upset or just don't feel well I can just.. sit and watch his videos and laugh. I didn't find his channel until recently, so I have plenty of Playthroughs to watch still x3


I also really enjoy Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and ChaoticMonki. Dan and Phil are funny and I find them absolutely adorable, and Cry is fun to watch, but since him and Pewds play a lot of the same games I find it hard to follow his videos as actively.

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Danooct1 does some pretty cool virus videos, and Rogueamp also makes awesome videos. Once in a while I watch Pewdiepie and MilesJaiProductions videos as well.

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I have a lot of youtubers I like. I think my top 4 favorite channels are these:


CaptainSparklez - Jordan is adorable, funny, witty, and he's super geeky. X3 He also has a sense of humor very similar to mine, (although he's usually a bit more lighthearted than I am) and I have to say it... I find him to be pretty attractive too. >_<' He's just awesome, and I love all of his videos, even his older ones. If you like minecraft, or just video games in general, you might want to check out his channel. smile.gif (Also, he's usually pretty good about not swearing, but he will drop the occasional expletive in some of his videos. Just fair warning to any of you guys who don't like cursing.)


Jacksfilms - Jack is a very funny youtuber, who definitely needs more subscribers. He makes a lot of parodies, and music videos. He also has a series called "Your Grammar Sucks" which is very entertaining. I love watching his videos when I need a laugh, they always cheer me up. biggrin.gif (Fair warning, if you're a RWJ fan, I wouldn't recommend watching his stuff. He doesn't like Ray very much... tongue.gif)


PaulSoaresJr - Paul is a minecraft oriented youtuber, who does a lot of tutorials. I actually learned just about everything I know about the game from him. If you are a new minecraft player, or if you just want to watch some lighthearted, family friendly minecraft videos, you should definitely take a look at his channel. smile.gif


JennaMarbles - She's just awesome. Her rants are absolutely hilarious, and her other videos are even funnier. She swears a lot, so fair warning about that. tongue.gif


Other Channels I like are:





It'sKingsley censorkip.gif


MonsterCatMedia (Not a channel really, but their music is amazing.)




Edited because I forgot a few channels.

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Smosh is pretty good hehe. I like when they open up their mail xd.png funny stuff right there !


I also watch Em Rawrson on youtube, she does crazy things with her hair, that's about it on her.


If you want to have a laugh, then I suggest that you watch Dare MattG

-He does these dares that people tell him, and some of them and SUPER funny.



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No love for MarkiplierGAME here?

He has the most brilliant voice, and his play-throughs are hilarious!

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Fan of a guy who goes by Cry. His URL name thing is ChaoticMonki. I enjoy most of the games he plays and his commentary is funny and amusing. Not gonna lie, he also has an amazing voice and laugh. He also occasionally reads stories and his voice is just perfect for it. You can sometimes get really into the story just by closing your eyes and listening to his voice.


Also fans of James and Simon of RuneShark. They have two channels, one for mincecraft and one for Runescape though I mainly watch their mincecraft nowadays. They play fun maps, some with their friend Kieren, some without. They're such good friends that when they do bad but funny stuff to each other, it's just hilarious.


Also someone I used to watch a lot but not as much now but still enjoy is Chris Archie. I started watching his stuff cause he'd post a few videos a day of crazy Runescape stuff. He went under some fire cause of something involving money and Runescape so I sort of moved away from his stuff. Then later he had a series on a different channel where he'd play Minecraft with his wife Kellie and I really enjoyed it. Now I only really watch his commentary and random talks over his Black Ops II games. They're not the most amusing things to watch but he sometimes talks about interesting things and I like listening.


Kind of want to add PewDiePie but I'm not really a fan as much as others. I think he's more annoying xP but I love his Scribblenaughts videos and his funny gaming montage videos. His reactions are just too funny sometimes. I love watching his Friday with PewDiePie videos, I don't know what it is about them but I like seeing into his life a little bit. Oh, and I love when he plays games with his girlfriend. They're so cute together xd.png

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I haven't heard of many of these people, but I follow Tobuscus because everyone needs more humour in their life. xd.png

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Yogscast and all their affiliates.






GeminiLaser (Megaman Let's plays)

HCBailly (Final Fantasy Let's plays)


RoahmMythril (Classic Megaman perfect runner, so underrated, check him out!)

Slim Kirby




Game Grumps (Ego + JonTron)


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I've seen PewDiePie a lot. I don't watch him but I've seen a few of his videos. Speaking of him, I'm surprised I haven't seen UberHaxorNova here xd.png I watch him along with the rest of the Creatures:



ZeRoyalViking (Youtube is ZeMachinima)

Sp00nerism/Sp00n (TheCampingTree is his main youtube account)





I also watch Vash12349, ImmortalHD, Two Best Friends Play (TheSw1tcher), The Yogscast, and a lot of obscure gamers.


Some non-gamers I watch:

Smosh (sometimes)


Shane Dawson

Dorset Ghost Investigators (Youtube is dorsetghost)



TheBlondwolf2 (Been watching her for 5 or 6 years xd.png)


















As you can see, I am a Youtube freak xd.png Those aren't all my subscriptions but those are the ones I watch. I have like...over 100 subscriptions :I

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Considering how much time I spend watching videos, if you ask me about the more famous YouTubers (like Dan,Phil or Nigahiga), I would have no idea what you're talking about because I am very very guilty of digging around YouTube for less well-known film makers tongue.gif I guess those with good videos but aren't so famous are in a far greater need for an audience to keep them going biggrin.gif

Such as TimH and ElliotExplicit. But I do tend to hang around Eddsworld, Slomozovo and TomSka. A lot.

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Ew. I spend a little too much of my time on youtube >.>.




















And wayy too many more, can you tell how bursting with social enjoyment I am? laugh.gif

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the fantastic foursome (danisnotonfire, amazingphil, kickthepj, and crabstickz) have quite recently become my life xd.png

i also like jenna marbles, caspar lee (dicasp), tyleroakley, and jacksgap

i love dailygrace, she was like my original favorite youtuber

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the fantastic foursome (danisnotonfire, amazingphil, kickthepj, and crabstickz) have quite recently become my life xd.png

i also like jenna marbles, caspar lee (dicasp), tyleroakley, and jacksgap

i love dailygrace, she was like my original favorite youtuber

Can we be best friends? biggrin.gif


I've recently discovered LukeIsNotSexy... One of the less well-known YouTubers, sadly.

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1. Pewdiepie

2. nigahiga

3. Smosh

4. RWJ

5. schmoyoho

6. ERB

7. Shane Dawson...occasionally...


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