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Whose YOUR favorite youtube star(s)?

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Ldshadowlady, Stacyplays, Strawburry17, and Amy Lee.

Lightning Bliss, Mad Munchkin, and Inkrose

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CinemaSins, ItsAllyHills, BadLipReading, communitychannel, and simonscat are my favorites. I have way too long a list, though.

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I think I've posted here before with a more extensive list of my favorites, because I spend a large portion of my day watching YouTube videos, so I have a lot of favorites. But these are my more recent obsessions.


I love makeup channels but I often feel like I've already discovered all of the good MUA's on YouTube - nope! Just started watching Chloe Morello and I adooore her.


If I haven't mentioned them in this thread before: Rose and Rosie. I've actually been watching them for about 2 years. I can't even begin to explain who they are and why I love them because I will definitely get carried away with my love for them. I just really really really really really really love them. If you like Rose and Rosie, make yourself known; I need someone to fangirl with.


And my most recent favorite is Drew Monson. He is definitely an acquired taste but I do like him. His video with Shane Dawson where they eat bug candy? I can't stop watching it. So funny. A bit NSFW, if you care.

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Pewdiepie (Love him!)






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Joe Joe + Brown (RIP)

Bart Kwan

David So

Naked Brandon

Casey Chan

Tiffan Del Real

Gina Darling















Mari Takahashi

The Jovenshire






mmmmmm dassit I think.

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The only ones I really follow now are Cr1TiKaL and the gang at Rooster Teeth. I used to really love Pewdiepie but I got bored of him.

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This is tough! I would say Markiplier, Felicia Day, and the guy that does the board game ones that was on Star Trek when he was a kid.

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My favorites are Fine Brothers Entertainment, Markiplier, Smosh, and CinemaSins (personal favorite). I enjoy IISuperwomanII as well, but I don't keep up on her new videos as much anymore.

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I have two favorites. It's SomeOrdinaryGamer and Corpse_Husband. laugh.gif Edited by DISOBEY

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-NerdCubed <3 I've been a procrastinator for years hehe.

-TearofGrace, really vulgar but I like his humor and editing


--Lewis and Simon, of course.

--Duncan is my fave though biggrin.gif

--Sjin is such lovely

--Sips is simply magnificent

--Rythian is so adorable

--All of the Hats <3

--Kim is wonderful, I don't understand why so many people hate her sad.gif

--Martyn is cool, with all of his little collabs with NerdCubed

--Nilesy is the cutest thing to ever grace this earth

--Zoey and Fiona are so sweet eeee

--Will is just Will, and Will is fantastic.


Sometimes I go and watch other people, too, but Yogs have been consuming my Youtube time lately.

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I watch quite a lot of gaming youtubers, here are some of my favorites..


Yogscast Kim, Yogcsast Hannah (is it bad i kinda ship them? ..>.>) , Yogscast Lewis and Simon...Yogscast Zoey and Fiona..(lesbians ftw. and they're so cute when together xd.png)


I watch all the Yogscast but those are my fave Yogscast members


Non Yogscast...


Minx/Krism (hilarity ensues and again, lesbians ftw, and cute together xd.png), LDShadowlady

YammyXoX Jacksepticeye (Top o' the mornin' to ye laddies!) MattShea, and of course, Pewdiepie.


and my fave Non Gaming youtubers.


EmmaBlackery (her humor and sarcasm is <3)(though she does gaming now)

Hannah Hart (getting drunk and "cooking" = my life)

Rob Dyke (he does morbid fact videos, ect, which I find kind of fascinating)

Matthew Santoro (another interesting fact-giver..aka, The Knowledge Whale!)

JennaMarbles (Of COURSE!)


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GeekRemix, LDShadowLady, SomeOrdinaryGamers, GradeAUnderA, SwimmingBird941, Baylee Jae.... The list is eternal....

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As of now, my favorite channels would probably be Vinesauce (Vinny, Joel, Rev, and GPM), Cryaotic, all three Vsauces, SciFri, Smaverage Joe, and Game/Film Theory. I could probably add more, but these are the guys I watch the most.

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game grumps Y'ALL


i also really enjoy the creatures, funhaus, achievement hunter, cooking with dog, eugenie kitchen, & superfruit!

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