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Pinkieseb's Art Thread

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Pinkiesebs Art Thread *Pic for here yet to be uploaded*


I do digital art and spriting, im OK at both but im not that great yet so its all absolutely free! I have limited Internet on my computer but can do it on my phone. Even though your requests might seem like their taking to long, its most likely I'm already done and waiting for a chance to upload. I CANNOT do humans whatsoever, Im just to awful...



Examples/Finished Requests

DeviantART ~ Here

I havn't uploaded anything yet, patience but you CAN still request!





Request: Be specific.
Writing: Yes/No ~ What do you want written.
Writing Placing: If yes, where do you want the writing.
Background: Color/White/Transparent



Current List


*Work In Progress*

1. Angel Of The Inferno

2. Daniboo



*Finished, Not Uploaded*

None biggrin.gif

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Request: I'd like something... similarish to what is below except maybe more snuggled up, so it's not just the heads that are touching? I love on this that his eyes are so big. I like that his eyes are adorable. xd.png



Ref 2


I'd like the fire to be on Neji, with the glowing eyes, but I didn't add the markings there. Could you include the colored ears and markings above the eyes and nose? <3


Could they be snuggling together and maybe gazing into each others eyes? Or at least just happy, with him being the largest. (He is the dark blue/greyish and I am the white, in case you hadn't guessed XP)


Here's what I got from someone else when I requested something similar:


user posted image

(I own none of that, just the characters! biggrin.gif)

Writing: Yes: Anywhere. Could it have Neji and Angel written somewhere on it please :3

Writing Placing: Anywhere smile.gif Use your judgment.

Background: Transparent please?

Other: THANK YOU biggrin.gif


EDIT: I'm your first!! WOOP biggrin.gif

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Uh I'll try my best xd.png

My best probably wont be that good, but I'll try :/

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Request: Could you make a Brown Tabby kitten with golden eyes and a blue ribbon around it's neck? And maybe in this sort of pose: user posted image

Writing: Yes~ Could you write "Happy 10th Birthday Garfield" in green?

Writing Placing: In any of the corners of the picture

Background: Transparent


Thank you smile.gif

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