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This is an OOC thread purely for the Mutants RP. Please do not post your forms here for approval but PM them directly to me. I'll store them here once they have been approved.


Avalon Technology


Medical Pods: Medieval like devices in the shape of large ribcages. They trick the patient's body into believing they have Helio's healing powers. The greater the injury the longer it takes to heal.


PCU (Power Crystallization Unit): A device that can draw on mutant's power and create a crystal containing one of their abilities. Helios uses the crystal in many of his other creations.


Scanner: A headset with a holographic display that can give details on anything it is used to view. It can also be used to see through objects (x-ray).


Scissors (II): A metal scarecrow designed to scare away normal people from Avalon during its development. Built almost entirely out of blades they can still be found stalking around the fortress. Looks like a cross with a ostrich and and a lizard.


Scissors (I): An older version of Scissors (II) that was trapped in a dead end and sealed away. Faulty programming from another mutant caused them to go insane.


The Guardians: Twin 20ft robots that patrol the outskirts of the fortress. Their job is to identify and repel and non-mutants, although they can be taught to recognise friendly non-mutants and allow them passage. They are similar in shape and movement to giraffes. One is rudy red and the other sapphire blue.


The Core: A perpetual energy machine that power's most of Avalon.

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Username: Kestra15

Character Name: Kez ‘Tyger’ Rhinehart

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: : Kez's most prominent feature is his hair; he keeps it somewhat short, a few inches long at most, and for the most part is black pepper with silver from age and stress. However a single, solid white stripe runs along where his left parting would be, from fringe to neck, with the occasional stray white hairs around the edges. His light blue eyes are cool and hard where they were once warm and inviting, but on a good day you can see why he was once nicknamed Cub thanks to a hint of mischief teasing at them, and his mouth is framed by a black moustache and goatee.

Standing at 5'11 and built like an athlete, Kez has grown into not necessarily a handsome young man, but certainly physically fit and comfortable with himself. Neither stocky nor slender Kez is of an average build although it is clear that he is in good form and makes sure to stay that way, keeping up his fitness with a variety of sports, especially running which he makes sure to practise in all of his forms.

Kez's half-form is the result of a second-stage Awakening brought about by his sister's sudden and violent death, his power combining his human and animal forms to create a hybrid monster. Reaching a height of six and a half foot and impressively muscled, he is very much a beast with his nails replaced by sharp claws, a muzzle with fangs as opposed to a mouth, feline ears and a tail. However the dark moment in which this form was created is reflected in the unusual fur colouration; as opposed to black stripes on white, Kez has white stripes on a black fur coat, the most prominent stripe running from his head and down his back just to the left of his spine.

In tiger-form Kez is simply a white Amur tiger, and an impressive specimen at that. His original nickname arises from his tendency to take the form of a young white tiger cub, although he can also take the form of a tiger at any specific age. His two most common forms are an adolescent tiger similar in size to a leopard, and a full adult tiger reaching an impressive thirteen foot nose to tail and weighing eight hundred pounds in the latter form.

Species: Mutant

Team: X-Men


Kez’s original power was straightforward; he had the ability to shape-shift into various stages of white tiger, thanks to a unique third strand on his DNA that held the information of a white tiger. This is how his half-form – occasionally also called his battle-form – came into being; the telekinetic shockwave produced by his sister’s death allowed a new pairing between the strands that Kez had not previously been able to achieve.


Kez also has a limited ability to take things with him when he shifts , letting them become a part of his morphogenic field, or ‘matrix’ as he puts it. It is still very limited – he can take the clothes he wears and around fifteen kilograms of extras, although there are limits to what he can take. Live biological matter does not shift with him – so food and other living creatures – and he cannot take much metal either, as it would be poisonous to his morphogenic field.


As with most form-shifters Kez has a high tolerance for pain and injury, and has a low-level regeneration. Small wounds heal at an accelerated rates, but more extensive wounds can take a couple of days, and while he can still catch infections they are generally much less severe. This ability would not bring him back from the dead or regrow lost limbs however, but damage to internal organs can be regenerated provided the entire organ is not lost.


Kez had built up a substantial telepathic resistance over the years from a variety of sources. A simple passive scan from a telepath won’t even show him up, and a more in-depth scan will prove to be hard work. Kez is very aware of his own mind and can often feel a telepathic intrusion and counter it, usually by producing the mental equivalent of white noise or simply sinking into his animal-mind. This can sometimes be to his disadvantage as he therefore cannot be easily contacted by his own telepathic team-mates.

Weaknesses: Kez has a long-standing fear of confined spaces, although he has gotten used to handling those emotions. However his fear of water is something different; while he can for the most part handle being near or even in water, he will sometimes panic in deeper or more turbulent waters. He has tried and failed over the years to tame this fear; unlike the damage wrought by his father this is something he cannot seem to repair.

History: Kez was brought up around the globe, thanks to a father who was in the Army, and while for the most part he does not resent the fact he managed to do a great number of things with his childhood he is bitter about not having a stable home. His ability to shift form has been known to him for a long time, almost as long as he can remember, and as such he has had much practise with it.

He first became aware of his power when he was seven years old. Both he and his father were kayaking fanatics and insisted on paddling every river they could find whenever they were posted to another base; on this particular occasion they were on the river Roer in Holland. A gentle grade II river which was normally well within the capabilities of the young child, a simple mistake made a dramatic change to his personality and passion – and uncovered a truth that would change his life.

Having tackled the majority of the river without a problem, Kez had approached the final set of rapids as he normally did during their weekend excursion, this time letting his father go in front instead of being shepherded down by him. As luck would have it, as he came to the penultimate rapid his low-riding kayak managed to catch a submerged log as he went over the stopper, flipping him into the dangerous white water upside-down.

Caught in the turbulence of the stopper, his paddle ripped from his hands during the violent throw, he calmly started the usual capsize procedures when he realised that he had made a catastrophic mistake when he had last put his spraydeck on. The handle that he would grab in order to release the ‘deck had accidentally been tucked inside the boat, leaving him no means with which to release it.

Skilled and experienced though he was, he was still only a young child and as such he was not yet strong enough to counteract the pressure from the water and physically tear himself free. With air and therefore time starting to run out he began to panic, frantically trying to escape the deathtrap that was once his hobby.

What happened next he couldn’t be sure, as a Change is instantaneous for the most part. One moment he was caught in the water with his lungs burning and the urge to breathe in the water growing; next he was caught up in the air pocket that could be found in an overturned kayak, struggling his way out of the wetsuit shorts and keeping his head up clear of the water.

At the time he was not concerned with the how or the why, only that he was alive for the time being. Before long the boat was being hauled out of the water and the spraydeck ripped away, and without a second thought he lunged out of the boat and into the arms of his father. It was only when he looked up into his father’s shocked face and his panicking conscience calmed down that he finally realised why he had survived the potential drowning; he was now a little white tiger cub.

Life changed very quickly from that point. Although thankful that his oldest son had survived the day he was also shocked to find his son was one of the growing ‘non-human’ population. Kez developed a deep-rooted claustrophobia, so intense at first that even the relatively spacious confines of a car would have him instinctively turning back into a cub. While he managed to keep his fear of water down it was many months before he even dared return to the water in his kayak, and within a year gave it up entirely.

Conscious of his ability and acutely aware of the ramifications of such a discovery should it ever be made public, for the most part only he and his family were aware of Kez’s potential. At first he avoided using it intentionally as he knew how much it scared and angered his father, and it wasn’t until he was almost twelve that he started to practise.

When the family returned to Bath, England, Kez started to spend his free time alone in the woods that surrounded the city, intent on discovering the limits of his power. Naturally the first thing he attempted was to solve the embarrassing problem of not being able to take his clothes with him whenever he Changed: nothing was worse than returning to human form minus one’s clothes.

He could never fully explain how he learnt to absorb his clothes into him when he Changed, he was just satisfied that he could solve this particular problem. Naturally this opened up many more possibilities to him, the main one being he could now safely use his ability at will without having to worry about what would happen should he return to human form anywhere other than in his own house.

As time went by he stumbled across another of his abilities; the power to assume tiger-form in any stage he so desired, from a new-born cub right up to an adult white tiger. This gave him a much wider scope than before, as an adult tiger can easily run faster and for longer than a young cub can, and certainly more than a teenage boy.

However it was not long before his experimenting caught someone’s eye, and soon Bath was littered with reports of the possibility of a family of white tigers living out in the wild surrounding the town. Suddenly his chances of having time alone were severely limited, and on more than one occasion he had to escape hunters and zookeepers, only narrowly avoiding capture.

His father was not stupid; realising that it was his son’s doing and afraid that the secret would sooner or later get out he put in a request to be posted elsewhere. This had a detrimental effect on his family and his career, meaning he could no longer be promoted up to the ranks of Warrant Officer and thus scuppering his chances of reaching the officer ranks.

Kez quickly became the focus of his father’s ire; not long after they were posted to Scotland his father started to beat him in an effort to take out his rage against his son and in an effort to teach the child a lesson. At first they were only sporadic and limited to a slap across the backside or similar, but the soon escalated. By his sixteenth birthday Kez was receiving beatings almost daily, his young body starting to bear the bruises of such a brutal home life. His mother dared not interfere and his sister was thankfully spared their father’s rage, but too young to help effectively, so it was up to Kez to do something about his father, quickly becoming an alcoholic and abusive parent.

Kez did not suffer long; he had the means at his disposal to stop the cruelty and he had been brought up by his father not to take things lying down. One night his father returned in a worse state than usual, spoiling for a fight and making a drunken beeline for his punch-bag of a son. The first blow was enough to wind Kez, who staggered as far out of range as he could of his raging father as he struggled to regain breath. The second, which would have neatly knocked him out, instead travelled through thin air as the boy was replaced with a growling adult tiger.

Kez never meant to harm his father, only scare him, but in his drunken state his father continued to attack his form-shifting son. Of course such blows amounted to very little when measured up against the power and might of a tiger, but Kez was rapidly loosing patience and wanted to teach his father a lesson. With a roar he swung his forepaw viciously, catching the older man in a backhand that lifted him off his feet and sent him flying into a wall, crumpling to the floor unconscious.

At that moment Kez knew he could not stay any longer. Without staying around to so much as say goodbye to his family he turned and leapt through the window and into the night beyond. He didn’t know where he was going and what he would do when he got there, but he knew one thing: he was running.

Kez's two-week flight across two State boundaries led him to one day stumble across the X-Men mansion; tired and suffering from a bullet wound where his father had grazed him during the long chase, the boy was in no state to carry on when he was taken in. He soon recovered from the injuries and gladly took the offer of moving into the school permanently, however the scars left by his father meant it wasn't until he graduated two years later that he finally began to trust men once again. He surrounded himself with female friends, becoming a popular member in that half of the student body, although his past continued to trouble him.

It was three months later that he got the email through from his sister, empty except for a short video clip. The clip was made by young Bella herself, asking for Kez's help as their hate-consumed father had turned to beating the girl in the absence of his son. Also Bella's own abilities had come to life, undeveloped as they were, and had only served to fuel their father's rage. Knowing that if he didn't help no-one would, Kez got together a small team of his fellow students and headed back to his family home, determined to save his telekinetic younger sister.

Sadly, the mission was a failure. Although he managed to bring his team home safe, when confronted by his father whilst carrying his crippled sister to safety Kez turned to protect Bella from the older man's rifle. Bella, on the other hand, used her own gift to try and rip the rifle from their father's grip. The result was the rifle being jerked away at the final moment, the bullet striking the young girl instead of her older brother and killing her.

Bella's death as he cradled her broken body drove Kez into a rage, and it wasn't until after he had struck his father down that he realised that he had shifted not into his adult-form, but in fact a hybrid of the two. The release of anger at the death of his sister had caused an erratic leap in his own power and caused the blending of man and tiger, a gift and a reminder from his sister. That gift stayed his hand, stopping him from killing his father outright that night and instead wanting the man brought to justice before leaving with his friends back to the safety of the school.

Justice, as it happened, was never served; although his father was in the wrong he had a quite a fan-base and managed to spin the story out that his son was a raging beast that had killed his sister and caused his mother’s depression, a depression that eventually drove her to take her own life. With Kez made out to be the bad guy and Dave now a hero of the local community, the boy was forced to hide out within the mansion in order to keep out of his father’s eye.

Over the next two years Kez slowly but surely worked his way out of the depression, with help from friends at the school. Graduating from the mansion, in the steadily-growing hostile environment Kez stayed on to help support, and eventually join, the X-men. He showed himself to be an excellent field agent, more than able to look after himself when alone in the field and think for himself, an excellent tracker and stalker thanks to his feral nature.

Other: Although in the past his father's treatment of him left Kez with an acute fear and anger towards men, his time in the mansion and subsequent life has tempered it almost out of existence. He will occasionally have insecure moments and can become cold and withdrawn from men, but in all he is fairly well-balanced now. However, carefree days can still be found in the hell that is now the world, and on those days Kez more than lives up to his old nickname of Cub; he is playful and affectionate, and can sometimes be borderline flirtatious although he never means anything by it. He is fiercely loyal and protective of those he considers friends, and fairly instinctive as well as a result of his beastial gift.

Canon Character: No.



Username: Chicogal

Character Name: James 'Logan Howlett/'Wolverine'

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wolverine Logan stands at a tiny 5'3". He has black hair and blue eyes. His hair is cut into a strange shape with two points coming up on either side. He has long sideburns going down either side of his face. He weighs 136 kilograms.

Species: Mutant

Team: X-Men


1) Regenerative Healing Factor - Logan is able to heal from near any injury. He can regenerate his body; once he even had most of it incinerated and recovered. His healing factor allows him to recover quickly from exhaustion as he has high immunity to fatigue toxins. He is also near immune to illness and poisons unless in huge doses (which is why he was conscious when his skeleton was covered by adamantium).

2) Retractable Adamantium Claws and Skeleton - Logan's skeleton is covered with adamantium, making it virtually unbreakable. His claws are part of his skeleton and therefore are covered in the metal as well; they are extremely sharp and can cut through anything - excepting adamantium itself.

3) Superhumanly Acute Senses - Logan's senses far surpass those of a human. Each is on an extremely high level of accuracy and sensitivity (excepting touch).

4) Superhuman Strength - Wolverine is far stronger than a man at peak condition. His muscles are extremely powerful, and used to carrying the weight of his adamantium skeleton. He has been known to pick up around 800kg before, although that was probably his limit.

Weaknesses: As his skeleton is covered in metal, it can be controlled by those with powers like Magneto's. It is also attracted to magnets, of course. It's not difficult to make him angry and aggressive, and his attacks aren't done with finesse.

History: James Howlett was born sometime in the late 19th century; exact date is unknown. He was a very sickly child until he discovered his powers one fateful night. He was sick at home when his claws came out and he accidentally killed the man who he believed to be his drunk uncle. With his dying breaths, this man turns out to be his father. James ran away with his brother (Sabretooth) into the Canadian wilderness, never to return home. They fought in wars when they were older, including WWI and II. Eventually they were recruited for a specialised group, but James left after it became too much. He returned to living simply as a lumberjack with his girlfriend in a rural area. But when his girlfriend is killed by his brother, he wants revenge. He is injected with adamantium but forces his way out of the base when he hears they want to wipe his memory. He goes on a hunt for his brother. He winds up at another base of the same organisation, discovers that his girlfriend was in on the whole thing, and while trying to escape is shot in the head win an adamantium bullet. This is how he loses his memory of everything before the bullet. For many years he drifted about before meeting the X-Men and joining them. He has been on many missions since then, and has much experience in fighting.

Other: My Wolverine will be more heavily based on the movies than the comics, although references will be made to the latter. Xavier has told him some of his past, but not all of it.

Canon Character: Yes.



Username: Shadow_claw

Character Name: Wade Windton Wilson

Age: he's not really sure, but he looks about thirty

Gender: Male

Appearance: Deadpool

Species: Mutant

Team: X-Men

Powers: (Mutants Only)

1) Regenerative healing factor

2) enhanced speed/strength, but not to an uncanny level

3) The usage of weapons, usually guns, his katanas, and bombs

4) The ability to either not be controlled/have some control over himself if he is being controlled.

Weapon: dual wield Katanas

Weaknesses: Deadpool's healing factor is also a defect. He's insane because of it, making him do random, dangerous things. One moment he'll he telling bad puns, and the next he'll be trying to kill you. He also has an irrational fear of cows.

History: Wade Wilson grew up in a dysfunctional family in Ohio. They moved around constantly, and he picked up on some military training along the way. Once old enough, he left his family, and joined the army. He did this for a few years, but became a mercenary for the pay. Wade enjoyed this job much more, and did much better as a mercenary. During this career, he was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing about the Weapon X program, he volunteered to be experimented on if they could cure him of his cancer. The program did end up saving his life, but the result was horrible facial scarring, and psychosis. He was re-located to a base where the scientists had a Dead Pool, where they bet on which test subject would die next. Wade revolted, and ended up starting a riot, and killing the staff. Taking the new name Deadpool, he escaped the facility, and continued his life as a mercenary. His alliance with the X-Men is because if many fights they had teamed up in. He is never a permanent member of the team, but will stay to help out for as long as he feels w should.

Other: Deadpool has a strange sense of humor, and an obsession for Mexican food (mostly Chimichangas).

Canon Character: Yes Wiki Link

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Laura Lana

Character Name: Rolo Lamperouge/ Ninjaboy

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: Rolo while using his Power

Species: Mutant

Team: Brotherhood of Mutants



1: "Ward of Absolute Suspension", which is the ability to suspend the subjective sense of time of everyone within a given range. Those under its effect are frozen in place for the duration of its activation. When activated, a Geass sigil manifests in his right eye and projects a red sphere representing the area of effect. Its range is determined at activation; It can reach up to several hundred meters. Physical obstacles or electronic equipment do not hinder its effectiveness, nor does it require eye contact. The same people can be frozen repeatedly.

The weakness of Rolo's Power is that his heart starts failing and even stops, when he uses it, limiting its activation to short bursts. The range determines the amount of strain it puts on him.

For example at full range his heart would stop instantly and if he held it up longer than a second he'd die. If he used it only on one person he could hold it up to 10 seconds maximum.

Finally, it is unable to stop inanimate objects or physical phenomena such as speed and momentum (for example, it cannot stop a clock nor a projectile in mid-flight).


2. Flight. Rolo has the ablity to fly. He doesn't really need to think about it, but for some reason throwing salt on him will make him come crashing down to earth.



- Rolos twinbrother Geso. Rolo's love for his human twinbrother bordered on being obsessive. Unlike Geso he is aware that his brother still lives and he simply can't deal with the fact that he is serving the enemy.

Despite the fact that Rolo usually doesn't worry about hurting normal humans he'll go to any length to protect Geso ... as well as preventing his brother from finding out that Rolo is alive and a mutant.

- His heart. Rolos heart has become fragile from the constant use he has made of his time suspension power. Too much physical effort will make him break down. Rolo blithely ignores his condition and the brotherhoods physicans estimate that he'll not live to reach twenty even if he starts being careful now

History: When Rolo was 8 years old most of his family (his mother, father, older brother: Lelu and older sister: Nunally) died in a clash between one of Kelly's teams and one of the brotherhood.

Rolo found out later that Kelly's team had come because of him. They had found out he was a mutant and wanted to put him into a lab to study him and experiment on him to help finding better ways in which to eradicate all mutants.

The brotherhood had heard of it and decided to intervene.

Not terribly interested in ensuring the well being of Rolo's human family they didn't hesitate using their powers on their opponents when they encountered them, who used their high technology weapons to return the fire. Rolo saw his mother die by a lightning strike from a mutant and fall next to his father who had been killed by a bullet from a human. He's not sure who is responsible for the deaths of his older siblings but it doesn't really matter to him in any case.

The brotherhood dragged Rolo away and convinced him later that only they could ensure his survival.

Rolo decided to join them concluding that the massacre was the fault of Kelly and wanting to fight him.

When Rolo found out that his only surviving sibling - his twinbrother Geso- had joined Kelly, it broke his heart.

Rolo does what he is ordered to by his new surrogative family, which ironically tends to be assasins work very similar to that of Geso. Rather than being passionate he is quite apathic, obeying more because he doesn't know what else to do than because he is driven by any real conviction.

He'll only become more annimated if Geso is involved somehow or if the life of one of his new 'brethren' is in danger, meaning not any mutant but just the ones who have joined the brotherhood.

While in theory he prefers the way of the other two groups over that of the brotherhood, he can't bring himself to join either. Rolo feels if one of them had tried to save him instead of the brotherhood his family might still be alive which in turn means he can't forgive them for failing to show up. Secondly, while he can't really forgive the brotherhood either, they are the only family he has left and he can't stop clinging to them even if he suspects he is being used and manipulated ruthlessly.

Thirdly Rolo is wanted for murder which he figures kind of decreases his chances to be accepted should he ever find the strength to leave the brotherhood.

Other: Rolo is inspired by Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass - R2

Canon Character: No



Username: Evangeline5432

Character Name: Astraea Rezac

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Astraea stand 5'8.

Species: Mutant

Team: Brotherhood


1) Precognition-Ability to see future events. Physical contact can result in seeing the other persons future. When Evron and Astraea are together, they can tap into the others power and see forward or backwards for an unknown amount of time. (They don't know because they've only tried to see two weeks ahead which resulted in nose bleeds, nausea, and headaches.)

2) Light Manipulation-She is able to create, control, and manipulate light to create tools, objects, weapons, allies, and armor out of light.

3) Light Healing- The power to restore health using pure energy.

Weaknesses: -When she's by herself she can see, at most, a week ahead of her current point in time. The further she tries to see ahead, the worse her symptoms. A day ahead is her normal "default" and that alone can leave her with a headache and exhaustion. Only once has she tried to see one week ahead and immediately after she got sick and nearly passed out. The same happens when Astraea and Evron use their powers together, only the effects can be multiplied.

-Certain event are always changing. She could see the future but then it might change if someone manipulates it.

-Light manipulation is limited to how strong she is and it can not be done easily in a pitch dark area.

-Dark elements deal more damage to her than other.

-She can only heal if she's alive or if her subject is alive. Very rarely does she heal others. This particular power feeds on the light around her and it can be difficult to control when being use on others.

-Astraea has a fear of her brother dying. She also has a deep fear of doctors.

History: Astraea and Evron were born twins into a family of six. One day when they were five, Astraea woke up claiming she had a really bad nightmare. The things in the nightmares started happening around the world. One day, she saw her father going to work and them being killed in an accident. She was scared and warned her dad, telling him exactly where and how. He thought it was just a bad dream but then later that day he called his wife and told her he had just barely avoided a terrible accident. They became suspicious and terrified, suspecting but not saying what they feared aloud. Her dreams continued and her parents tried to get her help. The Doctors discovered quite quickly and confirmed that she was a mutant at age nine. Likewise, Evron said that he could see ghosts of people doing things that had happened days before so he was tested as well. The parents emitted them to a hospital that claimed they could help the two.

Sadly, the hospital did not try to "heal" them. Among any other mutants, they were treated like test subjects. One night when they were roughly twelve, Evron was due to go for more tests. When the "nurses" came to collect them, Astraea distinctively summoned a burning light that resulted in the death of the two. The brother was horrified that his sister had killed the four. She looked at him with a stunned expression since this was her first time summoning light. After a minute, she told him they weren't like them and they deserved it. They feared them and would not hesitate to kill the two if they had the chance.

Evron disagreed; he did not think they should kill. They were just scared and trying to protect themselves. Killing would not help their kind. Astraea was bitter and wanted the idiots to suffer. They agreed on one thing though, they both ran.

When they ran into a couple of other guards, Astraea reached out a hand to summon a deadly force of light, but out of desperation Evron jerked her hand away. She accidentally struck him with a premature flash of light which resulted in him instinctively summoning his shadow powers. The flash was rendered ineffective and he immediately turned to the guards. The shadows surrounded them and when they dispersed, the guards were unconscious. He turned to his sister and told her there would be no more killing. She frowned and then grabbed his hand and they ran. After a few more encounters they escaped only slightly scathed. This is when they discovered their healing abilities.

While they were in in the place, they heard about the brotherhood. They both sought it out believing it was their best chance of survival, but Evron was skeptical. During their wandering, they both discovered the x-men but they greatly disapproved. Finally, they found the Brotherhood and Astraea was recruited but Evron held back. He would stay close to his sister but he refused to kill. After one encounter, they discovered the existence of the Nameless. At age fifteen Astraea and Evron split up. Evron joined the Nameless while Astraea stayed with the Brotherhood.

Other: Astraea is often sarcastic and cold. However, she can be very protective and will kill without barely giving a second thought if it means protecting her teammates.

Canon Character: No.

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Helios

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Helios

Species: Mutant

Team: Nameless (Leader)


1) Wound: Can damage objects at a distance of several feet via willpower. Can also tear through flesh and break bones. It is very hard for him to aim for a specific location on a target or guage the severity of the damage inflicted.

2) Technopathy: Able to design and construct advanced machines and technology with ease. He is also capable of hacking into almost any computer system.

3) Regeneration: Has mild healing abilities. Can recover from anything that does not kill him outright, but the greater the injury the longer it takes to heal.

4) Telekinesis: Wears a brace constructed via his technopathy that grants him the power to move objects with his mind. It is attached to his spine and covers his back and arms. All but hidden under his clothes save for his hands.


1) Has zero mental defences. This means any nearby telepaths can hear his thoughts without even trying and that he is vulnerable to any mentally based attacks, such as mind control or empathy.

2) Not very strong physically and he is small and thin for his age.


Helios was a huge disappointment for his sports mad father as he preferred to stay inside and read or play inventor. When he was ten Helios was made to join a local children's football team in order to toughen him up. His first game ended in disaster as an accident revealed his ability to hurt others, severely maiming many of his team mates and killing his best friend. He was thrown out of his home that very day.

Scared of his own powers Helios shied away from others and lived alone on the streets. It wasn't until he was thirteen that he felt confident enough to approach other mutants, having learned as much about his abilities as he could. Despite his young age Helios' intelligence and gift with technology was invaluable in helping his new friends in their fight for survival. Using his technopathy combined with the powers of other mutants Helios built the underground fortress of Avalon, a safe haven for mutants who had no where else to turn.

At first Helios only desired to continue protecting Avalon, but as the hatred between mutants and humans grew he felt that he could not just stand by and watch. He wanted his kind to be accepted and allowed to live peaceful lives. He didn't want any more mutant children to be abandoned by the families they loved.

Other: Helios loves music and will often lock himself away to work on his latest project with only his radio for company. Also has a habit of wandering the streets on his own despite the dangers posed to his kind.

Canon Character: No



Username: Kestra15

Character Name: Elizabeth/Quickstep

Age: ~ 25

Gender: Female


Standing at five foot eight, her short blonde hair always tied under a headscarf to keep out of her emerald-green eyes and her skin a rich tanned brown, Elizabeth is a very attractive young lady. Despite her harsh upbringing there is not a spot or scar on her skin, and although she never wears make-up there is no real need to. Her slender curves belie the fact that she is a very adept – if dirty – fighter, however there is no hidden muscle or otherwise. She relies on speed and surprise and her own powers to cause the damage. Elizabeth will usually dress in comfortable, dull-coloured clothes, however if she intends to ‘dress up’ she will instead wear long colourful skirts and vest tops, as well as a head scarf typical of younger Brazilians from Bahia. She is rarely ever seen without her plain dark backpack, in whose hidden sheaths hide her pair of knives.

Species: Mutant

Team: Nameless


Elizabeth’s powers make her a very lethal close-combat fighter; combined with the years of gang warfare in the streets of Brazil she can make short work of an inexperienced fighter and even experienced fighters can be hard-pressed as the young woman can move far faster than most senses can follow or bodies and keep up with.


The first, and potentially most dangerous, of Elizabeth’s powers is her damage transfer ability; the power to transfer her wounds from herself to another person, effectively healing her and damaging the recipient. Most effective at touch range, Elizabeth can use her power at close-range – maybe a foot or two at most – although the rate of transfer lowers drastically with distance. Similarly, the more extensive an injury the longer it takes to fully heal up and hand it on to someone else.


When her power is active an aura flares up around herself and her victim that is a vivid purple in colour, however Elizabeth has exceptional control over the aura to the extent that she can shape it, or even reduce the aura to simply being a purple highlight around the injury and the spot on her victim where the injury will appear. She can also ‘flare up’ and simply appear bathed in a purple glow, which she often uses as a scare tactic.


Her second ability is the power to put on bursts of superhuman speed; these bursts are very short-lived and do not usually last more than a couple of seconds, however they are more than enough for her to dodge an incoming punch or kick. The ratio of normal time to hers is usually three to one, meaning in a single second she can manage about three seconds worth of activity. Not enough to dodge an incoming bullet or ballistic power, but more than enough to evade a hit and get behind the person, or deliver a punishing blow.


Combined with her years of street-fighting, Elizabeth can become a very effective combatant who can not only land blows, but also give back whatever punishment she has taken.

Weaknesses: Elizabeth is streetwise, but she isn’t clever. She can survive on her own in an urban environment, look after herself in a fight, but in a classroom situation or anything past the most basic of numeracy or literacy she is lost. Her English is good, but not perfect.

History: Elizabeth was originally the child of a middle-class English couple, however not long after she turned two she was taken to Brazil on holiday with her parents where she was soon kidnapped from her hotel room one night. Despite the massive man-hunt that followed, Elizabeth’s kidnappers were fast and experienced baby-snatchers and Elizabeth was never found by her biological parents. The case was closed after six months, although she is still listed somewhere on the ‘missing persons’ list.

Renamed Yara, Elizabeth was sold on to a wealthy yet single Brazilian businessman, who raised the girl as his own. Although blonde-haired and green-eyed – definitely not the norm in Brazil – a carefully-constructed web of lies, deceit and counterfeit birth certificates and the like meant that to all but the most intense of searching eyes, Elizabeth was the man’s daughter.

Although she was raised as a wealthy-man’s daughter, Elizabeth always had a certain streetwise nature to her as she was well-educated and looked after until she started hitting puberty at the age of eleven. Dissatisfied with the explanations his father kept offering her of why her supposedly-real mother died, the lack of evidence of her life with the man during her newborn years, she eventually managed to find the truth after digging through file after file of old business transactions and the like.

Making up her mind, Elizabeth fled her home that night with a rucksack of clothes and provisions, fleeing for Rio de Janeiro with no real purpose or destination in mind. She was never traced by her pseudo-father and held little love for the man anyway, pushing him out of her mind as she found herself on the streets of the city with the other urchins and gutter-crawlers.

Taken in quickly by a gang of youths, Elizabeth chose her current name in the first meeting on an impulse, wanting to leave behind everything about her fake upbringing and start afresh. It was also during the initial meeting that her powers started to manifest themselves; this was the biggest reason the roving gang went from initially trying to drive the girl from their territory to pulling her into their family.

During the seven years Elizabeth spent on the streets, she drifted from gang to gang as and when the time came. If the tide was turning she would happily move on to greener pastures, more than once becoming a turn-coat in order to survive. She realised that in the world she now lived in, the world of thieves and drug-dealers and prostitution, morality was something that was, if anything, a crippling disease that would soon have one killed. She did cling to one thing, refusing to ever sleep with anyone to advance in any way, and the few times she was attacked to be pressed into prostitution she rarely left survivors. In the underground world of Rio de Janeiro, Elizabeth soon became strictly off-limits to any searching hands.

Elizabeth’s powers only increased over time, learning to control and refine both her abilities in order to stay alive. Being able to ‘quickstep’ made her not only an excellent fighter, but also lent itself well to stealing from stalls, sleight-of-hand tricks, and other such ways to keep her alive, while her damage transfer power saved her life numerous times.

Other: Elizabeth is not the warmest person in the school; she can be very blunt and rude at the best of times, and does not lend herself to making friends easily. She is much more likely to play along with someone only to use them to achieve her own ends, and has no moral problems with such an approach. Her rough childhood means that she will look out for herself first and others second; she has developed a thick emotional hide that protects her from most things. She prefers to remain quiet and only get involved in a conversation if she has to, and can be relied upon to keep a level head. However she has a tendency to be too level, giving the impression that she is laid back in some situations, and can be very pragmatic at times.

Elizabeth knows how to blend into the background, and she did it exceptionally well. It wasn't some mutant-inspired gift, part of her powers, but simply something she had learned as a child and refined during her teen years. It was the ability to simply stay not quiet, but simply unnoticable. A patch of dead silence and very little movement looked out of place in a bar during the early evening, but a patch of gentle movement with the odd clink of glass or shuffling in a seat was normal and overlooked. Elizabeth could change her body language, the way she moved, how she breathed, and other little things that simply made any normal person overlook her as another face in the crowd. Naturally if someone was looking specifically for her it didn't work so well, but the precious seconds it would give was more than enough for Elizabeth to make her move.

Canon Character: No.



Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Nicolas Muller

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nicolas

Species: Mutant

Team: Nameless

Powers: (Mutants Only)

1) Shape shifting: Nicolas can shape shift into any lifeless object, from a broom to a stone. Due to this shape shifting anyone who touches him in this state is usually left nauseous and light headed which gives him to escape if needed.

2) Teleportation: Nicolas can teleport to any place as long he has an image of the place or an image of the person.

3) Barrier: This ability allows him create a force field around him blocking out any attack from mutant and human alike.

4) Electricity: Nicolas is able to manipulate and control electricity at free will. He can easily conquer electricity in various way using it either for defence or an offence.

Weaknesses: Nicolas is rather weak to people with telekinesis abilities. Even though he can block with his barrier he can’t block telekinesis.

History: Nicolas was raised by a wealthy family. Raised as a proper gentleman and warrior, Nicolas followed in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps into war at a very young age. He was trained his whole life how to defend himself and how to be charming and how mingle without being noticed. Soon he was sent off to the army where he in turn got placed into a sort of special ops team.

The day he discovered his powers was when he and his fellow comrades went off on a mission behind enemy lines. They were ambushed by the enemy, causing them no way to escape. Feeling the pressure and fear Nicolas caused a sort of an electrical storm roasting the enemy and allowing him and his team mates to escape. Soon his other powers followed and he was forced to leave the army. His parents were disappointed by this which caused Nicolas to leave home and find some other job or something to do.

Other: Nicolas was wandering the streets when he came upon some skinny kid who seemed to be in some trouble. After helping him and talking he introduced himself as Helios. They talked a bit more which caused Nicolas to think and soon they went their separate ways. Days later Nicolas bumped into the guy again who seemed to be in trouble once again. Stepping in he offered his help and one thing lead to another where he joined his team.

Canon Character: No



Username: Evangeline5432

Character Name: Evron Rezac

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Evron

Species: Mutant

Team: Nameless


1) Hindsight-Ability to see past events. Physical contact can result in seeing the other persons past. When Evron and Astraea are together, they can tap into the others power and see forward or backwards for an unknown amount of time.

2) Shadow Minipulation-He is able to create, control, and manipulate light to create tools, objects, weapons, allies, and armor out of shadows.

3) Dark Healing-By the use to darkness, he can deney pain and suffering and heal himself.

Weaknesses: When he's by himself he can see, at most, a weeks worth of past events. The further back he tries to see, the worse his symptoms. A day behind is his normal "default" and that alone can leave him with a headache and exhaustion. When Evron and Astraea use their powers together, the symptoms are much the same only slightly worsened.

-If he's not careful, it will drive him crazy.

-Shadow manipulation is limited to how strong he is and it can not be done easily in areas devoid of dark. --Light elements deal more damage than other.

-He can only heal if he's alive or if his subject is alive. Very rarely does he heal others. Like his sister, this particular power feeds on the shadows around him and it can be difficult to control when being used on others.

-Evron has a phobia of needles and his sister dying.

History: See Astraea's bio.

Other: Evron is patient. He can be very cold, but most of the time he is polite and caring. He has been known to take younger mutants under his wing and he will protect them at most any means. Evron will not kill.

Canon Character: No.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Laura Lana

Character Name: Geso Lamperouge/ Operative 24

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: Geso, Operative 24 in his Knightmare Frame (+ Information on it)

Species: Human

Team: Kelly

Weapon: Depends on his mission. He is best known for the havoc he creates out of his Knighmare Frame, but he is also quite skilled in firearms and other weaponry including explosives, poisons and knives


- Gesos Knighmare Frame is basically a big robot and has all the weaknesses of robots. It also needs a lot of energy and goes quickly through his battery. Geso has less than an hour after activation before it turns into a big piece of useless metal.

- Gesos temper. The seething hatred of mutants can make him forget everything else if he fails to reign it in.

- Geso's collegues and subordinates suffers by the fact that he has murdered more than a few of them in fits of temper, so they would be happy to arrange an 'accident' for him.

- Geso's locket. Geso has a heartshaped, white locket. All that remains from his mother and thus his family. It is of immense importance to him and some of the deaths above occured because the people in question dared touching his locket.

- Gesos twinbrother Rolo. Geso used to love Rolo to obessession. He has no idea Rolo is alive, never mind that he is a mutant.

- Geso's loneliness: Geso never got over the loss of his family, especially that of his brother Rolo and is secretly yearning to find someone else he can love, who will love him in return. The trouble is, so far no one who ever tried to get close to him has survived the experience.

History: When Geso was 8 years old most of his family (his mother, father, older brother: Lelu and older sister: Nunally) died in a clash between one of Kelly's teams and one of the brotherhood. Geso believes the mutants to be responsible for all of their deaths including that of his twinbrother Rolo, whom he saw being dragged away by the brotherhood.

Geso believes Kellys soldiers are the only reason he survived that night.

Unable to deal with the pain he has focused it into unrelenting hatred toward all mutants. He has been trained as an assasin since that night and relishes nothing more than murdering a mutant.

His heart empty and aching he doesn't have much patience with his fellow humans either. He despises people who collaborate with mutants, but isn't above murdering his own allies either if they get in his way or try his very limited patience.

Geso won't hesitate to follow any of Kellys orders and his unquestioning loyality to Kelly has saved him on more than one occasion, when one of his advisors begged him to sever connections with the mad, dangerous boy.

If Geso should ever find out what really happend that night Kelly might come to rue that mercy bitterly.

Other: Geso is inspired by Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass - R2

Canon Character: No

Edited by Fortune86

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I'll go ahead and move this.

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If it is continuousness for the small ones can last almost five hours, the big ones two hours.


Fortune do you want Nick to teleport them to HQ?


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Fortune do you want Nick to teleport them to HQ?



Take them to Avalon's infirmary. Helios won't be sure if Rolo is hurt or not.

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Everything fine. Things make sense again. I don't feel like I have to rewrite every single post any more biggrin.gif

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I would like to store mini profiles of my NPC's here so I don't mix them up. I don't believe I need that for the Operatives with numbers. They aren't exactly distinctive and if one falls they'll be replaced, but the named (dead and alive) are a different matter




Name: Forge

Age: 19


Distinctive Power: Can heat anything she touches instantly. Temperature limit unknown, but she can make it hot enough to melt metal

Other powers: Immunity against fire, Superstrength

Other: Deceased



Name: Silvers

Age: 43

Looks: Silver skin, silverwhite hair (long), darksilver lips, silverblue eyes, slender, tall

Distinctive Power: Can sense every mirror and if he concentrates on one he can hear and see through it. If the mirror is big enough he can even step through it.

Other: Leads the New York Brotherhood Fraction when Magneto is not there. Almost never participates in missions but directs from behind the scenes His sister is Oak


Name: Oak

Age: 46

Looks: Very large Oaktree with a woman's face in the trunk

Distinctive Power: Can find out anything that has ever happend around a living Oak tree. Of course oaks don't have the same sense of time as humans, so she often gets confused and has a hard time figuring out what happened when.

She can also heal others by drawing them into the oak tree and keeping them there until they are better, but at the moment only her brother and Magneto and her brother know about this

Other: Her brother is Silvers



Team Kelly


Name: Mina

Age: 27

Looks: Mina

Job Description: Assistant/Nursemaid/Watchdog for Geso

Edited by Laura-Lana

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((I had an idea for a little plot, but I am not sure if the rest of you are okay with this since it involves giving Geso temporary mutant powers. I've written the first post to give you all an idea what I am talking about. Please let me know if you'd be okay with it.))


"I don't want to be a mutant. Not even temporary." Geso never thought he'd pout, but he suspected that was what he was doing just now.


"Think of it like you do of the dye in your hair and the contact lenses in your eyes. A costume to protect your disguise."


"But you are planning to make a monster out of me!"


"Sometimes one needs a monster to catch a monster. Besides you'll be pretty harmless."


"None of these abdominations is harmless."


"You'll be. Your first power will be a mental barrier which will protect your mind from Carles Xavier. You'll hardly be able to convince anyone at his school that you are a harmless new student if he can read the truth in your mind."


"From him specifically or from any telepath?"


"Uhm... we are not really sure."


"Perfect." Geso said sarcastically


"No one is as powerful as Xavier. Even if there is a second mind reader around I doubt they'll be good enough that they can overcome the mental discipline of someone with your training"


"You said my first. Implying there will be a second one?"


"Yes, but just one more."


"Well, aren't you going to tell me what?"


"Your spit."




"You'll have mutant spit."


"You mean like acid."


"Not really"


"I am beginning to resent these words"


"You'll be able to spit in every colour of the rainbow."


"That's not a power that is a joke."


"See. I told you it's harmless. And in any case the effect will be gone within a week. Just use your time carefully and collect as much information about the other mutants as you can. We need to know which are save to abduct as research object and which need to be killed outright. Oh and of course if you can eliminate problem mutants like that troublemaker wolverine, do so."


"Do I have a choice about that assignment?"


"Not really."

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While I am sure you could handle it very well Laura, I'm not sure if I want to go down the path of temporary powers right now.

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Okay smile.gif


Hm... I am kind of of looking for a way to make sure the X-men get some attention from Team Kelly too without having to do an outright attack at the Xavier institute this early in the RP


In lots of the x-men episodes the x-men went to some public school together with non mutants. My first idea was to send Geso in there as a normal human student. But then I realized that the RP intro sounded as if it was placed at a point were the mutant children stayed at the Xavier Institute for school too, that's why I came up with that temporary power idea to compensate.


How about there being a school with the goal of furthering tolerance and understanding between mutants and regular humans, going so far as to allow known mutants to visit for lectures or take up jobs as teachers?


There'd be normal human children, but of course a high percentage of 'gifted' ones that haven't come out of hiding yet too.


I could let Geso make trouble there instead of directly at the institute, which has the benefit that he could go as a human.


It has the added benefit that anyone from team nameless or even from the brotherhood could join in if they wanted too.



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I don't mind such a school. Perhaps the project could be run by a sympathetic arm of the Goverment or something? And the X-men could be keeping tabs on it?

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*nods* Sounds good. And it should be no surprise that Kelly would not be happy with the idea.

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So lemme get this straight.


So the main points so far are...


There's been one fight at the school. Forge died at the hands of Rollo which was an accident.


Helios took Rollo back to Avalon and he's now with Nicolas. Liz(Elizabeth) gave the brotherhood member the stink eye.


Geso has been assigned to go to a school and basically make sure it fails as well as gather intel.


The poor x-men are limited to two and just kinda hanging out.


Helios seems to be fixing power...and I saw something about being crushed by ice cream... *blinks*

I'm missing something there...


Anything else?





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Rolo claims it was an accident. It was actually intentional. He has also murdered two of Geso's operatives.


I am very much hoping some of the x-men are going to teach/learn at this new school too, so I can have Geso interact with them, but so far no one seems to be interested.


I must have missed the part about the ice-creame.

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That was just Helios saying that the people of Avalon shouldn't invade the fridges for ice cream when the power goes out.

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That was just Helios saying that the people of Avalon shouldn't invade the fridges for ice cream when the power goes out.

Alright, I got all that. happy.gif I meant "accident" but I think I was a bit overtired last night.


And thank you Spirit. laugh.gif

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Could you write a few sentences about how Astraea and Evron look? I can't see the pictures if I follow the link.

Additionally which properties have their shadow/light creations?

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"He might not want to stay too much longer anyway. I don't think he and Nicolas are getting on very well. Rolo may well grow fed up with him before long and ask to leave. Nicolas will teleport him to a sfae place when he does so."


Actually now that I have a fellow brotherhood member I'll let him ask about being allowed to leave soon.

But I don't think it's Nicolas. He's actually been quite nice. It's just that Rolo like his brother Geso generally don't like many people.


I'll post later though. Got too much to do right now. Sorry!

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