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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2013

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This was an experiment, thought up by ArynChris, that we did last year, and we rewarded the experimenters with Hollies. So, we're going to do it again this year. To sum up,


Those who collect the most Spitfires, adult or frozen, in 2013 will receive a Holly egg come Christmas.


Why only Spitfires, not other commons too? It's an experiment to see if we can make them harder to find in the cave and AP. It worked somewhat last year, when we had a contest to see who could collect the most BBWs.


To sign up: Simple! Just post in the thread and start collecting Spitfires. In your post, please tell us where you will be listing your Spitfires (see rule 3.)


You will need to post again if you would like us to update your totals before December!


To donate: PM either the Holly Contest account or any of the hosts with access to the account.



1. Only Spitfires collected in 2013 count. Spitfires you already have count if and only if they were laid/caught on or after January 1, 2013.

2. The contest will end at midnight December 10, 2013. All Spitfires must be grown up or frozen before this date; the latest "grown up on" date we should see is December 9.

3. Please either make a post and edit with links to all the Spitfires you collect, or use a google doc, or give us a link to your scroll and keep your qualifying Spitfires in one place. This will make it easier to verify your total in December, and allow us to link straight from the competitors list to your totals. If we can't find your Spitfires, we can't count them.

4. Only frozen hatchlings and adults count, not eggs or growing hatchlings.

5. Spitfires must all be ALIVE and NOT ZOMBIES and NOT WILD at Christmas time, when we go through and double check everyone's numbers.

6. Spitfires may be bred by you, caught off the AP, or found in the cave. All Spitfires count.

7. You may join at any time in the year.

8. A small bit of clarification on the trade rule by arynchris. Suggest reading.

I have been asked to clarify something.


In short: As long as you do not violate the TOS, any means of obtaining the designated common (in 2013, spitfires) is allowed. Catching from the cave, the AP, breeding, trading, taking donations, even multiple people working jointly (ie. genuine friends and family, who usually want a future offspring in return for their help, NOT multi-scrolling) and so on are all permitted.


The contest is not meant to be "a level playing field."

It is meant to measure your dedication to the goal of obtaining a holly, so that we know we're breeding for someone who will keep the dragon for all the years to come. And along the way, to turn a single supercommon into something less common and/or more valuable. By creating market demand, we pull into our secondary cause all the forum traders of dragcave, who will start treating the supercommon as a commodity instead of a pest and clear the cave with us. As they do, it will become tougher and tougher to hunt them... to breed them... to trade for them. The contest becomes more challenging as the year goes on, not less. It's a test of dedication.


In other words... how badly do you want a holly?



We are always looking for donations so more of our collectors can get their Hollies! Here is the list of Hollies, and their donators:


(BOLD text indicates that final November confirmation is complete)

The 2013 Holly offspring of Holly Wishes Zek, from Wiz!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Ptero-St Nicholas, from Pteprocks!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Holly Jolly Garnet, from TheLittlePurpleDragon!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Nollaig Iontas, from celis!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Gokai Christmas Ranger IB, from GokaiPink!

The 2013 Holly offspring of PS Fezziwig's Christmas Goose, from panic siren!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Santa's Helper Thuwed, from Ninetails!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Heiligabendstern, from drabrugon!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Zimtsternschnuppe, from drabrugon!

The 2013 Holly offspring of MKSherlock's MiracleOn34thStreet, from WereJace!

The 2013 Holly offspring of 5taffed Tree Burnery Thuwed, from Ashes The Second!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Annunaki Thuwed Hollyleaf, from BlueIce!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Solstice Miracle, from Kaoto_Susanao235!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Christmas is Interesting, from Umbee!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Eowemir, from HawktalonOfRiverClan!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Star of Holly, from dragonpuck!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Saint Christopher Jarael, from Vakarian!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Holly Jolly Potato, from gravija!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Reigning Son Dorkface Thuwed 5E, from julesjag1!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Fa La La, from spirited_soul!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Ioma's Draco Hesperidum, from Ioma!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Aryn's precious, from michellechan2211!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Xastir, from Limn!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Kitsune's Holly Jolly Thuwed, from dark_kitsune!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Mysterious Darkrose Holly, from Ha-Ki!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Peace to men on earth, from twol8sue!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Douglas-Fir Giftbright Thuwed, from Shadowdrake!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Cmas07 CL-St3 Leetle, from fallen_leaf!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Arlya Thuwed, from Terces!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Holly Thuwed-Dorkface Surprise, from allyra!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Holly Dream Gift, from dragongrrl!

The 2013 Holly offspring of to love, from blah!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Xecc0 Whispyr Thuwed Dagnir, from Dracaena!

The 2013 Holly offspring of Polly Holly, from Karobb!


All donators are very appreciated. smile.gif


First place gets first pick of the Hollies, then second place, and so on.


Those who collect a certain amount but not enough to win a Holly will receive nice, non-Holly eggs as runner-up prizes. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the pool of runner-up prizes with donations.



ArynChris (Creator)

Ninetails (Head Moderator)

Pteprocks (Prize Distribution Overseer)

Wiz (Moderator)

celis (Moderator)

Moderators have access to the project account and are responsible for updating the thread, as well as other special responsibilities listed.




panic siren

Total Checkers will help the moderators verify the participants' Spitfire totals once the contest ends.


Total Checker applications are currently closed but will open soon.

Please note that you cannot participate in the contest if you are a Total Checker.


WHITE/SILVER LIST: This is for those who have been former mods and/or people who have be a great help to the thread...

GokaiPink: Previously a very sweet and considerate moderator!




The top collectors of the 2012 Holly Contest, for collecting the most BBWs!

Rare_Hunter21-- 746

aiyouxian-- 686

Kukuru-- 601

coltzen-- 598

celis-- 588 (Declined prize)

TheLittlePurpleDragon-- 577

sunsteps88-- 572 (Declined prize)

Limn-- 533

simkim-- 533 (Declined prize)

sciencegeek-- 518 (Declined prize)

Warrior57-- 288

As well as top runners-up Lavaedra, Ioma, sanderj, and Kanaye, who received Hollies because of the winners who declined!

In total, the top collectors, runners-up, and general competitors collected approximately 9,100 BBWs!

Edited by The Holly Contest

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HOLLY WINNERS To see more please open this Holly Contest totals spreadsheet.

1. AzureMist: 1,785 (received holly)

2. plumeriarose: 1,297 (received holly)

3. mysterrie: 1,209 (received holly)

4. RulenneClarissa: 870 (received holly)

5. rexreen: 704 (received holly)

6. Storm skyflyer: 636 (received holly)

7. Merion: 603 (received holly)

8. Rascal: 555 (has lost priority)

9. Lady_Dragonrider: 522

10. tetra: 499

11. Kurane: 480

12. Stargirl17: 436

13. pisceslion: 425

14 and 15. Sir Barton and XxShadowWolf13xX: 415 each, tied

16. owned by toys: 390

17. TroupeMaster: 373

18. Caileh: 372

19. Mordeth: 369

20. cerulean_skies: 365

21. rubybear: 362

22. Hasekerstin: 356

23. Arkenidae: 319

24. FyoraSilverwolf: 317

25. Lightchaotic: 288

26. _smoczyca_: 278

27. Wahya: 262

28. Snelly: 259

29. Deranged Pegasus: 256

30. eevee_em: 241

31. Angel_Princess: 214



32. Ha-Ki: 209

33. Vampiresswolf: 207

34. 7Kiran7: 184

35. alecia_rosen: 169

36. circeramone: 167

37. and 38. Azura and Hawkster: 156 each, tied

39. valenwind92: 155

40. Azhure: 154

41. Firstborn Dragon: 147

42. Puppyloverdog10000: 136

43. Fire-Ice: 127

44. clara954: 113

45. sorenna: 104

46. and 47. nynaevesilverwind and lady_caetlyn: 101 each, tied

48. Beckster: 96

49. nuttymeg3: 83

50. and 51. bionelly and yaquiidru: 76 each, tied

52. Kizzikins: 75




Last update: 12/10/13 1:14 Cave Time


7Kiran7: 7

Scroll, pg. 5-6


92rubberyducky: 0

Bottom of scroll



Google Doc


Acrata: 22

Google Doc


Afeare: 0

Google Doc


alecia_rosen: 8

Top of scroll


Alexia76: 1

Forum post


AltanaSabelle: 0



Angel_Princess: 214

Forum post


AquaBlueRain: 3

Forum post


Arkenidae: 301

Forum post


Azhure: 141



Azura: 154

Bottom of scroll


AzureMist: 997

Google Doc


Beckster: 3

Forum post


bionelly: 34

Forum post


blakeso: 0

Bottom of scroll


Blood-Otherium: 0

Bottom of scroll


Bluheart: 49

Google Doc


Brentakers: 8

Google Doc


Caileh: 50

Scroll, Pages 5-8


car340: 40

Forum post


cerulean-skies: 365

Google Doc


circeramone: 0

Bottom of scroll


clara954: 113

Forum post


crzyanimemom: 8

Forum post


crimsonsnowflake: 0

Google Doc



Near bottom of scroll


Darine: 35

Google doc


dark_kitsune: 40

Bottom of scroll


Death-By-Catburger: 10

Bottom of Scroll


Deranged Pegasus: 53

Google Doc


DMCfan94: 2

Bottom of Scroll


Draikinator: 10

Forum post


Dramiome7052: 0



elixabeth: 30

Bottom of Scroll


Emmerz24: 0

Listed under eggs on scroll


Erica8798: 0

Bottom of scroll


Esmeia: 11

Bottom of scroll


EternalSnow: 0

Bottom of scroll


eevee_em: 241

In Breed Sort


Fade: 0

Near Bottom of Scroll


Fire-Ice: 1

Google Doc


Firstborn Dragon: 79



Flamemynx: 0

Bottom of scroll


flippin: 0

Forum Post


FyoraSilverwolf: 317

Forum post


GCat: 12

Google Doc


girlfairy76: 0

Forum post


Grandmother_cathie: 0

Google Site/Doc


Ha-Ki: 206

Forum post


Hasekerstini: 0

Forum post


Hawkster: 76

Forum post


herobrine745: 1

Breed Sort


hoboflotovoto: 0

Google Doc


Husker: 0

Bottom of scroll


IcarusTheDragon: 0

Bottom of scroll


InariRoku: 0



jarlis: 10

Forum post


Kaylion: 0

Top of scroll


Keolah: 15



Kizzikins: 5

Bottom of scroll


klinneah: 65

Forum post


Kurane: 480

Forum post


LadyNova: 0

Forum post


lady_caetlyn: 0

Google Doc


Lady_Dragonrider: 507

Forum post


LauraJae: 0

Google Doc


law-lee: 34

Google Doc


Lightchaotic: 286

Google Doc


lijana: 22



liz2424: 8

Google Doc



Scroll Sort (need scroll)


Lolchen: 15

Forum post


lundfamily3: 2

Top of scroll


Merion: 603

Top of scroll


Midnight-Skyline: 14

Bottom of Scroll


Mira15: 0

Forum post


MissHell23: 25



MojcaXX: 0



MollyElizbeth: 0

Forum post


Mordeth: 366

Google Doc


mysterrie: 1,197

Google Doc


NightFlame22: 0

Bottom of scroll


NixAyum: 0

Forum post


nuttymeg3: 38

Bottom of scroll


nynaevesilverwind: 97

Forum post


owned by toys: 390



pisceslion: 333

Forum post


plumeriarose: 1,294

Google Doc


Puppyloverdog10000: 139

Forum post


queenmidalah: 9

Google Doc


RainStar13: 23

Google Doc


ranger lucy: 0

Bottom of scroll


Rascal: 531

Bottom of scroll


Red_Rose87: 0

Forum post


reithemalkavian: 9



remislady: 3



rexreen: 707



Rina: 7

Forum post


rubybear: 0

Bottom of Scroll


RulenneClarissa: 867

Scroll, Starting pg. 5


Singlana: 0

Google Doc


Sincerest_Apologies: 0

Forum post


Sir Barton: 394

Bottom of scroll


Smokeysfrost: 2

Forum post


Snelly: 264

Scroll first page


Snowytoshi: 0

Scroll (numbered)


sorenna: 84



sparkle10184: 1

Scroll (numbered)


sparrowo3o: 15

Forum post


Stargirl17: 436

Google Doc


stitchstinks446: 1

Forum Post


Storm skyflyer: 636

Google Doc


SuperCream:: 4

Forum post


Syleye: 0



taliaangeni: 34

Forum post


tetra: 499

Top of scroll


Tigersoul482: 1



TroupeMaster: 363




Bottom of scroll


Vampiresswolf: 130



valenwind92: 126

Bottom of scroll


w5aw5: 0

Bottom of scroll


Wahya: 262

Forum post


wynterborne: 0

Bottom of scroll


Wyvern_Oliza: 0

Forum post


XxShadowWolf13xX: 146

2nd page of Scroll


yaquiidru: 71

Forum post

Edited by The Holly Contest

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All of the badges and banners are outdated as they have BBWs in them u_u Looking for new ones!


By xeyla: (This one's countdown time is not accurate any longer unfortunately, but you are still free to use it of course. :3)

user posted image



By Wiz:

user posted image



By car340:

user posted image



By RulenneClarissa:

user posted image




Holly Contest 2013 End of Collection Period!

The collection period for 2013 is over! Spitfires having grown up or been frozen after midnight cave time today (a little more than an hour ago) will not count towards winning a Holly.


This begins the process of verifying everyone's totals. We have a team of four moderators and two Total Checkers that will be checking up on all of our 120+ competitors to make sure their totals are correct. And don't worry if you haven't updated your total, we'll get the correct number regardless.


At this time, 28 of our 36 Holly donators have confirmed their donations. The other 8 still have until the verification process is over to confirm before they are removed from the list.


Thank you all for participating!




Holly Contest 2013 Home Stretch

With a little more than a week left in the contest, we're going to begin making preparations for the winners. Starting tonight we will be sending out messages to all the donators to make sure they'll be active during the giveaway. We might not send them all at once, so if you're a donator and haven't received a PM yet, feel free to shoot first and PM us.


Once a donator has given us final confirmation, their entry in the donations list will be BOLDED. If anyone doesn't confirm with us by the time Holly breeding season starts their name will be removed.


Also, we can confirm that there WILL be a 2014 contest, however, the breed to be collected will not be announced until the contest begins.


Anyway, just because the contest is almost over doesn't mean the winners are decided yet! One last push of collecting could be all that stands between you and a Holly this holiday.



Holly Contest 2013 Half-Way Point

June 21st was the half-way point of the 2013 contest-- as good a time as any to make a few changes!


Since she has been most active in updating the thread, starting now Ninetails will be considered Head Moderator, answering only to the creator ArynChris. The other mods will answer to her. I (Pteprocks) have given myself the title of Prize Distribution Overseer, and the other mods will be given special titles/responsibilities as they arise; the first will be Staff Screening Overseer.


Added a list of Total Checkers, who will help the moderators check the competitors' totals once the contest ends. We will hold open applications for Total Checkers soon, but please note that you cannot be both a Total Checker and a competitor.


The inactive moderators (def: moderators who haven't updated the thread) will, as of now, no longer have access to the account; however, they will be kept on as Total Checkers. These three inactive moderators are TheLittlePurpleDragon, Alse15, and panic siren. The rest have been retained as full moderators.


Meanwhile, half-way is a big milestone, so if you're a little behind in the Spitfire count, now's a good time to step it up! wink.gif




Holly Contest 2012 Runner-Up Prizes

Though they have been notified, some of the runners-up have not received their prizes still. Here is a spreadsheet with the details.





Let the games begin.

Edited by The Holly Contest

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I'll join, mwahahaha biggrin.gif


I'll being showing my Spitfires through my scroll link. They'll be at the bottom of my scroll, above my almost 300 Flood dragons ^^'

Edited by Erica8798

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Ooh, a reason to get me to grab spitfires! I am going to only get spitfires, or really rare dragons from now on. And that's it. I will have a million spitfires in oen week. Lol

All eligible spitfires will be at the top of my scroll, just o you know smile.gif

Edited by lundfamily3

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I'd like to do both!


I'll gladly donate one of my eggs from this Holly I got in 2012. It's a big lineage but pretty neat. smile.gif


I guess I'll put mine on Google Docs. I am pretty an*l about my scroll order so that is my best solution. xd.png On my scroll, I will put them below my Ultraviolets which are below my previously acquired Spitfires. I'll give the page # when the time comes. I doubt I'll get enough, but it will be fun I'm sure. biggrin.gif

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Oh, that's absolutely beautiful! Tell me if I can help with a mate. I don't have no Sweetlings or cb Silvers, but I do have Shadow Walkers, Rosebuds, etc. ...if you want to work with a different pattern, that is smile.gif


I'm in this time! Found the contest too late to join with the BBWs, and I should be more active this year to boot.


I'll just come back to this post and edit my eligible spitfires here, if I may?


~°~My Spitfire Collection~°~ count: 15

Edited by Lolchen

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I am in awe of those of you who can spend a whole year collecting one dragon breed. I know I couldn't do it. I toyed with the idea of collecting just for 'fun' until I realised it would drive me mad.

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I would like to join and will edit as I go along


EDIT: Worked out how to change place on scroll thanks to member help so will place them at the end of my scroll.

Edited by owned by toys

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I'll keep them at bottom of my scroll.


MY Spitfire LIST:

1.iJvSt 2.mGbMI 3.7oQi6 4.PpJdt 5.NU7Su 6.Q3Af7 7.CXmBs 8.YMvvv 9.d0U15 10.MO45d 11.6SSl6 12.LA7nY 13.J9YHF 14.TdV3m 15.Js5fZ 16.aDinr 17.2H9CO 18.K6d6F 19.5FXgk 20.TJbXf 21.thAUh 22.1U7OB 23.F21L8 24.ONmcP 25.MMp4f 26.7snU0 27.CLfEQ 28.19FNl 29.ZBn3p 30.4oO1A 31.piVkS 32.irKkR 33.poSIb 34.OT16E 35.onnK2 36.kafaG 37.VQkL3 38.4O9EE 39.LrnvC 40.stfL9 41.4P9Jo 42.mMZ1T 43.5v61a 44.G6kuS 45.ZSIVb 46.KtoYP 47.KfadN 48.Ulu5Z 49.lEaUq 50.EhLnf 51.Y8Ngt 52.CKH3c 53.GKvvS 54.PbjZ6 55.pgMYM 56.eUkdP 57.1AogD 58.qReN9 59.gRMID 60.LeS7t 61.OKDdK 62.a28hR 63.AUrpe 64.sTJZV 65.iMH0O 66.LYJ8i 67.CUBcr 68.kcQlK 69.J6q8i 70.0R3vD 71.ZNdJO 72.UciIA 73.gPanT 74.0v27i 75.WY6Uk 76.5Cji0 77.jiXE6 78.YpsFR 79.kaivY 80.HYj8i 81.c2ZmX 82.hHUIP 83.5CDG3 84.OnEW0 85.oihcO 86.LqcJX 87.y4RRd 88.yEW4R 89.QoaRK 90.rgb6T 91.3UxTS 92.z4GFQ 93.PoVta 94.d5CqI 95.FyQxn 96.lM6YQ 97.fwbkw 98.C3FaL 99.GVOFs 100.CYyFJ 101.y94UR 102.4OLoN 103.dtKEL 104.oQo2L 105.fE33g 106.ZkUeW 107.QwlAv 108.6DmZ9 109.0S2RX 110.rDNSP 111.YGVUl 112.y9f29 113.lnSti 114.5H7Mr 115.osuIM 116.Xtrs9 117.305j8 118.1RoR3 119.PWtf3 120.00Gnf 121.z0zDm 122.3txXQ 123.xbxTj 124.9FvBD 125.mJjKD 126.3OaVc 127.x0vKV 128.Y28vW 129.PzCM2 130.S9uar 131.EC6eY 132.ruHqo 133.Ro3al 134.w8nqu 135.JURGH 136.sc9Vv 137.s23z9 138.omRq2 139.sryOz 140.EvLbu 141.QP9N4 142.4heyQ 143.5Rrj1 144.cWZOu 145.99dbg 146.bBxEg 147.FBK3j 148.yolMU 149.2G3Ls 150.tj9FM 151.HuxYQ 152.Ub3nM 153.OrGhM 154.jqS5l 155.L04aI 156.AgCxn 157.VTev4 158.ZXWhS 159.0OQxP 160.YHkCg 161.OssrA 162.kc1xg 163.2bx3X 164.qg8A9 165.QFujo 166.LMMY5 167.MnkmZ 168.vSn4w 169.GXBFS 170.OKDZl 171.aKZHI 172.Gxp9D 173.8BWtL 174.4gyJR 175.i3LxN 176.UWysI 177.HeF3A 178.Lyo2K 179.Vce7s 180.prcxI 181.Kp1nB 182.Sf3gH 183.HvqsQ 184.hHYWl 185.Rn2Sm 186.jht64 187.TT4vF 188.gQfnW 189.Y20mz 190.OTz0i 191.7PA2k 192.MMIyy 193.phc12 194.YFdC9 195.kEDlz 196.GSnpu 197.BrFSO 198.D3vzG 199.m6HCh 200.XtWD6 201.2HMZw 202.F7dco 203.UIuCF 204.UC3FI 205.b4prY 206.1n4wN 207.DLxG9 208.mSi3Z 209.Wp0AR 210.4p1ex 211.jjztD 212.PvMZD 213.0pSnc 214.jOMBS 215.auvkW 216.oX0bM 217.zpsmK 218.Mx4l1 219.XVcuC 220.jfp2n 221.3GWA9 222.9Z0mg 223.Qi1cF 224.mES2a 225.bYQl4 226.8yrFz 227.MSadj 228.Xs1ZR 229.1AQ1s 230.6lk2P 231.mQzrc 232.tMJ6N 233.0Rr6x 234.WPqvK 235.lIX9W 236.okcMm 237.FcAad 238.V761k 239.wjB0J 240.LYzJT 241.84mCe 242.3jiZp 243.x9A1e 244.uBz3S 245.6rTXw 246.kJ3Ee 247.l9sOQ 248.750pS 249.3ps1R 250.FW9wh 251.8GXy3 252.dxlkb 253.3EZfL 254.uhKYb 255.9GXLv 256.43OLV 257.DxtA6 258.wcr7x 259.2BEDt 260.xrBa5 261.Msauf 262.b2LZw 263.fcrCd 264.phV3x 265.o1kig 266.WPN3F 267.nmsjD 268.eRQc9 269.fFimw 270.g22HP 271.YUaty 272.0T2ZN 273.A1BEc 274.2weD2 275.pPiYR 276.PpfvG 277.tSbvl 278.wkfiX 279.VwjpK 280.IomqG 281.VEmes 282.24hCa 283.8pgXT 284.VzyPu 285.iQGJJ 286.MHZaU 287.hjitR 288.QXbx7 289.1Rv7i 290.OF46U 291.loUCY 292.QQjTI 293.e3jf3 294.Jonm1 295.pGTH1 296.y5D2V 297.ZbKAe 298.AW06Z 299.MANoP 300.75qmj 301.1vZdy 302.KB6kZ 303.LwxZp 304.AcTAM 305.spoiq 306.I3Aad 307.XSnlL 308.5So7X 309.iPyTD 310.uj0Ki 311.4xOwu 312.8heMJ 313.P7kn9 314.4BVkj 315.jTMrC 316.iQw01 317.xQMqE 318.lcogS 319.vmmy9 320.UtZgj 321.XBwII 322.BeI0M 323.jCcgx 324.VGj7G 325.Duz8B 326.0Wezs 327.uA2He 328.d8R32 329.5dnxY 330.4eB3k 331.0dqLV 332.dnUG1 333.dBrbc 334.FVQYZ 335.Q4FsN 336.5ECzN 337.1fnXS 338.odGcl 339.IdA02 340.BmOMc 341.BpPky 342.HqjE0 343.t2bZ6 344.Tl03Y 345.LC1Nm 346.LiV2r 347.yyBJ7 348.n5pAy 349.278ep 350.z4f3G 351.78Whj 352.E1iwC 353.t0AzB 354.x5Ffq 355.ASOsk 356.1it5l 357.08ymA 358.JWBUt 359.57Ouc 360.G5Xje 361.XQ0PK 362.Hx2g0 363.YlIBk 364.bkJ8j 365.1Dl1x 366.qX7Ga 367.ZFXQ4 368.XCcJ6 369.vxL7j 370.94Otq 371.nFZ8v 372.fyjza 373.vlfaX 374.lydii 375.krjlj

Edited by pisceslion

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I would like to join and will edit as I go.


My Spitfires

1.dAjJ4 2.WWtaR 3.AhcdC 4.qBva3 5.OvrMd 6.UnRoc 7.J5Xlj 8.jG67M 9.SWdIA 10.sQAXs 11.vHEp7 12.goaYQ 13.A4Dmh 14.neG7E 15.tSKI8 16.kHeus 17.WgrYg 18.AJQX7 19.vHb1v 20.Z2j0T 21.CmW4J 22.G4fv2 23.24XHU 24.ZJPkS 25.hdeXS 26.q3BGA 27.g969W 28.X9TYe 29.Du3xc 30.HJc2w 31.CRgOZ 32.fgYyD 33.Xl6OW 34.v2UEj 35.mDle7 36.tD9aJ 37.RcpW7 38.8ot9M 39.soh4H 40.ndRe2 41.tZ1u5 42.JtRgM 43.uPSpq 44.g8NiH 45.T9gqB 46.x7JqJ 47.qm3zc 48.Lyzaw 49.8SwG1 50.dGS55 51.ZKbYT 52.eBkyQ 53.XSfWm 54.C8PBr 55.zYs8G 56.mZBw8 57.z9Ndz 58.9kAvH 59.TQzRW 60.QciaD 61.kR4J5 62.aKCdp 63.pg5OV 64.BZ4DC 65.a8ou0 66.DgH9H 67.6BNtZ 68.TFjBb 69.Jsiuh 70.VNeVj 71.xpL1f 72.EOTFX 73.cyv2T 74.YMGBD 75.vcfme 76.T956d 77.znToK 78.5TpcG 79.VmDD4 80.zv6Cg 81.YW61v 82.J9pmo 83.fHfze 84.J6cmF 85.UwyLf 86.InJMQ 87.EfPjG 88.6IUqV 89.weAAi 90.Bzo3e 91.xV3Ou 92.jEKZV 93.HmFUZ 94.rWK3s 95.hmuvK 96.jjQT3 97.hpeh4 98.W4dhs 99.EZNQo 100.5AZGO 101.Q926z 102.6YOJD 103.74RI6 104.qchkf 105.v9rtZ 106.zABNj 107.zCunN 108.oQM79 109.alspf 110.AbIRT 111.SGBly 112.KNYRS 113.Eo3Or

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I would like to join, please. I will list them here.




editing to add: Spitfires are at the top of my scroll now.




Total as of Jan 25: 035

Total as of Feb 15: 073

Total as of Jun 22: 317

Total as of Aug 05: 402

Total as of Sep 21: 465

Total as of Oct 21: 516

Total as of Dec 09: 603


Final Tally: 603 Spitfires

(598 adults, 5 frozen hatchies)

Edited by Merion

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I'll join! The spitfires will be put in a google doc smile.gif

Edited by LauraJae

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I would like to sign up please, I'll keep all eligible Spitfires at the end of my scroll.


Edit: Eligible Spitfires


- http://dragcave.net/lineage/kUMQK

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/5Zvfs

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/NTjlA

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/3HcFJ

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/HV0EK

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/pX8Iv

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/cGknL

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/fV9kV

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/rcheI

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/k0drf

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/L1KbT

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/VmU7b

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/UrGQZ

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/3v0R6

- http://dragcave.net/lineage/NtD8D

- 8tF9M

- qMS89


- SclIt

- qedLf


- ZoZD9

- vssAV

- K0TQc


- Ne0DJ

- E5MCo

- Ekn0C

- R4RdL


- Hbd3U


- L1oJY

- 08nIn


- O7f14

- Ut88H

- jfQh0

- J2WrL


- VvC6F

- TChUv

- d6afT

- ZPccL

- TeK79

- eIJAb

- g4Tf0

- UUvJ3


- mSDim

- jVG3Y

- c9Npc

- CuMeL

- hPiJB


- bDk4Y

- CMtGt

- tcZPc

- jvBXf

- 6O5m9

- tLlMJ

- Kauae

- FqQfG

- RNJsv

- AMl7X

- xPAwv


- Tsq6O

- 77cQ8

- RlkJf


- 0EtDz


- oyoWT

- oAbpG

- 1c3F2

- Vu9wJ

- SnieX

- DCk2N

- 8aWjr

- Z6wKS

- SwxAL

- idMC0

- 7SlKE


- pGy91

- 20xXD

- LMiDm

- wH3md

- QEejB

- DU4Cp


- R1muI

- JCEvp

- umT4d

- Soa2L

- lrfp2

- mdd29

- yUwn5

- Xnyym

- ez0cf

- BnUF4

- khtQJ

- fGc4U

- ubr5J

- 5imGD

- syQDy



- 2WHLp

- hplXt

- Qnuqa

- 95UCV

- ZwB5z

- Z6FwE

- wdzsv

- aU3Pr

- XSsug

- 0VPlx

- 9Z3Iw

- yz6wC

- jXJwJ

- MpuiT

- A0wcB

- l1N0w


Total so far = 126

Last counted to Vorpal Now

Edited by valenwind92

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I would like to join, I will edit this post as I go. I am also naming them all Apocalypse# and my Spitfires are on the 2nd page of my scroll.



1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/fXshE

2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/uo1BV

3. http://dragcave.net/lineage/pZALU

4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Folnt

5. http://dragcave.net/lineage/vAhu3

6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/j3ibf

7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/WBFVX

8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Yr6dN

9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/oSNnu

10. http://dragcave.net/lineage/eQENZ






Edited by MollyElizbeth

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