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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2013

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I'm debating joining this or not, I just started again after a year+ absence, so I still have to get all the new dragons, so I don't know if I should do it this year or wait until I have more/all of the new ones, assuming you guys do this again next year...


I guess it can't hurt to try, being that I could win a Holly. o:


I already have:

1 CB Zivbeca Sil 2 CB Quidesiebzig Sil 3 CB Zysmeh Sil 4 Mono Shimmerfail Sil 5 CB Welois Sil 6 CB Dos Xater Sil 7 Sp Femme Rebekah Sil 8 Sp Femme Miasma Sil 9 SS Iwesax Sil 10 Sp Infinite Spitfire Sil


11 CB Octrunoon Sil 12 CB Woqotra Sil 13 SS Telvegelts Sil 14 IB Becincoww Sil 15 IB Qixriah Thuwed Sil 16 CB Lily Sil 17 IB Tabaney Thuwed Sil 18 IB Ocingla Sil 19 IB Ifpetfa Sil 20 Sp Sp Neunfetwa Sil


21 CB Reledzwa Sil 22 Sp Naming by Code Sil 23 Shimmerkin Regetrenta Sil 24 CB Cuatreza Sil 25 CB Padoelta Sil 26 Mythlyn Shimmerkin Sil 27 IB Silverbeach Scales Sil 28 EG5 Wizard Charm Sil 29 CB Yehecvoz Sil 30 Sp Ovyeix Sil


31 Sp Poke Miasma Sil 32 PB Quatseta Sil 33 Silver Typhoon Sil 34 SS Spifweca Sil 35 Sp Dana Badia Sil 36 IB Goop Sil 37 CB Tresnik Sil 38 Purplefire Freaky Sil 39 Sp Port Dip Sil 40 IB Mithcult Sil


41 CB Hey Sexy Sil 42 CB Tegekah Sil 43 Sp Jonly Bonly Sil 44 CB Liberty Falcon Sil 45 CB Vedemavda Sil 46 CB Vadaedaka Sil 47 HA3 Fefwah Sil 48 CB Monkesema Sil 49 CB Beskar Sil 50 Sp Seskas Sil


51 Sp Alexander Zysm Sil 52 Echo Shimmerkin Sil 53 CB Biis Sil 54 SS Yeheczed Sil 55 Sp Give Me Some Sizzle Sil 56 HA4 Anorexic Shimmerkin  Sil 57 V5 Ffour Sil 58 SS Ziva Williams Sil 59 EG3 Calkhul Sil 60 HA7 Tharina Echo Sil


61 CB Just Noticed the Spots 62 IB Welspi Thuwed Dorkface Sil 63 SS Xsana Sil 64 CB Tusaj Sil 65 CB Glots Sil 66 CB Filraj Sil 67 HA7 Queen of Echoes Sil 68 SS Hooked on Ficus Sil 69 SS Ziva Will Alexander Sil 70 SS I Hold the Magic Crass​


71 CB Acici Sil 72 IB Zexti Saphyr Sil 73 CB Donexba Sil 74  CB Exvewah Sil 75 A8 Tharigoda Shim Echo Sil 76 CB Eulhy Sil 77 CB Yswaq Sil 78 CB Xomzwacht Sil 79 CB Trezfne Sil 80 CB Cetneunpf Sil


81 SS Ryan Stiles Sil 82 Sp Narksan Shimmer Sil 83 Glasherx Sil 84 CB Lemejva Sil 85 SS Sekriz Sil 86 CB Qwuwu Sil 87 PB Havevmann Sil 88 CB Laqoceqne Sil 89 CB Raweghaj Sil 90 CB Agave Sil


91 Ms Stiles Sil 92 CB Disjara Sil 93 CB Nixag Sil 94 CB Pickaxe Q Sil 95 CB MOAR Sil 96 CB Arnai Sil 97 IB Lavender Spitfire 98 SS Purplespit Sil 99 CB Euwlan Sil 100 CB Yixog Sil


101 CB Onate Sil 102 Fizm Sil 103 CB Pfesui Sil 104 SS Fyntal Sil 105 CB Azpia Sil 106 PB Disrawa Sil 107 Lezebec Sil 108 SS Tempest Beach Sil 109 SS Super Sandpaper Sil 110 CB Kaiku Sil


111 PB Yixagave Sil 112 CB Hagazip Sil 113 CB Qirkva Sil 114 PB Qwupfee Sil 115 EG3 Purple Fyn Sil 116 IB Wacuba Sil 117 CB Scewsta Sil 118 HA8x Euwlan Tempest Sil 119 SS3 Narksan Jepyn Sil 120 CB Saesdi Sil


121 PB3 Yixqwup Sil 122 CB Xahex Sil 123 CB Kay Voz Sil 124 CB Cefqiz Sil 125 CB Warlow Sil 126 PB Qirkzia Sil 127 iEG4 Jayinz Dorkface Sil 128 PB Ovetbe Sil 129 PB Scewp'fasu Sil 130 Firvin Sil


131 CB Ybesd Sil 132 EG3 Ryan Stiles' Sandpaper 133 PB3 Havevdiss Sil 134 PB BluVyng Sil 135 CB Of Course Sil 136 CB Uqyba Sil 137 Fubus Cupiditas Sil 138 CB Fezidig Sil 139 CB I Hodor Sil 140 CB Tanoya Sil


141 Daedric Duke Sil 142 PB Kaiyixa Sil 143 A8x Queen of Tempests Sil 144 HA6 Xabkaz Helo'niac Sil 145 CB Tinvawes Sil146 A8 Tharina Godwyv Sil 147 CB Aimqog Sil 148 EG4 Aefi Stiles Sil 149 A4 Fefneun Sil 150 EG3 Gelzaph Sil


151 CB Ekefeket Sil 152 IB Sun's Rage Sil 153 SS Scoshelk Sil 154 HA4 Wijnarksa Sil 155 CB Osezzy Sil 156 CB Apimcid Sil 157 PB3 Kayixhavae Sil 158 CB Grape Sil 159 Calizco Winter Sil 160 CB Tevleny Sil


161 Hruda Anis Sil 162 IB Ufetuwah Sil 163 EG5 Sejuaef Stiles Sil 164 EG4 Stiles' Sand PurpFyn Sil 165 CB Eninbess Sil 166 CB Tadebwarr Sil 167 Hefjui Sil 168 SS3 Fynnestok Sil 169 Unproven Dorkface Sil 170 SS3 Blu Apimci Sil


171 CB Erpefasem Sil 172 Sp Aldtre Sil 173 CB Tadedata Sil 174 CB Ninxilka Sil 175 CB Cinoi Sil 176 CB Ipzip Sil 177 CB Gahez Sil 178 CB Kicsed Sil 179 CB Nev Queen Sil 180 CB Yithirk Sil


181 CB Betygpa Sil 182 CB Orc Sil 183 IB Xjoy Sil 184 CB Iiga Sil 185 EG6 Seju Stiles Blue Sil 186 HA6 Lucy Naagmani Sil 187 SS Gibnaqua Sil 188 Sp Vamayr Sil 189 Sp Webhann Sil 190 SS5 Iznep Lancaster Sil


191 SS4 Blu Apitade Sil 192 Phlognim Sil 193 CB Uorena Sil 194 CB Ycsip Sil 195 CB Penumbra Sil 196 CB Oxciss Sil 197 Unseen Glazingstar Sil 198 CB Ottove Sil 199 CB Ejepippa Sil 200 HA5 Ghost Spitfire Sil


201 EG4 King of Purple Fins Sil 202 CB Twytsa Sil 203 CB Qabwa Sil 204 SS6 Iznepga Lancaster Sil 205 Netrimb Sil 206 Sp Osuzy Sil 207 CB Onova Sil 208 PB Orlediera Sil 209 CB Cacita Sil 210 Cevrise Sil


211 CB Mr Gus Sil 212 CB Nedemqex Sil 213 CB So Quit Sil 214 CB Quiviter Sil 215 EG7 Elements of Stiles Sil 216 Gimgoo Sil 217 CB Xutog Sil 218 SS7 Iznepqab Lancaster Sil 219 PB Hot in the Heat Wave Sil 220 PB3 Orleyixaga Sil


221 Sp3 Vader Oz Sil 222 EG5 Aefipurfin Stiles Sil 223 PB Chaquita Sil 224 IB Air of Dorkface Sil 225 CB Ceeba Sil 226 CB Etqiss Sil 227 HA5 Xutoblu Sil 228 HA8 Ono Izneca Lancaster Sil 229 PB4 Orlehaveda Sil 230 CB Fevid Sil


231 Wepalegged Sil 232 SS6 Isomanic Samhain Sil 233 CB Arid Sis Sil 234 Sp Tikswom Kishal Sil 235 PB3 Chaquita Yagave Sil 236 A6 Ghost of Xutoblu Sil 237 Agrijaklin Sil 238 CB Catemtah Sil 239 SS6 Grand Clockwork Thuwed 240 A9 Ono Menoth Lancaster Sil


241 CB Gacate Sil 242 CB Darklii Sil 243 CB Citua Sil 244 SS7 Isomanic Samceeba Sil 245 CB Qiaky Sil 246 PB Fevonov Sil 247 CB Muhina Sil 248 Dibnet Sil 249 EG6 Aefipra Wiz Stiles Sil 250 PB Gacatemt Sil


251 PB4 Havev Chaqyaga Sil 252 SS8 Isomanic Sam Cake Sil 253 Sp Larensba Sil 254 PB3 Scoop Fever Sil 255 CB Sysip Sil 256 CB Cysfiq Sil 257 SS3 Utwed Sil 258 SS7 Isomanic Samceeben Sil 259 Sp Yibsy Sil 260 CB Five Guys Sil


261 HA3 Tinselkin Glass Sil 262 HA3 Meppha Lindsey Sil 263 Sky Knight of Ultramar Sil 264 EG4 Nonconformist Sil 265 IB Lavender Sil 266 HA7 Echoes Spite Sil 267 SS4 Viva Tinselkin Sil 268 SS Qwegja Sil 269 A8 Echoes of Peace Sil 270 CB Ifcan Sil


271 CB Fanenzwa Sil 272 EG3 Firefly Sil 273 SS3 Qwegtepa Sil 274 SS4 Jaez-a Sil 275 CB Biztwa Sil 276 IB Abreksa Sil 277 CB Oh Do Not Sil 278 EG4 Fire Fyn Sil 279 EG3 Urjeciko Sil 280 HA5 If Jaez Can Sil


281 CB Betsu Sil 282 CB Pablaw Sil 283 Sp Wibi Sil 284 CB Ubukzu Sil 285 CB Kenelry Sil 286 CB Mexucci Sil 287 CB Tesaba Sil 288 IB Zevezeg Sil 289 EG3 Ombekaw Sil 290 Xevlicji Sil


291 CB Qip Sil 292 CB Botos Sil 293 EG4 Urgent Purple Sil 294 Sp Ehzra Sil 295 Opinpur Sil 296 Sp June Wyoming Sil 297 Blue Wan Sil 298 A6 Jae's Ghost Sil 299 SS4 Holidaykin Sil 300 Sp Nine-Sixty Sil


301 CB Sexy Chick Sil 302 CB Wapacow Sil 303 Sp Knight of Coilette Sil 304 CB LaQuit Sil 305 CB Exholt Sil 306 SS5 Holidaykin Yule Sil 307 PB Botess Sil 308 EG4 Ombe Purplefin Sil 309 EG5 Non-urgent Purple Sil 310 Sp Male Spitfire Sil


311 Sp13 BTW Shimmerkin Sil 312 CB Epidemiology Sil 313 Biffel Sil 314 CB Ezra Sil 315 SS Asa Stonestrong Sil 316 IB Hahaeda Sil 317 HA6 Spitfire Lady Abba Sil


[Yes, their name actually has the number in it, because that's how I keep track of these things. xd.png I did the mini version of this (one breed per month, for tinsels I think?) back before I went on hiatus.]

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My list is updated to 17 Spitfires in my army. biggrin.gif

only 4 are frozen, but have those labeled in my google doc

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Enjoy! biggrin.gif


Edited: Happy to help out!

Edited by simkim

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Hi Mods



My Spits are now listed in breed order on scroll.


They are all numbered so should be easy to see.

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A great idea. I'll join. I'll just put the dragons at one place in my scroll and number them wink.gif

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Updated everyone's totals, added new players, and added our 33rd Holly donation, from Shadowdrake! Thank you!


Brentakers: Welcome to the contest. Please note that you should provide full links in your doc, not just codes. smile.gif


RulenneClarissa: Yes, view links are actually preferred in off-forum listing methods.


georgexu94: We'll need a link to your scroll.




Holly Contest 2013 Half-Way Point

Today, June 21st, was the half-way point of the 2013 contest-- as good a time as any to make a few changes!


Since she has been most active in updating the thread, starting now Ninetails will be considered Head Moderator, answering only to the creator ArynChris. I (Pteprocks) have given myself the title of Prize Distribution Overseer, and the other mods will be given special titles/responsibilities as they arise; the first will be Staff Screening Overseer.


Added a list of Total Checkers, who will help the moderators check the competitors' totals once the contest ends. We will hold open applications for Total Checkers soon, but please note that you cannot be both a Total Checker and a competitor.


The inactive moderators (def: moderators who haven't updated the thread) will, as of now, no longer have access to the account; however, they will be kept on as Total Checkers. These three inactive moderators are TheLittlePurpleDragon, Alse15, and panic siren. The rest have been kept on as full moderators.


Meanwhile, half-way is a big milestone, so if you're a little behind in the Spitfire count, now's a good time to step it up! wink.gif



Update by Pteprocks

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I can't find my old post so I'll just reply and say that I'm cancelling. I'm not joining. smile.gif Thank you.

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RulenneClarissa: Yes, view links are actually preferred in off-forum listing methods.

Thank you! I'll be changing my links in the next few weeks, then smile.gif

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My goodness! I know I have updated a little bit but wow! o.o Thanks Ptep!


Eiiiither way:


elixabeth: I would love to add you to the contest, but you need to change your document from private to public, just so us moderators are able to see it. wink.gif


georgexu94: Ehhh, alright I removed you, but perhaps you will join next year instead? >w>


Death-By-CatBurger: Could you please possibly give us a total of your spitfires? I added 3 to your previous total... but it still may but inaccurate.


Once again, all totals have also been updated. If you see any mistakes don't be shy to mention them! smile.gif

Love Ninetails

Edited by The Holly Contest

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Updateing: I'm not even sure with the number anymore, but they're on the second page leaking into the third. I think I'm at 146 adults right now


Reminder: Auberon the Noble (the one at the top of the list of spitfires) doesn't count, so don't even bother with him.

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Total updated to 200 spitfires!

Edited by Kurane

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