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user posted image~Hello~


happy.gif Normally I'd just show off my own works, but I think it's time for a change. I've been trying new styles, and trying to create half-decent images while saving/rebooting my laptop when it shuts off during the middle of my art projects...Since I'm fine with doing that and take my time anyways, I decided to start taking requests! Likely only two or three at a time, unless they're simple things.


Request Types:

  • I'm willing to do either digital or traditional art, I'm good at both, though I'd prefer to work on my computer, even if it does act up. Please make sure to clarify which medium you want!

  • I'm willing to do OCs, any kind of animal, and most DC Dragons, so long as I can find their permissions/contact the creators easily.

  • I can draw most animals fairly well, and dragons are always fun. I'm -okay- with making a Chibi...Depending on what I'm drawing.

  • I Will Not be taking humanoid requests at this time. Even if I show human hybrids in my examples...I generally do not draw humans/humanoids well at all.

  • Please be sure to tell me exactly what you want. If you can include specific colors, all the better.
Request Form:

Please use the format below for requests, to avoid any confusion. wink.gif

[b][SIZE=7][COLOR=orange]I have a Request![/color][/b]
[b]User Name:
Request Type: (Digital or Traditional)
Style: (Chibi, Shrink, Outlined, Standard, Line-less (like my druid and my blue dragon))
Subject: (What animal/object/whatever you want made)
Pose: (Applies to any animal, if not given I'll do a basic pose)
Colors: (What colors you want, specific as you want)
Other: (Backgound? Any text? Aside from my little signature)[/b]
Offer: (What you'll give me in exchange for my time/effort. See below for Offer/Fee info)


USE THE CODE ABOVE so that your request post looks like this:


I have a Request!

User Name: Dreamsong Dragon

Request Type: Digital

Style: Line-Less

Subject: Silver dragon & my OC *provide info or image of OCs*

Pose: Dragon - Floating over a field. OC - Patting Dragon

Colors: Standard DC Silver colors, provided OC colors

Other: Full background, No text other than artist's signature

Offer: None***As this is an example, I've used my personal project as the request. See the thumbnail below for the finished product***


Request Fee:


I'm not expecting anyone to offer anything really rare...(Trio eggs, Silver, Gold, etc) But I would prefer if you offer something nice, if your request is a tricky one.

  • All Requests - Any common hatchie, since I'm usually egg-locked.
  • Surprises! - If you're one of those incredibly generous people that feels a request is a bit more difficult to do, I'm always open to surprises! (uncommons, rares, wishlist eggs/hatchies, or breeding offers)
  • Please try to have your request fee ready within two days of receiving your finished request, if not sooner. I do not mind waiting for eggs or hatchies, and generally once I start an art project, it's finished in a day or two, varying on difficulty level and how many times my laptops shuts off in the process if it is digital art. Still, it's nice to receive things sooner rather than later wink.gif
  • If you are unable to send the request fee until later, please PM me.
Request slots - Updated daily
  • Open!
  • Open!
  • Open!

Examples of my work


user posted image <~~My OC girl Rhenzel and a Silver Dragon, click for full view.

My little Purple Star dragonling Frostfire, my MLP OC.The 'Druid Cat' in my signature, and the blue dragon up above were also done by me. Yay for OCs!

Blue Firemane Made for a friend on Gaia, as he wanted a Shrink -> Blue Firemane Shrink

Original Dreamsong Dragon With a Shrink version as well ->Dreamie Shrink

Lamia Girl + Chibi version -> Chibi Lamia

Nanaki (Red XIII)


Note - The 'Firemane' horses are lined from another of my traditional drawings, which is the Unicorn summon from FFVI...And Nanaki from FF7, is years old... Anyway, feel free to request!


Completed Requests:

Drako_tamer - Albino Pacman Frog

seacatsmew - PacMan and Ghosts! & Signature Sized Pac+Ghosts & The Ghosts

freezerpup - Royal Blue Family & RB Family Signature

Malachite (On Gaia) - Tri-Color Border Collie


Gifts for Friends!

Tundrafox's Fox & Tundrafox's Avatar!

Edited by Dreamsong Dragon

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Oh! Pick me!


Can you draw an albino Pacman Frog for me? I've been obsessed with them since I got one. If you Google them, you'll find some good references. But here's a few for convenience:


Linked for huge picture.


Linked because the forums freaked out when I tried to post the image.


user posted image


As far as payment... I have a CB Crimson Flare egg that's almost ready to hatch. When it hatches, I'll gift it to you.

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I'm sorry to say, but those aren't sprites. Sprites are made by shrinking a picture, outlining it pixel by pixel, making a palette, and then using the smalles size on the pencil tool (pencil size) to shade them.


I like your drawings, though :3

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HEY DD!! I hope you recognize me in my DC Form... >:3


Imma not request anything right now.. Maybe later! Just thought I'd state that I love love love your Dreami Shrink.. Though I think I stated that already over at Gaia xd.png


(Now texturing and shade-colouring the Fire Drake on GIMP >:D)

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I have a Request!

User Name: seacatsmew

Request Type: Whatever is easier.

Style: Standard I guess?

Subject: Pacman and three ghosts(pacman style)- A red, a blue, and a yellow.

Pose: Pacman facing right, the ghosts to the right.

Colors: Pacman is yellow(Outline with black if needed) and the three ghosts are red, blue, and yellow. Letters black, please!

Other: Pacman Forum Game


I offer you a Winter! I'm sorry about the lineage... I don't really think about nice lineages that often...

Edited by seacatsmew

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Yay! Thanks for accepting the offer!

Edited by seacatsmew

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I have a Request!

User Name: seacatsmew

Request Type: Same as last one.

Style: Same as you did for the last one I got, please!

Subject: Pacman ghosts.

Pose: Just standing together.

Colors: Red yellow and blue again, please!

Other: Ghost


I offer you a Bronze Tinsel now!

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I have a Request!

User Name: freezerpup

Request Type: any(Digital or Traditional)

Style: any (Chibi, Shrink, Outlined, Standard)

Subject:dragons/ a girl and a boy royal blue dragon standing beside a baby royal blue dragon peeping its head out of an egg (What animal/object/whatever you want made)

Pose: any (Applies to any animal, if not given I'll do a basic pose)

Colors: the proper colors(What colors you want, specific as you want)

Other: my username please (Want any text? Aside from my little signature)


Offering water walker egg

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Both requests accepted!


@ freezerpup - Yours might take a bit longer, since it'll take me a bit to sketch out both dragons and their patterns, plus the egg and hatchie :3

Ok do you want the egg now?

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Not just yet ^^; I'd rather wait until I've finished the request. That way I have motivation, and if I end up failing then my requesters lose nothing. *nod* So keep it for now.

Take it now smile.gif I bred it just for you anyway smile.gif

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