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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2013

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We've got some impressive numbers starting to show now that it's passed the halfway point. Remember, we have 34 Hollys donated this year - last year we only had 8 - someone with only 288 BBWs last year was able to gain a Holly for their scroll - and the highest number was 746! So even if you feel like your numbers are low, you have a wonderful chance.


And to be a proactive sponsor biggrin.gif I've hidden the teleport links for three 2nd gen spitfires in this message. Take one, or take all three, just grab them before they're gone!



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I think I will join in the collecting fun mine will be available through my scroll link.

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elixabeth: I would love to add you to the contest, but you need to change your document from private to public, just so us moderators are able to see it. wink.gif


oops sorry about that, I updated it to public. smile.gif

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I'm back everyone! biggrin.gif But I'm exhausted, and it's not only because it's 2 in the morning. wink.gif Plan on an update tomorrow!


EDIT: okokokok So I know I lied.... but like come on, it like just turned 12 am now! tongue.gif

Edited by Ninetails

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Due to tough circumstances GokaiPink has decided to step down as a mod. sad.gif


As a result of this I have decided to add a white list into our little contest. Of course, GokaiPink will be the first one to join it, and hopefully many others in the future too. :3 (It's a list for awesome people who have done great things for the contest;like old moderators and such)



Now, it's time for the spitfire updates!


pisceslion: WOAH! You went from 1 to 333! I'm sure you did that on purpose, did you now? ;3


FyoraSilverwolf: Honestly, I agree with you. tongue.gif I like that determination you have!


Syleye: Adding you into the contest! ^^


AltanaSabelle: Also adding you in, good luck hun!


remislady: Man we are getting a lot of participants, though it's definitely not a bad thing! biggrin.gif I am guessing remislady is your scroll name also?


elixabeth: Thanks. wink.gif Adding you now as document (and your total!).


Beckster: Added, yeah I guess it's getting a little late into the contest but you've seen how fast those spitfire numbers go up from other users here I'm sure! laugh.gif



Wow that was a HUGE update. @_@ All totals updated and if you think you see any mistakes don't be shy to mention them!





Edited by The Holly Contest

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Total updated to 220 spitfires!


Also, lots of hugs and love for Ninetails and all the other mods of this contest! <3

Edited by Kurane

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I'd like to join! I wish I was here for the Bright-Breasted Wyverns, though! I'm obsessed with those as is so last year would have been a blast ^^











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I'd also like to join, this seems really nice. I'll keep track in this post.



1. 50U27

2. 7Xvsr

3. fNWM2

4. aLlQF

5. 7Gx5W

6. YP9L0

7. PPB36

8. Fn1bs

9. zOEGx

10. w3eKV

11. ib6Tl

12. dnmbp

13. Iuz6p

14. 4p3qm

15. DuvUB

16. 9bxWa

17. aLlQF

18. YP9L0

19. Fn1bS

20. zOEGx

21. w3eKV

22. JyBJ0

23. ib6Tl

24. 4p3qm

25. g6o7G

26. mpBG4

27. snFYA

28. BGKbA

29. i1fAR

30. iOcaP

31. fz1pK

32. BhEfK





1. wyrXj

2. Je5A6

3. qt93H

4. Ejpn1

5. ogukX

6. 4Emy3

7. BPuNP

8. fCcJW


Total - 40

Edited by car340

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Oh I would like to join smile.gif Love Spitfires, like their offspring Ultraviolets better, but still love Spitfires. My scroll is listed by default so anything above Cavern Lurkers are from 2013. However to make things easier I will list them here. You can see my scroll by clicking link in my sig.



My Spitfires listed here:

1. Oh California 2. Neu Zealander 3. Oh Luok 4. TA the III 5. Wouter Prowl 6. Valda Footsoldier 7. Messy Spit 8. Eoghan Footsoldier 9. Ultra Lumi III 10. QR Soldier II

11. Zhonl Glitter V 12. Evania Blueflame 13. Zip Kat II 14. tTz5t the V 15. My Forwarding PO 16. 3tqID the II 17. So Great 18. CC Vacationer II 19. Ottokar Footsoldier 20. Jem Soldier II

21. Toke Zed II 22. Kadyn Fighter 23. Kane Fighterhawk 24. Carr Guardian 25. Kixa Warrior 26. Ivy Scout 27. Op U Specialist 28. Private Junayd 29. Nyla Warrior 30. Sink BloodWarrior

31. Quarrel Unit II 32. 4Tb2k II 33. Azu Forces II 34. Water Fort 35. Bag End Vice 36. Queen Knight 37. Janine Kiza 38. Fiver FM 39. Spitting Trap 40. Zorro Fighter

41. Heloise III 42. Tank Captain III 43. Chancellor Wine 44. Dry Airfender 45. Oasis Fighter 46. UltraFyre Away 47. High AirUnit 48. BlueNeon Fighter II 49. ghrxc II 50. Squad Div IV

51. Uzon King II 52. Seizing Roar 53. Azura BlueInfantry III 54. Messy Shallowfail 55. Quantum Soldier II 56. Crossbow Guardian II 57. Petr Oilflame II 58. Buwa Soldier II 59. Oxa Soldier 60. Sauvignon Wine

61. Jodeeva Tailwing II 62. zUX8o III 63. IlMrr III 64. Lair Destroyer 65. bnVRX VII 66. Zero Military 67. Tactica Unit II 68. Rulenne's Company V 69. Up58h III 70. v4ByL IV

71. Ty Basher 72. jnhBW III 73. Eowyn Heiress III 74. Egg Guardian II 75. Fiery Scout 76. Spiva Nurse 77. tY8Wk V 78. Byron Rebounder 79. Mutt Messy 80. Mam Archer II

81. Kayla Soldier II 82. Nia Deflector II 83. Messy Llhkc 84. aNIxS VI 85. Xeno Say VI 86. Yearling Fighter 87. Aoza Flameon II 88. Uni Soldier II 89. Dominion BloodWarrior II 90. Oscillate Infantry III

91. WaveRuiner Soldier II 92. Mess lE5At 93. kfXNs 94. 4K8QL II 95. FBW0E III 96. jLcda 97. FRVZx 98. CRSuT 99. 219Gh 100. TKSzr

101. Ox Blaze II 102. 3cWxS II 103. Lfg0M II 104. GJgDO III 105. 8MOsg 106. Wy Basher 107. Spit Shimmerfail VI 108. fxvcq II 109. kdqY3 II 110. Zlyhs II

111. Zee Army II 112. SpitRidge the II 113. O0AA9 II 114. y7HLL 115. oRKTN 116. Jay Arrow IV 117. 2CQno II 118. dKCZ6 II 119. 7DvZC II 120. TSrIO II

121. 9UYwj IV 122. 78LfW II 123. xae3B VII 124. c8WTw VI 125. WaO1r III 126. qoQrK 127. uPM7G 128. YvCwg II 129. 7saWZ II 130. rjIdx II

131. zL1Ez II 132. 87BnZ II 133. NlyRJ IV 134. 0jhud III 135. IwN6W 136. 0FCbf 137. XInez Messy 138. n2mga 139. DBGus 140. EPwUt

141. 1O9yV 142. 56A94 143. VW1jV 144. JYg4x 145. 1UMrf 146. SdMYq 147. hlADk 148. lSgAe 149. fvtlL 150. nLYnC

151. jp1Ki 152. oNu0f 153. AGPQg 154. fnGwy 155. yUrRu 156. Cujnt

Edited by Hawkster

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My total is now 58 Spitfires.

Edited by Wahya

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I made a banner in my free-time, because I had nothing to really do but wait until to see Spitfire eggs in the AP. Don't really care if it gets rejected.


user posted image


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I made a banner in my free-time, because I had nothing to really do but wait until to see Spitfire eggs in the AP. Don't really care if it gets rejected.


user posted image


Oh my god it's so cute! xd.png I really love the concept of it, thank you, this will be added to the banners list (with credit to you of course) in the next update!

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I have been collecting Spitfires, not sure if I signed up. Most of mine are currently mixed in on pages 1&2 of my scroll. Will post a count as soon as I clean them in some order.


They will be under the Spitfire 'Contest dragons' (He's not eligible, but he's been my place holder for over a year now.)

Edited by Firstborn Dragon

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Oh, this sounds like fun. I'm a little late to join, but I shall try my best smile.gif I will keep my spitfire count on my scroll, with the names indicating which are new.

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