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A small bell rings as you step into a small store, and immediately a wave of coffee and paper fills your nose. Around you are closely spaced shelves filled with various books and scrolls, all seemingly handwritten. You came here in hopes of someone willing to write you something, and you're told that this is the place to come. However, most stories will not be free (it's not called a shop for nothing!). See below for pricing (don't worry, we won't request a CB Gold for a 2k word story~ tongue.gif).






Welcome!~ This is a place where Lady Artemis and I will be taking writing commissions. We both love to write, and it's the best cure for boredom!~




1. Please only request a story via the form, which can be found below.


2. Both Artemis and I will have a request list of up to 3 at a time.


3. We request that you pay before we start writing your story.


4. You may request your story from either me (xxBurningxx) or Lady Artemis. We'd be happy to do a story together though, just PM either one of us to let us know.


5. You MUST give us a list of characters that you want in the story, even if it is a FanFiction. We certainly can't write anything decent if we don't even know the characters, and we probably won't be doing anything that involves creating a character ourselves. (Ex: You can't request that we write a story about a girl going on an adventure in a forest, and nothing more. You'd have to give us the name of that girl, and a short physical description of her, as well as a little bit about her personality.)


6. Both of us will only be accepting a total of 3 stories at a time. Check the 2nd post before requesting please.


As proof that you have read our rules, please answer the following question in the form.

What is your favorite type of lineage?


~Things That Can and Will Get You Banned~


1. Posting our stories elsewhere. The only site that should have our stories is either FF.net of FP.net.


2. Claiming that our work is your own. Big no-no; this will automatically get you Black listed.




Edit: Any size story for a 2G Prize? tongue.gif


> 1000 words - Free


1000 - 2000 words - 1 CB Common hatchling

2000 - 3000 words - 2 CB Common hatchlings or 1 CB Uncommon hatchling


For every 1000k words, the price goes up by 1 CB Common hatchling. However, as seen, you may pay with a "larger bill" so to say. If you want a story around 4k-ish words, you could pay with 2 CB and 1 CB Uncommon. Basically:


1 CB Common - 1k

2 CB Commons - 2k

3 CB Commons - 3k


1 CB Uncommon - 2k

2 CB Uncommons - 4k


2 CB Commons = 1 CB Uncommon


If you are asking for a large story, you can even pay with a rare, like so:


1 CB Rare - 8k


We probably won't accept payment with lineaged dragons, however, feel free to ask, because certain lineages might catch our eye. We will not accept IOUs with payment.


~Examples of Our Works~


By Lady Artemis:

Artemis's FanFiction Account

"What does time mean to you? Does it feel like a hindrance, like some kind of barricade keeping you from just living the life you want to live? Or is it your anchor to life, the only thing that's keeping you sane. Or is it just there?

Because, like it or not, time is there. It will always be there, no matter what you do. You know those times when something so horrid happens, and it feels like the world just stops to morn the loss that it's witnessed? The truth is, the world didn't stop. As improbable as it sounds, the earth kept on turning, the stars continued to burn, the universe went on with it's ways while you were dying on the inside. Because your loss didn't actually mean anything to the fate of life. It just happened. Do you know how many living things are in the universe? More than there's a human number for. Do you honestly think that what you lost, what happens to you, has any impact on mankind? If you do, you're extremely ignorant.

I'm Time. If you hate me, that's fine. If you worship me, I understand. But I'm the reason you exist. Without time, there is nothing. Time is everything. If I’m gone, the universe ceases to exist. Your death is less than a mayfly’s.

But what happens if time is stolen? Not dead, necessarily, just taken from it's rightful place in the universe.

I'm Time. And this is the story of how I, myself, came to actually be Time."


By me:

My FanFiction Account

"They say that the moment you are born, your life had already been determined. Everything you do, everything you say; it's all destined to happen, and that there was no changing it. The moment you are born, your existence alone already had a plan, and was already fit into the universe's perpetual flow. They say there is no such thing as coincidence, and in the case that something coincidental happens, it was fate's design that had planned the coincidence in the first place, thus canceling out the mere concept of it.

For a very long time, you believed in none of that. If the idea that everything happens for a reason is true, you can't even fathom what you did in one of your past lives to deserve the childhood you received. The world is a horrible place, and you understand the need for an equal share of good and evil, but there are things that seem too farfetched to be rational. For so many years, you grew up being the fifth wheel in a family of four. They were all famous musicians, and sure, you could play, but nothing like them. Your music had the power to scare souls away, while theirs' had the power to enlighten them. And you were miserable.

To you, Mother was always chastising you about whatever it was you did wrong, which was practically everything you did when you were younger. And to your brother, you never heard a negative thing out of her mouth about him. Oh no, not wonderful Wes, there could never be anything wrong with perfect ol' Wes! To her, he was the jackpot and family fame. To you, Wes was the meddler, the one who ruined you.


But really, it depends on the perspective."


The best snippet I could find for myself. This right here is taken straight from "Perspective".


Also, for me, if you're viewing my FF profile, you can see the fandoms I've written for before, so you know what I have more experience in. If you want a SE fic, you're asking the right person! tongue.gif




The amount of time it will take for us to deliver your story will vary. Of course, the long it is, the longer it will probably take for us to get it to you.




Format (explanations):


Username: (you're forums username)

Type of Story: (FanFiction, or plain fiction. If FanFiction, state the series)

Genre: (what kind of story you want, ie: Romance, Humor, etc)

Size of Story: (Give us a general range of how many words)

POV: (1st, 2nd, or 3rd?)

Author: (Choose either me or Artemis)

Characters: (List all of the characters that you want to be in the story. If it's a FF, descriptions aren't as seriously needed, however if they're your OCs, please give us their full name with what they're like. This is very essential to us)

Plot: (What you want to happen in the story. You MUST give us this, in detail. "[Name] and [name] go on an adventure" will not suffice. "[Name] and [name] go to the forest in search of a long lost treasure that was said to have been there thousands of years. Make sure that the conflict is them facing a panther. I'd like the resolution to be them finding the treasure, and then going home to brag about it." will work a lot better.)

Payment: (How much you need to pay, and the breed of dragon you'll be paying with.)

Secret Question: (Answer it! If you don't know what this is, you didn't read the rules.)



[FONT=Courier][SIZE=5]~I Want to Request a Story!~[/SIZE][/FONT]
Username: [b]  [/b]
Type of Story: [b]  [/b]
Genre: [b]  [/b]
Size of Story: [b]  [/b]
POV: [b]  [/b]
Author: [b]  [/b]
Characters: [i]  [/i]

Plot: [i]  [/i]

Payment: [b]  [/b]
Secret Question: 


~Thanks for doing business!~


After story delivery, if there's anything you don't like or want something changed, feel free to PM the author and let us know. We'll fix it free of charge.

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Lady Artemis













(People permanently banned)





(People temporarily banned)




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Don't be shy to make a request~ Artemis and I both are super excited about starting this~ tongue.gif

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I'll have to wait until after Christmas because I'm locked right now and can't pay beforehand...

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Haha, okay~ You could always request a drabble or two (under 1k words) which would be free~


Edit: Also, that way you can see whether or not you like the style of writing before actually purchasing something larger.

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