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The relationship between mutants and humans has hit an all time low. Fear, mistrust and hatred rules the streets. Mutants are being hounded and attacked in broad daylight and humans are being slaughtered like cattle.

Robert Kelly and his followers advocate that all mutants be rounded up and locked away for the safety of normal people and constantly campaign about the dangers of letting them roam freely.

The Brotherhood, firm believers in the superiority of mutant kind, feels that it is the humans that should be disposed of and encourages its followers to fight against all who would oppose them.

The X-Men are mutants who use their gifts to protect mutants and humans alike, fighting against both Kelly’s prejudice and the Brotherhood’s violence. They wish to use their powers for good, even if they are feared for them.

Recently a new mutant faction has arisen, a group known only as Nameless. While they share the X-Men’s dreams of acceptance and value of life, they are not above using violence to protect their own kind. They follow a strict no-kill code, but there are worse fates than death.


Each faction is struggling to make their voice heard in these dark times. The entire world is watching.




New York: The main battleground of the four factions.


X-Mansion: The headquarters of the X-Men. It also doubles as a boarding school for young mutants who are learning how to control their powers. While it has most of the amenities associated with regular schools, it also contains a ‘Danger Room’, created for the express purpose of training mutants in combat. It is situated two miles north of New York.


Asteroid M: An asteroid converted into a base for the Brotherhood. Being in outer space it is difficult for outside forces to reach. Members can travel between Asteriod M and Earth via a teleportation device they carry. While its technology is advanced comfort is sparse due to the limitations of living in space.


Avalon: A small fortress built by Nameless underground New York. Constructed mainly by Nameless’ technopath leader, it features many ‘futuristic’ devices such as hard light bridges, robots and perpetual energy machines. It is forbidden to talk about the fortress’ technology to outsiders, as Nameless does not wish to ‘buy’ its way into acceptance.


Other Bits


While some basic knowledge of the X-Men universe is preferred, it is not necessary in order to join the RP as orginal characters can easily be shoehorned in. If you want to play as a canon character though it would be best if you had some idea of who they are.


All canon characters 'exist' in the RP, especially important ones like Professor X (Leader of the X-Men) and Magneto (Leader of the Brotherhood), but if no one has chosen to take on their roles I would ask that they only be referenced to lighty. They will be there, but working on other things/missions. If someone decides to join as them in the future I want to leave things open for them. After all, surely the fun of RPing is interacting with the other active player characters and not a load of text between a NPC'd Cyclops and your own character?


General Rules:


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more then two weeks without posting (without prior warning), you will be removed from the RP.

5) Respect the other RPers

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) I'm trying to keep this semi-lit, so if the majority of your posts are at least four sentences long, I'd be very grateful :3

8) Proper grammar is loved. Please use it.


Specific Rules:

1) Up to three characters per player, but they are not all allowed to be on the same team.

2) Four powers per character

3) If you are going to RP as a canon character, they must start off in their canon team (Wolverine in X-Men, Sabertooth in Brotherhood).

4) All characters must be either human or mutant. No werewolves, aliens or likewise. Also, no characters like Iron Man, Thing or Thor. This is an RP about mutants.

5) All forms must be PM'd to me and only after the RP is approved. However if you wish to reserve a canon character just ask here. First come first serve basis.





Character Name:



Appearance: (Link pictures please)

Species: Mutant/Human

Team: (Kelly for Humans, Mutants X-Men/Brotherhood/Nameless)

Powers: (Mutants Only)





Weapon: (Only one. Humans can have fancy stuff, mutants keep it simple.)

Weaknesses: (At least one)



Canon Character: (Yes/No. If ‘Yes’ please add a wiki link. I may not have heard of all of them.)


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Link pictures please)
[b]Species:[/b] Mutant/Human
[b]Team:[/b] (Kelly for Humans, Mutants X-Men/Brotherhood/Nameless)
[b]Powers:[/b] (Mutants Only)
[b]Weapon:[/b] (Only one. Humans can have fancy stuff, mutants keep it simple.)
[b]Weaknesses[/b]: (At least one)
[b]History: [/b]
[b]Canon Character:[/b] (Yes/No. If ‘Yes’ please add a wiki link. I may not have heard of all of them.)

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Link to OOC Thread


Click on any of the below team names to be taken directly to the forms for that team.




Kez ‘Tyger’ Rhinehart ~ Kestra15

Wolverine ~ Chicogal




Rolo Lamperouge ~ Laura-Lana

Astraea ~ Evangeline5432




Helios ~ Fortune86

Elizabeth/Quickstep ~ Kestra15

Nicolas Muller ~ DragonSpirit009

Evron ~Evangeline5432




Geso Lamperouge ~ Laura-Lana

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Okay, I have a few crits(more like questions), since no one else apparently does. You are not unloved!


Where are all of the locations, relative to each other? I.E. Is the mansion in the city, or forty miles away from it?


How does the teleportation between the asteroid and earth work? Is the device at a fixed location on earth, that they can use for travel, or does each member of the brotherhood have their own portable device?


What role will human characters play?


That's all I have right now, because I don't have any more time, but I might come back with more.

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Yep, this is looking really solid now. I can't think of any information you might add other than linking to an X-Men wiki, if one exists, so I'm going to go ahead and approve this. Have fun roleplaying!

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Yep, this is looking really solid now. I can't think of any information you might add other than linking to an X-Men wiki, if one exists, so I'm going to go ahead and approve this. Have fun roleplaying!


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((Thank you happy.gif


Now open for form approval. Please remember to PM all forms, so I can nitpick/approve/reject without everyone watching. Thank you.


*leaves a giant plate of cookies*))

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((Right then. Let's get this party started. All approved characters may begin.))


Perhaps only someone with enhanced hearing would have been able to pick up slight 'swoosh' of the door as it slid upwards and revealed only darkness. Helios stepped forward into the shadow and was instantly lost to sight. He continued to walk through the darkness, even when the door silently closed behind him and cut off the only source of light. People always wondered how Helios knew where he was going in this sense depraving enclosure, but he had built this room. To not know where he was or was he was going would be like not being able to hear his own thoughts. He just did.


He came to a stop in the room's dark centre and after a moment brilliant white light flashed into existence. It had no single source, but seemed to be emitted from every surface around him, the walls, ceiling and floor. Helios stretched out a hand before him and large cube floated from the floor in front of him to greet his waiting fingers. Like the room around it the cube was pure white without a single blemish or scratch. Only someone who inspected it very closely would be able to see the faint lines that criss-crossed over its sides. Helios raised his other hand and began to touch certain parts of the cube which flashed different colours as his skin made contact. The floating cube revolved and twisted under his fingers, like a giant rubix cube possessed.


As Helios worked faint sounds could be heard beyond the walls and they began to open and push out work tables, computers, rows of tools and all manners of complicated looking machinery. From the ceiling descended several TV screens that flashed into life, filling the room with the voices of five different anchormen and women, a rock star and the cast of Helios' favourite soap opera.


When Helios was done the cube sank back into the floor, impossible to see once it had settled into place, and turned to face the largest computer terminal in the room. It had five different computer screens and keyboards, allowing him to work on several projects at once. Helios walked towards it; stood in front of the keyboards, waited as the chair rose from the floor just behind him and then sat down, ready to begin.

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Wolverine flopped back onto the couch, grabbing the remote from a girl next to him - 'Hey!' - and changing the channel. He sent a glare toward a boy with the power to change the channel with a blink of his eyes before flicking away from some sort of reality show. How they could watch this rubbish, he didn't know. Instead he put on a pre-recorded version of Top Gear focusing on motorbikes from a good couple of years ago. Not that he would call himself old unless it gave him an advantage (it tended to stop some of the students being so snotty when he told them he was over a hundred years old). But then, of course his relaxation had to be interrupted. As per normal. He growled softly as Storm came in, ordering him to change the program to the news. Something was up, apparently. He did as she asked after a small argument and found there to be a report on yet another attack on mutants. "Well, censorkip.gif," he rumbled, sitting forward. There was a sharp jab to the back of his neck. "There's kids right next to you!" "They have to learn swears from someone." He was focused more on the report than them learning curses. This was getting really bad... Storm walked back out, having to return to teaching, but he continued watching.


((Kez can enter if you want, Kestra. tongue.gif Or if you have a better idea for interaction, let me know, as we're the only two with X-Men at the moment...))

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Nicolas was busy in the kitchen making some tea and sandwiches. He knew Helios would forget to eat thus he regularly made a point to attend to the young man. He was used to paying attention to detail like that; it’s not something you forget within a year or so. Some things of his past life can never be untaught, it was bred into him from a young age.


Just as he finished up with plating the sandwiches and placed the tea on the tray he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. In mere seconds he appeared next to Helios with tray in hand with tea and sandwiches.


“Here you go Helios.” He spoke in a relaxed voice as he stood next to the young leader.

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Helios was fuly absorbed by his work when Nicolas appeared at his side. Thankfully he was used to the older mutant's ability to burst into existence nearby, otherwise the constant suprises could have unpleasant consquences.


"Thank you Nicolas" he said sitting back away from his keyboard and turning his head to look. He knew that if he didn't stop working and eat something when Nicolas brought it to him there was a fair chance he would be dragged away and force fed. That was never fun for anyone.


Helios took the tea cup and had a sip before placing the drink down on his workstation and picking up a sandwich. He took a bite and then looked up at his friend.


"I'm redesigning the medical pods" he explained. "Some people have trouble using them because of their appearance."


The aesthetics of his creations was a varying matter with Helios. Some of his devices looked otherworldly, like something from a dream or alien planet. Others looked like they would be more at home during the middle ages when torture was starting to get really imaginative. The medical pods were some of the latter and could cause problems when people were too unsettled to use them.

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((Hello everyone biggrin.gif. I wondered if one of you were willing to volunteer their charrie as the next intended target for Geso?


Don't worry, I don't intend to actually suceed and I'll let him bring flukies that you can defeat and pound on to your hearts content, but I'd appricate it if Geso himself was able to flee.


I'll probably bring Rolo too and him I'll allow to be captured. Pretty lonely over at the brotherhood at the moment.))

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((Once Spirit posts a reply I might have Helios go for a wander around if no one volunteers.


And hopefully you won't be alone in the Brotherhood for too long. Someone has expressed interest in joining smile.gif))

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((Hmm... He could try to take down Wolverine, but I'm not sure if their group would even consider the possibility of that, with him being, well, Wolverine. It could be an attack on the school instead of just him, perhaps? Unless you think Helios is a better idea, of course. tongue.gif))

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((All the better. Then I would have a reason to find a way for Rolo to escape later. Or maybe his mutant 'brother' is willing to save him. smile.gif


By the way I wouldn't mind if several people volunteered. It's not an either or thing. I just don't want to involve someone who wants to stay out of the fighting for now.


Edit: How about I target Helios and Wolverine sees it and decides to intervene?))

Edited by Laura-Lana

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((Nameless is in a different area from the Mansion, so it wouldn't work. Maybe save the attack on the school for his next one, if you want.))

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((If Helios is wandering around on his own (outside of Avalon) it would still work.


Edit: I think that is what Laura meant anyway lol))

Edited by Fortune86

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((Wolverine confines himself to a certain area instead of wandering all over the city? I am not planning to go after the headquaters of the Nameless. I am kind of assuming that isn't general knowledge. He'd be attacked while he is out in the city somewhere.


But yes an attack on the school would make a world of sense too, so no problem in sheduling that for later


Edit: There is proof now. Fortune can read my mind.))

Edited by Laura-Lana

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“I see.” Nicolas spoke looking at the different screens and technical things. The young man had sure a way with all these kind of things. Nicolas was a smart fellow but the knowledge Helios had was of course way beyond his own. He continued standing next Helios waiting for him to finish up with his tea and sandwiches.


“Planning on any expeditions today?” he spoke calmly once again.

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Helios ate and drank in silence while Nicolas looked at the screens. He had almost finished the last sandwich when Nicolas asked if he was planning on going anywhere. He nodded and swallowed the last few pieces before picking up the teacup for another sip.


"Yes. I heard there was going to be another rally today. They are holding it at a school this time."


Finding out that Kelly and his supporters had managed to get permisson to hold one of their meets in such a influential place had greatly saddened him. Helios knew that it was a clever ploy to twist young minds against mutant kind. Children barely in their pre-teens, some of whom might be unsuspecting mutants themselves, would be subject to speech of fear and hate.


Helios tried to attend every meeting of the Brotherhood and Kelly that he could. Hardly anyone knew who he was and a quiet boy in a hood standing amongst a large variety of other people rarely gathered attention. Not that there hadn't been a few close calls though. Helios was sure that someone had been watching him during the last rally of Kelly's. He hadn't told Nicolas though. It would only worry him.


Glancing at the computer Helios saw that if he didn't want to attract too much attention by arrivig late he needed to leave now. He stood up and finished his tea before handing the cup and plate to Nicolas.


"I won't be long. I'll have to be back to use the PCU. It would be best if I make some more crystals before turning in tonight. No point in wearing myself out during the day when I could be doing something useful."

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“Very well.” He spoke looking at the young man from the corner of his eye. He didn’t really like him to wander off on his own. Then again even if he did go on his own Nicolas wasn’t far behind. He took the job on as bodyguard and he was planning on to be a good bodyguard at that. Nicolas gathered the empty plate and placed it on the tray, waiting for Helios to finish is tea before he would disappear again.

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Helios tapped a key on one of the keyboards before him and once again there was the faint sound of machinery. His chair, the computer terminal, the screens and all other equipment in the room began to slide back into the surfaces from which they emerged. It only took a few seconds for the room to return to the empty cude it had been before.


Helios paid Nicolas a faint smile and thanked him again for the sandwiches before moving towards the door. The lights would not go out until the room was empty and then Helios would be the only one who could make them come back on.


It wasn't that Helios did not trust the other mutants that lived in Avalon, but he knew many of them were curious about what he got up to. He did not like to leave anything out on display in case someone hurt themselves on his equipment.


Once he had left his workshop Helios followed the long corridors of Avalon until he came across the one that led out into the subway system of New York. It was one of only a few exits but well hidden. It was behind a poster in a forgotten corner and thanks Helios being able to hack into the subways security cameras it allowed people to check the coast was clear before stepping through.


Helios waited until a young mother caught up with her run away son and left the line of sight before he stepped into the underground. He pulled his hood up over his head and walked around the corner to the stairs leading up to a bust New York street. He checked his watch and saw that he had about ten minutes before the rally started.

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"Powerplant energy?"

"Filled to max."


"Fully funktional."

"Needle blaster?.."


Operative 132, the newest member of the special intervention team XG, shook his head as he watched the exchange. The boy in the Knighmare frame belonged behind a school desk, not in the cockpit of a giant war robot. And he certainly had no buisness commanding his own team. What the hell was Kelly thinking?


"Hey boss?" he called out. "Are you sure you want to use that tin can for the mission? Magneto will have a field day with that."


Geso also known as Operative 24 interruped the check up and stared at Operative 132 with a frozen face.


The other operatives blanched and put distance between themselves and their collegue hastily.


"Hasn't anyone warned the idiot how dangerously insane our fearless leader is?" Whispered a young woman to her colleague.


"If they have, he hasn't paid attention. Better go and fetch Mina."


The woman nodded and ran of. Mina was a mixture of assistant, nursemaid and watchdog for Operative 24. He tended to listen to her because she had a higher rank than he did and because she knew when to get out of his way. If someone could keep this from turning into a disaster, it was Mina.


"I don't believe I have given permission for informality. You will adress me as Operative 24, Operative 132. As for your concerns... The intelligence corps reports that this Helios isn't connected to the Brotherhood, not even the X-Men. This is a routine mission. There is no hint at all that Magneto might get himself involved. Or do you have information to the contrary?"


Operative 24's voice was extremly soft and polite, but his big purple eyes that looked like bruises in his young face, were burning with barely contained wrath.


"None. Other than the rumors that this Helios is a real big hitter of course. And I bet intelligence can't guarantee that Magneto won't involve himself either."


"They can't guarantee we won't all die of heart-attack before reaching Helios either. We can't allow our fears to imprison us.

And of course Helios is powerful." Operative 24 said, still in that soft, polite voice. "Otherwise there wouldn't be a full team necessary. And Kelly wouldn't have sheduled the event at that school, just to draw him out. Now go back to your duties."


Geso's lips twisted in repugnance as he was reminded of the fact that Kelly had been watched by this filthy mutant for who knew how long. They had only really catched up on it on the last event.




Geso's expression did not change in the slightest. His gaze remained focused on Operative 132, he didn't even blink, but his right hand moved as quick as humanly possible, commanding the giant robot. The knighmare frame also known as Vincent RPI-212 picked Operative 132 up with deceptive ease and threw him against the wall, full force, just as Mina opened the door.


Operative 132 fell to the floor, a broken ruin.


Mina stopped, looked at the operative and then at Geso and sighed.


"Was that really necessary, Operative 24? If your subordinates aren't free to speak their concerns, sooner or later a problem will develop until it's too late to be fixed."


"Concerns are one thing, but this borders on cowardice. I don't tolerate cowards." Geso said coldly.


He studied his team. They probably didn't know it but he likely felt as uncomfortable commanding them as they being commanded by him. He prefered working alone. But the last commander of Team XG had died two monthes ago and Kelly still hadn't found anyone but Geso whom he trusted enough to replace him. The commander of team XG couldn't allow himself to have too many scruples.


"That's it. Let's eradicate this vermin! ... Oh and don't forget to put on your masks. This has to look like an internal struggle between the mutants. We don't want Kelly implicated if any bystanders are hurt."


"Understood, Sir."


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Helios moved down the street, semi-lost in his own thoughts. Around him people went about their every day lives; girls gossiping on their mobiles, women struggling with shopping bags, teenage boys his own age nudging each other and making lwed comments about anything that passed by in a skirt. Not one of them paid Helios any attention, who to them was just another kid walking down the street.


After a few minutes Helios left the rushing masses and turned into a quiter street. The wind blew more violently here and Helios heard a soda can go tap dancing across the road. The school where Kelly was holding his rally wasn't too far away from here. He even saw a few cars containing familar faces drive past him. A few of them contained whole familys. Come on kids. Lets learn to hate together.

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