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Whose YOUR favorite youtube star(s)?

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Hey hey hey!!!

Well now, hmmmm ...

Whose your favourite youtube star? Well I would either say "Leda" or "Des & Nate"


By FAR there are many funny and amazing moments with the both of them happy.gif




Leda is so funny, and cute, and all around bubbly tongue.gif

I wuv her <3

but, if you wanna be perverted, then go with Des & Nate xd.png

Everytime I watch them, I end up laughing SUPER hard lolz





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I would say TheBlackHoleBowl


No, they don't do a vlog, or funny things etc. But they upload every single episode of my favourite tv shows <3


Also danisonfire <3 Lovelovelovelove him smile.gif

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xd.png The guy does tons (I'm in UK) Have I got News for you, Mock the Week, Russel Howard's Good News, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Some Graham Norton thing etc biggrin.gif Choose him over iplayer now tongue.gif


And my list of utube subscriptions:




paint (<3<3<3)



Charlieissocoollike (of course tongue.gif )




mrweebl (Who actually replied to one of my comments once <3)




Will be checking out Leda tongue.gif

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Probably Jenna Marbles. I don't think her opinions or experiences are all that special, but I really do like looking at her.


Other than that, I am subscribed to a couple of German channels where people record audio books, some are very, very good and I end up liking them better than the official versions.

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PewDiePie makes me laugh the hardest,

CaptainSparkelz uploads the best video quality and stuff,

Yogscast (BlueXephos) is two British idiots that make me laugh a lot. biggrin.gif

and.... Seananners is great with Just Try 2 and Trouble In Terrorist Town :S

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JonTron. He and his pet 'cyborg' parrot Jacques do reviews on really bad games among other things like Top 10's. I advise you check his channel out, even though it's gone very quiet recently.


Also GameGrumps. Basically Jon and his buddy Arin play through games and commentate on random, sometimes completely off topic things. The Sonic '06 episodes are easily the best so far :3

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Yohamgamble xd.png. If that's how you spell it. He does lets plays (walkthroughs) of games and he gave me free internet bacon for subscribing! 8D

I forgot his name... but it's "___________ in the dark" He does a lets play of Skyrim Dawnguard.

Twime777... because she's awesome and all.

I would say EdSheranVEVO, but... lemme just say Ed Sheran's channel. <3 YOU GUYS NEED TO SEE HIS "DRUNK" MUSIC VIDEO <3 It's so freaking awesome. and weird.

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Phreakindee. Not exactly a 'Youtube star', but I have much enjoyment in watching his rather comical reviews on classic, memorable PC games and systems. More importantly, they're unbiased. He really flaunts the potential in them despite their aged graphics and often difficult navigation.


Used to watch Pewdiepie too, but his humour has become somewhat dry in my opinion. It's alright to differ though.

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They probably don't qualify as "stars" so much (maybe some of them, I don't know?), but the people whose videos I enjoy watching the most are probably...







and Attackofthehank.


Approximately two of these things are unlike the others. :V

(Also most if not all of those probably have inappropriate material in their videos and I should probably put an obligatory warning about that or something |D)

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!nigahiga!«««BEST EVA!!

!kevjumba!«««Also the BEST


!Dtrix!««« Not as best but still awesome

!nigahiga!««« SUPER FUNNY



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Syndicate Project

Minecraft Universe




All wicked funny guys that play minecraft. Some of which are British. wink.gif

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JennaMarbles and makemebad35 are my two favorite. I watch them both all the time.

I've been watching Damien (makemebad) for years now.

And Jenna is just... I totally have a girl crush on her. <3


What I wouldn't do to hang out with both of them (and Damien's friend, Kyle) at the same time. I would probably die from laughter. xd.png

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Kingsley, Kingsley, Kingsley.


He's so loud and angry in a lot of his videos, but that's why I like him. And I like his hat. I always watch him when I'm feeling anxious or irritated, and I actually calm right down lol.


But aside from him, I also really like Ray William Johnson still (after all these years, heh) and Danisnotonfire.


Oh, and Sykkuno for League of Legends vids.

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Smosh, Ray William Johnson, ViolinTay (LOVE her to death), Katethegreat19 (aka Erutan, SO MUCH LOVE!), Julian Smith. Nos specific order, though Tay and Kate would be tied for first place.

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Terra Naomi (who started as a YT star)




MinecraftOSTRAVSKY (Czech guys)



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Woah! Most of these I haven't heard of , but I have looked up some, and WOW, I really liked it happy.gif

But after watching some, I still have to go for Leda tongue.gif

HaiLedaBear - channel



But anyways, Hmmmm Thats really interesting



Any others I should watch?

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My favorite would have to be Simon and Martina from eatyourkimchi.com.


They talk about life in Korea and do segments on new Kpop songs every week. Their fans call themselves Natsies, and yes, I am a hardcore Nasty. XD They also have a dog named Spudgy and a cat named Dr. Meemersworth. They completed a fundraiser a few months back to raise funds for their new studio that they just started using a couple of weeks ago! Anyway, I love these two and they work so hard for their fans, so it makes it really hard not to love them back. <3


P.S. If you watch them and like them, they are up for a Shorty Award this year in the Webshow category and it would mean a lot to me as a Nasty if you gave them your vote (Vote here). ^-^ They've been making videos for almost 5 years now and they really deserve it.


Anyway, that's the end of my little love spiel about Simon and Martina. lol


Edit: typos

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So many CaptainSparkelz fans!!!!


I'd have to say Smosh and RayWJ as well xd.png

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Lol this is crazy!

Why haven't I heard of them???


and I will make ya'll a deal, if I watch those people, you have to watch Leda AND

Destery and Nate - How to pick up chicks



Funniest stuff ever lol


also, smosh is really funny, I will agree on that biggrin.gif


I have been making youtube videos for almost 2 years now, I have a lot of good ones out






ps. heheh I got new dragons, = happy girl happy.gif

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Well, I watched Leda and Destery and Nate- How to pick up chicks... and I honestly didn't like it. :/ Sorry. It's only an opinion though. tongue.gif

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