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Naming egg action

Do you think this should be taken up with TJ?  

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No. Why would you name an egg? It has no gender, for one thing. There is no need to name eggs.

Um, lol. S1 hatchies don't have a gender either and they can be named. XD




Don't really care about naming, since you can name the dragon as soon as it hatches, and don't really have an opinion on tagging eggs (although I'm a little confused at this, since you can only have a few eggs at a time, so they're pretty easy to keep track of - isn't it still more useful to tag hatchies/adults? Is there some aspect I'm missing in this or is it just so you don't forget in the few days until it hatches - stupid human memories forgetting things we want to remember! - or if you have multiple of the same dragon for different lineages, maybe?).

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If you are haveing a hard time organizing your 7 egg slots it must realy be hard, with only 2 clicks you can see what is the lineage of the egg, and you will see what you want to do with it, so you dont have to name an egg gift, and if you want to reserve some names you can have some messy lineaged dragons or frozen hatchies for that, dont need to have egg nameing options for that.

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